Voltron (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Fall of the Castle of Lions - full transcript

The monster fell from the sky!

It was an epic battle,
but Voltron was victorious!

No. I said, "Voltron was victorious!"

Thank you, Your Majesty,
for that wonderful production.

It saddens me
that we must leave tomorrow,

but we must continue
our battle with Zarkon

and spread peace
throughout the universe.

Your Highness...

please accept this gift.

This will allow you to contact us
anytime you need help.

Arus will be the first planet
in the Voltron Alliance.


- We ought to get something like that.
- Like what?

You know, like, a cheer.
Like, a team cheer that we do.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, okay.
How about, uh...

"I say Vol" and you say "Tron." Vol!

Uh... Voltron?

No! No, no, no.
The cheer includes the instructions.

I say "Vol" and you say...


We'll work on it.

Coran, what is this?

Oh, this is Nunvill,
the nectar of the gods.

It tastes like hot dog water and feet.

Yeah, makes
a wonderful hair tonic as well.

Not feeling well? Try some Nunvill.

Settles the stomach
and brightens your smile.

I'm not sure we should be letting everyone
wander in and out of the castle like this.

It doesn't seem safe.

Oh, these Arusians won't
hurt anything... much.

Besides, it's only fair to let them
see the inside of a castle

that's been sitting
on their planet for so long.

But who knows
when Zarkon will attack again?

I'm going to do a perimeter check,
just in case.

Commander Sendak, the sentries are
in position around the Arusian village.

Luck is on our side.

Look, the Castle defenses are down.
The door is wide open.

With all these Arusians coming in and out,

it should be nothing
for you to infiltrate.

I may not have to. Look.

The small one has a Galra drone
they've repurposed.

If I can just get close enough
to clone its signature code,

I can send our bomb drone in undetected.

I knew you would not disappoint me, Haxus.

Look at them,
the new Paladins of Voltron.

The fate of the universe
is on their shoulders.

My eyes!

I must portray strength,
so no one can tell how

concerned I am about
the fate of our mission.

Let's keep that a secret.

Who else has secrets?

Hunk tried to eat what?

That is rather amusing.
What other secrets?

That seems like Lance.

Pidge is a what?


Are you sure?

I'm getting to the bottom of this.

I guess we should get used
to this space juice.

Who knows
when we'll get back home again?

Yeah, if ever.

What do you mean?

I mean, if this Zarkon guy has
been ruling for 10,000 years,

how long do you think
it will take for us to fix it?

You know, if we live.

Right. That.

Hey, what do you think the chances are
of us landing on a nacho planet?

Well, there's only one planet
with Veradera Beach,

pizza shack looking over the water
and the garlic knots and my mom's hugs...

I'm sorry. I think this Nunvill
is getting to me. I gotta go.

So, Pidge, we haven't had
a chance to really talk.

Tell me about yourself.


Well, I like peanut butter,
and I like peanut butter cookies,

but I hate peanuts.

They're so dry.

Also, I sweat a lot. I mean, in general,
unrelated to the peanuts.

I suppose I was thinking of something
a little more personal.

We have a lot in common.

Like what?

Oh, well, both of us had our fathers
taken away by Zarkon.

Yeah, but I'm going to get mine back.

- I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to...
- No, I understand.

I just want you to know
that you can confide in me.

If there's anything
you ever want to talk about...

- Anything.
- Huh?

- Okay. I do have something to tell you.
- I had a feeling. What is it?

I'm leaving Team Voltron.

Wait, what?

I decrypted the information
from the Galra ship

about where my family might be,
or at least where they were.

I've made up my mind.
I'm leaving tonight.

Pidge, you can't.
You're one of five paladins.

You have a sacred trust
to defend the universe.

My first priority is to find my family!

I thought you of all people
would understand.

If you had a chance to get
your father back, wouldn't you?

I'm sorry.

I should go tell everyone else.


I need to talk to you.

Signature code cloned.

Bomb activated.

Mind if I join you?

How far away from Earth
do you think we are, Coran?

Let's take a look.

Earth is over here.

And we're all...

the way over...

You ever notice how far the planets
are from each other, Coran?

Yes. Haven't you been paying attention?

Yeah, but I mean, like,
they're really, really far away.

Like, say, Earth.
It's so far, I can't even see it.

The... The blue oceans,
the white clouds, green grass...

I... I can't see any of it.

You miss Earth. I understand.
I miss Altea.

I know we're supposed
to be brave paladins

and Defenders of the Universe
or whatever,

but, honestly, I just want to go home.

If I could go home, I would.

I miss rain and
splashing in puddles.

- Rain?
- Yeah. It's water that falls from the sky.

Oh, we had that on Altea.

Only, it wasn't water, more like rocks.
Razor-sharp and boiling-hot.

Oh, they could knock a hole
right in your head.

- Sounds fun.
- Yeah.

Pidge, no.

The download
from the Galra ship was enough

to at least get me in the right direction
to start my search.

- I have a pod all ready to go.
- You can't leave.

- You can't tell me what to do!
- If you leave, we can't form Voltron.

And that means we can't defend
the universe against Zarkon.

You're not the only one with a family.

All these Arusians have families.
Everyone in the universe has families.

Yeah, I have a family.
They live on Earth.

I want to be with them.
Is that, like, a thing that can happen?

- You want to leave, too?
- Of course I do!

Look, Voltron is super-cool,
don't get me wrong,

but I never signed up for a lifetime
in space, fighting aliens.

You're putting the lives of two people

over the lives of everyone else
in the entire galaxy!

Keith, that's not how a team works.

People have to want to be a part of it.
They can't be forced.

If you want to leave,
we won't try to stop you.

But, please, just think
about what you're doing.

I'm sorry. You're going to have to find
someone else to pilot the Green Lion.

I can't believe it.
This team is falling apart.

How will we ever form Voltron?

Hey, Rover.

Wait. Where's Pidge?

Coran, look out!


The crystal!


Lance? Lance!

We have to get Lance to the infirmary!

Without the crystal,
the Castle has no power.

He doesn't look good.

Lion warriors, our village
is under attack! We need help!

- Let's get to the lions!
- You can't.

They're sealed in their hangars.
There's no way to get them out.

- We're defenseless.
- Will you not help us?

We'll help you. We just...

This is bad.

We have to get a new crystal
to get the Castle working again.

But, to get a new crystal,
we need a ship.

The pod I was loading, we can use that!
I left the bay door open.

I can use the scanner in the pod
to see if there's a Balmera nearby.

Hunk, you come with me. I'll need
someone big to help me carry the crystal.

A Balmera?

It's where the crystals come from.
I'll tell you about it on the way!

I'll go see what's happening
at the Arusian village.

I'll go with you, Keith.
I brought this on the poor Arusians.

I'll tend to Lance
and stand watch over the Castle.

It's our first bit of luck.
There's a source not too far.

We won't need a wormhole
to get there, thankfully.

I made some modifications to the shuttle.

The first change is a cloaking device
that I reverse-engineered

from the invisible walls
on the training deck.

The second is a tank of booster fuel
that I mounted on the fuel line.

Using that during flight would turn
the whole pod into a bomb!

Okay. Maybe you shouldn't use
that modification after all.

- We ready to hit it?
- Right. Let's go.

Good luck.

Hang on, buddy.
Help is on the way.


Stand aside.

No. You're not getting in.

Yes, I am.

I see you spent some time with the druids.
They do love to experiment.

Too bad you didn't get the latest model.

Let him go or
your friend won't make it!

Voltron is ours.

Oh, no.

- What's happening?
- Look! Attackers!

I'll go in for a closer look.

- Stay here with them.
- Keith!


Oh, no. They tricked us!

It was just a diversion to separate
us and thin the Castle defenses!

Power up the Castle.

The lions are all in their bays.

Raising particle barrier.
Begin launch sequence.

We're too late. No!

They have control of the Castle.
They're taking Voltron!

Make contact with Emperor Zarkon.


My mission is complete.

I've captured the Altean Castle,
along with all of the Voltron lions.

I am currently preparing for launch

and will be delivering them all
to you shortly.

This news is most pleasing.
You have done your duty. Vrepit Sa!

Vrepit Sa!

- Haxus, ready the Castle for takeoff.
- Yes, Commander.

- Can we break through the barrier?
- No.

And whoever has taken the Castle
has a crystal,

which means they'll be able
to fly the ship.

We have to stop them.

- How are we going to do that?
- Keith, can you hear me?

Pidge, is that you? Where are you?

I'm inside the Castle.

Sendak has taken over
and he's preparing for launch.

He's got Lance and Shiro.

Pidge, listen. If they've started
the launch sequence,

then we don't have much time
before liftoff to stop it.

What do I have to do?

You have to get down
to the main engine control panel

and disconnect the primary turbine
from the central energy chamber.

If you can do that, Sendak will have
to reset the whole system.

That might give us enough time
to find a way to stop them.

Is this the Balmera
planet with the crystals?

It's not a planet.
Balmera are ancient animals.

Petrified, but still alive.

Their bodies naturally create the crystals
that help power mini Altean ships.

I often accompanied my grandfather
to visit these majestic creatures

when he was building the Castle of Lions.

I'll never forget the first time
I saw the sparkling surface of a Balmera.

You're in for quite a treat.

Oh, no. This is horrifying.

The Galra have turned this
into a mining colony!

They're completely destroying it!
They have no regard for the poor creature!

We've been spotted.

Hailing unidentified craft.

State your ship ID, entry code,
and landing destination.

- Oh, no. What do we do?
- Just stay calm.

We don't really need to land.

Uh, we're just looking around,
if that's okay.

Unidentified craft, land immediately

and prepare to be boarded.

Okay. Thank you.
See you down below.

Not done yet.
Hang on!

Coran! Coran!

How deep is this thing?

Oh, no, no, no!

Coran, what lives
at the bottom of these mines?

Here, Rover.

Okay, Rover, here we go.

Run main cluster activation sequence.

Activation sequence initiated.
Powering up for launch.

Okay, Allura, I'm near the turbine.
I think it's started.

Then you'll have to hurry.

Cross the catwalk
to the main column in the center.

- Okay.
- Now, open the hatch.

Find the central computer control hub
and enter the following sequence...

Wait, wait, wait, wait! Which one is it?
All the labels are in Altean!

Commander Sendak,
we are ready for launch.

I can't tell which one it is!
Allura? Allura?


I've lost connection with Pidge!
Oh, no! It's taking off!




The main engine just shorted out!

We have a saboteur.
Find him and take him out.