Voltron (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Some Assembly Required - full transcript

Princess Allura puts the Paladins through training when they start to lose their focus. They'll need to cooperate to learn to form Voltron.

Everybody up!
Zarkon's attacking!

The Castle's
about to be destroyed!

Go, go, go!
We need Voltron now!

We can't survive much longer!

You've got to sell it a little
bit more.

Oh, no! Allura is dead!

Aw, it's horrible!
Her head fell off!

Wait! What? Her severed head
is trying to speak to me!

What is it, Allura's head?
What are your final words?

- Coran.
- Oh, yes, Princess, I'm listening.

It's over.

Oh, I know!
If only Voltron had been formed.

- Oh! Time!
- I guess this isn't an actual attack.

And it's a good thing it wasn't
because it took you... Coran?

Seventy-five degrees.

Oh, sorry. No, this
is a meat thermometer.

However long it was, it was too long.

You must always be ready
to do battle with Zarkon.

Look at you! Only Shiro is in uniform.

Keith, Pidge, Hunk,
where are your bayards?

And where is Lance?

Good morning, everybody.
What's going on?

Coran and I have been up for hours
getting the Castle back in order.

We had to run a test on the alarms,
and we decided to test you as well.

Guess which one failed.


You got to sleep for 10,000 years,
man. Monday night, I was on Earth.

Now, I've flown through space,
fought some evil alien named Zarkon,

eaten goo in some weird castle.

That's a lot to process in, uh...

I don't know. What day is today?

It's the third quintant of the
Spicolian movement. Hump day!

It's a lot to process.

You must understand the
stakes of our mission.

Over the last 10,000 years,

the Castle picked up distress
beacons from the following locations.

So, we have to assume
that Zarkon has conquered

almost the entire known universe.

Earth is here. An attack on
your planet is inevitable.

Oh, no.


Our mission is to
free all those planets.

Coran and I are getting the
Castle ready to leave Arus.

During that time, you have
to learn to form Voltron,

so we can begin fighting Zarkon.

The Princess is right. Let's get
to our lions and start training.

Wait. But I want to talk to the
prisoners we rescued from the Galra ship.

Negative, Number Five. I have
you ranked by height, okay?

The prisoners need to remain in the
cryo-replenishers until tomorrow.

That's right. Now, get to your lions.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's going on?
What's going...?

Aw, come on.

You've got to be kidding me.

Hmm... Mm...


Should someone go in after him?

Hi, guys. Sorry, everybody.

Seriously, though, can't
they park these things,

like, a little closer to the bridge?

All right, guys. Let's just fly in tight
formation until we're totally in sync.

Feel the bond with your
lions and your fellow pilots

until five become one
unit and you form Voltron!






Am I the only one who's still
pretending to be excited?

Clearly, this isn't working.
Let's set down for a little bit.

Maybe we should be building
Voltron from the ground up.

What do you mean?

I mean, let's try
literally building Voltron,

like, stacking on top of each other.

- Like a cheerleader pyramid?
- You got a better idea?

It's worth a try.

- Hunk, what are you doing?
- What do you mean?

You're supposed to
be the leg over there.

What? No. No, no, no.

I'm pretty sure that when we did
it last time, I was the head. Right?

- You yelled, "I'm a leg!"
- Yeah, I was yelling a lot of things.

- Shiro's the head.
- All the time?

- Let's just try it my way for now.
- Okay, but next time I call head.

Okay. Arms and legs...
and I'll form the head.

Feel the bonds with your lions.

Now, channel your energy
into forming Voltron.

Focus. Focus.

Is everyone bonding and focusing?

Why was this so much easier before?

Let's take a break.

Sorry to interrupt, but
I may be able to help.

Yesterday, you weren't
able to form Voltron

until you were in the heat of battle.

- Yeah.
- I'm listening.

- You're right.
- Yeah, I guess.


Because I need to run a diagnostic
test on all of the Castle defenses.

This should help!

Okay, go, go!

Allura, what are you doing?

Running a diagnostic test on the
Castle defenses and inspiring you!

I believe in you, Paladins! Let
fear be your guide! Form Voltron!

Forget this!
I'm heading back to the Castle!

Please stop! Please!
Have mercy on us!

You think Zarkon is going
to have mercy on you?

He's probably on his way
right now to destroy us all!

Auto-lock-on engaged.

You have returned early.
Did you complete your mission?

Sir, the moon's crust became unstable.

Staying any longer would
have cost half my crew.

Hmm, perhaps, but the half that
survived would have been stronger.

- Hmm?
- Weakness is an infection.

Better to cut it off than let it spread.


What have you and your Druids
come up with to capture Voltron?

I have been working on
perfecting something.

Something that will strike fear

into the hearts of any
that stand against it.

Voltron may have surprised Sendak,

but he will not be able
to overcome my creation.

Are we at full power on
condenser number five yet?

No, still just 84 percent.

You did it! You formed Voltron!

No. The shooting stopped and the particle
barrier shut down, so we just flew in.

- What?
- Oh, right. Sorry, Princess.

I had to turn off the Castle
defenses to test the fire suppressors.

What are you guys doing in here?
We're not taking a break.

Shiro's right. You should be training.

We've been training. When
are we going back to Earth?

I'm not going back
until I find my family.

Guys, there won't be an Earth if we
don't figure out how to fight Zarkon.

How are we going to fight?

We can't even figure
out how to form Voltron.

Well, I'm not surprised.

You know, the original paladins
fought hundreds of battles together,


They were like a pack of
yalmors linked at the ears.

Wow. Yeah, that's definitely not us.

During the last attack, your survival
instincts forced you to work as a team,

but that will only get you so far.

You'll have to become a real team
to have any chance of forming Voltron

and then beating Zarkon next time.

You should try working
out on the training deck.

There's a training deck?

I think I have the opportunity
you've been waiting for.

How would you like to get your
revenge against the Champion?

Two, two, one, two.

Okay, listen up, guys.

The paladin code demands you put your
team members' safety above your own.

- A swarm of drones is about to attack.
- Huh?

It's up to each of you
to do everything you can

to protect the other
members of your team.

Wait, wait, wait. What's going on?

Did you guys get one of these?

Get ready.

Protect your teammates or no
one will be there to protect you!

Time to increase intensity.

- You keeping up over there, Keith?
- Just concentrate on keeping me safe.

I own this drill.

You're the one who needs to concentrate.

To form Voltron,
you must trust in each other.

This ancient paladin maze
will teach you that trust.

Your teammate can see
the walls, but you cannot.

So, listen carefully. If you touch
the walls, you'll get a slight shock.

- Wait. Who's guiding me through?
- Take two steps forward.

Oh, no. Not Keith. Why does he
get to be the man on the mic?

Now, just sit tight.
You'll get your turn.

Like I said, take two
steps forward, turn right,

and take three steps that direction.

You did that on purpose!

- You're not listening.
- You said, "Turn right."

But, before that, I said,
"Take two steps forward."

Two steps...

We're switching places right now!

You'll never
be able to form Voltron

unless each of you has a
strong bond with his lion.

No problem. Me and Blue are
best buds for life, for real.

Perfect! Then you won't have
any issues with this exercise.

Everyone, put your
lions into a nose dive!

This is an expert-level drill

you shouldn't attempt until
you've been flying for years,

but we're in a bit of
a rush, so here we go.

Activating training helmets!

Coran, what's happening? I can't see!

You must learn to
see through your lions' eyes.

The goal is to pull up right
before you crash into the ground.

Feel what the lion feels!

Mine feels scared!

- You still going, Keith?
- You know it. You?

- Going? I'm speeding up!
- Oh, yeah?

- Must be getting close.
- Must be.

- You getting scared?
- I'm not scared!

I win.

What was that noise?
Did they crash?

I think I'm getting this.

Excellent, Shiro!

The most important
part of paladin training

is being able to meld your minds
and focus on one thing: Voltron.

Everything else has to fade away.

This technique will be essential
every time you form Voltron.

So, relax and open your mind. No
walls, no secrets between paladins.

Come on, everyone, clear everything.
Now, focus on forming your lion.

Bring your lions
together and form Voltron.

Keep your minds open,
work together. Good!

Keep focusing! Only one to go!

Pidge, stop thinking of your girlfriend!

I wasn't! Hunk was
rooting around in my head!

I thought we were open. You
can look in my head hole.

Everyone has to be able to
look in everyone's head holes!

Clear your minds!


Almost there.

Now, form Voltron.


- Pidge!
- I'm done with this!

Look, I don't like everyone
grubbing around in my head!

Oh, come on, Pidge, we're
starting to get the hang of this.

I'm just... I'm just tired, okay?

Okay. Let's take a break.

You have been working hard.
Maybe it's time to relax a little.

What are you doing lying around?
You're supposed to be training!

Just resting a bit. You
know, you can't push too hard.

What do you mean,
"can't push too hard"?

Get up, you lazy lumps! It's
time you faced the Gladiator!

In order to defeat the Gladiator,
five paladins must fight as one.

Hmm? Whoa!

Shiro, are you okay?

That combat simulator was set at
a level fit for an Altean child!

You're not even close
to working as a team,

let alone ready to face Zarkon!

Ahoy, young Paladins!

I've whipped up a big
batch of focusing food.

After this meal, you'll be forming
Voltron six times a movement

and twice on the astral conflux!

Smells great, Coran. Thanks.

Hold the phone!

I saw a lot of solid
individual performances today,

but you're still struggling
to work as a team.

So, welcome to the final
bonding exercise of the day.

Coran, I want you to think
about what you're doing.

This one's a classic. You get to feed
each other, like a pack of yalmors!

- Ow!
- Sorry.


- Oh, nice. You defiled my food goo!
- It's your fault! This is ridiculous.

Do Earthlings ever stop complaining?

Can't you just give us a break?
Everyone's been working really hard today.

Yeah! We're not some prisoners for
you to toy with, like... like...

- Like a bunch of toy prisoners!
- Yes! Thank you, Lance!

You do not yell at the Princess!

Oh, the princess of what?

We're the only ones out here
and she's no princess of ours!

Go loose, Pidge!

Oh, it's on now.

Do you see what you're doing?

You're finally working together as one!

Hey, she's right!

I actually don't hate you right now.

You guys thinking what I'm thinking?

Let's go form Voltron!


Actually, I was thinking
dessert. But, yeah! Let's do it!

Everyone ready to do this?

Roger that!

It's on!

Yes, sir!

I was born ready!

Then let's go!


I told you I
could get them to do it.

They just needed a common enemy.

It's true. Like the old proverb says,
"A man can be driven to do anything,

if a beautiful woman is just
really, really mean to him."

Man, that was cool!

I'm so charged up, I don't know if
I'm going to be able to sleep tonight.

Not me. When my head hits the
pillow, I'm going to be lights out.

I just want you to know that I
realized when we were in Voltron,

we're brothers, man.

You know? Like, we're totally connected.

No secrets, no barriers, no nothing.

Brothers all the way.

I love you guys.

G-forces mess with
your head a little bit?

Yeah, maybe a little. I don't know.
It's been a tough few days.

- Going to bed, Pidge?
- In a minute.

Good work today. We're
really coming together.

This beast will allow us
to destroy the paladins.

And then, Voltron will be ours.