Voltron (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - The Rise of Voltron - full transcript

Overwhelmed but ready for action, five aspiring space explorers learn they have the power to create Voltron, the most powerful robot in the universe.

Easy, son. This ice is delicate.

Amazing. Isn't this exciting, Shiro?

You guys get a little more excited
about ice samples than I do.

This is history in the making.

Not only have we traveled
farther than any human ever has,

but this ice could hold microscopic clues
about the existence of life outside Earth.

Think of it, Dad. We could use those clues
to become the first people to meet aliens.

My life's work would be complete.

- What is that? Seismic activity?
- We should get back to the ship.

What? What is that?

It can't be.

Run! Come on, run!

Emperor Zarkon,

we were scouting System X-9-Y as ordered
when we found these primitive scientists.

I don't think they know anything useful.

Take them back to the main
fleet for interrogation.

The druids will find out what they know.

Please, we come from a peaceful
planet! We mean you no harm!

We're unarmed!

Look, they
brought in another one.

- Who is it?
- Over there. It's another one.


Galaxy Garrison flight log 5-11-14.

Begin descent to Kerberos
for rescue mission.

Lance, can you
keep this thing straight?

Relax, Hunk, I'm just getting a feel
for the stick. It's not like I did this!

Or this!

Okay, unless you want
to wipe beef stroganoff

out of all the little nooks
and crannies in this thing,

you'd better knock it off, man!

We've picked up a distress beacon!

All right, look alive, team!
Pidge, track coordinates.


Knock it off, Lance!

This one's on you, buddy. We've
got a hydraulic stabilizer out.

- Oh, no.
- Oh, no. Fix now, puke later.

I lost contact. The shaking is
interfering with our sensors.

- Come on, Hunk!
- It's not responding.

Never mind, fellas. Thar she blows.
Preparing for approach on visual.

I don't think that's advisable

with our current mechanical
and gastrointestinal issues.


Stop worrying. This baby can
take it, can't you, champ?

See? She was nodding.
She was nodding.

Pidge, hail down to them and
let them know their ride is here.

Attention, lunar vessel...

What are you doing? Buckle your
belt. And, Hunk, stop that shaking!

I'm try... Oh, no.

Attention, lunar vessel,

this is Galaxy Garrison Rescue
Craft One Victor Six Three Tango.

Coming in for landing and extraction,
against crew recommendations.

No time for your mutinous comments now.
They're going under and we're going in.

- Look out for that overhang!
- No worries.

My first year in flight school,
know what they called me?

They called me "The Tailor"
because of how I thread the needle.

Come around, come
around! Come on, come on!

We lost a wing!

Oh, man.

Simulation failed.

Nice work, Tailor.

Roll out, donkeys!

Let's see if we can't
use this complete failure

as a lesson for the
rest of you students.

Can anyone point out the mistakes
these three so-called cadets made

in the simulator?

The engineer puked in the main gearbox.

Yes. As everyone knows,

vomit is not an approved lubricant
for engine systems. What else?

The comm spec removed
his safety harness.

The pilot crashed!

Correct. And worst of all, the whole
jump, they're arguing with each other.

Heck, if you're going to
be this bad individually,

you'd better at least be
able to work as a team!

Galaxy Garrison exists to
turn young cadets like you

into the next generation
of elite astroexplorers,

but these kinds of mental mistakes

are exactly what cost the lives
of the men on the Kerberos Mission.

That's not true, sir!

What did you say?

Sorry, sir. I think he hit his head when
he fell out of his chair. But point taken.

I hope I don't need to remind you
that the only reason you're here

is that the best pilot in your class
had a discipline issue and flunked out.

Don't follow in his footsteps.


Lights out in five! Everyone
back to their dorms, now.

We shouldn't be doing this.

You heard Commander Iverson.
We need to bond as a team.

We're going to grab Pidge, hit the
town, loosen up, meet some nice girls...

I'm just saying this here, right now,
on the record. This is a bad idea.

You know, for someone in a
space exploration program,

you don't have much of
a sense of adventure.

All of your little adventures end
up with me in the principal's office.

Oh, man.

L-5 north all clear.

I'm fine.

Where is he going?

You come up here to rock out?

Oh, Lance, Hunk. No, um,
just looking at the stars.

Where'd you get this stuff? It
doesn't look like Garrison tech.

- I built it.
- You built all of this?

Stop it! With this thing, I can scan all
the way to the edge of the solar system.

That right? All the way to Kerberos?

You go ballistic every time
the instructors bring it up.

- What's your deal?
- Second warning, Hunk!

Look, Pidge, if we're going to bond
as a team, we can't have any secrets.

Fine. The world as you
know it is about to change.

The Kerberos Mission wasn't lost because
of some malfunction or crew mistake.

Stop touching my equipment!

So, I've been scanning the system
and picking up alien radio chatter.

- Whoa. What? Aliens?
- Okay. So, you're insane. Got it.

I'm serious. They keep
repeating one word, "Voltron."

And tonight, it's going crazier
than I have ever heard it.

How crazy?

Attention, students.
This is not a drill.

We are on lockdown! Security
situation Zulu Niner.

Repeat: all students are to remain
in barracks until further notice.

What's going on? Is that a meteor?

A very, very big meteor?

- It's a ship.
- Holy crow!

I can't believe what I'm
seeing! That's not one of ours.

No. It's one of theirs.

So, wait. There really
are aliens out there?

We've got to see that ship!

Hunk, come on!

Oh, this is the worst
team-building exercise ever.

Whoa! What
the heck is that thing?

- And who the heck is she?
- Lance!


Right, alien ship. Man, we'll never get
past all of those guards to get a look.

Aw, man.

Yeah, yeah, I guess there's nothing to
do but head back to the barracks, right?

Wait. They set up a camera in
there and I grabbed its feed. Look!

- Hey! What are you doing?
- Calm down, Shiro.

We just need to keep you
quarantined until we run some tests.

You have to listen to me!
They destroy worlds!

Aliens are coming!

That's Shiro! The pilot
of the Kerberos Mission!

That guy's my hero!

- Guess he's not dead in space, after all.
- Where's the rest of the crew?

Do you know
how long you've been gone?

I don't know. Months?
Years? Look, there's no time.

Aliens are coming here for a weapon.
They're probably on their way.

They'll destroy us. We
have to find Voltron.

- Voltron!
- Sir, take a look at this.

It appears his arm has been
replaced with a cyborg prosthetic.

Put him under until
we know what that thing can do.

Don't put me under! No! There's no time!

They didn't ask about
the rest of the crew.

What are they doing? He's a legend.
They're not even gonna listen to him?

- We have to get him out.
- I hate to be the voice of reason, always,

but weren't we watching on TV because
there was no way to get past the guards?

That was before we
were properly motivated.

We've just got to think.
Could we tunnel in?

Maybe we could get some hazmat
suits and sneak in like med techs.

Or we dress up like cooks, head back to
the dorms, sneak into the commissary...

little late-night snack.

No. What we need is a distraction.

Is that the aliens? Is that the aliens?
Are they here? They got here so quick!

No, those explosions were
a distraction, for him.

The Garrison's headed toward the blast,
and he's sneaking in from the other side.

No way! Oh, he is not
going to beat us in there!

That guy is always trying to one-up me!

- Who is it?
- Keith!

- Who?
- Are you sure?

- Oh, I'd recognize that mullet anywhere!
- Who's Keith?

These readings are off the chart.



Nope. No, you... No, no, no.
No, you don't. I'm saving Shiro.

- Who are you?
- Who am I? Uh, the name's Lance.

We were in the same
class at the Garrison.

Really? Are you an engineer?

No, I'm a pilot! We were, like, rivals.
You know, Lance and Keith, neck and neck.

Oh, wait. I remember
you. You're a cargo pilot.

Well, not anymore. I'm fighter
class now, thanks to you washing out.

Well, congratulations.

Oh, man. They're coming back
and they do not look happy.

We've got to go.

Uh, do you mind if we
catch a ride with you?

Is this thing going
to be big enough for all of us?


- Why am I holding this guy?
- Hey, we did all fit.

Can't this thing go any faster?

We could toss out some
non-essential weight.

Oh, right!

- Okay, so that was an insult. I get it.
- Big man, lean left!


Aw, man! Mr. Harris just wiped out
Professor Montgomery! No, no. He's fine.

Big man, lean right!

Is that a cliff up ahead?

Oh, no, no, no!

- Yup.
- No, no, no!

What are you doing?
You're going to kill us all!

Shut up and trust me!

- It's good to have you back.
- It's good to be back.

So, what happened out
there? Where were you?

I wish I could tell you. My
head's still pretty scrambled.

I was on an alien ship,
but somehow I escaped.

It's all a blur.

How did you know to come
save me when I crashed?

You should come see this.

- What have you been working on?
- I can't explain it, really.

After getting booted from the Garrison,

I was kind of lost and found
myself drawn out to this place.

It's like something... some
energy, was telling me to search.

For what?

Well, I didn't really know at the
time... until I stumbled across this area.

It's an outcropping of giant boulders with
caves covered in these ancient markings.

Each tells a slightly different
story about a blue lion,

but they all share clues
leading to some event,

some arrival happening last night.

Then, you showed up.

I should thank you all for
getting me out. Lance, right?

The nervous guy's Hunk. I'm Pidge.

So, did anyone else from
your crew make it out?

I'm not sure. I remember the
mission and being captured.

After that, it's just bits and pieces.

Yeah, sorry to interrupt, but back
to the aliens. Where are they now?

Are they coming? Are they coming for
us? Where are they at this very moment?

I can't really put it together.
I remember the word "Voltron."

It's some kind of weapon they're
looking for, but I don't know why.

Whatever it is, I think we
need to find it before they do.

Well, last night, I was rummaging through
Pidge's stuff, and I found this picture.

Look, it's his girlfriend.

Hey, give me that! What
were you doing in my stuff?

I was looking for a candy bar. But,
then, I started reading his diary.


I noticed the repeating series of
numbers the aliens are searching for

- looks a lot like a Fraunhofer line.
- Frown who?

It's a number describing the
emission spectrum of an element,

only, this element doesn't exist on
Earth. I thought it might be this Voltron.

I think can build a machine to look
for it, like a Voltron Geiger counter.

Hunk, you big, gassy genius!

It's pretty fascinating, really.
The wavelength looks like this.

Give me that!

Okay, I admit it. This is super freaky.

I'm getting a reading.



What are these?

These are the lion carvings
I was telling you about.

They're everywhere around here.


Whoa. Whoa!


They've never done that before.

They are everywhere.

Is this it? Is this the Voltron?

It must be.

This is what's been causing all
of this crazy energy out here.

Looks like there's a
force field around it.

Does anyone else get the
feeling this is staring at them?


Yeah. The eyes are totally following me.

I wonder how we get through this.

Maybe you just have to knock.

- Whoa.
- Whoa.

Uh, did everyone just see that?

Voltron is a robot. Voltron
is a huge, huge, awesome robot!

And this thing is only one part of it!
I wonder where the rest of them are.

- This is what they're looking for.
- Incredible.


Huh. Hmmph. Mmm... hmm.

Here we go.

Uh? Huh.


All right! Very nice!

Okay, guys, I feel the need to point
out, just so that we're all aware.

We are in some kind of futuristic
alien cat head right now.

- Whoa. Did you guys just hear that?
- Hear what?

I think it's talking to me.

Hmm... Um...

Okay. Got it. Now, let's try this.

You are the worst pilot ever!

What in the Sam Hill is that?

It appears to be a
flying blue lion, sir.

- Isn't this awesome?
- Make it stop. Make it stop.

I'm not making it do anything.
It's like it's on autopilot.

Where are you going?

I said it's on autopilot!
It says there's an alien ship approaching Earth.

- I think we're supposed to stop it.
- What did it say, exactly?

It's not like it's saying words. It's more
like feeding ideas into my brain, kind of.

If this thing is the
weapon they're coming for,

why don't we just, I don't know, give
it to them? Maybe they'll leave us alone.

- Sorry, lion. Nothing personal.
- You don't understand.

These monsters spread like a
plague throughout the galaxy,

destroying everything in their path.

There's no bargaining with them. They
won't stop until everything is dead.

Oh. Never mind then.


Holy crow! Is that really an alien ship?

They found me.

- We've got to get it out of here!
- Hang on!

All right. Okay, I
think I know what to do.

Be careful, man. This isn't a simulator.

Well, that's good.
I always wreck the simulator.

Let's try this.

Nice job, Lance.

I think it's time to get
these guys away from our planet.

Lord Zarkon, the escaped prisoner
and his people found the lion.

It attacked us and is
heading out of the system.

Follow that lion and alert all
ships in the area to intercept.

Capturing that lion is your
first and only priority.

Yes, Your Majesty. Full
power after the lion!

- Oh, no!
- They're gaining on us.

It's weird. They're not trying
to shoot us. They're just chasing.

Okay, seriously, now we think
having aliens follow us is good?

I am not on board with
this new direction, guys.

Where are we?

Edge of the solar system.
There's Kerberos.

It takes months for
our ships to get out this far.

We got out here in five seconds.

What is that?

This may seem crazy, but I think
the lion wants us to go through there.

- Where does it go?
- I don't know.

Shiro, you're the senior
officer here. What should we do?

Whatever is happening, the
lion knows more than we do.

I say we trust it, but we're a
team now. We should decide together.

All right. Guess we're all
ditching class tomorrow.

Whoa. That was...

- So sorry.
- I'm just surprised it took this long.

I don't recognize any
of these constellations.

We must be a long, long way from Earth.

The lion seems to want
to go to this planet. I think...

I think it's going home.

Guys, personal space. Hunk,
your breath is killing me.

Um, is it just me or is anyone
else having second thoughts

about flying through
a mysterious wormhole?

Why are we listening to
a robotic lion anyway?

It got us away from that
alien warship, didn't it?

I don't know if you noticed,
but we're in an alien warship.

- Oh, are you scared?
- With you at the helm? Terrified.

All right, knock it off.

No one's happy to be in this
situation, but we're here now.

If we want to get through this,
we've got to do it together.

So, what do we do?

First, we find out where we're headed.


I don't know.

I'm sorry. The lion's not talking to
me anymore. Wait! Wait, wait, wait! Shh!

Listen. I think I hear something.

I'm hearing it, too.

It's, uh... It's kind of
a... a high-pitched squeal?

Come on, Lance!

But seriously, there's
a castle up ahead.


- Keep your guard up.
- Something wrong?

My crew was captured by aliens once.
I'm not going to let it happen again.

No! I knew it was going to eat us! No!

Oh, the door is open.
Guess I was wrong about you.


From the size of the lion,
I expected these steps to be bigger.

Hold for identity scan.


Why are we here? What
do you want with us?

- Whoa!
- Whoa.

I guess we're going that way.



- Hello?
- Where are we?

It's some kind of control room.

Are these guys... dead?



Who are you? Where am I?

I'm Lance. And you're
right here in my arms.

Your ears.


They're hideous. What's wrong with them?

Nothing's wrong with them!

They heard exactly what you
said about them!

Who are you? Where is King Alfor?
What are you doing in my castle?

A giant blue lion brought
us here. That's all we know.

How do you have the Blue Lion?
What happened to its paladin?

What are you all doing here? Unless...

- How long has it been?
- We don't know what you're talking about.

Why don't you tell us who
you are? Maybe we can help.

I am Princess Allura of Planet Altea.

I've got to find out where we are
and how long we've been asleep.

Okay, that's how that works.

Enemy combatants!

Quiznak! You're lucky I have a case
of the old "sleep chamber knees."

Otherwise, I'd grab your head
like this, wrap you up like so...

One, two, three...
Sleepy time!

Well, before you did that, I'd...

Like that.

Really? How could you do that when
I've already come at you with this?

Ha, ha, ha, hey!

Man, these guys are good.

It can't be.

- What is it?
- We've been asleep for 10,000 years.


Your fleet has been destroyed, Alfor. I
will be there shortly to claim Voltron.

Father, we must form Voltron
and fight before it's too late!

It's already too late. We
must send the lions away.

We can't risk them falling
into Zarkon's hands.

- We can't give up hope!
- I'm sorry, daughter.

If all goes well, I
will see you again soon.

- Father!
- I love you.

Planet Altea and all of the planets in
our solar system have been destroyed.

Coran, Father is gone.
Our entire civilization...



He was the King of the Galra.

A vile creature and
enemy to all free people.

I remember now... I was his prisoner.

He's still alive? Impossible!

I can't explain it, but it's true.

He's searching for a super
weapon called Voltron.

He's searching for it because he knows
it's the only thing that can defeat him,

and that's exactly why we
must find it before he does.


The Blue Lion has returned, and now
I feel a resurgence of Altean energy.

Alfor's daughter lives? How?

I know not, but it is time to
reclaim what is rightfully ours.

Yes. I shall wipe that
foul race from the universe forever

and take back Voltron.

Contact my commanders.

Emperor Zarkon requests an audience.

Commander Sendak, the Princess of Altea
is alive and hiding in your sector.

We believe she alone holds the
whereabouts of the remaining lions.

Your battle fleet is the
closest to her location.

Retrieve her and the lions.

With them all, the Galra
Empire will be unstoppable.

I fight for the empire. I
conquer in the name of Galra.

No foe has ever stood in
my way and none ever will.

Vrepit sa!

Set a course for Arus.

Princess, you must
eat. It's been 10,000 years.

I'm not hungry.

Man, 10,000 years? That's
like one thousand plus ten.

- That's times ten.
- Whatever, dropout.

I haven't eaten since
breakfast and I'm starving.

Yeah, but you've thrown
up, like, five times.

Hmm, good point.

I can't believe your civilization created
such advanced technology 10,000 years ago.

It must have been an incredible place.

Yes, it was... but now it is gone
and we're the last Alteans alive.

Looks like we're not
the last, after all.

A Galra battleship
has set its tracker to us!

How did they find us?

I'm not sure, but I
bet it's Keith's fault.

Say whatever you've got to say
to make yourself feel better.

After getting us stuck on
the other side of a wormhole!

I'll stick you in a wormhole!

Stow it, cadets! This is
no time to place blame.

It's time to work as a team.
How long before they arrive?

At their speed? Oh, well, carry the
two... I'd say probably a couple of days.

Good. Let them come!

By the time they get here, you
five will have reformed Voltron,

and together, we will
destroy Zarkon's empire!

Sorry. Food goo.

Princess, there are five of these
lions. How are we going to find the rest?

King Alfor connected
the lions to Allura's life force.

She alone is the key to
the lions' whereabouts.


These are coordinates.

The Black Lion looks like it's in
the same location as the Blue Lion.

Look at your primitive synapses
firing away in their little brain cage.

Very observant. That's because
the Black Lion is in the castle.

To keep the Black Lion
out of Zarkon's hands,

King Alfor locked it in the castle.

It can only be freed if the
other four lions are present.

As you have found, the
lions choose their pilots.

It is a mystical bond
and cannot be forced.

The quintessence of the
pilot is mirrored in his lion.

Together, they form something
greater than science can explain.

The Black Lion is the
decisive head of Voltron.

It will take a pilot who is a born
leader and in control at all times,

someone whose men will
follow without hesitation.

That is why, Shiro, you
will pilot the Black Lion.

The Green Lion has an
inquisitive personality

and needs a pilot of
intellect and daring.

Pidge, you will pilot the Green Lion.

The Blue Lion...

Hold up, let me guess. Takes the most
handsome slash best pilot of the bunch?

The Yellow Lion is caring and kind.

Its pilot is one who puts the
needs of others above his own.

His heart must be mighty.

As the leg of Voltron, you will lift
the team up and hold them together.

The Red Lion is temperamental
and the most difficult to master.

It's faster and more agile than
the others, but also more unstable.

Its pilot needs to be someone who relies
more on instincts than skill alone.

Keith, you will fly the Red Lion.

What? This guy?

Unfortunately, I cannot locate
the Red Lion's coordinates yet.

There must be something
wrong with the castle.

After 10,000 years, it
might need some work.

Don't worry, we'll find it soon.

They don't call me "The
Coranic" for nothing.

It's because it sounds like
"mechanic." So... Coranic, mechanic.

It's not... It doesn't sound...
exactly like it. It's similar.

Once all the lions are
united, you will form Voltron,

the most powerful warrior ever
known, the Defender of the Universe.



Wait. Okay, we're going to be in
there and flying lions. Got that part.

How do lions turn into legs?
Is this going to be a long trip?

I have to pee. Do you people pee?

We don't have much time. Pidge
and I will go after the Green Lion.

Lance, you take Hunk
and get the yellow one.

Keith, you stay here. If you
locate that Red Lion, go get it.

In the meantime, I'll get
this castle's defenses ready.

They'll be sorely needed.

I'll ready a pod and load the coordinates
so that you can reach the Green Lion.

We can only keep the
wormholes that lead to the other lions

open for two of your Earth hours, so
you'll have to be quick about your work.

The good news is that
according to my readings,

both planets are relatively peaceful.

So, if you do get stuck,
they could be relaxing places

to live out the rest of your lives.

- Enjoy the trip!
- Wait! What? No!

I did not
receive the memo on this.


It's just a...

whatever that thing is.

I... I think he wants
us to get in his canoe.

- Then I guess we should go.
- Huh.

I've been locked up by aliens
for a year. This is nothing.

I wonder if Hunk and Lance are
having as good a time as us.

Oh, no! No, no, no!
Oh! Oh, no!

I thought Coran said
these planets were peaceful!

Maybe "peaceful" means
something else in Altean!

According to the coordinates,
we're right on top of the Yellow Lion.

It's below there, where
they're mining for the ore.

They don't even know the lion is there.

Or maybe they just got here and
they're digging for the lion?

- What do you think, Lance?
- Who cares? Just go get it!

- I'm dropping you down there.
- Me? Down there? No. No, no, no.

Yes, I'll cover you!

What if the Yellow Lion doesn't
work? What if I can't get in the mine?

What if I start crying? Too
late. I'm already crying!

Sorry, no time for questions.

Yeah, sure, just drop me off in
an alien planet. That's cool, man.

It's only occupied by mean purple aliens
that want to kill me, but whatever.

Just ignore them and go connect
with a big, yellow, mechanical cat.

Easy-peasy. Yeah.

That all makes a ton of sense to me.


Okay, I'm in a giant hole.
Now what, Hunk?


Whoa. Pretty.

How am I going to get
through that? Hmm? Hmm...

Oh, no!


I know the Princess said this is supposed
to be my lion, but what if she's wrong?

She's probably not
wrong. She's a princess,

but I'm not a pilot, even though
I've always wanted to be a pilot.

I read all the fighter manuals,
but never got to fly the simulator.

But I can't be that worse than
Lance. He crashed all the time.

What if I get in there
and it doesn't respond?

What if I get in there and it's too
big and my feet don't touch the pedals?

- What if there aren't even pedals?
- You're rambling. Listen...

Our commander on the Kerberos Mission
is the smartest man I ever met,

and he always said, "If you get too
worried about what could go wrong,

you might miss a chance
to do something great."

Go. Be great.




Hunk, come on!
Please, buddy!

Oh, no, no, no, no, no!
Going down! We're going down!

Oh, no.

You okay, Lance?

Hunk! I thought you were dead! You jumped
in front of those shots to save my life!

Actually, I was trying
to get out of the way.

Thankfully, what this lacks in speed,
it more than makes up for in armor.

Man, can it take a beating! Ooh.

We've got incoming!

Paladins, please hurry back. I
can't hold the wormhole much longer.

Let's get out of here!

Not this again.

Quit screwing around,
Hunk! The wormhole is closing!

You made it.

Yeah, just barely. That was a nightmare.

I almost puked out
there. I felt like Hunk!

Think how I felt. I am Hunk.

Yeah. We had a tough time, too.

Did we find the Red Lion yet?

Allura just located it. There's
a bit of good news and bad news.

The good news is, the Red Lion's nearby.

The bad news is, it's on board
that Galra ship now orbiting Arus.

But wait, good news again. We're Arus!

They're here already?

Yes. Guess my calculations
were a bit off.

Finger counting... It's more
of an art than a science. Hmm?

Princess Allura, this is Commander
Sendak of the Galra Empire.

I come on behalf of Emperor
Zarkon, Lord of the Known Universe.

I am here to confiscate the lions.

Turn them over to me, or
I will destroy your planet.

All right, let's not panic.

Not panic? The scary purple alien thing
is driving his battleship toward us.

- We only have four lions.
- Technically, only three working lions.

That's right. Thank you, Pidge.

Three working lions and a castle
that's, like, 10,000 years old.

Actually, it's 10,600 years old. You
see, it was built by my grandfather...

Thanks, Coran. Thank you for that.
See? Now is the perfect time to panic!

Wait! This castle has a
particle barrier we can activate.

Girl, you've already activated my par...


The particle barrier won't
hold Sendak's ion cannon forever.

The Galra technology must have
advanced since we fought them last.

Panic now?

No. We've just got to figure out our
plan of action, and figure it out quickly.

I say we pop through a wormhole
and live to fight another day.

I second that. Yes. We tried
to find all the lions, right?

We gave it the old college
try. Couldn't do it.

We only have three.
We can't form Voltron.

I guess we could form
a snake. Or a worm!

To go through that hole, Lance,
that you were talking about.

Then, it's settled.

Allura, you ride with me.
One of you take the old guy.

We can't just abandon Arus.

The Galra will keep destroying
planets and capturing prisoners

until we stop them.

Okay. If we run, then maybe Sendak will
follow us and leave this planet alone,

like when we left Earth.

We form the snake-worm
thingamajig and we... out of here.

Sendak could destroy the planet
then come after us anyway.

Staying is our only option.

Here's an option: shut your Quiznak.

I don't think you're
using that word correctly.

What do you know, Mullet?

- We're staying.
- Leaving!

- Staying!
- Snake!

Guys, stop!

Princess Allura, these are your lions.
You've dealt with the Galra Empire before.

You know what we're facing
better than any of us.

What do you think is the
best course of action?

I... I don't know.

Perhaps your father can help.

My father?

Coran, what is this?

King Alfor knew there was a chance
he might never see you again.

So, his memories, his very being,
were stored in this computer for you.


Father, it is so good to see you.

Allura, my only child,
how I've missed your face.

I'm so frightened.

A Galra ship is set to attack,
and I don't know what to do.

Please, Father, I need your help.

I would do anything to
take this burden from you.

I don't know if we should
run to preserve what we have

or stay and risk everything.

I want to fight, but the
paladins of old are gone.

I know what you would do.

I scattered the Lions of Voltron
to keep them out of Zarkon's hands.

You urged me to keep them and fight,

but, for the greater good
of protecting the universe,

I chose to hide them.

I think I understand.

No, daughter, you were right.

I made a terrible mistake,

one that cost the
universe countless lives.

Forming Voltron is the
only way to stop Zarkon.

You must be willing
to sacrifice everything

to assemble the lions
and correct my error.

You five paladins were
brought here for a reason.

The Voltron Lions are meant to
be piloted by you and you alone.

We must fight and keep
fighting until we defeat Zarkon.

It is our destiny.

Voltron is the universe's only hope.

We are the universe's only hope.

We're with you, Princess.

Your suits of armor.

- Cool!
- Outstanding.

- Nice.
- Oh, neat!


Mmm... hmm.

Princess, are you sure about this?

They aren't exactly the best and
brightest the universe has to offer.

No, but they're all we've got.

Boys, it's time to suit up!

The bayard is the traditional
weapon of the Paladins of Voltron.

It takes a distinct
shape for each paladin.


Aw, you got a cute little bayard.

Yeah, it is pretty cute.

Shiro, I'm afraid your bayard
was lost with its paladin.

I guess I'll just have to make do.

You'll need to retrieve
the Red Lion from Sendak's ship.

That's a pretty big ship. How are
we gonna know where the Red Lion is?

It's not a matter of "we."
It's a matter of "you."

Pidge is right. Once we get you in,

you'll be able to feel its
presence and track it down.

Yeah. You know how you felt that crazy
energy while we were in the desert?

Yeah. You made fun of me for that.

And I'm proud of that, but turns out
it's exactly like that mumbo-jumbo.

Keith, remember, the Red Lion
is extremely temperamental.

You'll have to earn its respect.

All right. Here's our plan of attack.

The Galra Empire knows
about the Blue and Yellow Lion,

but they don't know we
have the Green Lion, too.

Hunk, Lance, you'll act as a decoy
by pretending to give yourselves up.

Attention, Galra ship. Do not
fire. We're surrendering our lions.

Hope this works.

While Sendak is distracted,

Keith, Pidge, and I will sneak
onto the ship in the Green Lion.

Keith and I will find the Red
Lion while Pidge guards our exit.

Hunk, Lance, find some way
to take down that ion cannon.

Pidge, what's your ETA?

We're in.

Activate tractor beam.

What's that thing?

I think that's our
signal to get out of here!

They lied to us. Launch fighters!

Hunk, you dismantle the ion cannon
while I take these jerks on a space ride!


I've been here before.

After I was taken by the Galra cruiser
off Kerberos, they brought us here.

So, that means your other crewmembers,
they might be held captive here.

We... We've got to rescue them.

Pidge, we don't have time. We have to
get the Red Lion and get back to Arus.

But we can't just leave prisoners here!

Look, no one understands
that more than me,

but, in war, we have
to make hard choices.

Now, let's get moving.


Commander Holt is my father.

He and my brother were the ones
on the Kerberos Mission with you.

Commander Holt is your father?

Yes. I've been searching
everywhere for him and my brother.

And I'm not going to give up
looking when I'm this close. I won't!

I'm coming with you.


I remember where the prisoners are
held. Keith, you go find the Red Lion.

By myself?

Minor change of plans. You'll be fine.

Just remember, patience yields focus.

So... run!

Great. Now, which way?

What the Quiznak?
What is that? A force field?

Particle barrier up!

Is that what's supposed to happen?

All the barrier crystals
are out of alignment.

We have to fix it immediately.

Without the particle
barrier, we'll be defenseless.

We're both too big. What can we do?

- The mice!
- How do they know how to do this?

I can hear them talking to
me. I think our minds are connected.

It must be from sharing the
sleep pod for 10,000 years.

Thank you, friends.

Coran, what are you doing?

I'm trying to get them
to make me a sandwich.

You've got to be kidding me!

Patience yields focus.



That thing saw us.
We should get out of here.

Wait. I think this might come in handy.

Now, I'll just reset the controls...

and it's working for us.

I'm going to call you
"Rover." Follow me!

Open up.

Excellent, Pidge.


Don't be afraid. We're
here to help you escape.

It's you... It's you, the Champion.

If anyone can get us
out of here, he can.

- Wh... What did you call me?
- We don't have much time.

- Let's get to the escape pods.
- Let's go. Come on!

Whoa-ho-ho! Yeah, buddy! This is
way more fun without Hunk's barfing!


Let's get out of here. Open up.

It's me. Keith. Your buddy.

It's me!

Keith, your...

I am your paladin!

I'm bonding with you!

Hey! Come on! We're connected!

You're not getting this lion!

Good kitty. Let's roll.



Shiro, what's wrong?

Thank you, Shiro.

Wait! How do you...?

Shiro, that was amazing! Where
did you learn to fight with that?

No idea.

Come on, just break, you stupid thing!

Score one for Hunk!

You guys made it!

- Kitty Rose has left the stage!
- Let's get the heck out of here!

I hope I stopped that cannon.
I could barely make a dent in it.

- They stole the Red Lion!
- After them!

Either we get those lions or we blow
this whole planet to cosmic dust!

Fire the ion cannon!

Sir, the ion cannon has been damaged.

Then, send the drones to fix it!



Oh, Quiznak!

Sendak is entering the Arusian
atmosphere. We need Voltron now!

The ion cannon is back online!


Man, those Galra guys
repair things fast.

The barrier gets
weaker with every blast.

Once that shield goes down,
the castle will be defenseless.

I can give you cover with the
castle defenses for a while,

but you have to form Voltron
now or we'll all be destroyed!

Jeez, no pressure.

Listen up, Team Voltron! The only way
to succeed is to give it all you've got!

This looks bad, but we can
do this! Are you with me?

- I'm nodding. Is everyone else nodding?
- Yes.

Let's do this!

Uh, how?

Good question. Does anyone
have any ideas of how to form Voltron?

I don't see a "combine
into giant robot" button

anywhere on my dashboard.

This is insane!

Can't they just cease fire for one
minute so we can figure this out?

Is that too much to ask?

We've got to do something.


- Hey!
- Okay, that didn't work.

Quickly, Paladins! Our
energy levels are getting low!

Maybe if we fly in
formation, we'll just combine.

Take off on my cue.

One, two, three, Voltron!

- Here we go!
- Come on, come on!

Nothing's happening.

Hey, wait, wait, wait! I feel something!

I do, too. I feel it. It's like we're
all being pulled in the same direction!

Uh, guys, I think I know why. Look up.

What the cheese?

Sendak's ship is
sucking us in like a black hole!

Send a report to Emperor Zarkon:
"The day is ours."

Oh, no!

I don't care what you say,
Shiro. I'm panicking now!

- It can't end here!
- This is it!

It's been an
honor flying with you boys.

Oh, no!

No! We can do this. We have
to believe in ourselves.

We can't give up. We are
the universe's only hope.

Everyone is relying on us.
We can't fail! We won't fail!

If we work together, we'll win together!



- I can't believe it!
- We formed Voltron!

- I'm a leg!
- How are we doing this?

I don't know, but let's get that cannon!

Good work, Paladins!

- Thanks, pretty lady.
- We did it.

- Heck yeah, we did.
- How did we do it?

I was just, like, screaming the
whole time. Maybe that did it.

We're not going to stop searching
until we find your brother and father.

Wherever they are, I know
they'd be proud of you.

We won the battle, but the
war has only just begun.

I'm afraid Zarkon will not
stop until he gets these lions.

Good thing you paladins
know what you're doing,

because you're going to have
to form Voltron again and again.

Totally. Wait, what?

We barely survived forming
Voltron this one time.

And you only had to fight one ship.

Wait until you have to
fight a whole fleet of them!

It's not going to be easy being
the Defenders of the Universe.

Defenders of the Universe, huh?
That's got a nice ring to it.