Voice (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

This is the verse from the Bible.

The culprit thinks of himself
as an executioner.

He must think he's like the God
who punished the sinful city of Sodom.

That's what crazy guys
typically say online.

I researched on the mirror placed
in front of the dead body.

It could allude
to the next target.

The ones reflected in the mirror
are the next target.

Like this.

Yes, Dad.

A call?

I must've missed it
because I was asleep. I was a bit tired.

Okay, bye.

This incident was also discovered
by Kang Gwon-ju and Mu Jin-hyeok,

from Golden Time Team,
which Sungun Metropolitan Police Agency

has recently founded.

They also promised further cooperation
on the investigation.

Despite the doubts that were raised
when Golden Time Team was founded,

they have shown stellar results,

solving the Eunhyeong-dong case
and the Burim-dong case

within the golden hour,
dispelling the initial worries.

Sungun Metropolitan Police Agency

is confident they will catch the culprit,
Nam, after having found his fingerprints

on the victim's phone.

However, they are being criticized
for failing to protect the victim.

Find out where Sang-tae is hiding now.

And tell Commissioner Bae to come here.

Yes, sir.

-This is the 112 Emergency Call Center.

-The intersection?

The Sulim-dong case investigation
seems to be going badly.

I heard that the culprit damaged the body.

Oh, my. It's really scary.

Did you give her the data you found?

The Violent Crimes Unit thinks

the culprit is Nam Sang-tae.
Why does Ms. Kang want more information?

There's something more
to this case.

Ms. Kang and Mr. Mu could be
investigating secretly.

It'd be easier
if I looked into social media.

It's driving me up the wall.

Isn't it concerning to upload
personal photos on social media?

You are a police officer.
You might be misunderstood.

You're too old-fashioned, Officer Park.
Communication without pretense

brings the world together. You know?

Those who don't own as much as you do
might be hurt from seeing what you have.

Are you concerned about me?

In that case, if you have time,
come watch my DJ show.

I'm not concerned about you.

You are reacting to my "JK" again.

Come on, Officer Oh.

Please go ahead.

What do you mean, "JK"?

Speed is key
when you're researching information.

That's why I use a lot of abbreviations.
"ANP" stands for "A Nice Picture".

For narrow-minded commenters,

I call them "VNV".

"Very Narrow Viewers."


come if you get a chance.

It's called Club Fever.

You can bring your friends.

So you must remain vigilant at all times.

I keep sensing
that something is going wrong.

The culprit
of the Eunhyeong-dong incident

is likely after us,
just like we're after him.

Mr. Shim Yeong-un.

Your sister...

won't be able to come for a while.

Don't lie. My sister keeps her promises.

She told me that I should also
keep my promises.

She said earlier she'll come back soon
to bring my clothes.

What's wrong?

Did something happen to my sister?

Mr. Shim.

Where's my sister?

Where's my sister?

-Mr. Shim!

-Calm down.

-Chun-ok, where are you?
-Mr. Shim, calm down.


Your sister wanted me to give this to you.

She told me that this is your favorite.

I told you.

She would never leave me alone.

If I tell you the truth,

will you

protect Yeong-un and me?

Will you?


murdered Shim Chun-ok

in our faces.

I will arrest you

no matter what.

Where are you going? I'll give you a ride

-if we're going the same way.
-It's okay.

I have to go to help my grandmother
at the diner.

I see.

Oh, my. You are adorable.

Where's your owner?

Maybe someone abandoned him.

Did you know that
regions with more abandoned dogs

have higher crime rates?

-I read it in a book.
-No, but it does sound likely.

By the way, you seem to read a lot.

You're always reading something.

Let's take a picture together.

Look over here.

I'm going to upload this.

Then, my followers will also
be interested in dogs.

Do you want to go to my place?



Hey, sweetheart.

Are you not coming today?

I'm sorry. I'm still at work.

I can't make it today.
You go to sleep first.

You lied again.

It's not like that.
I'll go play with you tomorrow.

I'm going to seal it now.

Satisfied? I'll be there tomorrow.

Dong-u, it's time for your medicine now.
You said you'll take it after 30 minutes.

Dong-u, didn't you take your medicine yet?

It's getting late.

Hurry up.

Here you go.

-Here goes the medicine.
-Open up.

-It's inside now.
-Come on.

I don't like it.

I'm proud of you, son.

Go to bed early.

-Sweet dreams.


Was it you who killed my wife?

Yes, I killed your wife.

Your dead wife won't come back to life
no matter what you do.

It only makes your life miserable.

Nam Sang-tae, this scum.
If he's not the culprit,

why did he say that he killed Ji-hye?


Sir, I'm sorry I kept you waiting.

I canceled the dinner
and left right away, but--

Commissioner Bae, sort out
the Sulim-dong case as soon as possible.

-It's such a headache.
-I'm aware.

I was trying my best,
but another case broke out.

I'm in such a bind at the moment.

Plus, even his fingerprints
have been found.

That jerk, Nam Sang-tae,
is just like his father.

He's an extremely cruel man.
What can I do, though?

His father and I
are indebted to each other.

Hence, I wouldn't be comfortable
with putting him behind bars.

I want to send him to Japan instead.

I actually just spoke
to Chief Prosecutor Park on the phone.

I see.

-One more thing.

It looks like you've gotten
quite big-headed lately.

I just want to remind you
how important it is to know your place.

Sure, you want to be the police
that fights for democracy and justice.

I know that, of course.

But the justice of the world...

is just not valid in the city of Sungun.

Do you get it?

I'm aware, sir.

I'll take care of everything.

Let's go.

Nam Sang-tae, that rat.
Where on earth is he hiding?

Seriously. I took a nap for ten minutes

and had a dream about that jerk.

What is going on here?
Jin-hyeok slept here like this?

Goodness. I'd be glad if he doesn't drive
us crazy about Nam Sang-tae.

I wonder what he's fixated on now.

Gosh, has this place been turned into
a motel or what?

Guys, shouldn't you be charging him?

Jin-hyeok, wake up.


Jin-hyeok, wake up already.

What's up?

I have something to tell you.

What is it?

I'm telling you that it looks like
he has caught onto it.

Cut it out!

Stop talking rubbish.

When Mu Jin-hyeok is fixated on a target,

he always tracks it down
no matter how far he has to go.

If the thing about Fantasia gets revealed,

I don't know what I'll do.

Consider yourself informed.


Are you sure he said "Fantasia"?

Yes, I heard it loud and clear.

Think about it. He can't afford
to go to that expensive bar.

I heard it costs over five million won
to just book a table there.

There is something, don't you think?

Let's not tell anyone else
about this for the time being.

Of course.
We don't know it for certain yet.

Telling people about it
will only get me into deep trouble.

What has he gotten himself into?

I'll keep digging.

You do the same.

And make sure Chief Jang doesn't find out.


Come in.

This is wild-caught halibut.
It's really good.

Try it.

I've lived...

long enough to know that life
never goes exactly as planned.

I know that you got into this mess
while trying to help my business.

Do you want to go to Japan or China?

Just go and run
one of our dummy companies.

I'll help you come back
when things quiet down a little.

Sir, even if I'm...

It's so easy for you to cut ties.

What? How dare you say such a thing?

You still haven't grown out
of your volatile temper.

That's what got you into this mess.
What did I tell you?

I asked you to be patient.

Then you could've gotten one
of our subsidiaries as I promised.

And seriously, Sang-tae.

Have you forgotten all
your father has been through?

You cannot be doing this to me.

Put it there. Leave in two days.

There's cash inside. It should be enough.

You won't be able to walk around like this
in a few days.

Go and run whatevver business you want.
Sounds good?


You're asking me to disappear, right?

I'll do it on one condition.

I must kill Mu Jin-hyeok before I leave.

I'm going to send a hitman

to the hospital
where that scum's son is in a bit.

You fool. Even a lowly beast would know
not to lay a finger on its enemy's cub.

You'll get it all back and more.

I'm already in this mess.

Nothing scares me.

You really are
Nam Gu-hang's son after all.

Your father will be very proud of you.


I saw a man in a luxurious suit

beating up an old police officer.

He was...

hitting him with a dreadful-looking
iron ball.

He said the murder weapon
was an iron ball with a handle.

The method has gotten even crueler
than three years ago.

Where did he get it?

I beg your pardon?

If you keep this up,
you'll have to stand trial

for violating the Minor Offences Act.

Come on. You sound even sexier
in your angry voice.

What's your title there?
Would you meet me in a bit?

This call is being recorded.
If you're going to keep doing this,

I'll have to send out a patrol.


It's that guy from Hwami-dong, right?
He certainly has made it to our blacklist.

Please don't hesitate to let me know
if you need my help with anything.

I'm just realizing now
that Officer Oh is off today.

That's why it's been so quiet here.
By the way,

what is Ms. Kang so engrossed in?
She's about to shoot laser beams

out of her eyes.


What is this?

Come and have a look at this.

What is it?

Is this true?

That can't be.

What are you guys doing?
Don't slack off.




Officer Park, contact whoever runs
the bulletin board to delete it.

-Call the Management Team.
-Yes, sir.

You run the bulletin board?

This is 112.

There is a strange post about an officer
on the public bulletin board.

Ms. Kang.


A posting about Officer Oh
went around on police intranet.

HR is going to see if it's true.

This wasn't on his resume
or in his personal history.

It was hard to go as far
as high school years in the US.

There is a high chance that it's a rumor.

Is Officer Oh off today?

-Give him a call.


Come if you get a chance.
It's called Club Fever.



A medication used to decrease
nerve signals to treat motion sickness.

Side effects are mydriasis,
hallucination, neuroparalysis,

and short-term memory loss.

A hallucinogen?



Yes. I just got here.

When would I get to DJ at Club Fever

if I don't fill in for someone?
Yes, of course.

Do you know how hard
I worked on my set list?

Yes. Okay. I'll be right there.

The person you're calling
is on another line.

He's not picking up.

If you look here,
there is a copy of the record

from an American police agency saying
that he was a suspect.

It must be fake, right?

It's easy to forge such a thing
these days.

Let us not make a big fuss
until we confirm the facts.

I understand.



What's wrong with her?

My goodness. I'm your biggest fan.

Can I get your autograph?

Of course.

-What's your name?
-Lee Na-rae.

You're so beautiful.

How can you be so good
at DJing and be kind, too?

Most of the time, popular DJs
don't want to give autographs.

You're prettier in my eyes.

Thank you.
I'm going to pass this on to my children.

Thank you.

My gosh, I know you. You're Black, right?

You're super popular on social media.

You're a police officer, but you DJ
and go party with your friends.

You go bar hopping all the time.
You're so cool.

I'm so jealous of you.

Thank you. I'll see you in there.

-Yes, okay.


Who are you?

I'm filling in for Red Touch.

I'm DJ Black.
I've been your fan for a long time.

-You're filling in today?

Too bad. I don't like people
that do music as a hobby.

We're all musicians.

Why put distance between us.

Should I get you a coffee?

You're tiring me out.



What? What is it?

-What is it?
-Do you call any DJs now?

What is it now?
Come on. Let's go out.

-Hey. Drink some.


Gosh. Nothing is going my way today.

It's been so long. I'm so nervous.

What's wrong with me?

You didn't...

What is it?

Black, isn't it what you like the most?

Give it up for your DJ.

Are you guys having fun?


I can't hear you.

Yes. This is Club Fever!

I'll introduce you to a new DJ.

From Los Angeles, it's DJ Black. Come on!


He has a knife!

-This is 112 Emergency Call Center.
-We have an emergency.

A crazy man took a woman hostage
and is trying to stab people.

A man?

Can you tell us where you are?

-Tell us how old you think he is.
-Well, I'm at Fever.

Club Fever in Gwangchang-dong.

The man must be
in his late 20s or early 30s.

Ms. Kang, there is a hostage situation

with a young man in his 20s or 30s
in Club Fever of Gwangchang-dong.

Fever? Fever...

I'm going to backup the call

-so don't hang up.

What kind of weapon
does the suspect have?

It's a knife.

He was coming up to the DJ
but was staggering.

He jumped into the crowd with a knife.

He must be on drugs.

His eyes are unfocused.

-Don't move.
-What's wrong with you?

I said don't move!

If you move, she'll die. Okay?

Do you understand?

Don't you move an inch.

Pardon? A club DJ is on a rampage?
You think he's on drugs?

-A disturbance at a club?
-A rampage? I can't quite hear you.

He's holding a knife?

Ms. Kang, we're getting multiple calls

about a knife incident
at Club Fever in Gwangchang-dong.

Someone shot a video.

-Play it.


Isn't that Officer Oh?

Come if you get a chance.
It's called Club Fever.

Ms. Kang.
Actually, Officer Oh told me yesterday

that he's filling in for a DJ
at Club Fever today.

-Call him right now.

The number you're calling...

His phone is turned off.

Don't move!

If you move,

she'll die. Okay?

I'm certain that's Officer Oh's voice.

This is Code Zero.

A man is threatening a woman in her 20s

with a knife at Club Fever
in 21 Gwangchang-dong.

It looks like the man
is highly drugged at the moment.

We presume the man to be...
Officer Oh Hyeon-ho of 112 Center.

What are you talking about?
Why is he at a club right now?

There is a video online
of what happened at the club.

Officer Park says she heard him say

that he will be DJing at a club today.
There was also a post

on the police bulletin board today
that slanders Officer Oh.

It says during his time in the US,
he was a drug addict

and a suspect of a murder case.
However, we have yet to confirm anything.

Gosh, this is crazy.

I'm mobilizing right now.


-He's crazy.
-What are we going to do?

My gosh, it's so scary.

-Move back. Don't go inside.
-What do we do?

Mr. Mu.

There could be a misunderstanding.

Please try communicating first.

Don't worry. He's my colleague, too.


Ms. Kang.

He looked really shy to me.

Club, drugs, and a knife, what a package.

Hey, what if he gets fired today?

That's not important right now.
We have to make sure no one gets hurt.

Don't worry.

What do you mean, he takes medication?

The bottle was definitely
labeled scopolamine.

I looked it up online,

and it's a very poisonous new drug.



I was worried so I called
the LA Police Department,

and asked about
what happened at his school.

It was true. Someone by the name
Matthew Han committed suicide.

Also, a Korean boy named Michael Oh
was seen as a person of interest.

Okay. Thank you for letting me know.

Let's not jump to conclusions yet.

Yes, ma'am.

I see Gwangchang-dong's night club street.
I'll be there in 30 seconds.

If we sum up what the reports say,

Officer Oh came to fill in
for a DJ named Red Touch.

He already seemed weird
while walking up to the stage.

There is a possibility that the rumor
about his school days is true.

Then how did he become a police officer?

I don't know how much of it is true.
According to the posting,

Officer Oh's father
is very influential in Sungun

and that's how his history was overlooked.

Hey, was Officer Oh always a bit weird?

You know, computer geniuses
tend to be weird.

My goodness.

If she dies because of you,

it'll make you happy, right?

Wouldn't it feel great?

You better not move while I'm being nice.

I'll kill her.

If she dies,

who will be next?

Aren't you curious? So don't move.

Over there. Do you see it?

Stop recording. Please step back. Stop it.

-Come on.
-Move further back, please.

-How is it in there?

It's very small and narrow.

Since people are drinking,
we fear secondary damage.

What a mess.

-Let's go inside. Block them.

-Block them and follow me.

This is going to be tough.

This is Team One.

We're entering the club.

Don't come near!

Oh Hyeon-ho.
Stop and put the knife down!

Hyeon-ho, don't do what you'll regret.
Put that knife down. Come on.

Don't come near me.

Don't come near me!

This is high color laser.

High color laser.

All right. I got it.

Put it away. Down.


This is high color laser.

Put that knife down. Now.

High color laser.

Dae-sik. What is he saying anyway?

I think he's saying high color laser.

He's completely out of it.

Okay, our guns are down.

Hyeon-ho, let's put that knife down.

Come on. Let's go.

Don't come. Don't!

This is high color laser.

High color laser.

High color laser. Don't come near.

His diction and breathing are abnormal.

He keeps dragging his right foot as well.

I can tell he's not himself
even with bare eyes.

He's definitely high on drugs.

Please save me.

Hey, I don't know why you're doing this,
but let's talk.

Let's talk it out.

Don't come near me. Just don't.

I get it.
You must have a reason for doing this.

I'll hear you out.
Just put the knife down.

That's why I said, high color laser.

It's on the desk
but you people are still clueless.

Talk so we can understand, will you?

High color laser.

High color laser.

Don't come near me.

Don't! If you do,
this place will turn into a sea of fire.

Don't. Don't come close.

Ms. Kang, did you hear him?

Can you interpret it?

He's trying to talk in codes.

He's giving us codes.

-Try to figure out.

Officer Park.

High color laser...

What could it be?



Ms. Kang, there isn't such a thing
called high color laser.

High color laser.

High color laser?


Speed is key
when you're researching information.

That's why I use a lot of abbreviations.
ANP is "A Nice Picture".

He said he uses abbreviations.

What does HCL stand for?

Ms. Kang. Could he be talking about
hydrochloric acid?

The molecular formula
for hydrochloric acid is HCL.

-I think he's trying to talk in codes.
-Hydrochloric acid?

Now that I think about it...

Don't come near me. Don't!

If you do,
this place will turn into a sea of fire.

Mr. Mu, it's possible
HCL stands for hydrochloric acid.

There must be hydrochloric acid
in this club.

Yes, that seems likely.


Come here.

I think someone threatened him
to pour hydrochloric acid.

That means the person
that threatened him is here?

I'll look for the hydrochloric acid
while talking to him.

You should look for the person
who threatened him.


He said it's on the desk, right?


I said stay away.
Why do you keep coming?

All right.

I get it.
You're doing this because of Ms. Kang.

That's why I said, just go. Go.

You're doing this
because you don't like her.

She keeps repeating herself.
You already heard her,

but she keeps repeating

and that annoys you.

I know. She has a horrible personality.

She's tedious and inflexible.

No one would enjoy working under her.
I know.

Exactly. So what I'm saying is--

Up there.

Up there.

I'm talking about Ms. Kang.

Team Two. Culprit caught in the act.

Hydrochloric acid on ceilings.
Controller behind the stage.

I'll count to three.

Hyeon-ho, when I count to three,
put the knife down

and we'll go back to the station.

It's okay, kid.

I'll make sure you get out of it.
I'll count to three, okay?


Just count to three.



Let go!

There's hydrochloric acid
on the ceiling. Run!



Where did you go?

Stop right there!

Requesting paramedics. Take him outside.

The suspect of the acid attack
at Club Fever

is running toward 21 Gwangchang-dong.

Female, 170cm.

White coat and black fishnet stockings.

Go after her!


Where did she go?

How can she be so fast?
Is she Usain Bolt or something?

Have you seen a woman
with long, curly hair?

Have you seen a woman
in a white coat running?

Have you seen a woman
in a white coat running?

Hey, Dae-sik!

Gosh, darn it.

-Over there!

Darn it!

You go that way.

Hey, stop!

What is this? Is this a wig?

You were going to be caught anyway.
Why did you run?

You just wasted our energy.

You're under arrest
for attempted murder...

What is this?

It was a man?

Why are you doing this to me?

Oh, my.

Who are you? Why did you do this?

Arrest him, Dae-sik.

Come here.

This is Team One.
We have the hydrochloric acid terrorist.

The culprit is...

a male cross-dresser.

I'll bring him to the station.

-Bring him.
-Stand up.

Please move out.

Please make way.

There has been a hostage situation
at a club in Gwangchang-dong.

Golden Time Team has brought
the situation under control.

The hostage situation
led to an acid attack.

-Do you have anything to say?

What are you doing?

-I'm sorry.
-It wasn't me.

-I'm sorry.
-It wasn't me!


-It wasn't me.
-Take him in.

This is the work of Love8080.


I don't know if she has an accomplice,
But she stalked me and did this to me.

So you are saying
that the SNS user named Love8080

has been stalking you for a year?

Yes, that's right. I keep telling you.

When girls left comments,
she replied harshly

and she even pasted my face on porn.

I mentioned visiting a ski resort once
on my social media,

and she called the resort to ask them
to look after me,

saying I'm her boyfriend.

And today.  I don't know how she found out
I would be DJing.

but she left comments
as if she was by my side.

It's so creepy.

Your hair looks really good today.

I won't forgive you
if you make eye contact with other girls.

I just ignored the comments
and went inside.

It's been so long. I'm so nervous.

I thought a woman was coming in.
I was so surprised.

It's the men's room.

When I looked closely, she looked weird.

Love8080 sent me.

If you don't do as Love8080 says,

she will drop the hydrochloric acid.

Why didn't you listen to me?

I said I won't forgive you
if you make eye contact with other girls.

Hydrochloric acid?

Love8080 said

she put drugs in your drink.

She won't kill you
if you do as you are told.


do as you are told.

Love8080 set me up to ruin me.

She acts all cute to me,

but the cartoons and slangs
she refers to are from the early 2000s.

I'm certain it's a woman in her 40s.

She kept sending me the picture
with her face hidden under the umbrella.

She's probably paranoid and delusional.

But why didn't you track her IP address?

You're an expert.

I couldn't because it's illegal
to track IP addresses for personal use.

She kept changing her username
and reappearing.

There is a program
that hides your IP address.

I think she's using that.



Look at this.

Then what was the post
on the bulletin board?

That doesn't make sense either.

A gang member?

Do you know how scary Black is?

I never went near them.

I added "black" to my username
simply because it sounded cool.

And Matthew died of a car accident.

I was mistaken for Michael Oh

who was investigated.

I'm not involved in any way.

This was all done by Love8080.

Please catch that crazy woman.

She'll make me go insane.

All right. Calm down.

Don't get worked up. Relax.

So Ms. Kang,

the one who calls himself Surprise

also claims to have been hired
by Love8080.

Yes. This is the information on Surprise,
whose real name is Yang Ho-sik.


So his name is Yang Ho-sik?


I'll go see him.

Love8080 told me it's water,
not hydrochloric acid.

Yang Ho-sik,

are you saying that makes it okay?

You are 27 years old
and old enough to understand.

According to article 324 of Criminal Law,

you can be sentenced
to up to five years in prison.

What should I do with you?

Why's the door like this?

I should have smashed this door before.

I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Yang Ho-sik.


Did you say you are sorry?

You are sorry?

Don't you get how serious this is?

You could have killed someone.

Ho-sik, look at me.


Love8080. Look, he's reacting to it.

It's him. It's your username, right?
I can tell.

Write Love8080 next to his name.

Detective, it wasn't me.

She hired me.

You'll see when you check it later.

I kept the emails we exchanged.

I even captured the chat windows.

I just did what she told me to do.

Do you know what your mistake was?

How do you know if Love8080
is a woman or a man?

You've never met in person.

That is...

I never had a girlfriend before

because of my job and my personality.

I'm so timid that I can't talk to people.

That's why I went into
the revenge exchange website

whenever something frustrated me.

It's an anonymous website.

I felt better after reading
about the revenge stories of others.

One day, someone sent me a message.

It was her.

Let's be friends.

She told me she's a 33-year-old female,

who is unmarried.

She even sent me a picture.

I couldn't see her face,

but she had a nice body

and she sounded cute.

I couldn't stop myself
from talking to her on the website.


I didn't say I won't give it to you.

I will give it to you later. Later!

My boss owed me three million won

for the electricity construction,
but he kept refusing to pay me.

So I got really angry.

You know how significant
three million won is

for people like us.

Please throw some food waste on the guy
who ran away

without paying me for the electrical work.

Right then,

Love8080 started talking to me.

She said she also wanted
to teach someone a lesson and suggested

we could exchange our revenge.

He was so desperate to date me at first,

but he then cheated on me.

Bastard. Let me make him pay
for what he did.

Let's meet up and come up
with a plan together.

Then come to the back alley
of Club Fever on January 28.

But that's where I'm doing
electrical work these days.

I prepared costumes for your disguise

so don't worry.

So we decided to meet.

So you met her? Did you?

No, she didn't come.

I even put on new clothes
and waited for her.

Do as it's written in here.

If things work out, let's go on a date.

She asked me to threaten the guy,
saying the water I have is acid.

But to be honest,
I wasn't sure if I could do it.

So I was hesitating.

But then, I got a phone call
from an unknown number.


This is Love8080.

I like your suit.

Please do a good job.


I'm not so sure
because it was a very short conversation,

but she sounded older than I had imagined.

She sounded like a woman in her late 30s

to 40s.

He's trying to confuse us.

You can tell, right?

I don't see what the point
of your story is.


Her voice.

Her voice was a little echoing.

You know, just like
when you talk in a basement.


So what?

In retrospect,

I think...

she was trying to use me on purpose

since I have easy access
to the ceiling of Fever.

I should've known better.
I'm not good enough to date someone

or be in a relationship.

I'm so sorry for what I did.



I checked all the comments and emails
he and Love8080 exchanged.

They said that the IP addresses
are different.

It didn't seem deliberate.

Forensics checked the wires
on the ceiling of the club

and they were installed
just like he described.

According to the Violent Crimes Unit...
there's nothing special about him.

What should we do?

Let's keep an eye on him
without detention.

-Anyway, take some clothes

from the night-duty room
and tell him to put them on.

How poorly did you manage your team
that this has happened?

I didn't give you the authority
over human resources

so you could let this happen.

I understand, sir.

But the officer was also threatened...

We'll arrest the culprit
and close the case as soon as possible.

Ms. Kang, you don't seem to understand
how serious this is.

Whoever the culprit is,

this incident has already damaged
the reputation

of Sungun Metropolitan Police Agency.


Forget it.

I'm considering
withdrawing Golden Time Team anyway.

The Violent Crimes Unit will be in charge
of the Sulim-dong incident.

If I ever hear that you were on the scene
or that you interfered

with their investigation again,

you'd have to worry about
losing your title.

Commissioner Bae
seems to be getting more and more nervous

as we get closer to the culprit.

He must be involved somehow.

-This is Kang Gwon-ju.
-This is Cybercrimes Unit.

We've confirmed the user information
of Love8080

who instigated the acid threat
in Gwangchang-dong.

Kang Mi-suk, 43-year-old woman.

We've confirmed she got restraining orders
from many younger men.

We've also confirmed
she recently purchased a lot of acid.

One interesting thing is
that her IP address

is from an internet cafe
at 79 Jiseo-ro, Jiseo-dong, Sungun,

which is not the area
she actually lives in.

The user is currently online
with the same IP address.

Mr. Mu, we've just confirmed
the IP address of the suspect

of the Gwangchang-dong incident.

The location is 79 Jiseo-ro,
Jiseo-dong, Sungun.

-Her personal information?
-Her name is Kang Mi-suk. 43 years old.

She's been living unsociably
after her divorce

and has numerous records of stalking.

It's also been confirmed
she bought a lot of acid recently.

The information seems to match
Officer Oh's profiling result.

All right, we'll leave now.

We just confirmed the address
of the suspect who threatened Officer Oh.

Everyone, get ready.

Yes, ma'am.


Thank you.

You're not imprisoned this time,

but don't do anything
like exchanging revenge again.

Note that you could be called again
since the culprit hasn't been arrested.

Sure, I know.


I'm sorry and thank you.

This is Team One.

By the way, Detective.

Where is Officer Oh?

I'd like to apologize to him
before I leave.

I'm afraid you can't.

Why don't you come back
when the case is closed?

Okay. I understand.

You found her IP address?

Yes, it's 79 Jiseo-ro, Jiseo-dong, Sungun.
Mr. Mu is now on the way.

Don't worry. We will catch the culprit.

Thank you.

I was so frustrated
I thought of tracking her down myself.


All right, ma'am.

That psycho.

You're going to be stuck in prison
for the rest of your life.

How dare you threaten a police officer?

Officer Oh.

I'm released now, so I came to apologize.

-I'm sorry.

Don't be. You got tricked as well.

By a sick psycho.

May I have a seat?


Thank you so much for your understanding.

You're welcome.

By the way...

You're really handsome.

I hear that from time to time.

You're also very handsome.

Did you hear? They are on their way
to catch the crazy woman.

Finally, the police will teach
the psycho a lesson.

You know how it feels

when you get a rock out of your shoe?
That's how I feel right now.

I'm glad to hear that.


Goodness, she's over 40.

Why would she do such a thing?

This is unbelievable.

Hey, age has nothing to with crimes.

By the way, something doesn't feel right.

Let's get going.

Let's go.

I think we should crack down

on all the stalkers one day.


What kind of person would do this?

I agree.

It's all over now. Please calm down.

Come on.

How lame does she have to be
to do something like this?

I'm sure she has been bothering others
her entire life.

I can't wait until she's arrested.

I agree.


I pity Love8080 a little.

She only did those things
because she likes you.

Because she likes me?

She did this because she liked me?
That's nonsense!

Why would she sexually harass me
and leave weird comments

if she liked me?

I don't think so.

You're right.

I agree with everything you just said.

She shouldn't have done that.

Officer Oh.

Officer Park. What brings you here?

I was...

I need to ask you something.

Can we talk in private?

Yes, sure.

I'm sorry,

but we're not supposed to talk
about our cases in front of civilians.

Of course. I understand.

It must be something important.
I'm sorry for interrupting you.

I should get going.

What was that?

He got upset because I told him
to get out?

I doubt it. He seems really gentle.

So what do you want to talk about?

The IP address traced
by the Cybercrimes Unit.

Are you sure it's Kang Mi-suk?

I'm sure it's her.

Kang Mi-suk's personal data
matches what I know of Love8080.

-Why are you asking me that?

-All of a sudden?
-Well, I'm just...

Right, the Violent Crimes Unit has no data
on the recent hydrochloric acid attacks.

Where can I get it?

You'll find it in the basement archive.

I'm sensing something.

Something's going on, right?
Tell me what it is.

Have you...

ever heard of
De Clerambault Syndrome before?

De Clerambault Syndrome?

No, I've never heard of it before.

It's also called erotomania.

It's a delusional disorder
where you believe

that someone with higher status loves you.

It's like you're obsessed
with receiving attention.

It's one of the most dangerous
mental disorders.

There was an acid attack
on a singer last year in Hwami-dong,

and the acid attack
on a lawyer in Burim-dong.

We haven't caught the culprits yet.

I believe the attacks were carried out
by someone with De Clerambault Syndrome.

But Kang Mi-suk has nothing to do
with these cases.

No. The Cybercrimes Unit said she bought
a lot of hydrochloric acid earlier.

She's working for a cleaning company.

She bought it under her name,

but her company paid for it
and had it delivered there.

Still, since we have the IP address,

the team will have to go and see.

So you're saying

the culprit might be someone else, right?

I wouldn't put it like that, but...

You know I'm a bookworm.

I just got curious
because I've read so many books.

Here you are.

-Is this for me?
-See you later.

I didn't know...

she was this warm-hearted.

All right. Forget Love8080.

I've been letting you off for too long.


Why are there no documents?

-Please move out.
-Go inside.

What are you doing?

-I'm sorry.
-It wasn't me.

It wasn't me!

-I really didn't do it.
-I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

The tone of his voice changed
even though he said the same words.

The first one was of a man who is sorry.

The other one sounded
completely different. He sounded pleasant.

As if he were complimented.

What's this?

Someone installed a bug to block me?


This isn't something
a woman in her 40s can do.


I got you.


I'll make sure
you can never talk to anyone.

What's this? Why is the IP address...


Ms. Kang said it's 79 Jiseo-ro,
Jiseo-dong, Sungun.

"Fix Everything Electrical."

Where did I see it?

No way. Is it...


"We fix everything."

I pity Love8080 a little.

She only did those things
because she likes you.

You creep.

-Ms. Kang.

It's not Kang Mi-suk. We got it all wrong.

It's Yang Ho-sik who claimed
to have been given orders by Love8080.

What are you talking about, Officer Oh?

Calm down and explain clearly.

Well, it's not that simple...

I need to ask you something.

Can we talk in private?

Officer Park. She's in danger.

He must be a lunatic
with De Clerambault Syndrome or something.

We must catch him now!

No way.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

No wonder he sounded different.

He got excited by the thought
of Officer Oh looking at him.


This is 112 Center.

The culprit of the acid attack
is Yang Ho-sik, not Kang Mi-suk.

Officer Park is
at the archives downstairs.

It seems he followed her there.

It's all your fault.

I'm just going to pour it on your face.

Gwangchang Patrol, are you not there yet?

Come quickly.

I think a suspicious man
is with my son now.

Who are you?


I have great expectations for Ghost.