Voice (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript


Mr. Mu's phone was turned off
at 3:45 p.m., correct?

Check the cars that entered the alley
behind the club at that time.

Yes, ma'am.

You said you heard a crash
when you were on the phone.

But there's no one in the car,
and the car isn't moving.

Detective Shim, he lured us in
after getting wind of our plan.

Based on the car's condition,
Mr. Mu must be severely injured.

Start searching the area around
Mamma Mia in Donhwa-dong. Please hurry.

Damn it. That bastard!

-We must catch him.
-Yes, sir.

Jin-hyeok is in trouble.
What should we do?

They hired foreigners.
They must be dangerous.

Gosh, he's giving me a headache again.

Tell Ms. Kang
the Violent Crimes Unit One will help.

-Gear up.
-Yes, sir.

Let's move!

You look like a wreck.

That's a shame.

Even your eyes are in bad condition.

Can you see me?

The Eunhyeong-dong killer...

I heard you're looking for him.

Did you catch him?

Was it you?

That cracking sound.

Was it you...

who killed my wife?

Yes, I killed your wife.

Why did you do it? Tell me.


Your dead wife won't come back to life
no matter what you do.

You'll just make things worse for you.

Listen to me carefully.




Now run.

I'll show you...

why I'm called...

the Crazy Dog.

Is your wife the only one who is dead?
Are you the only cop in Korea?

Don't be so hot-headed.

Even if you get killed
in the heart of Sungun,

several officers in your station
will try to cover it up.

That's how worthless you are.

-Finish him off. Do it right.
-Yes, sir.

Ms. Kang, the GPS locations.


This is the Call Center.
Mr. Mu's last recorded location:

an alley near Mamma Mia.
A car went in there at 3:41 p.m.,

and his phone turned off at 3:45.

At 3:47, a tow truck
pulled out with a wrecked car.

No more cars after that.

He was probably kidnapped
in the back alley of 104 Donhwa-dong.

Please don't kill me. Please!

Jin-hyeok, please do something.

Please help me.

Hey, you.

Did you hit me earlier?

You punch like a little girl.

How can you be so weak?

He looks like an ogre,
but his punch is...

-Shut your mouth, scumbag.

I was so awkward,
I couldn't even scream.

Am I right?

-Wasn't it awkward for you?
-Want me to hit you again?

-You must be crazy.
-Hey, ignore him.

What a lunatic. He's asking to die.

Stay there.

Hey, I'll be back soon.

Jong Gu.

An underling like you

fights for other people all your life

until you die.

Are those your last words?

Harder, scumbag. Hit harder.


Hey, do you want to die?


Help me. Please help me.

I'll never betray you again.

I'm so sorry.

Please help me.

I'm so sorry. Please help me.


Take it, you punk.

Thank you.

What are you doing? Come on!


Where's your boss?

Where's is he?

I'm in an alleyway in Donhwa-dong,
searching the livestock market.

Ms. Kang, I need more information.

Twenty minutes have passed already.

He cold be in real danger.

We need to find him quickly.

Do you remember anything else?

I smelled spice.

Some kind of strong spice.

Strong spice?

Wait, Hwang Gyeong-il
tried to tell me something.

He must have seen the killer.


Say it again. What did you say?





Find out what ziran means.

-Yes, ma'am.

It's a spice
used in Chinese lamb skewers.

It has a strong odor
that doesn't go away easily.

The place next to my grandma's
has it on the menu.

Detective Shim, Mr. Mu must be near
a restaurant that serves lamb skewers.

Somewhere you could get
the scent on your clothes.


Chief Jang, the killer
should have a lamb-spice scent?

What did you say?

Don't worry. I'm taking care of it.

-Mu Jin-hyeok has escaped.

Don't worry.
There are guards outside.

He must still be inside.
I'll take care of it.

Ms. Kang!

What's this about Mr. Mu being assaulted?

He was meeting an informant
and he was assaulted by the killer

of the Hwang Gyeong-il case
and the Sulim-dong incident.

What? Where he is?

Chief Jang and Detective Shim
are heading there now.

You're nothing but a little puppy.
Why do you pretend to be a tiger?

I'll help you meet your wife again.

Don't you want that?

-Let's go in.

Load your guns.


You're in good spirits,
so I'll give you some advice.

You should be grateful
that I'm ending things here.

You'll die by my hands.


How? You have nothing.

What do you mean?

The people who were wronged by you
gave me permission to avenge them.

That's why you'll die by my hands...


You are a crazy dog.
You're barking in front of your grave.

Shoot him.

Kill that jerk. Now!

Hold it right there! Get him!


-Hey! Go after him!

-Are you okay?
-Get him!

Go after him.

Hurry up! Get the bastard!

You're hurt .


They're over here!

An officer is injured.
Send the paramedics now!

They should be there soon.

Mr. Mu, are you okay?

-Go get him.

Jin-hyeok, are you okay?

Go get him. Hurry.

Is it...


It's him.

He's the guy from the black box.

His body shape and the way he walks
are exactly the same.

Plus, he even admitted he's the killer.

Don't worry about me.
Just catch him, okay?

This way.

Stop right there!


-Stop right there!

Put out an APB.
The plate number is 76O7202.

Officer Oh, run the plate number 76O7202,
and put out an APB.

Yes, ma'am.

-Where are the paramedics?
-We just arrived.

How did it go?

We didn't catch him.

We got his plate number
and saw his face.

We'll get him, it's only a matter of time.
Hey, is your leg okay?


Is Jin-hyeok okay?

He's been rescued.

That's a relief.

Why did he have to go alone
and cause trouble?

Everyone here knows

the police work as a team.

This happened because he was doing
an investigation and nobody had his back.

If you had trusted us
on the Hwang Gyeong-il case,

this wouldn't have happened.

Ms. Kang, didn't I warn you earlier?

I will take measures
if you mention that case again.

This is the suspect reflected
on the window of a building

across the street from where
Hwang Gyeong-il was set on fire.

He also matches the description
of the Sulim-dong incident suspect.

Our lives are just as valuable
as other citizens' lives.

We feel frightened at times.

Even so, we risk our lives

to prevent citizens
from being endangered.

And to make criminals pay
for what they've done.

That's our duty.

I have no idea what's going on. 

Tell me about it.

Still, it's good to know Mr. Mu is safe.



Shouldn't you go see a doctor?

-I'm fine.
-Do as Dae-sik says.

You have to be physically strong
and healthy for this job.

Go to the hospital.

Chief Jang.

Thank you so much for coming.

You don't say things like that.

Hey, you know what?

When it happens once, it's a coincidence.
Twice, it's inevitable.

But when it keeps happens,
it's intentional.


Let's not do anything
that would put us to shame.

Let's not live a shameful life.

Come on, Dae-sik.

Did you collect fingerprints?

They're all over.

I'll retire if I fail to identify the guy.

Good luck.


At one o'clock today, the police
investigating the Sulim-dong case

where a dead body was found
went after Nam Sang-tae,

the CEO of Good Friends,
but failed to have him arrested.

Reporter Han Seung-jun has more.

The Sungun Golden Time Team announced

they are after 45-year-old Nam Sang-tae.

He's said to have abandoned
the dead body of a landlady

and instructed one of the tenants
to commit fraud.

Initially, the police thought a tenant
was arguing with the landlady.

Besides having abandoned
a dead body at Cheonsu Villa,

the truth about his real estate company
is being revealed.

Mu Jin-hyeok.




Now run.

I'll show you why I'm called

the Crazy Dog.

Once, my father said something.

He said that everyone is destined to live

as a loser and a pushover.

So I should kiss up to the rich
and take advantage of them.

I will not...

go down like this.

You mean the roads
that start in Sulim-dong?

Why? Is it too much to ask?

No, not at all.
What I mean is, these days,

there's a lot of people
with eyes on the business.

If I make any rash decision,
I might get exposed.

I also think the profitability is...

Why would a city like Sungun
try to mooch off of Seoul?

Without a devoted
government official like you,

Seoul will take control of Sungun forever.

People were against
the Sungun Expressway at first.

But Korea has become
a developed nation because of it.

Don't you agree, Tae-gu?

In fact...


...we plan on building a bus terminal
in Sulim-dong worth 100 million won.

What? A bus terminal?


Oh, that's...


Sir, I'm not as ambitious...

as you may think.

Director Kwon.

The Speed Transportation CEO

seems to have gone through a lot
to negotiate the price.

I'm not being like this
because I lost the chance.

If people heard you, they'd think
I was trying to eat you alive.

I heard your son wants to get

his PhD in the United States.

A big fish must swim

in deep waters, you know.

-Director Kwon.

You've been working hard
for the future of our nation.

It's time for you
to think about your own future.

-Excuse me.

It's me.

Don't go, Chun-ok.

Don't leave Yeong-un behind.

I won't.

Please take these cuffs off.

Yeong-un didn't do anything wrong.

I held the lamp because they told me to.

They promised to let me go
if I told the truth.

Why won't they let me go?


I know you didn't do anything wrong.

But the higher-ups

have to give permission
to let you go.

Can you you wait
just a little bit longer?


It hurts. I don't want to wait.

Take these off now.

I want to go with you. Let me go with you.


I'm not leaving without you.

I'm not going anywhere without you.
All right?


How could they do this to them?

Shim Chun-ok's been booked
without detention, right?

Yes. She's charged
with abetting the crime.

You'll only take this place
over my dead body.

-Let go, you old hag.
-You scumbags!

You'll only take this place
over my dead body!

Hold her.

You crazy old hag.

Hey, hold her. Come on!
Otherwise, your sister will die.


No, don't do it, please.

Let go of me.

Don't you fear God?
You'll get punished for this!

-Are you crazy?
-I told you to shut your mouth.

Ms. Park!

She's bleeding!

Oh, you idiots.

You should've been careful.

Go get his sister.

Shim Yeong-un is the problem.

There's evidence that he was holding
the victim at the scene.

He won't be able to avoid getting charged
for killing her and neglecting the body.

Even with commutation,
the best case scenario

would be probation.

-That is where you work!
-Who was it?

-I didn't do it.
-Don't lie!

-It's done, right? Is it ready?
-Come on.

-Who was it?
-Behave yourself.

Are you okay?

-Shouldn't you go see a doctor?
-There's no need.

Anyway, thanks for tracking me down.

I got the intel we need on Nam Sang-tae.
He killed Hwang Gyeong-il.

I'm going to brief everyone. Join us.

Come on. Dae-sik,
I'm going to start the briefing.

Nam Sang-tae is the CEO of Good Friends,
a human resources agency.

He's 45 years old.
His father, Nam Gu-hang,

was the ringleader of a gang
that is based in Sungun.

He's dead now.

Hong Yeok-sam,
the co-CEO of Good Friends,

is currently at the Nakwon Welfare Center
due to a serious case of schizophrenia.

The company name kept changing,
so it was hard to track it down.

They've been engaged in human

-and organ trafficking.
-He's in his 40s?

The voice I heard
wasn't from a man in his 40s.

Nam Sang-tae's right-hand man
is Ji Chun-bae. He's from Yanbian.

He currently manages
three nightclubs in Suwon. Of course...

Ms. Shim, what brings you here?

I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Not at all.

I actually never thanked you properly.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

Don't mention it.

We should thank you.

Most of the gang members
were arrested.

The police are also after the leader.
He'll be arrested soon.

We'll do our best to make sure
Mr. Shim's sentence can be reduced.

Please don't worry.

By the way,

do you have a place to stay?

I have a friend
who has a store in the market.

I can stay there for a while.

She'll be surprised to see me
with this face, though.

I'll do my best to help you
until Mr. Shim's trials begin.

Please take care.

You're doing so much
to help people like us.

I really should have told you
everything sooner.

Whenever I think about it, I feel...

I was foolish.

Please don't say that.
We know you had no choice.

Do you like sweet rice punch?

I made some because Yeong-un likes it.

I'd like to give you some
because it's all I can offer.

It's all right.

Right, you're probably
too young to like it.

No, I do like it.

If you insist,
I'll gladly accept some.

Thank you.

Oh, thank you so much.

Both Yeong-un and I will
work harder to live a better life.

Thank you.

Thank you for everything.

-Be safe.

Thank you.

Are you saying the voice you heard
sounded younger than his?

Yes. The voice that I heard
sounded like someone in their 30s.

As I said before,
each age group's voiceprint

-has unique characteristics.
-I know.

I've never forgotten
what you said in court.

But that scum confessed to me
that he's the killer.

And I clearly heard the cracking sound.
Whether it's true or not,

we'll find out when we arrest him.

You said you have the recording.

-Can I listen to it?
-I'll go get it.

I got this right before
I went to the US.

Voice techs in the US
did their best to remove the noise

to make the voice clear,

but it might not be audible
to people with normal hearing.

Please don't kill me.

I have a baby at home.

Please let me live.

I'm sorry.

Please let me live.

I didn't hear anything.

I wish you'd heard Nam Sang-tae voice.
Everything would be clear.

We're searching the area
around the port and his hideout.

Most of the police force
are looking for him.

We put out an APB,
so it's only a matter of time

before we arrest him.
We should wait.

This is Team Two.

Nam Sang-tae's right-hand man,
Ji Chun-bae,

has been caught on a camera
at a cafe near the port.

It looks like he's with Nam Sang-tae.

Yes, of course.

It has nothing to do
with what happened in Sulim-dong.

Of course.

Do you think I'm trying to trick you?
Don't worry.

Hey, couldn't you
have taken better care of it?

After the news came out,
that idiot Director Kwon

is giving me excuses to get out of it.

Make sure no one thinks Sang-tae
has anything to do with our company.

-Got it?
-Of course.

I'll take care of it.

You're not part of it in any way, are you?

-You... Are you--
-No way.

You know, Sang-tae has caused us
a lot of trouble.

That moron.

He certainly takes after his father.

Find out where he's hiding.

-Send him to Japan or something.

Let's split up. Come with me.

Jung-gi, Gwang-su, go that way.

-You, come with me.

Boss, the police are outside the building.

It looks like we got caught
on camera somewhere.

Maybe it was when I went out

-to buy some liquor.

Yes, it's me.

Sang-tae, what happened?

This is unlike you. You've been caught.
And Sulim-dong?

Oh, right. Yes.

That scum, Mu Jin-hyeok,
came at me with all he's got.

Well, don't worry about a thing.
I'll sort everything out.

I'll kill him.

You know, when I put my mind
to something, I get it done.

You're being weird.

It's your mess.
It's only right that you sort it out.

Am I the only one who doesn't know
what kind of person you are?

Or should I tighten the screw...

in your jaw?

No. That's not what I meant.

Take care of it.

Otherwise, I'll prepare
the "Nam Sang Tae Special."

The one you hate.


I don't think this man
came to this motel today.

I see.


I'm sorry. I was in a hurry.
I hope you understand.

Is this road rage or what?

I just...

What an arrogant jerk.

Too bad I'm a police officer.


The Call Center
has been extremely busy.

Tell me about it.
It's thrilling just to watch.

I didn't know working here was so hard.

Oh, my shoulders are so stiff.

-You know what?

I heard Officer Oh's dad owns
the sashimi center building in Burim-dong.

I could tell from his social media
that he's truly enjoying life.

It belongs to his father, not to him.

I didn't say it's his.
Don't get all worked up.

Did you know that, Officer Park?

I saw him invite you to the party
where he's DJing.

Doesn't he discreetly show off
that he's wealthy?

Why don't you ask him
and not make assumptions?

I'm sure he'll tell you if you ask him.
Don't you agree?

You must feel embarrassed.


It's too late,

but have some before you go.

Bok-sun, I shouldn't have done it.

Don't forgive my brother and me.

I hope you can rest in peace now.

I'll live the rest of my life
paying for what I did.

I'm sorry...

and very grateful, Bok-sun.

I'm here to take some things.

I won't take long.




he must be the killer, right?

On paper, he's almost identical
to the man we're after.

Who on earth are you?

Did they send you here?

Hello, 112 Emergency.
How may I help?


Please say something.


CALLER: 010-482-4953

Four, nine, five, three?

Where did I see that?

MOBILE: 010-482-4953

Is that you, Ms. Shim?

Say it.

-Ask for help.

From unit 104 in Cheonsu Villa, right?
Are you there now?




Ms. Kang. I just got a phone call
from Shim Chun-ok.

-She mumbled something and hung up.

-Are you sure she was at Cheonsu Villa?
-Yes, I'm sure.

Why is she...

Do you like sweet rice punch?

I made some because Yeong-un likes it.

I'd like to bring you some
because it's all I can offer.

It's all right.

Right, you're probably
too young to like it.

-I think Nam Sang-tae might be there.

-I'm going there.
-All right. I'll head there now too.

-Let's go to Cheonsu Villa.
-Cheonsu Villa?

-Please take over.
-Yes, Ms. Kang.

Old lady...

have you ever seen anyone get beheaded?

Who are you?

Who are you?

The person bleeds

a tremendous amount.

But, surprisingly,
it stops before you know it...

because the heart that pumps
the blood stops too.

It's sad to see it all end.

Do you actually think...

I'll beg you to let me live?

You maniac!

Don't you have...

the slightest bit of moral qualm?


gave you another chance to live.

Instead of the lousy Shim Chun-ok,
I gave you a chance to be Park Bok-sun.

Not even God can do that.
Why did you throw that chance away?

You should've done everything to grab it!

You madman.

You shouldn't do these things
to other people.

You'll pay for your sins.

You talk as though
there's someone up there.

It's not for you to say.

You're just living
because you were born.

I'm the one who will judge.

You should learn from stray cats.

They don't go around spilling the beans.



He must've pulled out the fuse block.
Use a flashlight.

How does it look?

It's clear.



What is it?

Didn't forensics leave that opened?

Let's go in.

What's that smell?

-What's this?
-What is it?

Open it.

What is this?

What the...


This is Team One.
There's been a murder at Cheonsu Villa.

50 Sulim-dong, Cheonsu Villa.

The victim is Shim Chun-ok.

Send forensics.

-Send them now!
-Yes, sir.

There was a murder at Cheonsu Villa,
unit 104. The address is 50 Sulim-dong.

What? The old lady
from earlier got murdered?

Wasn't she here just a while ago?


Ms. Kang.

Look over there.

You see this, don't you?

It's similar
to the Eunhyeong-dong case.

And this is from Luke 17:29.

"But the day Lot left Sodom,
fire and sulfur rained down from heaven

and destroyed them all."

I think someone
from the Sulim-dong case

killed Shim Chun-ok
for cooperating with the police.

Officer Oh, look for anything
related to Luke 17:29

and for cases in which mirrors
were placed in front of the body.

If Nam Sang-tae did this,

I'm sure he's the Eunhyeong-dong killer.

What was that?

LUKE 17:29

Dae-sik, go that way, all right?

Someone set a timer so the lights
would come back on at 9:15 p.m..

The call was made at 9:10 p.m.
We arrived here at 9:13 p.m.

He estimated the time it would take
for us to arrive and made sure

the lights would go on
by the time we got here.

Mr. Mu.

Shim Chun-ok wasn't murdered just now.

It's been at least 30 minutes.

And the murderer is toying with us.

What are you saying?
Okay. I'll be right there.

Dae-sik, hurry. We have to go back.


What? Are you saying
he didn't leave any footprints?

Yes. We just found
the Golden Time Team officers' footprints.

The killer wiped the place clean.

He's a maniac.

It's obviously grotesque,

but also very creative.

The killer bashed the victim's head
and hung her in the closet.

Look at her mouth.

He probably did this
when she was alive.

He's a total psycho.

-Yes, sir.

Did Jin-hyeok say anything?
He was the first one here.

Not really.

What if he's trying to hide evidence?

I doubt it.

I did hear him

talking to Ms. Kang outside.

Why does Ms. Kang
leave the center so often?

Chief Jang.

Prints on Shim Chun-ok's phone
match Nam Sang-tae's fingeprints.

-What? Are you sure?
-Yes, sir.


They found Nam Sang-tae's fingerprints?

It's me, sir.

They found the fingerprints.

He set a timer in the fuse box
to mess with us?

He's playing games with us.

The call he made to the Call Center
must've been recorded in advance.

I heard Officer Oh's recording.



Her voice sounded muffled
as if her mouth was covered.

It sounded like a recording.

The killer called the Call Center

after he finished everything.

No one can leave the scene
after hanging a dead body on the wall

and get away from the police
in three minutes.

It's impossible.

Plus, there are traces that show
he stabbed the victim multiple times.

He must be a complete lunatic.

Nam Sang-tae must have
antisocial personality disorder.

He's a psychopath.

I'm sure he's the real killer

-of the Eunhyeong-dong case.

It might not be him.
Something feels off.

What do you mean? Are you saying--

Let's return to the station.
I need to check something.

Jin-hyeok! What are you doing here?

Let's go inside.
They found Nam Sang-tae's prints

on Shim Chun-ok's phone.


I need to return to the station
with Ms. Kang.

You should go inside
and look for more evidence.

-What are you doing? Let's go.

Come on.

Jin-hyeok, where are you going?

-Find more evidence.

Find out where Sang-tae is hiding.

And tell Commissioner Bae to come.

All right. Yes, sir.

Why is something off?

Mr. Mu.

I was right.


Look here.


And here.

This is what Nam Sang-tae's
underlings said about him.

Most said Nam Sang-tae ordered them
to hide the dead bodies.

Ms. Kang. Detective work
doesn't just require thinking.

It also requires intuition.

I think the perpetrator
of the Sulim-dong case

is a horrifying monster.

If I'm right,

the Eunhyeong-dong killer
is not Nam Sang-tae.

This guy is a complete lunatic.

He probably already knows us
inside and out.

Ms. Kang, here's what you asked for.

You're Mr. Mu, right? I'm Officer Oh
from the Emergency Call Center.

I only heard your voice.
It's the first time I see you in person.

About Crazy Dog...

I mean, I've heard how
crazy good you are as detective.

-I have a lot of respect for you.
-What is this?

The verse from the Bible.

The killer thinks of himself
as an executioner.

He must think he's like God
who punished the sinful city of Sodom.

That's what crazy guys
typically say online.

I looked into the mirror
placed in front of the dead body.

I think that is how
he selects his next target.

Whoever looks at the mirror
is the next target. Something like that.

Where's your boss? Where is he?

I'll help you meet your wife again.

Don't you want that?

Kill that jerk. Now!

Thank you.

I will work harder to live a better life.

Bok-sun, don't forgive my brother and me.

Are you saying the voice you heard
sounded younger than his?

Yes. The voice that I heard
sounded like someone in their 30s.

Hello, 112 Emergency.
How may I help?


Say it.

Ask for help.



He's playing games with us.

He must be a complete lunatic.

What is this?

I'm sure he's the Eunhyeong-dong killer.