Voice (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

-Come on!
-Bring him out.

Please hear me out!

-There's nothing to hear.
-Hang on a second!

What do you want to say? Say it.

For goodness sake!
Do you think I wanted to do this?

Because of that old hag,
I got fired from work.

What was I supposed to do?

I know landlords have rights,
but I still have

one and a half year
until the contract ends.

She kicked me out
and gave some chump change.

This is the cheapest neighborhood
in Sungun.

I told her I couldn't leave,

and she started harassing me.

All night long,
she was cutting something.

The noises was driving me crazy.

What is that?

Damn it.

For goodness sake!


Quiet down!

Let me have some peace!

What the hell? Are you out of your mind?

I'm not moving out!

Next time...

it'll be boiling water.

Not only that. Every night at 2 a.m.,

she walks around the hallway
like a ghost.

Why do you have to scare me like that?

Would I have done this
if I weren't so desperate?

I'm the one
who you should be sorry for.

That lady has enough money
for the rest of her life,

but she kicks out poor people like me.
She's an evil landlady.

Fine, I get it. Mr. Yun, I get it.

Let's go to the station. We'll talk there.

Take him.

-Stand up.

-Stand up.
-Why do I have to go?

Sir, I drank some booze
and lost control.

-Please have a heart.
-All right.

Ma'am, you need to come with us too.
You need to write a report.

Why should I? I'm not going!

Come on, ma'am.

You just need to write a few words
at the station.

Don't worry. Let's go, ma'am.

Dae-sik, come here for a minute.


Why does someone that collects garbage
smell like bleach?

Smell her.

-Yeah, you're right.

Ms. Kang, there's something suspicious
about Park Bok-sun.

-I need you to check her out.

Officer Oh, did you find anything
on Park Bok-sun?

I already looked her up.

Six months ago,

she made a pledge to donate the villa
to a homeless shelter when she dies.

-Also, all the villas in that area

were sold to one company
except hers.

-What company was that?
-It says Good Friends.


There's something strange.

Yun Pil-bae said she was harassing him
and trying to kick him out,

but the villa should be donated
to a shelter after she dies.

On top of that, she's not very articulate,
but she still speaks clearly

compared to other people with dementia.
And I'm suspicious about one more thing.

It says Park Bok-sun had surgery
for thyroid cancer.

However, she sounded very healthy.

-All right.
-Come on, let's go.

-Sir, please.
-Come on.

-Let's go.
-No, I can't.

I'm not going.


I can't. I can't go.

Stop doing that.

-What's wrong?
-There... There...

I saw some eyes in there!

He's putting on another act.

Mr. Yun, if you keep doing this,
you'll get additional charges.

I'm not lying!
Someone was staring at me!

-What's in there?
-Stand up.

-He's just putting on a show.

Hold on.

Stop it! Don't!

What the heck?

This is Team One at Cheonsu Villa.

We found a dead person inside a closet
that resembles Park Bok-sun.

-Send forensics now.

She looks like Park Bok-sun?

Yes. She looks like
she's in her early 60s.

She's about five feet tall,
and there's a fracture on her skull.

It looks like she was beaten to death.

Hey, who is this?

And why does she look like you?

I don't know!

-I don't know anything!

It says Park Bok-sun
had surgery for thyroid cancer.

What is this?

Gwon-ju, you said Park Bok-sun
had surgery for thyroid cancer, right?

Right. Her medical record
says she had it a year ago. 

You're not Park Bok-sun... are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?


-Keep her here.
-Yes, sir.

Doesn't this

match the wound on her skull?

But she's too short
to have left a dent like that.

These are defense wounds.


Did you see that guy?

Wasn't he the man from unit 205?

-Unit 205?
-Unit 205?

Oh, him?

-He moved out ages ago.

Someone was sneaking around here.

I'll go after him. Check unit 205.
He rented unit 205.

Okay. Officer Oh,

-see who rented unit 205.


Put handcuffs on her.

-Yes, sir.

Hold on.

Take me with you! Take me!

Her name is Shim Chun-ok. She's 59.

She lived with her brother Shim Yeong-un.
He's 40.

It looks like Shim Yeong-un
has a record for assault.

She's almost the same age
as Park Bok-sun.

And her brother has a criminal record?

Officer Oh,
find a picture of Shim Chun-ok.

Yes, ma'am.


I sent it to you.

Jin-hyeok! Hey!


The tenant in unit 205 was Shim Chun-ok.
She's a year younger than Park Bok-sun.

She lived there with her brother.

She's probably pretending
to be Park Bok-sun.

She has a unique characteristic:
a keloid scar on her left collarbone.

The fugitive should be Shim Yeong-un.

I'll send you pictures.

Hold on!

Why does he keep going uphill?

Where did he go?

-Where is he?

-Over there.

What is it?

We can see you. Come here.

Just come here.

I'm not Shim Yeong-un. I'm not.

Don't come near me. Don't!


Shim Yeong-un
has level three mental disability.

He also has impulse control disorder.

Last month, on the fifth,

Shim Chun-ok received 20 million won
from someone.

Yeong-un, where is your sister?

She's the woman on the first floor, right?

Right? We already know.

And how did you cut your hand?
Put that down.

Yeong-un doesn't know anything.
My sister told me not to say anything.

-Go away!
-We're not bad guys.

-Put that down, it's dangerous.
-Wait, Jin-hyeok. Yeong-un,

calm down and put that down.

-Hurry, follow him. Go!

You always make me go.

Shim Yeong-un, stop right there!

Nice catch.

Shim Yeong-un, you're under arrest

for killing Park Bok-sun
and abandoning the body.

You have the right to an attorney,
and anything you say

-may be used in a court of law.
-Help me, Chun-ok!

Shim Yeong-un has been captured.



Help me, Chun-ok!

Hold on. I did nothing wrong.
I'm innocent.

Tell them you're guilty!
That old lady is a murderer!

She killed someone!

Get out of the way.

-Detective Baek.



Who would've thought
that bum would stick around?

Sorry, sir. I'll take care of him.
I'm working on it.

Start the construction
before they find out more.

Yes, sir.

Another case solved.


I know. Men look hot
when they're working, right?

I totally understand.

You're not the least bit modest,
are you?

That's my charm.

I'm DJing at a club this weekend.
Do you want to come?

No one knows.

I'm just telling you.

You must have a lot of free time.

Stress management
is a vital part of our job.

If I'm stressed,
I can make a mistake on a call, right?

So I have a hobby
to keep my stress level down.

It's a virtuous circle for my health.

Anyway, I expect to see you there.
Great. That's good.

What's wrong with him?
He's so forward.


What I'm saying is, you took the lamp

and hit Ms. Park Bok-sun
on the head. Am I right?

Then you hit her like this, right?

I don't know.

Yeong-un doesn't know anything.

Don't yell at me.

Don't yell.

Why did you run away?

You're trying to get the villa. That's why
your sister changed her appearance.

Don't yell at me!

Send me home.

If you bother my sister, I'll kill you!

I'll punch you in the face!

Gosh, Yeong-un, you're so strong.

You hit the old lady, right?

Your sister couldn't grab the lamp,
she's too short.

You killed the old lady
and put her in the closet, right?

My head hurts.

Then why did your sister
get 20 million won?

Who would give her money
for nothing?

I heard you bought the villa.

You teamed up
with the real estate company.

For how much were you going to sell it?

Hey! Stop him!

Hurry, calm him down!

They lived in unit 205
for about two years.

Shim Chun-ok sells coffee and things
at the market. You get it, right?

Her brother was born mentally disabled
and has an impulse disorder.

His divorced sister took care of him,
but he was always causing trouble.

People say that Park Bok-sun
scolded Shim Yeong-un a lot

and that's why this happened.

Properties have been selling
like hotcakes there.

Park Bok-sun's property jumped up
in price. They got greedy.

She changed her face
to look like Park Bok-sun,

then kicked all the tenants out.

This all happened
thanks to Yun Pil-bae's report.

Be quiet!

Did you see who bought the properties
in the neighborhood?

Yes. A company called Good Friends.

They managed bus and truck drivers.

They started in real estate
in Sulim-dong.

They had good ratings.

There seems to be
nothing suspicious about them.

Is that so?

Wait. Can we talk for a moment?


Keep an eye on him.

What is it?

I think there's more to this story.

When Detective Park mentioned
the real estate company,

Shim Yeong-un got very upset.

Fear makes the air friction change
in a person's voice.

I sensed strong friction in his voice.

Are you saying the real estate company
threatened Yeong-un?

It's hard to say, but I think
they made some kind of threat.

Good Friends and GP Development,
I think they have connections with gangs.

Ever since those men came here,
strange things keep happening.

Right. I remember there was one time
when a group of men came here.

Wait. The company names are different.

Isn't it unlikely that they're related?

Anyway, we'll start looking
into GP Development today.

Don't worry, okay?

One moment.

Why is he calling me?

Yes, it's me.

Hey, I'm in front of the station.

I have big news for you.
Hurry, come out here.

What is it? Just cut to the chase.

You asked me to look
into GP Development, right?

I found someone who worked there and quit.

Are you serious? Okay, I'm coming out.

If you try to make a deal,
I'll turn you into a zombie.

Got it?

It's a guy I call Tabloid.
He's the one who told me about Fantasia.

He's got more information.

-I'll find out.

He's a punk with blond hair.
He can get any information you need.

-I'll come along.
-What about the Call Center?

If I find out anything,
I'll tell you right away.


Something about Shim Yeong-un
is bothering me.

Before we arrested him,
he broke a bottle on his head.

He held the bottle with his right hand,
but it was strange.

His hand was shaking.

It looked like
he couldn't clench his fingers.

I'll look into it.

Be careful.

They must know that we're onto them.

All right.

I'll be back.

Tabloid found someone
who worked at GP Development?


Are you sure?

When I see him, I'll know if he's lying.

What did Ms. Kang say?

We didn't talk in detail,

but she thinks the development company
looks suspicious.

Good Friends?

They have different names.

I'll go with you.
Tabloid is not trustworthy.

Stay. We don't know
when another call will come in.

I'll call if anything happens, okay?

You teamed up with the real estate company.
For how much were you going to sell it?

Something about Shim Yeong-un
is bothering me.

His hand was shaking.

It looked like
he couldn't clench his fingers.

Officers Oh and Park,

see if Shim Yeong-un
has problems with his right hand.

All data on Shim Yeong-un
was sent to the Violent Crimes Unit.

There's something strange.
Look into it.

Yes, ma'am.

Hey, Jin-hyeok.

-Hey, where is he?
-He'll meet us in Donhwa-dong.


The company won't give out any names.
I went on a job site

and looked for people who worked there.

I actually did find a guy.

You know what I can do
with my magic touch...

Fool! Stop blabbering.

Get to the point.

I heard it's a small
waste management company.

-He said

the owner of the company
walks in a very unusual way.

And most importantly,
his jaw cracks when he talks.

Are you sure?
His jaw really cracks?

Yes. That's what the guy told me.

-Let's go.

What is this?


That must be it.

Ms. Kang, here.

I looked through
Shim Yeong-un's medical records.

He had an avulsion fracture.

He got in a fight about two months ago.

He went to an orthopedic clinic
with Shim Chun-ok.

Avulsion fractures aren't too serious,

but it takes about six months
for the ligaments to heal.

Didn't you say Park Bok-sun died
from fractures on her face and skull

caused by a right-handed person?

Unless she died over two months ago,
I don't think he could have shattered

her skull like that with his right hand.

I did some more digging.

I found this.
There's definitely something.

Hey, my puppy.
Daddy is working hard

-to come see you soon.
-You're lying.

You're leaving the station now, right?

Oh, how did you know?

I installed a tracking app on your phone.

I can see where you are all the time,
so don't lie to me.

Dong-u, I see you're a great detective.
You sure take after me.

I'm not going to have fun.

I'm on my way to catch a killer.


People from the welfare center
are doing a puppet show today.

Will you miss it again?


I won't be able to make it today.

But I promise

I'll hold your hand and watch it with you
the next time they perform, okay?

I'll go ahead and seal my promise.

Don't look at me, fool.

All right.

It's sealed.
Get a good night sleep, okay?


I forgot you had a kid.

You said he's sick.


You see the road, right?

-Shut your mouth and just drive.


I'm telling you. I don't know.

I told you I did everything alone.

Ms. Shim,

saying you did everything alone
won't solve anything.

Someone is behind this, but Mr. Shim
didn't tell us who. He's scared.

You must tell us the truth.

I told you it was all me.

Yeong-un didn't do anything wrong.

He's innocent.

-Ms. Shim.
-I have nothing else to say.


please lock me up now!

Please stop.

You know Mr. Shim can't clench his fingers
because of a fracture he had.

Neither you nor Mr. Shim
killed Park Bok-sun.

Someone else did.

Oh, Shim Yeong-un.
That moron is so tight-lipped.

What's going?

Jung-gi, look.
Ms. Kang might score something.

-What's she doing?
-Just watch.

Mr. Shim got all worked up when they asked
about the real estate company.

He seemed terrified,
and you're reacting the same way.

It was all my doing.

My goodness.

Do you know how horrible
that family has been to me?

Even if you do exactly as they say
and go to jail,

Mr. Shim won't be safe.

You must...

trust the police.

Did you find anything?

Goodness gracious.

She barged into our interrogation room?
Does she want a desk in our office?

-Well, actually--
-I don't want to hear it.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Shim became aggressive
during the interrogation.

Is it the real estate company?

I said I have nothing more to say.

I did everything. It was all my doing.

The victim, Park Bok-sun,

was found with her eyes open.

-She must've been so scared.
-Look, Detective.

Do you know how many times
I've seen the police

abuse their authority and power?

No one helps people like us.

If I keep my mouth shut,

everything will be fine.

Ms. Shim, please stop fooling yourself.

You must resent seeing yourself like this.

You collect garbage

and put bleach on yourself
to mask the smell of a dead body.

You do that to lessen your guilt.

No! That is not true!


Stop talking like you know!

You don't have a clue!

Get me out of here.

Detectives, just arrest me!

Park Bok-sun...

was going to give you
part of what she wished to donate

to the welfare center after she died.


This is her pledge.

She sent it to the center
a few months before she died.

She wrote...

that you work very hard,

and she wanted to help you.

Help us shed light...

on her wrongful death.

Tell us the truth
about what happened that day.

Only you...

can tell us the truth.


if I tell you the truth...

will you...

protect Yeong-un and me?

I was...

I was so scared...

of those punks.

Park Bok-sun...

she looked...

like the stern and quiet type...

but she was very kind.
That's why all the tenants...

liked her very much.


Hey, spit that out.

Spit it out. Come on!

I'll buy you candy. Spit it out.

Come on, open up.

Good. You can't eat that.

Spit it all out. I'll buy you candy.


Don't eat this stuff.

You don't make kimchi at home?

-How's your mom? Is she still ill?

Gosh. Get going.

-Thank you.
-Give me that.

Hey! Come here!

-Why is she standing there?

-Thank you so much.
-You're welcome. Enjoy.

-I will.

Why didn't you ask me for some?

-Was I supposed to guess?
-Gosh, no.

-Just ask me next time.

-Give him some. Wait, take more.

-Thanks so much.
-Give him some.

-Thanks a lot!

Ms. Shim, I'd love some too.

All right. How's your husband?
Did he find a job?

You know how it is.

-That punk.
-Thank you.

-Tell him to work!
-Take care.

One day, I heard

there were some bad people
buying all the villas in the area.

They were buying them
at unreasonably cheap prices.


she had already decided
to donate the building to the shelter.

She said she'd never sell the villa.

One day...

Yeong-un came to see me
with his hands...

soaked in blood.

He was shivering.

Did you get in trouble again?

What happened?

I'm in big trouble.

What should I do?

I wondered what happened,
so I followed him.

Even though Yeong-un is not very smart,
he's really strong.

Some people use him because of that.

Hurry up.


What on earth is that?

The old lady,,,

kept saying she didn't want to sell.

Did you...

How could you do that? How could you?

My goodness!


According to what they said,

they were talking to Bok-sun
about Cheonsu Villa.

They said Yeong-un was there too

and he beat her to death with the lamp.

Old lady...

do as we say.

They also said their company
was losing a lot of money.

If I didn't help them out,

they would kill us as well.
They said that.

I was very scared
and did what they told me to.

But ever since then,
my life has been a nightmare.

I wanted to tell somebody the truth,

but I was worried those evil men
might kill Yeong-un.

Are they from a real estate company
called Good Friends?

I don't know.

I was very scared.

I couldn't even look at their faces.

You must think hard.

Do you remember anything at all?

I don't.

I smelled spice.

Some kind of strong spice.

Tell me something.

Please try and remember.

I do remember one thing.

Those men went to my place last night.

Last night?


-Come on.


I told you to take care of the bum
from unit 204.

-What's the hold up?
-Please give me more time.

I think he'll move out very soon.

You know your brother's heart,
lung, and liver are very useful, right?

Yes, I do.

I know that.

We paid quite a lot
to get you a new face.

-You should pay us back, right?
-Yes, I'm...

I'm really sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

Please give me one more chance.

Right then...

I saw a man in the van

who was also begging for his life.

Then a man walked out of the van,

and I was able to hear
what was going on inside the vehicle.

A man?


What were they saying?

They were saying....

It was something about a tabloid.

They said they should
take out a detective.



Are you sure it's here? This looks like
a place for a secret meeting.

We're almost there.

I heard the office
is around here somewhere.

The economy is bad. It's hard to get
an office even in this area.

Hey, Tabloid. If you're lying,
I'm going to smash your head.

Come on, don't say that.

Please trust me.

Fine. Call them.

All right. They should be waiting here.

-They're not answering. Oh, goodness.

-I'll go get them. Wait here.
-Hurry up.

How annoying.

What did you just say?

-It's a guy I call Tabloid.

He's the one who told me about Fantasia.

He's got more information.

He's a punk with blond hair.
He can get any information you need.

When you said "tabloid",
did you mean a journalist?

He was sitting in the van.

His hair was dyed blond.

I'm just an informant.

Did you hear anything else?

-Do you know which detective they were--
-I have no idea.

They talked about a dog all of a sudden.

Something about a crazy dog.

What's that?

"A crazy dog"?

They said they should kill
the crazy dog before it bites.

-Hey, Ms. Kang. Hold on a second.
-Mr. Mu.

Mr. Mu, are you there?

Mr. Mu, are you all right? Please answer--

Mr. Mu.

-You scumbag.
-Take this.

Get him.

Keep going.

Let Slicer take over.

Officer Oh, track Mr. Mu's phone.

Yes, ma'am.

It's not working. Either it's broken,
or the SIM card was removed.

Officer Park,

-examine the data on Good Friends again.


What's wrong?
Is Jin-hyeok in trouble again?

Maybe. Do you think he's in danger?

Ms. Kang.

Did something happened to Jin-hyeok?

-I think he's in trouble.
-What kind of trouble?

Answer me.

We've lost contact with Mr. Mu.

Track Mr. Mu's last phone location.

Yes, ma'am.

Before his phone went dead
he was in Donhwa-dong.

This is the Call Center.
Mr. Mu went missing in Donhwa-dong.

He was meeting an informant.

This is Team Two. Mr. Mu has gone missing?

Yes. I heard a loud crash,
then his phone went dead.

He was with a guy named Tabloid.
Can you contact him?

No, he only spoke with Jin-hyeok.
I don't know have his number.


Wait a minute, then go.
The police must be on their way.


-Did you check the cameras in the area?
-I'm on it.

-Mr. Mu's phone turned on again.
-Can you locate it?

He's heading towards Burim 3-ro.

Do you think he's driving?

I heard a crash over the phone.

Mr. Mu's phone was turned on,
but he's not answering.

He's going to Burim 3-ro.
Head there now.

This is Team Two. On my way.

Dae-sik, wait.

-Where's Jin-hyeok?
-He went to meet an informant.

Something went wrong.

Where is he? Hey!

Who does he think I am?


-Any changes?
-He's om the main street of Burim-dong.

The vehicle that Mr. Mu is supposedly in
is in Burim-dong.

-The Burim Patrol Division is on the way.

Burim Patrol Division. This is Team Two.

I'm entering Burim-dong.

An officer is in danger.
I need your help.

Yes, sir. We're on our way.

Ms. Kang, there's something strange.

Maybe it's a motorcycle, not a car.
Look, it changes directions with ease.

It passed through a park recklessly
and it entered this narrow alley.

A normal car couldn't do that.


Detective Shim,

I think someone has Mr. Mu's phone.

-They're on a motorcycle.
-A motorcycle?

Hands up!

Damn it.

Stop! Stop right there!

The motorcycle driver
is a Southeast Asian.

I think Mr. Mu in really in danger.


Who are you? Who do you work for?

It's Mr. Mu's phone.

We've been set up.


I think something really happened
to Mr. Mu.

Jin-hyeok, I'm sorry.

I had no choice.


I forgot.

I forgot that if I treat you
like a decent human being...

you would totally

screw me over.

I honestly forgot.


I can leave now, right?

Have a nice day.

Have a nice day.

Have a nice day.

Where do you think you're going?
You ruined my business.

Excuse me?

This wasn't the deal.

If I lead him to you,

you said I could go.

You punk!

Sit up.

Get him up.

You idiot.

It must be him.

He found out we were tracking him
and took action.

I heard a loud crash over the phone.

I also heard footsteps
and someone being attacked.

One more thing.
There was a pounding sound.

I'd like to introduce

-today's guest, 3040.
-What was it?

Your idol group is making a comeback.

Come visit us at Mamma Mia.

A nightclub?

Officer Oh? See if there's a club
called Mamma Mia in Donhwa-dong.

Yes, ma'am.

Found it. It's 104 Donhwa-dong.

Mr. Mu's phone was turned off
at 3:45 p.m., correct?

Check the cars that entered the alley
behind the club at that time.

Yes, ma'am.

You said you heard a crash
when you were on the phone.

But no one is in the car
nor is a car moving out of the way.

Detective Shim, he lured us in
after getting wind of our plan.

Based on the car's condition,
Mr. Mu must be severely injured.

Start searching the area near Mamma Mia
in Donhwa-dong. Please hurry.

Damn it.

-We must catch him.
-Yes, sir.

Jin-hyeok is in big trouble.
What should we do?

They hired foreigners.
They must be dangerous.

Gosh, he's causing trouble again.

Tell Ms. Kang
that Violent Crimes Unit One will help.

-Gear up.
-Yes, sir.

Get ready to move!

You're a total wreck.

That's a shame.

Even your eyes are in bad shape.

Can you see me?

The Eunhyeong-dong killer...

I heard you're searching for him.

Did you catch him?

Was it you?

That cracking sound.

Was it you...

who killed my wife?

Yes, I killed your wife.

Why did you do it? Tell me.


Your dead wife won't come back to life
no matter what you do.

You'll just make things worse for you.

Listen to me carefully.




Now run.

I'll show you...

why I'm called...

the Crazy Dog.

Is your wife the only one who is dead?
Are you the only cop in Korea?

Don't be so hot-headed.

Even if you get killed
in the heart of Sungun,

several officers from your station
will cover it up.

That's how worthless you are.

-Finish him off. Do it right.
-Yes, sir.


-Mr. Mu!
-You're nothing but a little puppy.

Why do you pretend to be a tiger?

It's happening again.

-We know that you had no choice.
-I will try to live a better life.

Do you like sweet rice punch?

It’s too late,
but have some before you go.

-How does it look?
-It’s clear.

-Send forensics. Now!