Voice (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

Say that again.

You must be stressed.

I can hear your heart pounding.

How did you know what he said?
Tell me.

It hurts.
I'll tell you if you let go of me.

It was snowing that night.

It was the perfect weather

for shooting videos in secrecy.

But in an alley of Eunhyeong-dong,

I saw a man in a fancy suit

beating up an old police officer.

He was hitting him with an outrageous

iron ball.

Are you sure... it was an iron ball?

With every swing,

the man's head got smashed into pieces.

I know I'm crazy,
but that guy is crazier than me.

Do you remember...

his face?

Of course.

I remember it clearly.

I saw him with my own eyes.

Tell me what he looks like.

What are you doing?

You can't assault him.

I just need a minute.

It's important.

What are you waiting for?
Take him.

-All right, enough.
-Get in.

-Chief Jang!
-Go on.

Come on.

Let go of me.


What are you looking at?
Go back to work!

Kwang Gwon-ju, pull yourself together.
Why are you so flustered?

We haven't found the inside accomplice.

What if Hwang Gyeong-il

is trying to bargain with you
to reduce his charges? What then?

People are watching you.

I'm sure Hwang Gyeong-il
was at the scene of the crime.

I'm sure of it.

Everyone who saw the news

knows it was snowing
the night your father died.

Don't believe what he says.

Hwang Gyeong-il...

knows the last words my father said.

Only I know that.

-What do you mean?
-Only my father...

the killer,

the witness, and I...

heard my father's last words.

You're saying Hwang Gyeong-il
told Ms. Kang

that he saw the Eunhyeong-dong killer?


She's gone completely mad.

Now I understand
why she gets along with Jin-hyeok.

They are both crazy.

Chief Jang,
wasn't Ko Dong-cheol the killer?

He was.


Something unexpected happened.

You don't have to worry.

I can take care of everything.

Is everything okay?
You didn't have to hang up.

Where are they?

Over there.

The factory made
perfect immigration documents.

The fresh ones are here.

It stinks. Ventilate the place.

I'm sorry, sir.

The ones I picked earlier, come out.

Hurry up!

This is the Korean boss.
Pay your respect.

It's better this time.

-Who's this?
-This is Lethwei.

He does Burmese martial arts.
He came here as an assassin.

I picked him out for you.
I did the best I could.

Put these two in the car.




You must've been so scared.

Yes, I was really scared.

I'm sorry, Grandma.

It's okay. You're back.
That's all that matters.

I'm sorry.

I'm your sister and I had no idea.

No, I'm sorry.
I didn't know he was like that.

There are always

hardships in our lives.

Just be more careful,
so it won't happen again. Okay?

Oh, my babies.

Eun-su, I'm thirsty.

-It's all right.

-I'll get you some water.

By the way...

it was really strange.

When I was locked up
in the trunk of the car,

I couldn't breathe.

I thought I was going to die.

But when I heard the officer's voice
over the phone...

Stay strong and hang tight.

...I could suddenly breathe again.

I didn't know it could be
that comforting to know

someone was listening
over the phone.

The Golden Time Team

gets to the scene before anyone else.

It's not just a call center
nor a customer service team.

I didn't know it could be
that comforting to know

someone was listening
over the phone.

Be patient. At the station,

we will have plenty of time
to question him.

During the three years I was in the US,

I listened to thousands
of Emergency Call recordings

over and over again.

If he committed more murders,

maybe his voice could be heard
in other recordings.

One day, I miraculously heard

Ko Dong-cheol's voice.
But he's dead now.

Now, Hwang Gyeong-il is the only witness.

We need his testimony

at all costs.

They are following us closely.

What did he say to her?

It's none of your business. Just drive.


What is it?

Didn't you fill-up the tank yesterday?

-Did you lie again?
-No. I did.

How can you go to a crime scene
without a tank full?

There's a gas station over there.
Let's stop, or we'll run out of gas soon.

-What's wrong with you?
-I have a stomach ache.

Oh, boy. Seriously?

-Stop at the gas station.
-Stop here.

We have an event today.
If you come here, we have gifts.

We're out of gas.
Don't worry. We'll get going soon.

Hwang Gyeong-il?

He went to the bathroom with Detective Ku.

He has a stomach ache.

Are you sure
he's not pulling your leg?

Don't worry, sir.

He was caught red-handed
and confessed.

Well, bring him in then.

The reporters want to know
about the suspect

the Cyber Department
couldn't track down.

We'll be there soon.

-I'll give you five minutes.

What is it?



We'll be here for a while.
Go on without us.

Getting gas is something basic.
How did you forget?

Detective Ku said he filled the tank.

We think it's strange too.

With you on our tail,
it feels like we're the bad guys.

Stop talking
and go guard the bathroom.

-Detective Ku is--
-Enough. Stop it.

Ms. Kang, I learned a lot today.

If you give me another chance,
I want to be part of the Golden Time Team.

What's wrong?

-Mr. Mu, I need to go to the restroom.

What was that noise?

I don't have time to eat.

I'm busy.

All right.


All right.

I don't know. Bye.

What's taking her so long?

It's leaking.

Detective Ku said he filled the tank.
We think it's strange too.

Mr. Mu, there's someone
in the bathroom.

Someone other than Hwang Gyeong-il.
He's in danger.

Open the door! 

What are you doing?

There's someone in there. I don't have
time to explain. Open the door.

What is it?

Hwang Gyeong-il!

Open the door! Hey!

Open the door!

What is this? Did he run away?


What the...

Detective Ku, get a blanket. Hurry!

Get water!

Call it in!

Chief Jang,
Hwang Gyeong-il set himself on fire.

What do you mean?

I think he tried to commit suicide.




Please, what did you say?

Say it again. One last time.

No, you can't die.

Wake up. I couldn't hear you.


He's dead.

I couldn't hear you.

Wake up.

What a lunatic.

Where are you?

I think Hwang Gyeong-il is dead.




LUKE 17:29



That's nonsense?

You're overstepping your authority
by still being here. Homicide?

That lunatic burned himself to death.

I've told you already.
Someone followed us here.

They saw us stop at the gas station,
sneaked in the restroom,

and waited for the right time.
As soon as Hwang Gyeong-il went in,

the killer set him on fire
and ran out the window.

Ms. Kang,

you must be saying this

because you heard
Hwang Gyeong-il's nonsense earlier.

We found traces of chemicals
in his pocket.

Forensics says all the evidence
shows this was likely a suicide.

We'll get in trouble
for not keeping an eye on him.

Are you trying to make things worse?

Making a homicide look like suicide
is not that hard. You know that.

You watch too many movies.

-Tell her what you heard.

He posted a video on his site saying
he'd kill himself if he ever got arrested.

We made contact
with a relative of his father.

They're taking the body,
but don't want any further investigation.

They think he probably killed himself.

You're a cop.

How can you believe
what a crazy guy says?

If you put it like that, do you know
who looks the very suspicious?

You, Ms. Kang.

What I say is not as important
as what you say.

I'll ask for an investigation
and an autopsy.

And I am going to find out

what happened here today.

What did you say?
How dare you go against me?

-Calm down.
-Take it easy.

Let's go. Come with me.

Why is she always causing trouble?

Let's go, Chief Jang.

You don't believe me either?
I'm sure there was someone inside.

After hearing that Hwang Gyeong-il
witnessed the Eunhyeong-dong murder,

someone followed him here to kill him.
Why don't you believe me?

I don't doubt your words
nor your hearing.

But we don't have enough evidence.

All the evidence and circumstances
tell us that he killed himself.

I checked the back of the building
like you asked.

I didn't find anything.

The man who was in there

made cracking sounds
while Hwang Gyeong-il was on fire.

Just like the killer did...
when he killed your wife and my father.

Are you sure?

Did you really hear the cracking sound
from inside the bathroom?


Before Ko Dong-cheol died,
the man who met him at Fantasia

made cracking sounds
when he spoke. And on January 14,

the day before Ko Dong-cheol
was found dead,

the waiter who served him said

he didn't look like someone
who'd kill himself.

He was excited,
saying he was going to get rich soon.

-Let's have one more bottle.
-All right.

Give me your credit card.
I'll pay for it.

Where is it?

You lunatic. Hey!

Come here! He's crazy!

Give it back.

I'm going to get my hands
on a fortune soon!

Don't you know who I am?

Once I get rich,

I'll pay for all the drinks!

I'll come here every day
and spend a lot of money!


Oh, there he is.

After he got a call,

he got excited
and walked out of there.

It was dark,
so the waiter couldn't see very well,

but the man
wasn't a regular customer.

Ko Dong-cheol showed up and asked
for money after taking the blame.

After giving Ko Dong-cheol
the royal treatment at Fantasia,

he beat Ko Dong-cheol to death
and pushed him off the bridge.

He also burned Hwang Gyeong-il

because he was a witness.

And today,

I became more certain that someone
from the inside... is an accomplice.

Handcuff keys were on the bathroom floor.
They ran out of gas at the right time.

All this happened in the car
of Violent Crimes Unit One.

You can't deny it.

Are you suspecting

Chief Jang, Gwang-su, and Jung-gi?


These are chisel marks.



Chief Jang, the family
arrived at the hospital.

-Let's wrap it up.

Wrap it up!

I know you don't want
to suspect your colleagues.

But now, we have to find proof
that Hwang Gyeong-il was murdered.

The murderer thinks he's a hot shot.

He must think of himself
as an executioner.

So he was in a hurry.
He had to kill Hwang Gyeong-il

while he was being transferred
and burned him to death.

You rarely find any evidence
in burning murder cases.

If there is any,
I'm sure it must be out there.

We need to find it.

But without
the inside accomplice's knowledge.

Dae-sik, I'm at 650 Hongchang-dong.

Any place near the gas station
or shops will do.

Check them out and get back to me.

Tell him the body will be
handed over to the family.


Why are you asking that?

The Violent Crimes Unit
is wrapping up now.

Why are you alone?

Hurry, you brat!

He always shouts.

I searched the area,
but I didn't find any business

except one across the street.

Jin-hyeok, tell me what's going on.

Right, about Chief Jang.

Check what he's doing
and who he's meeting today.

Tell me everything he does, okay?

Jin-hyeok, what--

He's driving me crazy.

Why is he telling me
to monitor Chief Jang?

Let's stay focused.

-Yes, sir.
-Okay, sir.

How can there be nothing here?
Did he vanish into thin air?

What do we do now?

There's no case that can't be solved.

After all, he's human.
He must have left traces somewhere.

He must've looked for a secluded place.

Ms. Kang, do you have any idea

what Hwang Gyeong-il said before he died?

Say it again. One last time.

-I think the first letter was J.

His airway was severely damaged.
He couldn't say the rest.

That's all I heard.

-I'm sorry.
-You don't have to be sorry.

Let's head over to the scene.

Mr. Mu, do you think
there are any more cameras?

No. There's one
about 300 feet from here.

If only there were a camera
right there...

Ms. Kang.

Come here.

See the reflection here?

If the killer ran away

through the window,
there must've been a reflection of him.

There was a fire too.
It would've been quite clear.

The flames could've been
a reflective light.

He might've been filmed
by a black box somewhere.

You're right.

If that's the case...

this isn't the right spot.

This is. Look.

Look. It's here.

We got you, asshole.

How could you let
the suspect kill himself?

There were five officers there.

I'm sorry, sir.

I was about to do a press conference.
This is beyond embarrassing!

I heard Hwang Gyeong-il
also burned his mom to death.

We'll say he was mentally unstable.

Make sure no one thinks
it was our mistake. Okay?

Yes, sir.

His family wants to get him cremated.
We'll take care of it as soon as possible.

Also, I heard that Ms. Kang
insists someone killed him

because of the Eunhyeong-dong case.

Yes. I have no idea why those two
keep acting up. It's killing me.

I'll talk to them
and tell them to watch what they say.

Make sure they don't say a word
about this anymore.

-Yes, sir.

I took care of things on my end.

Now go talk to his family.

You'll keep your word
about the video, right?

I've done everything I can.

Now, stop calling me.

All right, everyone. Good job today.

The outcome wasn't what we expected,
but we did our best.

Ms. Kang is still at the scene

and won't come back today.
You may go.

-Okay. Thank you.
-Thank you.

Ms. Kang will be okay, right?

She must've had a rough day.

Don't worry.
Thanks for your hard work.

-Thank you.
-Go on.

Okay. I'm leaving.

-Bye, everyone.
-Good job.

-Good job today.
-Thank you. Bye.


He walks in a very unusual way.

He must have calcaneus gait.
He walks on his heel.

I've seen a guy who walks like that.
His Achilles tendon was injured

when he cut his ankle.

This is enough evidence
that Hwang Gyeong-il was killed.

What now?
Let's take this to Commissioner Bae--

We can't. Chief Jang
could be colluding with them.

We can't trust anyone.

If he says this guy has nothing
to do with the Eunhyeong-dong case

and Hwang Gyeong-il was killed
by someone who was holding a grudge,

he will definitely close the case.

What should we do?

-Let's go to Fantasia.
-But the waiter didn't see him.

The manager handles
the reservations.

She should be able
to tell us something. If not...

we'll force her to give us some clues.
Let's go.

The manager at Fantasia?

That's right.

I need to track one of their customers.

Okay, I'll help you find him.

I can definitely do that for you.

Here. Her name is Jang Gyu-a.

She was quite popular in Akasaka.

I heard some rich guy paid a lot
to bring her to Sungun.

She turned Fantasia into a huge,
glitzy establishment in just three years.

She must be very competent.

But they manage everything
very strictly.

They have tight security
and a legal team.

It's not just a bar. It's a corporation.

Procuring Korean and foreign prostitutes
is their main source of income.

Everyone involved
is under tight security.

Also, they have a special room
just for the VIPs.

I heard that all the rich people
in the city go there.

Oh, and there was a rumor
going around for a while.

Manager Jang had an affair
with Sungun Remicon's chairman

a few years ago and had a son.

But I heard the boy
isn't the chairman's son.

The father is a guy she's been with
since she lived in Akasaka.

-How's business?

It's busy today.

-Two cops? All right.

-This is it, right?
-You can't come in.

-Excuse me for a minute.
-You see this, right?

I'm not here to cause a scene.

I just want to talk, that's all.

I came to talk.

Oh, I came here with good intentions.

I just want to talk.
Why are you blocking me?

I have no business with you.

Where's the manager?
I want to talk to her.

Oh, my head is spinning.
I'm about to lose it.

Brace yourselves.

You can't do that here.

If our members see this,
things will get complicated.

He must be from the legal team.
I'm here for a reason.

This is obstruction of justice.
Are your members dressed in gold?

-Are they?
-I heard you're from the Sungun Police.


Why do you need to talk to me?

We're talking here?

I'm Mu Jin-hyeok,
leader of the Golden Time Team.

A man made a reservation on January 14
for Ko Dong-cheol. I need his name.

His jaw cracks when he speaks.

He's about 5,6 feet tall.

He likely got his Achilles tendon injured
and walks in an unusual way.

I'm not sure.

We have so many customers.

I can tell you know how to keep a secret.

Your customers must love that.

But if you keep lying to my face,

I won't have a good impression of you.

If you cooperate,
your business won't be affected.

We just want to know

who this man is. That's all.

I can't help you.
I'm busy with VIP customers today.

Have a drink before you go.


We know your boy isn't Chairman Jo's son.

We can prove it.

I guess the two of you can sort it out,

but your son doesn't know.
Should we tell the media?

If he finds out his dad isn't Chairman Jo

and he's the son
of your lover from Akasaka,

he won't be pleased.

Give us some privacy.

Pretty lady, you're getting on my nerves.

Aren't you afraid of ruining your life?

You're still young.

We're doing an investigation.

You're the one who isn't cooperating.

You have no idea
what kind of customers I have.

How dare you threaten me?

I don't have to lift a finger
to crush you.

If you don't want any trouble,
just have a drink and leave

before I get angry.


This goes to prove we should never talk
to pretty women who have no brains.

-Manager Jang...

look at this.

This is a member of your establishment

whom you're trying to protect.

He beats people to death.

He's even burned someone.
If you continue protecting him,

more people will die because of him.

Look, come on. Don't look away.

Open your eyes and take a good look.

Can you see?

I'm willing to go to the end of the earth
to catch this bastard.

I'll catch him and chew him up.
I'll spit him out and chew him up again.

I'll cuff him before he dies.
You better give us information

about the bastard
who killed Ko Dong-cheol.

If you don't, I'll arrest you
for helping a killer.

When you get out,

I'll dig up dirt on every corrupt
and illegal activity

that has been done here,

so I can keep putting you behind bars

for the rest of your life.

You'll celebrate
your 60th birthday in jail.

Then, the son you love so dearly

will have to pay you a visit in prison
to celebrate your birthday.

I bet this business helped you
become a good judge of character.

Look at me in the eye.

Do I look like...

I'm kidding right now?

I looked up the date, and the reservation
was made under a nickname.

Some guests don't use real names.

If he's not a regular,
it can be hard to remember.

Manager Jang, think hard.

You've been in this business
for a long time.


I remember

a group of men came here.

A group of men?

You're a good singer!

Oh, this is great.

I bet it's him.

It seemed like he cracked his jaw
out of habit.

He also walked on his heels.
I though it was strange.

It don't know what they talked about,
but they sent all my girls away.

About the Sulim-dong project,
we'll settle things at GP Development

before the announcement is made.

No one will notice.

Are you sure it was GP Development?

Yes. It was GP Development.

One of my regulars worked at GP Trading,
so I heard clearly.

If you remember anything else, call me.

Let's go.

Now that I think about it,
I remember his eyes.

They were frightening.

I felt as though there were bugs
crawling all over me.

Maybe because I just saw
a dead person.

Check everything
related to GP Development.

From the CEO to the employees.

The business name is common,
so the list will be massive.

Dae-sik and I will go through all of them.

Can you check if any reports came in
for GP Development?

-Now, get some rest. You must be tired.

You did good today.

Also, thank you...

for helping me.



Dad, I'm one step closer to him.

I'll catch him no matter what...

and bring him to justice.

Please wait for me.


The Sulim-dong project
will be settled soon. Yes.

There's only one small villa left.

Yes, then...


The Golden Time Team detectives
went to Fantasia?



Can we see your black box footage?

Yeah. I think there's crucial evidence.


Here, this is everything.

I made sure to get every single one.

You're really pushing it.

How can you make me stay up for days?

There are 300 development companies
in Sungun alone with the letters G and P.

What you're looking at
are all the companies in the city.

This is what you specifically asked for.
These companies have CEOs in their 40s.


Hey, you're on to something, aren't you?

-What do you mean?
-I'm a detective too. I'm not stupid.

I know you and Ms. Kang are investigating
the Eunhyeong-dong murder.

My goodness.

You punk.


Come with me.

Listen carefully.
I went to Fantasia yesterday.

Ko Dong-cheol met someone there
the day before he died.

The bastard also killed Hwang Gyeong-il.

I think he's also involved...
in the Eunhyeong-dong murder.


Ko Dong-cheol's autopsy

said he committed suicide in the motel
after he got drunk.

So are you saying the real killer
is involved in one of these companies?

Why did you ask me
to dig information on Chief Jang?

What? Is he involved in this?

I'm not sure.
I don't know what's going on yet.

I have to find out.

According to Jung-gi,

Chief Jang went to a bar
and got drunk.

What on earth is going on?

I've been reassigned
from the Airport Police 

to the Sungun Metropolitan Police
Call Center

on January 25, 2017.
I look forward to working with you.

I'm Officer Park Eun-su.

She's very talented.

She can speak many languages
and will be a helpful addition.

Let's work together.
You'll sit next to Officer Oh Hyeon-ho.

Mr. Cheon, explain the manual to her.

Yes, ma'am.


I'm sure you already know the basics.
Now, work hard.

Yes, sir.

Thanks for joining us.

If you came here because of Eun-byeol--

No. But I confess I decided
to come work here.

because of that incident.

I thought it'd look good on my resume
as an aspiring spokeswoman.

-Don't worry.
-It's nice to see you so confident.

I told you, didn't I?

I said you'd end up working here.

Sorry, but I don't like to chat
when I'm working.

And you don't have to be so friendly.

-Let's get to work.
-Come on, we're colleagues.

"A person who trusts no one
can't be trusted." Jerome Blattner.


Ms. Kang has been sad
ever since she spoke to the commissioner.

If it turns out

that you formed the Golden Time Team
to investigate the Eunhyeong-dong case,

I will put an end to it immediately.
You're a police officer.

If you can’t distinguish responsibility
from greed, that's a dereliction of duty.

You should quit
and become an investigator.

I'm getting a lot of complaints
from the Violent Crimes Unit?

Sure, the Golden Time Team
is good in concept,

but you can kill people
while trying to save someone.

I heard Shim Dae-sik was injured.

Bae Byeong-gon, commissioner
of the Sungun Metropolitan Police.

Jang Kyeong-hak.

Chisel marks and gas leak.

How do these all connect?

Sorry, this the Emergency Call Center,
not a Chinese restaurant.

Yes. You keep on saying
the same thing to me.


Isn't it ridiculous?
I didn't know at first,

but half of the calls we get
are prank calls.

Yes, 112 Emergency Call Center.

A knife fight? Ms. Kang.

There's a man threatening an elderly
with a knife at a villa in Sulim-dong.

The caller's name is Park Mal-nyeon.
She's 53.

The victim is Park Bok-sun.

She lives in unit 104
at Cheonsu Villa.

-Transfer the call.
-Yes, ma'am.

Ma'am? I heard  you witnessed a man
threatening an elderly with a knife?

Please hurry.

A man with a huge knife
is threatening to slice the landlady.

I'm worried about her.

Please calm down.
Is Park Bok-sun your grandmother?

No, she's not.

My grandmother's name is Bang Hyang-ja.

The landlady's name is Park Bok-sun.

My name is Park Mal-nyeon.

I'll will kill you today! Come here!

You reek of alcohol.

What do you think you're doing?

Shut your mouth, bitch!

I have nothing to lose.
You want me to leave with chump change?

It'll be me or you. One of us
will not leave here alive today.

What shall I do?

I think the old lady has dementia.

How can she face a man with a knife
on her own?

-Did you say she has dementia?
-She's the landlady of Cheonsu Villa.

She gathers garbage in the neighborhood
and piles it in her house.

Where are you calling from?

I'm in a room across from them.

There's been complaints
that her house reeks of garbage.

I've left notices

and tried calling, but she never answers.
So I came to talk to her.

Locate the caller through GPS and check
if Cheonsu Villa is at 50 Sulim-dong.


The address is correct.


Goodness! It stinks!

Ms. Park?

Ms. Park?

Darn it!

Ms. Park? Are you home?

Ms. Park?

My goodness.

Oh, Ms. Park!

How many times have I told you
to get rid of all this?

There's garbage everywhere.
No wonder it stinks so bad.

What is all this?

-I should--
-How dare you steal my stuff!

I just want to help!

Stop it! I'm just trying to help!

This will only make things worse.
Stop it!

What's your problem?

Darn it.

Where are you, old hag?

There you are!

What's with all the noise?

I was looking for you.
What are you slicing?

Why don't I slice you?

I'll make sure I kill you today!
Come here!

My phone. Where's my phone?

Hand it over.

Give me everything!
Your jewelry and the deed papers.

I won't leave here empty-handed.
You understand?

If you sell this place,
you'll have money to live off of.

What about me? I have nowhere to go.

She has dementia.
She can't think straight.

What if she grabs the knife
and does something stupid?

Officer Oh,
check the resident in unit 204.

See if he has financial problems.

Yes, ma'am.

Nothing on unit 204. Unit 205 has
made some reports to the Patrol Division.

-Unit 205?

I'm Yun Pil-bae.

I still have my pride.

Are you there?

The maniac just cut his own arm.

This is the Call Center. In Cheonsu Villa,
unit 204, at 50 Sulim-dong,

a man with a knife
is causing a disturbance.

The landlady and a tenant
are having an argument.

The attacker is drunk,
and the victim is 60-year-old Park Bok-sun.

She has dementia. Patrol Division
and action team, head there now.

Ms. Park, the police is coming.
They'll arrive shortly.

All right.

The attacker
is 30-year-old Yun Pil-bae.

He works as a delivery man.

The victim's name is Park Bok-sun,
she's 60 years old.

Her husband died seven years ago.

Gosh. There's a lot of conflict
between landlords and tenants.

The attacker must be a psycho.
How can he pull a knife on an old lady?

Dae-sik, is this area under development?

Why are there so many tents?
And people everywhere?

I haven't heard anything.
Who would develop a slum like this?

This is Sulim Patrol Division One.
We're at the scene.

We're familiar with this location.
We'll take care of it.

There's no need for you to come here.

We're on our way. Get a grasp
of the situation and wait for us.

We must check out all Code Zero incidents.

I understand.

Ms. Park, can you get your phone closer
to the them?

I know you're rich, old lady.

I'll leave if you give me
half of your money.

I need money too!

I have no money.

I used it all up.

How can they expose the scene like that?


I'm Sergeant Kim Cheol-min.

I'm team leader Mu Jin-hyeok.

If the attacker knows the police
are here, he might get upset.

-Let's go in quietly.
-I told you you didn't have to come.

This happens often here.
It'll end soon.

Listen. Just because it happens often
doesn't mean it's not dangerous.

What's the best way to go in?

Right. The front door is locked,

and the bedroom windows
have security bars.

Security bars?

Please go to unit 204
and gather any evidence you can find.

-All right.
-Let's go.

Move back, please.

What's that noise?

-Something must've happened.
-What's wrong?

Park Mal-nyeon.

You're finally here.

Officer, please save her.
I'm so worried.

All right. Leave it to us now.
Come on out. Okay?

-Give me your keys.

Give it to me!

Give me the money!



Keep going.

What is this?


-I did it.

I opened it. It's loose.

We're moving in now. Stay quiet.

-Get out.

I'm staying. I can't leave her!

-You have to get out.

You'll be charged
with obstruction of justice.

-I can't leave her.
-Help her out.

Give me the money! Give it to me!
Where's the money? Where is it?

Where is it?

-Is it here?

Where is it?

You old rat.

Where's the money?

What's that smell?

Mr. Mu, something's wrong.

I sense anxiety and fear
in the attacker's voice.

If he's threatening her,
he should sound more aggressive.

Something isn't right.

-Where is it?
-Get out!

Go on, get out!

-Let go!
-Get out!

-Get out.
-Let go of me!

-You punk! Get out!
-Let go!

Where is it? You're annoying me.

Where is it?

Get out! Get out of here!

No! Get out!

-Get out.
-Do you think I'm an idiot?

-Get out!
-Darn you, old hag!

Stop it.

I'll kill you.

I'm going to kill you, bitch!

Are you okay?

Who are you? Go away!

What on earth is this?

-Yun Pil-bae.

You're under arrest
for trespassing and blackmailing.

You have the right to an attorney.

Anything you say may be used
against you in a court of law.

-No. I'm just--
-Be quiet, punk.

Team One. The Sulim-dong case
has been resolved.


-Help me.
-You punk.

-Please help me.
-Are you all right?

Send an ambulance.

-We need an ambulance!

It isn't real blood. He put on an act.

-Take him out.

Come on, punk.

-Come here!
-It's not like that.

You useless piece of trash.

Sir, please listen to me.

Dae-sik, open the door.

Hey, if the old lady got hurt,
you'd be in serious trouble.

-Come on!

Please hear me out!

-There's nothing to hear.
-Just a second!

Hang on a second.

What do you want to say? Say it.

For goodness sake.
Do you think I wanted to do this?

Because of that old hag,
I got fired from work.

What was I supposed to do?

I know landlords have rights,
but I still have

one and a half year
before the contract is over.

She kicked me out
and gave me some chump change.

This is the cheapest neighborhood
in Sungun.

I told her I couldn't leave,

and she started harassing me.

She doesn't have dementia. It's a lie.

I wouldn't have done this
if I weren't so desperate.

I'm the one
you should be sorry for.

That lady has enough money
for the rest of her life,

so she kicks out poor people like me.
She's an evil landlady.

Fine, I get it. Mr. Yun, I get it.

Let's go to the police station.
We'll talk there.

Take him.

-Stand up.

No! Why do I have to go?

Sir, I drank some booze
and lost control.

-Please have a heart.
-All right.

Ma'am, you have to come with us too.
You need to make a report.

Why should I? I'm not going!

Come on, ma'am.

You just need to write a few words
at the station.

It'll be quick. Let's go.

-Sir, please.

Let's go.

No, I can't. I'm not going.

-Get him.
-I'm not going.

I can't go.

Stop doing that.

-What's wrong?
-There... There...

I saw some eyes in there!

He's putting on another act.

Mr. Yun, if you keep doing this,
you'll get additional charges.

-What's going on?'
-It's true!

Someone was staring at me!

-What? What's in there?
-Stand up.

-He's just putting on a show.

Hold on.

Stop it! Don't!

What the heck?

What is it?


Pull yourself together.
Why are you so flustered?

I'm sure Hwang Gyeong-il was at the scene.

He knows my father's last words.

You're saying
Hwang Gyeong-il told Ms. Kang

that he saw the killer
of the Eunhyeong-dong case?

Mr. Mu, there's someone else
in the bathroom.

Someone other than Hwang Gyeong-il.

-What the...
-No, you can't die. Hwang Gyeong-il.

What is this? Is there a connection?

I'm sure there is an accomplice
inside the police.

I've done everything I can.

Stop calling me.

I bet it's him.

It seemed like he cracked his jaw
out of habit.

He also walked on his heels.
I though it was strange.

Dad, I'm one step closer to him.

I'll catch him no matter what
and bring him to justice.

112 Emergency Call Center.

-A knife fight?
-Give me everything you have!

I saw some eyes there!

What the heck?