Voice (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

What's wrong, Eun-byeol?

Eun-byeol? Hey!


Eun-byeol? Park Eun-byeol!

Code Zero. The abductee
is 24-year-old Park Eun-byeol.

We'd like to inspect your car.
Open the window.

-In the trunk.

Min Ji-seok, get out of the car!

-Who are you?
-He's Eun-byeol's friend.

Is there anything suspicious
about Hwang Gyeong-il?

Mr. Hwang Gyeong-il,
you know Min Ji-seok, don't you?

Min Ji-seok, it's the police.

He's been dead for a while.

Are you with Hwang Gyeong-il?
Get out of there quickly.

I went through his social media.
He's crazy!

The police are so annoying.

You remember, right? My voice.

Ms. Kang?

Ms. Kang!



Isn't this deep enough?

Dig more.

Who caused all this trouble?

I'm sorry.

I had no idea the car rental agency

would have surveillance cameras.

Did you get the boat ready?

It sounds like they know who we are.

I'm taking care of it.
Just do what you're told.


Did you lock up Park Eun-byeol?

Yes, of course.
She won't go anywhere.

No one will find her.

Gyeong-il, you're really clever.

There are so many comments already.
They're actually not that dumb.

Tell me about it.

If it weren't for her,
it could've been our lucky day.

By the way,

how much bitcoin do we have?

Quite a lot, right?

It's none of your business.

Stop talking and keep digging.




I think this should be enough.

-Go get her.

It was originally for cars
to make quick U-turns,

but many people used it
to avoid the toll stations.

So it was closed down.

You should just answer calls.

Why did you have to cause
so much trouble?

This is Team One.
I'm at Ilrak Reservoir.

I think I found the suspect's car.
I'm at the south end of the reservoir.

-Please send backup.
-Okay, sir.

This is the Call Center.

The suspect's car has been found
near Ilrak Reservoir.

Please send backup right away.

Chief Jang!

We've located the suspect's car.
It's near Ilrak Reservoir.

-Ilrak Reservoir?
-Yes, sir.

-Hurry up! Back to the car!
-Go, go!

"Life is like a box of chocolates.

You never know what you're going to get."

Open the bag.

What if she screams?

We should at least hear
her last words before she dies. Open it.



Let her go.

This lady is funny.

-Aren't you worried about yourself?
-Is this what you do

after you kidnap people in Eunhyeong-dong?
You bury them?

I know you have nothing to do
with the Eunhyeong-dong case.

Your voice

is totally different from his.

Well, let's see.

Anyway, we're going to have a great time
with Eun-byeol at 10 p.m..

And don't feel guilty.

Girls like her

always get screwed.

What did Eun-byeol do to deserve that?

Don't you feel sorry
for the women you killed?

Not even a bit?

You guys

are worthless pieces of trash.

You're trash.

I'm sorry.

Your investigation is over now.

pale lady.

Throw her in.

This is Detective One.

We're heading to Ilrak Reservoir now.

But we can't locate the shortcut.
We need coordinates.

Hey, we have to run!

-The police are on the way. Let's go!

Freeze, asshole!

That was close.

How did that detective know
we were here?

We won't get caught, right?

Why would we get caught?
Don't say that.

I found her. Kang Gwon-ju!

Ms. Kang, do you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Ms. Kang.

Ms. Kang.

Ms. Kang.

Hang on just a bit.

Are you okay?


-Eun-byeol is in danger.
-We'll find her.

Hwang Gyeong-il said that he will make

-a rape video with her at 10 p.m.

This is Team One.
Ms. Kang has been rescued.

She's got mild injuries,
but she is okay.

It's crazy that those in power
get everything their way!

You guys prioritized rescuing
your team manager!

You don't know if Eun-byeol is alive!
It's been over four hours.

My goodness!

You're a police officer,
but you can't save your sister!

Why do you brag about being a cop?

My goodness.

How can I blame you?

I should just blame myself.
It's all my fault.


Poor thing.

If only your dad
hadn't met that woman.

Why are you talking about Dad?

That's enough, Grandma.

Eun-byeol will be fine.

Ma'am, are you okay?

I'll take care of her. Go back to work.

Eun-byeol might call.


Ms. Kang, are you all right?

I'm fine, don't worry.

I was very worried about you.

I heard you told Mr. Mu
about Hwang Gyeong-il's past.

-There's something troubling me.
-Oh, right.

I'll look into it.

Wait, Ms. Kang.

Go see a doctor just in case, okay?


Drink this. It'll warm you up.

Gosh, thank goodness
I found you in time.

Hey, what's going on?

Are you saying those punks

have a ham radio?

I told you.

They had radio antennas in the trunk.

I saw it with my own eyes.

That's how they knew
where we were and fled.

By the way,

why did you radio me right then?
You knew I'd found them.

-Did you want me to die?
-It wasn't on purpose.

-We were in a hurry.
-Chief Jang,

the guy kidnapped a police officer.

We couldn't go after him
without a plan of action.

I know. Do you think I'm stupid?
And you are at fault as well.

You were alone.

What if you'd been kidnapped?
No police officer would ever do that.

Let's move on.

Anyway, I want you all
to stake out the harbor.

All suspect's go there.
They'll show up.

What? That makes no sense.

They said they were going
to film Eun-byeol tonight.

-What if she was your daughter?
-Watch it.

How do you know if they'll film her?

Three million people live here.
How can we find them?

What's gotten into you?

I'm glad you're finally back on track,
but you're causing us a lot of trouble.

You're not the only regular
at the old lady's place.

We feel sorry
for the granddaughter too.

Why are you changing the subject?

I don't care.
I'm going to catch him, end of story.

They will do it.

Tonight at 10 p.m.,

they will post a video with Eun-byeol.

I know you had a tough time,

but being stubborn won't solve anything.
You should see a doctor.

While I was gone, I noticed
you excluded our team from this case.

If that's what you want,
let's work separately from now on.



Do you mean that?

You asked,
and I took a step back and watched.

Five hours have passed since the report
came in and there's been no progress.

Don't you agree
that we need trust and competence

to work together?


So what?

I got a call from the harbor. They found
a guy who looks like Hwang Gyeong-il.

-Okay. Tell them we're coming.

All right.

Ms. Kang,

you are fearless now that you
came back from the dead.


if you keep on acting this way,

you might end up
in a deeper hole than before.

You better watch it.


Hey, ignore him.

Forget it, okay?

Hey, come here.

What you're saying is,

you want me to find out who
is listening to the police radio?

You little...


You're smart.

You still got it.

Anyway, the guys using ham radios

communicate with each other
to find out the location, right?

-Get to work. There's not much time.

Police use digital radios now.

It's not easy to listen in?


I'm not sure I can do this for free.

Hey, Bugger.

Do you want to get digitally smacked?

Do you? Connect me in five,
or I'll turn you into a zombie.

Your limbs will move in all directions.
Do you want me to do that?



I know what to do
after hearing your kind words.

You were going to do it.
Why'd you make me slap you?

Hurry up.


If it's not broken,
why can't we tap into their radio?

I can't hear anything.
What do you want me to do?

I think

they found out we were listening.


What now?

Don't be a coward.
They don't know where we are.

Our phones are turned off.

You were infatuated with her,
and now we're in trouble.

Announce we'll be starting 

-20 minutes early.

All right.


Mr. Mu.


-They put up an announcement.
-An announcement? Keep going.

He's going to broadcast
the rape video earlier.

Bastards. They're not making this easy.

Something is strange.

An adult website wouldn't make a big deal
about one video.

-They're hiding something.
-They're not after money.

They make millions of won
in bitcoins with their videos.

Their bank accounts are blocked.
They're trying to make enough to run away.

I got suspicious after you told me
about Hwang Gyeong-il past.

I had Office Oh look
into why he set his house on fire.

He found this.

His mother, Kim Su-ja,
had a bad reputation.

Oh, is this really a house?

Our heater is always broken.
It's so cold.

What is this?


Gyeong-il, don't you know how busy I am?

Clean up after your father, okay?

Okay, Mom.

-If you get this life insurance...
-Don't listen.

-For ten years--
-We don't need it.

Hwang Gyeong-il loved his mother,

but Kim Su-ja was not welcome anywhere,
and he became a loner.

Hey, my mom told me 

that your mom seduces other men.

My mom would never do that.
It's a lie!

-That's what my mom said.
-It's a lie!

Gyeong-il, what are you doing?

He said you seduce men
when you're selling insurance.

Watch what you say. Come with me.

Why would you believe him? Can't you see
I work hard to support you and Dad?

Don't say that again.

You're making me upset.
You know I live for you.

I'm sorry, Mom.
I'll never say that again.

The only person that looked after
Hwang Gyeong-il was his teacher.

Since Hwang Gyeong-il
loved watching movies,

the teacher allowed him
to join the Movie Club.

You wanted a camera, right?
Here you go.

Thank you.


I'm really sick

of my kid and my husband.

Before witnessing the affair,

he believed his mom was working hard
to take care of him.

After that, he started having
a distorted view on women.

Whenever he felt angry
about his mother's betrayal,

setting things on fire
helped him feel better.

In 1999, a year after his father died,

he set his house on fire
and killed his mother.

He's a complete nutjob.

There's a reason behind every crime.

But that does not mean
everyone becomes a criminal.

So what's bothering you?

When I provoked him earlier,

he talked to himself very softly.

You're trash.

"You're trash?"

It is very likely that he has
histrionic personality disorder.

Whenever he heard Eun-byeol's name,
he got very angry.

His tone of voice vibrated a bit more.

Hold on. Are you saying

Hwang Gyeong-il and Eun-byeol
knew each other?

I'm not sure.
I just have a bad feeling about this.


he seems to know about
the Eunhyeong-dong murder.


If you scream, I'll kill you.

Why are you doing this?
You're not like this.

-Please don't. You're hurting me.

You said wanted to be an actress.
Consider this your debut.

Why are you doing this?
Do you want money?

If so, I'll get you some.

If not, I'll do anything you want.

Please, I will. Please.

If you let me go,
I won't tell anyone what happened.

This is why I don't treat women
like human beings.

When you're at a disadvantage,
you beg and flirt.

When I become a burden,
you throw me to the curb.

What are you talking about?
You're scaring me.

Don't do this.

Eun-byeol, I'm not an idiot
you can mess around with.

Let's hurry and get this over with.

-Come here.

-Hey, where are you going?


Damn it.

There's another one in the car.
Go get it. Hurry.



This weekend...

-Did you get something?
-This is a construction site.

I'm going crazy.

Why do you always make me do
these things?

What did you say?

Did you lie to me about your skills?

You can look down on me,
but don't underestimate my skills.


Sit tight.

Hurry up, punk.

We don't have much time.
What is he doing?


Not yet.

He's determined to make a video with her.

I'm so stressed. I can't take it.

The police are looking for you.
If you don't get on the boat tonight,

-I can't wait.
-Gyeong-il never listens to anyone.

We won't be late.

Anyway, do you have money
to stay in Hong Kong?

Gyeong-il has the bitcoin account.

Bong-gil, you're being too naive.

How do you know
if he still has the money?

Gyeong-il is smarter than you think.

What if you two get caught?

He'll blame everything on you.

He did nothing but film.

Shut up.

What do you want me to do? Stab him
and get the account password?

-He was with Hwang Gyeong-il.
-Yeah? Get his location!

Hurry up!

Okay. Hold on.

-Where is he?
-Oh, dear.

-What is it?
-They're just south of us.

They're close by.

Officer Oh, see if there's a place
Hwang Gyeong-il can hide

south of the Ilrak Police Station?

I'm going there now.

I'll come too.

You should stay here
and hold down the fort.

We don't know
if any Patrol Division can help.

All we know is their location.
I won't make the same mistake

I made earlier.

Kang Gwon-ju...

all right,
but if you can't keep up with me,

I won't wait for you.

Get in.

You can go, Bugger.

Mr. Mu, I checked south
of where you are. It's mostly woods.

There is an animal shed
and an abandoned school.

-A shed and an abandoned school?
-The shed is currently being used.

It looks like the school
is Ilrak Middle School.

Check the name of the middle school
Hwang Gyeong-il went to.

Hold on.

Ilrak Middle School, second grade...

It's the same school
I found on the map.


Officer Oh.

Did you just say
he went to second grade there?

Yes. Why?

Did he take Eun-byeol there?

Why did he do this?

Why did he take her
to where he saw his mother cheat?

It must bring back awful memories.

That's true. I'm sure there's a reason.

Yes. There must be.

"Life is like a box of chocolates.

You never know what you're going to get."

I don't like this.

What took you so long?
Where's the light?

Why aren't you answering me?


how much do you have
in the bitcoin account?

-I told you it's not your business.
-Tell me!

Are you stupid?

Why are you asking me that?
Have you gone mad?

Gyeong-il, you're making me nervous.

I don't know when the police'll come.
We don't have time for this.

Let's just leave. If you give me half
of what you have, I'll leave quietly.

-I thought I gave you enough.
-What did you give me?

All you did was film the videos,
but I did the dirty work.

Give me the account password.
I'll leave you alone if you do.

This is why people like you never succeed.

I helped you live a decent life.
You should thank me.

What did you say, you idiot?
I can break you with a single punch.

Do you know why I did the dirty work?
It was all for money!

-Is that all you think about?
-Let's see if you talk after this.

I think something's wrong.

There have been no recent posts
on the website.

-Can you go faster?
-I'm going as fast as I can.

-What is it, Eun-su?
-Mr. Mu,

Hwang Gyeong-il planned this all along.
He was after Eun-byeol from the start.

-What do you mean?
-Hwang Gyeong-il

was a student in my father's class.

My father was fired
because he had an affair with a woman.

That's why my parents divorced.
Hwang Gyeong-il

-is the woman's son.
-Are you saying your father

was Hwang Gyeong-il's
middle school teacher?

After that, I heard their family

came apart just like ours.

I heard that he set his house on fire
and his mother died.

I remember Eun-byeol
getting a call late at night.

Her ex-boyfriend told her

that her new boyfriend was dangerous.

He told her to ask me for help.

But I said I was busy

and ignored her.

I should've listened.

But ever since my parents died
and life got hard...

I didn't take good care of Eun-byeol.

Don't worry, Eun-su.
I'll catch him no matter what.

And I'm sure
Eun-byeol knows how you feel.

Officer Park, this is Gwon-ju.

Thank you for sharing something personal.
We'll do our best.

Ms. Kang, you said that the golden hour
is crucial, right?

If it's not too late...

If we still have time...

please bring my sister back alive.

I'm begging you.

Don't come near me, you psycho!

You're crazy! You're a lunatic!

Get away from me!


They're the crazy ones, not me.

That dirty woman

and your father.

This is it.




Hwang Gyeong-il's car
is in the schoolyard.

I'm going in the building.
Come on.

-What if he went somewhere else?
-He wouldn't go anywhere else.

-He must be here.
-This is the Call Center.

We confirmed the location
of the abductor.

He's at the Ilrak Middle School.
Head there as soon as possible.

The suspect has a grudge
against the victim.

Hey, what are you saying?

Mr. Mu found Hwang Gyeong-il's car
at Ilrak Middle School.

-What now, Chief Jang?

Let's go.

The suspect is currently
at the Ilrak Middle School.

This is Ilrak Patrol Division.

We're heading there now.
We'll be there in 20 minutes.

Twenty minutes?

There are only two people there.
Can you go faster?

All right. We'll do our best.

Mr. Mu, the school was closed last year.

There are ten classrooms on each floor.
It's too much for the two of you.

You should wait for backup.

We can't. We don't have time.

Do you hear anything?

Hang on.
I can't hear because of the wind.

Are you...

Are you okay?

-I'm fine.
-I know it's hard, but stay alert.

We're the only ones
who can help Eun-byeol now.

I see some light over there.

Let's go. Follow me.

Look over there.

I'll go in first.

Stay here and keep guard.

It's the other guy.

He's was killed.

Not long ago.

This is Team One.

We found a dead body
in the second grade classroom.

It's Woo Bong-gil,
Hwang Gyeong-il's accomplice.

-Send forensics here.
-A dead body? Okay.

A man has been found dead
at Ilrak Middle School.

Forensics needed.

Eun-byeol should be fine, right?

Of course. They'll save her.

Mr. Mu.


-Did you hear something?
-I did.

Someone's dragging something. It might be
Hwang Gyeong-il and Park Eun-byeol.

-Are you sure?

The noise stopped.

What do you mean?

After the loud bang,
the noise I was hearing stopped.

I think he heard us going upstairs.

It's a fire extinguisher.

No, it can't be.

-Someone was dragging something.
-Are you sure you heard right?

You said you couldn't hear
because of the wind.

I'll go have a look.
Check the third floor.

I can't hear again.

What's wrong with me?




Eun-byeol, wake up.



No! Go away!

I'm a police officer.
It's okay, Eun-byeol.

It's okay.

-It's okay. I'm a police officer.
-I was...

They were...

Calm down. Are you okay?

A crazy guy locked me in here.

It's over now. You're all right.
Hang on, okay?

That scum.

What? It's you again.

You're smarter than I thought.
You found us.

I'm a little busy,
so I don't have time to play.

Here's a gift.

This is strong.
I'm not sure if you'll wake up.

Ms. Kang, is the third floor clear?

Ms. Kang.

Kang Gwon-ju.

Why are you so nosy?
You brought this upon yourself.

Do you think you're the only one
who had a hard time? I did too!

We all had a hard time growing up.
My parents got divorced and then died.

My sister and I suffered
just as much as you!

You really want to die, don't you?

Eun-byeol, are you okay?

You scumbag.

People with histrionic
personality disorder

lose control when they get angry

because someone exposed
their weak point.

Now, why don't we end this?

Hwang Gyeong-il, I know
you've been making rape videos

to take revenge on your mother
and your teacher.

Min Ji-seok found out
and you killed him.

You made him think Eun-byeol sent him
a text. That's how you lured him.

You murdered him this morning.

You took his body
to the amusement park

and made it look like
he committed suicide.

How many more have to die

-because of your petty revenge?
-It's all their fault.

-The old bag and--

You're the one

who ruined your life.
All because of your twisted mind.

People in their right mind,
no matter how much they've suffered,

never blame others by raping women
and making them commit suicide.

You may think you're special
because of the few people

who revere you on your website.

But in real life,

you're just a shameless,
disgusting criminal

-that will rot in prison.
-What did you say?

What? You were going to stab
if I got out of control?

That's exactly why I hate women.

You never tell the truth!
All you do is lie!

And don't think about running.

I've put chemicals in the building.

Hwang Gyeong-il,

put that down.


You're the officer from earlier.

And you're unbelievable.

-What? Want to play with fire?

you think I'm playing?

You disappoint me.

I'm just... trying to teach them a lesson.

Put that down.

Ms. Kang, take Eun-byeol outside. Hurry.

Are you okay?

Get out!


Hwang Gyeong-il!

Stop right there!

This is Team One.

Hwang Gyeong-il has an igniter.

-I need backup. We're on the rooftop.
-An igniter?

Will he set the school on fire?

Damn it.

Eun-byeol, are you okay?

Can you stand up?

Are you okay?

Eun-byeol, it's me, Eun-su.
Answer me, Eun-byeol.

Go ahead.



Are you hurt? Will you be okay?

Eun-su, I'm sorry.

If only I had listened to you,
this wouldn't have happened.


It's all right. It's okay, Eun-byeol.

It's not your fault.

An ambulance is on the way.
Just hang on.

You'll be fine.

Put it down, you bastard.

If you come closer,
I'll set the building on fire.

If you want to save the ladies,

put the gun down and do as I say.

With Eun-byeol's leg in that condition,
I doubt they made it outside.

Hurry, put the gun down!

Go over there.


Officer, you should see your face.

Why did you let it come down to this?
We're on the same side.

It's not too late.

Do you want to die?

You do, don't you?

Hwang Gyeong-il, stop playing with fire.

You're too old for that.

What is a loser like you
going to do with that gun?

Are you going to shoot me?
Do you think it's loaded?


It's empty.

You're bluffing, of course.

-I'm going to shoot.
-Go ahead.

You can't do it.

You know why? Because you're a coward.

You act like a victim,
but you're actually a coward and a loser.

-You know that, right?
-That's a lie.

I'm a victim!

Do you know what that woman
and my teacher did?

Enough with that sob story.

You're just making excuses.

If you admit what you did,
people will know you're a loser.

-That's why you're afraid, loser.
-Shut your mouth!

What do you know?
If any other person saw what I saw, 

they would've done the same!

Hwang Gyeong-il,

the view up here is perfect.

It's a perfect night to die.

Listen to me one last time.

You're the biggest loser in the world.

Eun-byeol and her sister suffered
as much as you did,

but they don't blame others.
They live their lives.

All the women you harassed and killed,

even if a scum like you died
a thousands times...

they'd never come back to life.

You know that, right?
Let's see if they forgive you

if I kill you tonight.

What else could I have done?

Nobody taught me
how to live my life. Nobody!

No one helped me!

The last bullet is for you.


When something is so damaged,
it's hard to fix. Just like you.

So spend the rest of your life

repenting for your sins.

I believe that's what your mother
would want,

the mother you killed
with your own hands.

My goodness! Fire!

Fire! Oh, my God!

Save me, Gyeong-il.



Please help me!

You piece of trash.

This is Team One.

Hwang Gyeong-il, the perpetrator
of the Hongchang-dong case,

has been arrested.



The support and rescue team
just arrived.

Go to the Sungun Hospital.
Eun-byeol will be there soon.

Thank you for your hard work.


Mr. Mu, thank you for saving my life.

I'd be dead now without you, old man.

I saved your life,
and you call me old man? I'm not old.

I'm glad you're okay.
It could've been worse.

I didn't know you were so cool.

I won't be mean to you
and will treat you better

next time you go to the restaurant.

You didn't know I was cool?

You're joking around.
You must be fine.

She's totally okay.

Thanks, Ms. Kang.

I made it thanks to you.

No, I should thank you.
You saved me, remember?

Go to the hospital now.
Your grandmother is waiting for you.

-Go on.
-All right.

How did you know
I was locked in the cabinet?

-I doubt you could hear me.
-Well, it's...

Hurry. She's waiting.

All right, I'm going.

Hurry, get in.

Send my regards to your grandmother.

-I will.

He doesn't seem like he'd kill
his own mother.

He's a poor bastard.

The members of his website
should all go to jail.

If we had met him 16 years ago...

would he

have had a different life?

Perhaps he would've had a chance
to choose another chocolate.


let's talk.

About what?

Just you and me. 

Wait in the car.

Excuse me.

I'm so curious
about what you have to say.


I don't need that.

Come back to the Violent Crimes Unit.

I think the old Jin-hyeok is back.

Golden Time Team?
Where's your pride?

I'll ask the commissioner
to reinstate you as a team leader.

Jung-gi would be below you.

What if we end up as a part
of the Emergency Call Center?

-What are you saying?
-To be honest, they're a new team

and they solve every Code Zero
case they get.

What if we stop being dispatched?

What in the world are you talking about?
Shut up!

Hwang Gyeong-il, do you know
how much trouble you caused us?

Did you just laugh?
You'll get a life sentence this time.

Come on.

If I die,

my daughter

will be left behind.

Hey, get in!

-Get in. Go!

What did you say?

What are you doing?
You can't assault him!

Step aside!

I'll keep it short. Let's start over.
Can you start tomorrow?

I guess you've aged a lot.

You've lost your touch.

You think I'll go back?
I do have my pride.

I'm not going to kick Jung-gi out
and join your team.

Working in the Golden Time Team
is quite fun.

-See you around.
-Don't change the subject.

I know why you're staying with her.

Dae-sik told me you seem
to be hiding something.

You are, right?

There's no way you'd work with her
if that wasn't true.

What's she doing?

Oh, boy. What the heck is she doing?

Say that again.

You must be stressed.
I can hear your heart pounding.

How did you know what he said?
Tell me.

It hurts.
I'll tell you if you let go of me.

Do you remember...

his face?

It'll take time to fill the tank.
Go without us.

Actually, it's hard to remember
unless they're regulars.

Focus and think hard.

You've been in this business
for many years.

You're onto something, aren't you?

Is there a connection?

A knife fight?

I'll kill you!