Voice (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

That's not the voice I heard.
I heard the suspect's voice clearly

Why did you say you heard
something you didn't? Why?


What is that?

She's always talking about sounds,
just like she did three years ago.

When did you start hearing strange sounds?


What's the truth about what happened?

And why did you bring me here?

Tell me.

Hey! Stop right there!



Please don't kill him.

It's too late.


The man who killed my father
and Heo Ji-hye

is unlike any other murderer.
He's a monster.

His breathing was steady

even when he was committing a crime.

Please bring me proof!

The killer and Ko Dong-cheol...

are in Sungun now.

It's freezing.

What are you talking about?

Deok-hee lost to that moron?

Yes, that's right. He was playing us.

He started Thai boxing.

Is that a joke? That loser?
You can't be serious.

It's true! Look, can't you see?

I tried calming him down
and ended up with 12 stitches.

-Stop talking nonsense.
-He went flying...

Holy crap!

What is that? Is it a person?

I think so.

I think he fell from up there.

Don't touch him.

Are you okay? Hey!

-Holy shit!
-My gosh!

-He's dead!

We have to call the police.
What's the number?

Call 112.

The killer and Ko Dong-cheol
are in Sungun now?

There must've been an issue
with their deal.

He's here to meet the real killer.

-I'm sure of it.
-Ms. Kang,

someone fell off the Yeongdong overpass
in Sungun and died. We got his ID.

His name

is Ko Dong-cheol.


Ko Dong-cheol.

The Eunhyeong-dong murder suspect
from three years ago.

The body was found near the overpass
at the Yeongdong Industrial Complex.

Is it the inner area?
The one next to Samma Chemical?

I'm going to a crime scene
to check something.

Radio me if something happens.

Yes, ma'am.

Ko Dong-cheol is dead?

That can't be possible.

He can't be dead.

He can't.

The back of his head is smashed,
and his neck is broken.

He died instantly.

He lasted long, considering Jin-hyeok
has been after him for three years.

It must've been hard for him.
We found this in his pocket.

He was in the Philippines
and had some gambling debt.

-Keep quiet until we submit a report.
-Yes, sir.

Things could get complicated
if Jin-hyeok finds out.

How does he know already?
Go on, stop him.

-Stop him!


-You can't come here.
-You can't.

Chief Jang, even though
we don't work together anymore,

this isn't right.

I just want to check something.
Make them stop before I go apeshit.

Yes, I know how you must feel,
but it was a suicide. He was drunk.

We found pills and a suicide note.

You know who he is.

For the past three years,
I desperately chased that guy.

Why can't I just check with my own eyes
if he really committed suicide

and smashed his own head?
What's wrong with that?

I said we'll take care of it!

-Please don't.

-Please, stop.

We received the call first.

You don't want this to be an issue
between the two departments, right?

Now there's two of them.

You have five minutes. However,
if Jin-hyeok contaminates the scene,

you'll take full responsibility.

All right, sir.

Let go of him.

I was right.

It was not suicide.
He was murdered by the suspect,

who tried to fake the death with a fall,

but smashed his head first

with the same weapon he used
to kill my father and Ji-hye.

Look at this.

Can you see?

It seems like he always plays
with his victims

before killing them.

What do you mean?


Even if he jumped
without his socks and shoes,

he'd never hurt his feet like that.

Ko Dong-cheol must've met
the suspect somewhere near by.

He must've dragged Ko Dong-cheol

with shattered glass.

He murdered him slowly,
as if he were hunting him.

Please don't kill me.

I'm sorry.

Please don't.

Please don't kill me.

When the suspect talks,
his jaw cracks.

He also uses a round steel weapon
that weighs more than two kilos.

He must kill for pleasure.

He murdered my father,
Heo Ji-hye, and Ko Dong-cheol

exactly the same way.

-Hey, stop him.

You know who he is, right?

You must've seen with your own eyes.

Tell me, please.

Shiver in the cold forever...

until the end of time...

you worthless scumbag.


Ko Dong-cheol, the prime suspect
of the Eunhyeong-dong murder,

was found dead under
the Yeongdong overpass at 7:30 p.m. today.

The police have closed the case,
saying it was suicide,

and Ko Dong-cheol, who hid
in the Philippines for the last years...

They must be joking.

...felt guilty and committed suicide.
The murder that was unsolved...

Who said they could close the case?

Thank you for your work today.
I appreciate your help.

-Thank you.
-No worries.

-Write a good article.
-Yes, sir.

So are you saying

we should investigate the case
in secrecy?

Yes. There's definitely someone
on the inside helping the killer.

Look how Ko Dong-cheol's case
was immediately closed as a suicide.

Even if we find the real killer,
without any proof,

the same thing that happened
three years ago will happen again.

I'll keep looking into the weapon he used.

You should look into what Ko Dong-cheol
was doing for the past three years.

Gosh, why didn't you wake me up?

Are you awake? Sit down.

-I'm late.
-Have some seaweed soup.

I told you I'm late.

I'll pack it for you. Wait.

I made all your favorites,
including japchae and rolled omelet.

Today is your...



Did you do this
because I didn't come home?

No one likes that food.
Why were you bringing it to me?

Let's go home
and spend some time together.

Let's go.

Come on.




It's cold.

Let's go.

Let's go.


I'm going to catch the guy
no matter what.

Just wait and see.

I'll catch him at any cost.

Dae-sik, come join me.

What do you mean, Jin-hyeok?

You're staying
on the Golden Time Team?


Gosh, you startled me.

Why would you do that?

Ko Dong-cheol got punished
for what he did. He's gone for good.

I know you're pissed because the guy
you were after is dead.

But this is not right. Tell me.

-Why do you believe what she says?

go back to Kyeong-hak's team.
I'll do this on my own.


-I need another drink.
-Don't change the subject!

Oh, boy.

Stop drinking.

You'll feel bad.


What is it, old man?

I'm not an old man.

Little brat. Why are you interrupting
their conversation?

Go clean the table over there.

I didn't say anything.

She always picks on me.


I wish she was like her sister.

I wouldn't have to worry.

Anyway, why the long face?

I saw the news
about the suspect's suicide.

Isn't that a good thing?

You tell me.
I have no idea what he's thinking.

He's driving me crazy.

You brat.

He must be very distraught.

I'll pack you some soup
for tomorrow morning.

All right. Thank you.

Who's that guy?
Is he Eun-byeol's boyfriend?

She just broke up with her last boyfriend.
My goodness.

What a surprise.
Why didn't you before you came?

I was on my way to the gym
and dropped by to see you. Here.

I didn't know you were so sweet.

That's my favorite movie.
That's just a bonus.

-Excuse me.

Who are you?

Hello, ma'am. Nice to meet you.

-I'm her friend.
-Her friend?

Yeah. He's a teacher
at Yongma Middle School.

Are you a school teacher?

Yes. I came by to see her
on my way to the gym.

Well, until next time.

-I'll call you later.

I'm surprised you're seeing
a decent guy like him.

What are you saying?
Do you know how popular I am?

You and my sister don't understand.
I can make men worship me.

Oh, why is he texting me?
It's so annoying.




On a website that caused
quite a stir recently

for posting and distributing
obscene videos illegally,

another video of sexual abuse
was found. The police--

I let you in because you seemed desperate.
You have ten minutes.


you want me to check the body
to see if the cause of death matches

-what's in the report you gave me?

I think they were killed
with the same weapon.

By the way...

I retired a long time ago.
Why are you asking me to do this?

What do you mean? You trained
many of the current medical examiners.

Gosh! Did you learn how
to flatter people like that America?

I think you're right.
Let me check the report again.

Here, here, and here.

The shape of the skull and the bruises
on the scalp look exactly the same.

The murderer hit them full swing.

I'm sure he used the same weapon.

And from the weapon he chose,

I can tell he must hate to do things
the ordinary way.

He must think his murders are warranted.

Do you think

we can know more if we find out
where this type of weapon is made?

If you find out, maybe it's possible.

I'm sorry for not helping much.

Please don't say that.
You've been great help.

Gwon-ju, I don't know what you're up to,

but this man isn't like other criminals.

Be careful.

And from the weapon he chose,

I can tell he must hate to do things
the ordinary way.

He must think his murders are warranted.

It's too late.

He saw my face.


No. This is just the beginning.

I'm going to catch you at all costs.

Ms. Kang, this is Park Eun-su.

I don't think I can work
at the Emergency Call Center.

I'm sorry I can't help.

Did you really turn down the offer
with a text message?


It's uncomfortable
to say things like that in person.

Oh, you're heartless.

Well, I heard young people
do that these days.

I understand, though.
I'd probably do the same thing.

Excuse me.

What now, Eun-byeol?

Why are you talking like that?

You keep calling me when I'm busy.

You know I'm at work.

Why are you acting
like you're the only one who's busy?

I'm going to a party. I'll be home late.

Another party?
Is that all you do, go to parties?

Are you never going to get
a full-time job?

Now you're being mean.

I never see you on your day off.

Are you the only one
catching bad guys?

Where are you?

I came to the New Wave Mall
to buy a gift.

What's this?

It's a purse.

Someone dropped a purse
in the parking lot.

-It's brand new.
-Don't touch other people's stuff.

Why not?

There's no one here.


What's this?


-Who did this?
-What's wrong, Eun-byeol?

Who would do this?

Stop joking.

-Damn it.


Eun-byeol? What's going on?


Park Eun-byeol! Hello?

-Hi, 112 Emergency Call Center.

This is Park Eun-su, Airport Police.
I think my sister's been abducted.

Officer Park...

-Your sister was abducted?
-Yes. She was in...

the New Wave Mall parking lot
on Rodeo Street.

She was on the phone with me
when it happened.

-When was this?
-Well, about... a minute ago.

Tell me your sister's name
and her ID number.

Does she have her phone?

I don't know.

I think so.




-Kang Gwon-ju.
-This is Oh Hyeon-ho.

Officer Park just called.
Her sister was abducted

in the New Wave Mall parking lot.

-Fortunately, she has her phone.
-I'm on my way.

Track her phone and check all cars
that left the mall after 11:30 a.m.

Yes, ma'am.

There's been an abduction
at the New Wave Mall parking lot

on Rodeo Street. The abductee
is 24-year-old Park Eun-byeol.

I repeat. There's been an abduction
at the New Wave Mall parking lot

on Rodeo Street. The abductee
is 24-year-old Park Eun-byeol.

She's the sister of Officer Park
from the Sungun Airport Police.

Isn't she the old lady's granddaughter?

Officer Park, this is Kang Gwon-ju.

Do you remember anything
the abductor said?

No, I didn't hear anything.

She said she saw a purse on the ground,
then started screaming.

Is there anyone
who'd have a reason to do this?

I'm not sure.
Eun-byeol and I don't talk much.



Eun-byeol? This is the police.

We got a location.

The car she's in is leaving Rodeo Street,
going towards the Sungun Terminal.

Action team,
the abductee picked up her phone.

The car she's in
is going to the Sungun Terminal.

All patrols should head there now.

Officer Oh, connect me to Eun-byeol.

I don't think she can talk.

-That's okay.
-All right.

Ms. Park, this is Kang Gwon-ju
from the Emergency Call Center.

Your sister, Eun-su, called us.
We're going to rescue you.

We'll find you no matter what.

Stay strong
and hang tight until we get there.

The action team's vehicle
is within her phone's GPS radius.

She is close by.

Tell me more, so I can find the car.

How will I know which car it is?

There's nothing more I can tell you.
She can't talk. She's gagged.

Get Ms. Kang.

She's not here.

She's not there? Goodness gracious.

Hey, where are you?

I was checking Ko Dong-cheol's autopsy.
What's going on?

There are too many cars.
How will I find the car she's in?

By any chance, did you hear anything?

I think she's in the trunk
of a midsize or large sedan.

A midsize sedan?

She heard my voice
and shook her body quite a bit,

but I doubt she could be heard
from outside.

She shook her body
when you spoke to her? Okay.

-Hey, Dae-sik.

See those sedans? Follow them.

-Tail them, idiot!

Tail the sedans? Okay.

Punk! What is your problem?

Pass him. Go that way.

Hey! Are you crazy?

You lunatic!

If we get into an accident,
I'll have to write an apology letter.

I'll write it for you. Step on it!
We don't have much time!


You are practically beside
the abductor's vehicle.

-About six feet away.
-Officer Oh.

Plate number 08J4660.

Plate number 84C3042.

Plate number  26O2135.

Find the vehicles' owners.

Mr. Mu, I looked them up.
None look suspicious. What now? 

-Ms. Kang, are you sure it's a sedan?
-I'm certain.

The trunk wasn't spacious
like an SUV's or a van's trunk.

It was a sedan. Please look again.

What now?
We'll be on the highway soon.

What if we can't save Eun-byeol?

-Hey, Dae-sik.

That pickup truck there.
You see it, right?

-That's not a sedan.
-Get closer.

I think I saw the trunk shaking.

-You saw that, right?

We found a suspicious vehicle.

It's a sports pickup truck.
Plate number 01H3740.

See who rented it.

Why are you chasing a pickup truck?

-I told you it was a sedan.
-You were wrong.

Please look again. I heard--

Listen carefully.

If this was a pre-planned abduction,

Eun-byeol might get killed.

We need to catch the guy now!

Do you think
we always have to listen to you?

We take everything into consideration
to catch a suspect, understand?

Hey, turn it on.

Car with plate number 01H3740!

Pull over and turn off your engine.
I repeat.

Car with plate number 01H3740!
Pull over and turn off your engine.

We'd like to inspect your car.
Open the window.

Open your window.

Mr. Mu, I found out
who rented the vehicle.

His name is Min Ji-seok.
He's 29 years old.

Sir, his phone and Eun-byeol's
have the same last four numbers.

The same last four numbers?

Mr. Mu, it looks like they used to date.

"Eun-byeol, I'll do anything
to get you back in my life. I miss you."

He's obsessed with her.

Min Ji-seok, get out of the car!

Turn off the engine and get out. Now!

That little...

-In the trunk!

Get out now!

-Open the trunk, bastard!

Get out now!

You bastard! Eun-byeol!

Min Ji-seok, stop the car.
Do it now!

Hey! Come on!


Let's go.

-I'll teach him a lesson.
-The suspect is going towards the tunnel.

His name is Min Ji-seok.
He's 29 tears old.

It looks like
it was a premeditated abduction.

All Patrols Divisions in the area,
please send backup!

Min Ji-seok, stop the car!

Stop the car, punk!


-Oh, seriously.

Watch out!

Mr. Mu.


-Ms. Park's phone turned off.

The suspect's car...

The suspect's car
fled towards the Sungun Tunnel.


Look at me!

Damn it.

We need an ambulance.

How did they lose the suspect?
They made a mess on the road.

Ms. Kang received the call off-site
and misidentified the vehicle.

The victim is in more danger now.

One of our guys, Shim Dae-sik,
is injured and in the ER.

Ever since we formed the Golden Time Team,
we don't have one day of peace!

-Where is Ms. Kang?
-She's on her way here.

Violent Crimes Unit One is forming
a special investigation team.

Please don't worry.

Violent Crimes Unit One
formed an investigation team.

Apparently, the commissioner is enraged.

If I'd cut it short and hung up,

she'd have gone to her party.
I shouldn't have nagged her.

I kept her on the phone.

Don't blame yourself.

I'm a police officer,

but I didn't know she was in danger.

What should I do? My goodness, Eun-byeol!

Oh, Jin-hyeok! What can we do?

My dear Eun-byeol!
My granddaughter was kidnapped.

What now?

Eun-su, what happened?

Ma'am, please calm down.
I'm sure she's fine.

-Who are you?
-He's Eun-byeol's friend.

He came to the restaurant
because he couldn't contact her.

That's why I brought him along.

Park Eun-byeol's kidnapper is Min Ji-seok.

He's her colleague
at the Happy Hill Resort.

He's 29 years old and works in sales.

His address is 33 Myeonghwa-dong,
Haenam-gu. Second floor.

He hasn't been home since last night.

He dated Eun-byeol for about a year.

A rental car agency confirmed
that a man by the same name

rented a car this morning.

Another crucial detail:

we found several videos
of Eun-byeol in his room.

What's weird is that he canceled
all his credit cards this morning.

He canceled his credit cards?
He better not try to commit suicide.

From what Eun-byeol's colleagues said...

-Ji-seok is a total nut.

We knew he was a loser

when they were dating,
but I didn't know he hit her.

Eun-byeol, what is that?


-Did someone hit you?

I think she broke up with him
because of that.

Even after that,
he continued stalking her.

Stop. Enough is enough.

-Forgive me!
-What are you doing?

I won't ever do it again. Please.

There's more.
He wrote her a note with his blood

and threatened to post videos
of them having sex.

We are almost sure
Min Ji-seok kidnapped her.

Put him on the most wanted list
and stake out his house.

My Eun-byeol. She's just a baby.

She must be so scared.

Mr. Hwang Gyeong-il.


You know Min Ji-seok...

don't you?

Actually, Eun-byeol
was having a really hard time.

Even though he knew we were dating,
he still clung onto her.

You must've been very bothered.

Did the two of you fight over her a lot?

No, not at all.
We haven't been dating for long.

We're not that serious.

That's true. Nowadays,
young people sleep together

-but don't necessarily date, right?
-Yeah, but...

I wanted to get serious with Eun-byeol,
then this happened.

Mr. Hwang...

by any chance,

did you ever see Eun-byeol
go out with other guys?

Pardon? What other guys?

Someone who's not slender
like you or Min Ji-seok.

Someone bulky and tall.

I don't know of anyone
except Min Ji-seok.

I hope you find her.
I have to go back to school.

Don't worry. I'll find her no matter what.

Excuse me.

I'm sorry about today.

Don't worry.
We all make mistakes. We're human.

Also, making it right is our duty.

By the way,

why do you think Eun-byeol
has other guys?

I heard what you said.

Isn't Min Ji-seok the prime suspect?

I got this from the the rental car agency.
Take a look.

Hey, is there anything suspicious
about Hwang Gyeong-il?

He says he met her through social media.

After questioning him,
he didn't seem suspicious.

We confirmed he was in class
when it happened.

Chief Jang.

This isn't right.
We started this all wrong.

He's not the perpetrator.
Take that down.

-We have to start over.

What are you saying?

I got this from the rental car agency.

He rented the car
using Min Ji-seok's name.

That man is bulky and tall.

Look at our suspect.
He's short and slender.

They're completely different.
It's not him.

Are we done here?
Why are you trying to confuse us?

He may've asked someone else
to rent the car for him.

I saw the driver in the car.

He was tall and bulky.

The windows were tinted.
How could you see?

And look at this. Do you think
this can be used as evidence?

-It's blurry and it's been--
-Before I crashed,

I saw him with my own eyes.
He was bulky.

I saw him when I fell.

Then our teams
will work on this separately.

I understand the golden hours
for kidnapping is 12 hours.

Chief Jang,

Min Ji-seok's phone just got turned on.

He's near the amusement park
in Myeonghwa-dong.

-Amusement park?


This is the recording
with Park Eun-byeol.

She was gagged,
it's hard to hear anything.

It's okay.

Ms. Park, this is Kang Gwon-ju.

Your sister called us.
We're on our way to rescue you.

Why is there a shovel in the car?

Don't worry.
We all make mistakes. We're human.

-We're human.
-They're onto you.

-We're human.
-They're onto you.

They're onto you.

No way.

Eun-byeol's grandmother? I'm Kang Gwon-ju
from the Emergency Call Center.

Yes, I'm Detective Mu's colleague.
I need to ask you something.

When you came over earlier, did you see
a shovel in the backseat of the car?

I'm not sure. I can't remember.

That's okay. Thank you.

Officer Oh, it's easy to find people
on social media, right?

Yes. I can even get
bank account numbers.


Look him up.

We found the suspect's car.

Go around the front.

Mr. Hwang Gyeong-il?

I'm Kang Gwon-ju
from the Call Center.

Where are you now?

I'm in front of my car.

I'd like to ask a favor. I have something
for Eun-byeol's grandmother.

Could you come here and get it?

I'm parked in an alleyway
across the station.

Yes, come. I'll wait.

Min Ji-seok, it's the police.

Hwang Gyeong-il...

There's nothing.
Is he a monk or something?

What's this?

I'm sorry.
You must be worried about Eun-byeol.

It's fine. It's for her grandmother.
I'm very worried .

I'm sure you are.

There must be a lot of mud
in the school playground.

Why do you say that?

Well, I heard
you came straight from the school.

I noticed the mud on your pants and shoes.

-Can I put these in the trunk?
-I'll do it.

I can do it.

Is something funny?

What is it?

He's been dead for a while.

Open the trunk.

Spread out and look for Eun-byeol. Go!

Yes, sir.

Oh, no.

I must be distracted.
I left something inside.

-I'll be right back. Wait here, please.
-All right.

Are you with Hwang Gyeong-il?

-Officer Oh, I'm busy.
-Get out of there quickly.

He isn't the abductor.

I went through his social media.
He's crazy!

The police are so annoying.

Why do you keep trying to catch us

when you never can?

By the way...


you have such fair skin.

You remember, right?

My voice.

That's why you shouldn't have run.

What do you mean Min Ji-seok was murdered?
Can't you see the charcoal?

Chief Jang, you're losing your touch.

Look at him.
His body is tilted to the right.

Obviously, someone suffocated him
and put him here.

What happened then?
His body tilted to the opposite direction.

What if the victim was shaking in pain?

How do you explain this?

It turned white from burning,

but there's no trace of fire in the car
or his nose.

I'm positive he was moved here
after being killed.

The evidence is telling us that.

Don't move.

You must be very angry.

I won't say it twice. Don't move.

Officer Oh, report this to Mr. Mu.

The suspect is not Min Ji-seok
but Hwang Gyeong-il.

And the Eunhyeong-dong--

Ms. Kang?


What's wrong?

Ms. Kang said

the real abductor is Hwang Gyeong-il.
Then the call got disconnected.

Hurry, track Ms. Kang's phone.

This is 112 Emergency.
Sungun Police,

search the parking lot and roads

near the Sungun Police Station.
Ms. Kang is in danger.

I repeat.


-The GPS isn't working.

Submit a incident report
and announce a Code Zero.

-Continue tracking Ms. Kang's phone.
-Yes, sir.

Code Zero, there's been an incident.

At 2:23 p.m., Ms. Kang went missing

near the Sungun Police Station.
There is a high possibility of abduction.

The suspect is Hwang Gyeong-il.

What do you mean
Hwang Gyeong-il is the suspect?

-Open channel three.
-Gosh, that punk.

Hwang Gyeong-il owns
the website Hunting Man?

Yes. Before Ms. Kang met Hwang Gyeong-il,
she sensed something 

and told me to look him up online.
While searching his social media,

I noticed he often writes a line
from Forrest Gump.

I has seen it before
and wondered where.

Go on! Where did you see it?

You know...

the rape video of Ms. K that went viral?

I downloaded it from a site
called Hunting Man. I did it...

to investigate as a police officer.

the man shooting the video
said that at the end.

I'm sending it to you now.
Take a look.

If you suspect him because he used a line
from a movie, anyone can be a criminal.

That's what I thought too.
But I looked into it.

Friday, August 26,
and Friday, September 23,

every time the rape video was uploaded,
he posted that same line.

Hwang Gyeong-il abducted
Park Eun-byeol to shoot a rape video.

I'm 100 percent sure.

He makes money by uploading these videos,
and subscribers pay to watch them.

They're sick bastards.

I got in touch with the guys
investigating Hwang Gyeong-il.

Min Ji-seok found out about him
and blackmailed him.

They think Hwang Gyeong-il
killed Min Ji-seok.

-I told you he was murdered.

the analysis team sent a message.
Hwang Gyeong-il's plate is 08N5412.

It's not a registered vehicle.

It passed the Eungwang Intersection
and is on the freeway.

What's this guy doing?

Send out an APB.
Send our guys to the toll stations.

-There's no other way out, right?
-This is Car  One.

The suspects of Ms. Park's
and Ms. Kang's kidnapping

are Hwang Gyeong-il
and a strong man in his 30s.

The vehicle plate number is 08N5412.

He is on the Eungwang side roads.

Have the patrols
inspect the toll stations.

Why are you sitting there?

We have no time to argue.

So get out!
Are you going to ruin everything again?

-Wait a minute!
-Get out!

-Just get out!
-Take off the belt.

-Get out!

-This is my case!
-Get out!

-What did you say?
-Just leave!

Push him out.

Kyeong-hak! This isn't right!

Damn it.

Mr. Mu, this is Officer Oh.

I need to tell you something.
Call me later.

Tell me now.

I found something while investigating
Hwang Gyeong-il's past.

For some reason, when he was
in eight grade, he set his house on fire.

The report  says his anger towards
his mother may have led him to do that.

It was his first offense
so he went to a juvenile facility.

After that, no more incidents.

But when he was 18,
he filmed and posted a video

of a pastor's daughter taking a shower.

Since he was young,

he seemed to be a psycho
who resented women.

Ms. Kang...

-will be okay, right?
-We're looking for her now.

This is Patrol Two
at the Eungwang Toll Station.

We don't see the suspect's car,
plate number 08N5412.

What do you mean you don't see it?

Are you slacking or what?

Don't say that, sir.
We've been here since 2:40 p.m.

Are you sure he got on the highway
to Eungwang?

How dare you talk to me like that.
So where did it go? Did it fly away?

The car disappeared.

He must've taken a side road

to deal with Ms. Kang.

Something doesn't sound right.

-Funnel, it's me.

Sergeant Mu?

-Are you back to the Patrol Division?
-Tell me something.

Where's the shortcut from the toll
to the Eungwang Intersection?

The one you use in emergencies.

What are you talking about?
There's no shortcut.

Think carefully.

Do you really want me to tell everyone
that you bribed the technicians

when you got your tow truck checked?

Sergeant Mu, that's because you nagged me
to give you information--

This is an emergency.

Stop wasting time and tell me.

Otherwise, I'll burn all your shortcuts!

Tell me right now!

Oh, I remember where the shortcut is.

I got confused
because you were rushing me.

The shortcut is...


Isn't this deep enough?

Dig more.

Who caused all this trouble?

I'm sorry.

I had no idea the car rental agency

would have surveillance cameras.

Did you get the boat ready?

It sounds like they know who we are.

I'm taking care of it.
Just do what you're told.


Did you lock up Park Eun-byeol?

Yes, of course.

She won't go anywhere.
Nobody will find her.

Gyeong-il, you're really clever.

There are so many comments already.
They're actually not that dumb.

Tell me about it.

If it weren't for her,
it could've been our lucky day.

By the way,

how much Bitcoin do we have?
Quite a lot, right?

It's none of your business.

Stop talking and keep digging.




I think this should be good.

-Go get her.
-Oh, okay.

It was originally for cars
that had to do quick U-turns,

but many people used it
to avoid the tolls.

So it was closed down.

There's only a reservoir and forest
on the other side.

Besides, the road is not paved,

so it won't be easy to drive through.

You should've just kept answering calls.

Why did you have to cause
so much trouble?

This is Team One. I'm at Ilrak Reservoir.

I think I found the suspect's car.
I'm at the south end of the reservoir.

-Please send backup.
-Okay, sir.

This is the Call Center.

The suspect's car
has been found near Ilrak Reservoir.

Please send backup.

Chief Jang!
We've located the suspect's car.

It's near Ilrak Reservoir.

-Ilrak Reservoir?
-Yes, sir.

-Hurry! Back to the car!
-Go, go!


Open the bag.

What if she screams?

We should hear her last words
before she dies. Open it.



Let her go.

This lady is funny.

-Aren't you worried about yourself?
-Is this what you do

after you kidnap people in Eunhyeong-dong?
You bury them?

I know you have nothing to do
with the Eunhyeong-dong case.

Your voice

is totally different from his.

Well, let's see.

Anyway, we're going to have a great time
with Eun-byeol at 10 p.m. tonight.

And don't feel guilty.

Girls like her

always get screwed.

What did Eun-byeol do to deserve that?

Don't you feel sorry
for all the women you killed?

Not even a bit?

You guys 

are worthless pieces of trash.

You're trash.

I'm sorry.

Your investigation is over. Goodbye...

pale lady.

Throw her in.



Ko Dong-cheol is dead?
He can't be dead. He can't.

I was right. He didn't commit suicide.

He was murdered.

Are you saying we should investigate
the case in secrecy?

Yes, there is definitely someone
on the inside helping the killer.

Who said they could close the case?


I'm going to catch him no matter what.

Just wait and see.

I'll catch him at any cost.


Eun-byeol? Park Eun-byeol!

Code Zero. An abduction occurred
in the New Wave Mall parking lot

on Rodeo Street. The abductee
is 24-year-old Park Eun-byeol.

We'd like to inspect your car.
Open the window.

-In the trunk.

Min Ji-seok, get out of the car!

Watch out!

Mr. Mu.


Look at me!

Are you with Hwang Gyeong-il?
Get out of there.

I went through his social media.
He's crazy!