Voice (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 10 - Episode #1.10 - full transcript


Why aren't there any documents?

How did you get in here, Mr. Yang?

It's a restricted area for police only.

What are you doing?

-I'm sorry.
-It wasn't me.

-It wasn't me.
-I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

The tone of his voice changed
even though he said the same words.

The first one was of a man being sorry.

The other one was completely different.
He sounded pleasant

as if he were complimented.


We're at the internet cafe.
We're going in.

We're the police.
We're here to arrest a suspect.

Can you find out

which computer has this IP address?

There is a record

of the suspect accessing the internet
with this IP address.

It's that one.

-Kang Mi-suk.
-Who are you?

What's your name?

It's Oh Dal-ja.

Do you know who Kang Mi-suk is?

I don't.

This is Team One.
There must have been a mistake.

What happened?

The IP address points to that computer.

What happened?

-Mr. Mu.

Can you look at the SNS account?

All right. Excuse me for a second.

What's this? Why is the IP address...


Ms. Kang said it's 79 Jiseo-ro,
Jiseo-dong, Sungun.

Fix Everything Electrical.

Fix Everything Electrical.

No way. Is it...


"We Fix Everything"...

I pity Love8080 a little.

She only did those things
because she likes you.

You creep.

-Ms. Kang.

It's not Kang Mi-suk. We got it all wrong.

It's Yang Ho-sik who claimed
to have been given orders by Love8080.

What are you talking about, Officer Oh?

Calm down and explain clearly.

Well, it's not that simple...

I need to ask you something.

Can we talk in private?

Officer Park. She's in danger.

He must be a lunatic
with De Clerambault Syndrome or something.

We must catch him now!

No way.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

No wonder he sounded different.

He got excited by the thought
of Officer Oh looking at him.



No, it's very different from what we know.
What could this mean?

Team One, this is 112 Center.

Leave Kang Mi-suk to Cybercrimes.
Come back to the station.

According to Officer Oh,
the IP address was wrong.

Sorry? What do you mean?

The culprit of the acid attack
is Yang Ho-sik, not Kang Mi-suk.

He used the IP address of an internet cafe
and Kang Mi-suk's account to confuse us.

That's how he's still logged in
even though he's at the station now.

According to the data from Officer Oh,
Yang Ho-sik has an IQ of 150,

and is a genius hacker.

He dropped out of school
in tenth grade due to paranoia.

Officer Park is now
at the archives downstairs.

It seems he followed her there.

I knew something felt wrong.

He was putting on a show.

Hurry up!

This is 112 Center. To all officers,
Officer Park of Golden Time Team

is at the archives with the suspect
of the acid attack, Yang Ho-sik.

She's likely under threat.

Yang Ho-sik has
De Clerambault Syndrome

and he could be assaulting
Officer Park as we speak.

Please head over now.

Why are you trying to tear us apart?



No way.


all your fault.

Who are you to treat me like a lunatic

in front of Hyeon-ho?

Who do you think you are?

What are you doing?

You are really...

Don't you know how much Hyeon-ho likes me?

How dare you come between us?

How dare you?

Whenever Officer Park steps back,

I can hear the sound
of books and bookshelves.

The wavelength seems to be
short and blunt.

It must be the part of the archives
that's blocked off.

Mr. Mu,

I think Officer Park is at Aisle F10,
the deepest section of the archives.

-Is it Aisle F10?

Why are you doing this?

Please calm down.

What would you know?

Hyeon-ho and I clicked from the start.

When I was working at Club Fever,

Hyeon-ho would pick up
the tool I dropped for me.

And he had that angelic smile.

Mr. Yang, please calm down.

You met Officer Oh

and you heard what he thinks about you.

You're delusional.


This is why I'm saying you don't know
anything about Hyeon-ho and me.


is just being grumpy.

He deleted his accounts

because he wants more love from me.

Mr. Yang,

delusions only get worse
if you run away from reality.

Life is hard,

but you have to face the reality.

You should face the reality...

and get lost!

Listen carefully.

The lunatic inside

has a mental disorder.

In case of emergency,

you have permission to fire.


I'm just going to...

pour it on your face.

I won't make you drink it like the woman
from the Burim-dong incident.

You should be grateful

that I'm stopping here.

Put that down, you scum.

-It burns!
-Get out!

It burns!

It burns.

Cuff him and treat the wound.

-Yes, sir.

-What did I do wrong?
-Stay still.

-Hyeon-ho, help me. You like me, too.
-Come here.

-Come here.
-Don't leave me!

Don't leave me.

That lunatic.

Gosh, he really is mental.

Eun-su, are you all right?

Yes, sir. I'm okay.

Mr. Mu, good work.

It's nothing. It's what we do.

Isn't it funny that we could have
lunatics living among us

without us ever knowing?

I agree.

He did try to cure himself
by taking scopolamine

which he secretly put
in Officer Oh's bag

Crimes committed by those
with mental illnesses are on the rise

with so many people
living in isolation these days,

Although crimes involving mental illnesses
can be prevented

with just a little attention.

I know. Anyway, Eun-su is over there.

-Go and talk to her.

You went through a lot, Jin-hyeok.

-Are you okay?
-Now what?

Things keep happening one after another

for Golden Time Team.

Don't mind our business.
Focus on your own job.

You think you're different from us?
None of you are.

Just do your job.

Wait, Jin-hyeok.

-What is it now?
-The second murder case in Sulim-dong.

You have different ideas about it, right?

I'm just wondering if you have
any information we can refer to.

You're far ahead of us on that case.


catch Nam Sang-tae as soon as possible.
before he stows away on a ship.

I already told my men to be on stakeout
around possible areas.

Catch him at all costs, understood?

Let's go.

-At all costs.

See? He's hiding something.

You're right.
He's definitely hiding something.

Anyway, I don't like
how they're acting these days.

Is it because they work with Chief Jang
or what?

Why is he calling?

-What is it?
-I've got big news.

Is it a tank now? Did they upgrade
from a dump truck?

No. You saved my life. I wouldn't dare.

The thing you told me to do last time...

You said Chief Jang
often visited the bar, Fantasia.

He used Nam Sang-tae's credit card
and GP Development's company card there.

You're dead meat if this is a lie.

-Are you sure?
-Of course.

I heard Chief Jang is being blackmailed
by someone called Su-ji.

She works at Fantasia
and took a video of him.

This is trusted information
from one of my reliable sources.

It took quite some persuasion.

-Name the source.

You know I can't tell you
about my sources.

But I can tell you for sure
this is 100 percent true.

It's the fact.

The girls at Fantasia don't usually play
a cheap trick like this.

It seems Nam Sang-tae gave orders
to the girl Su-ji

to play with Chief Jang.

Right. I heard he's living
separately from his family.

His wife and children
are in Australia now.

Hey. Chief Jang isn't someone
you can easily push around.

-He doesn't fool around.
-Who knows what can happen?

That girl Su-ji hit on him on purpose.

It happened six months ago.

She's been threatening him with the video
since then.

According to my sources,
Su-ji's sponsor who runs adult clubs

used Chief Jang to avoid
a police crackdown.

What's important is
that he's gotten involved.

Where's the girl who trickd him?

I heard that she didn't come to work
for a few days

due to a bad cold.

Tabloid, you listen to me.

Find out what Chief Jang
has been blackmailed for within today.

Or the whereabout of the girl.

Get her address, understood?

What was that about?
Who's blackmailing Chief Jang?

Darn it.

Jin-hyeok, what is it?

I'm sorry. I put you in trouble.

I don't understand why he chose me.

I think your SNS account
had a bad influence on him.


Maybe I should stop doing it now.

It's good to see you
on social media,

but seeing and talking
in person is better.


I heard you figured out
what high color laser meant.

Thank you.

Officer Park. Officer Oh.

Are you two okay?

I'm okay.

You dealt with it very calmly today
even though you were very startled.

Not at all.

To be honest,

I was so frightened.

I barely held it back.

All right. Get some rest now.

-Ms. Kang.

I wanted to persuade Yang Ho-sik like you,

but I couldn't.

I want to learn more from you.


Chief Jang let someone
have something on him?

The man who thinks
about his own safety first?

Maybe Tabloid is still in contact
with Nam Sang-tae

to trap you again?


You also told me
that Chief Jang frequents the place.

I said so because I thought
he was receiving favors from Nam Sang-tae.

It wasn't about blackmailing.

Anyway, I can't believe anything
before I see it myself.

Once we meet the girl Su-ji,

we will find out more.

Dong-u. I'm about to leave now.

Your friend is the best.

You friend left a big gift for me
while I was asleep.

Who is it?


your dad must've been very surprised.

Be good to him.

But I didn't see his face.

I should have said thank you.

My friend? Who? Uncle Won-hui?

Or Uncle Gi-won?

You know all of my friends.

I don't know. He just left.

Can you put the caregiver
on the phone?

She went outside to see her sister
in front of the hospital.

Well, then put Ji-hun's mother
on the phone.

No one's here.

They all went to see
a puppet show on the first floor.

Dad, can I open the gift?

I researched into the mirror
in front of the dead body.

It could be how he picks his target.

Whoever look into the mirror
are the next victims.

Don't open it yet. I'll be there soon.
Don't hang up the phone, okay?

Don't hang up. I'm going there now, okay?


What's going on?

Dong-u, don't open it, okay? Hang on.

Some guy gave him something
when he was alone at the hospital.

That man said to my son

that your dad must have been
very surprised yesterday.

What? I'm coming with you.

No. Nothing is certain yet.
Be on standby here, all right?

Dong-u, you didn't open it yet, right?
Don't open it.

Contact me if anything happens, Jin-hyeok.


“The world wants to renew itself. 

There’s a smell of death in the air.
Nothing can be born without first dying.”


Dad, I want to see what's in the box.
Can I open it?

Why won't you let me open it?
I want to open it.

Don't open it.
There is a button at your bedside.

There is a button to call nurses.
Press it now.

Why? I'm feeling okay now.



Who are you?

Ghost has started the work.

All right. We should make our next move.



Mister, who are you?

Who are you?





Yes. Hello, Mr. Mu.

I think a suspicious man
is with my son now.

Please go to his room
with the security team now.

Pardon? Okay.

Security Team?

A suspicious man is reported
in Room 401. Please hurry up.



Ms. Kang, I think someone sneaked
into my son's room.

Send officers to Room 401
at Sungun Hospital right now.

I'm not sure if it's Nam Sang-tae's doing,
but someone sent a guy.

Got it?

This is 112 Center.
58 Gwangchang-ro, Gwangchang-dong,

Room 401 at Sungun Hospital.

An 11-year-old boy is alone,
and a man has sneaked in with a weapon.

Gwangchang Patrol,
go to the scene now.

Have you spotted anything?

I've checked the footage
from 9:10 to 9:45 p.m.,

I didn't see any vehicles
related to Nam Sang-tae.

-Hey, do you have any update for me?
-The patrol will arrive in 5 minutes.


Please let go of me.

My dad will teach you a lesson.

What's going on?

Who are you?


Are you all right, Dong-u?
Did he hurt you?

Are you all right?

Are you okay?

Go after him!

The intruder, Southeast Asian looking,
is on the run using the main stairway.

The security team in the lobby,
to the emergency exit now!

Gwangchang Patrol,
are you not there yet?

We are at the Hospital,
on our way to the fourth floor.

It's Room 401!

Patrol officers are on their way
to the fourth floor.

I'm almost there, too!

Your dad will be here soon.

What was your dad's phone number?

It's okay. Everything is okay now.

Mr. Mu!

Some Southeast Asian guy tried to...

-Dong-u is okay.

He escaped through the emergency exit.
One security was injured badly.


A patrol division will be there shortly.

And the gift Dong-u received.

Please put it away. Right now!

Okay, I will put it away.

Please hurry up.


-Call the emergency room.

Are you all right?

My gosh, what happened?

-Dong-u, what happened to you?
-I don't know.

What on earth happened? My gosh.


That rat fled using the emergency exit.

Check all security cameras
near the hospital.

Got it.

Gosh, what is going on?

Mr. Mu, it's the back door
in Zone B-3.

Who sent you?

Is it Nam Sang-tae?

Did he put you up to this?

Answer me!

What the... What are you doing?


-Are you okay?
-I need to catch him.

Nam Sang-tae...

To get him, I have to catch this guy.

Who is it?


your dad must've been very surprised.

Be good to him.

Is everyone here?

Yes. They're waiting inside, sir.
Minister Kim just came.

Mr. Mo is entering the building.

Mo Tae-gu is going up.

Chairman Mo, it's an honor to be here.
It's been a while.


You should have called us more often.


Director Kwon,

why are you so fidgety?
Is it because of Minister Kim?

No, sir.

Director Kwon.
Why are you acting so distant?

Would you like me to leave?

No, Minister Kim. Please stay.

Director Kwon. Relax.

Minister Kim and I became acquainted
at church.

We're not as close as you and I are,
so don't you worry.

Now, let's have a drink.

Mr. Mu, hang in there.
I've requested a Patrol vehicle.

It's heading toward the alley.
It'll catch up with you soon.

I'm not sure if you all know this,

but the character I envy the most
in the Bible is Jacob.

I prayed so hard to be blessed like Jacob

so that I could contribute
to the development of Sungun.

I prayed very hard and at last,

my prayers were heard.

There is only one management philosophy

for Sungun Express.

I am sorry for being late.
I had to attend to a matter.

CEO Mo is getting more handsome each day.

Tae-gu. Do you know
our company's management philosophy?

"Let's be a grain of wheat that falls
on the ground and feed the poor."

This is Sungun's mission.

There's no one like my son.

Well, speaking of the Sulim-dong project,

some idiots
of those useless development companies

got involved and caused some trouble.

It's giving me a headache.

If you could possibly...

provide me with a bit of support,

I would willingly bear the cross.

I would love to help you,

but it's not for me to decide.
It's up to the ones running the company.

You know how it is
for us public officials.

Gyu-a, why don't you bring us
some more dishes?

Bring us something fancy.

And get us some high-quality liquor.

Yes, sir.

To be frank, all three of us here

consider the city of Sungun
part of our family.

Shall we drink to the development
of the city of Sungun?

Yes, Minister.

I personally...

am the type that likes
to move up from the bottom.

I don't like to push people down
from the top and make them fail.

I'm not that type of person.

I trust you, Director Kwon.

Yes, sir. Of course.

I'll start working on it
first thing tomorrow.



Excuse me for a moment.

You've become quite humorous.

As a wanted criminal,
you shouldn't be here.

I'm by the emergency exit of Fantasia.

Shall I go to you?


Stay there. I'll go to you.

Prepare the drinks quickly.

Not this. Something of higher quality.

That one.

What do you plan to do?

Don't open the door too easily.

Tae-gu said he'd come to the second floor.

I'm impressed.
You're telling me to come and go now.

Who knows
when we'll see each other again.

We go back 20 years, don't we?

It seems like you're upset.

Sang-tae. You know you and I
are different.

Get some rest while hiding out in Japan.

Go to a hot spring.

You've been working hard, huh?

You smell.

Like you said, you and I are different.

It's not fair
that I have to leave like this.

What I got from Chairman Mo
won't be enough.

You'll have to give me some more money.

No dog bites its master.

A dog should live like a dog.
You understand?

And what happens to a master
that abandons his dog?

I heard you paid a visit
to the maniac's son at the hospital.

Why? Do you need a new toy to play with?

-You're hilarious.

Manager Jang.

Take a good look.

He beats people to death

He's even burned people alive.

If you continue to protect him,

more people will be burned
or beaten to death because of him.

If you cooperate, we'll make sure
your business won't get affected.


Kang Gwon-ju.

-This is Jang Gyu-a.

Nam Sang-tae...

is here at our bar.

Nam Sang-tae is there?


I think he's here to meet someone.

Come quickly.

I'll be waiting for you in the office
on the third floor.

I'll be there.

Mr. Mu, Manager Jang called.

She said Nam Sang-tae
showed up at Fantasia.

She did?

All right. Let me take a minute
to catch this guy.

I'll join you right after.

I must go meet an informant.

Please take over and fully support Mr. Mu.

-Inform me if something comes up.
-Yes, ma'am.

I sent you the details.

This is 112 Center.
A wanted criminal has been spotted.

Patrol Division, please go to Fantasia
in Yeongin-dong.

Mr. Mo. What brings you here?

Can I help you with anything?

Mr. Mo.

Where did he go?

Where did that scum go?

Come out, you scum!

There's no place to hide here.
Show yourself!

Mr. Mu. I just arrived here.
but something is wrong.

I'm supposed to meet Manager Jang here,
but all the lights are off.

Mr. Mu.

Mr. Mu.

I'm now at Fantasia,
11 Yeongin-ro, Yeongin-dong.

It seems there was an accident.

I don't see the caller here,

and there is a lot of blood on the floor.

And Mr. Mu isn't answering his radio.

Find out what's going on.

Yes, ma'am.

While Mr. Mu was moving
from Sungun Hospital to Gwangchang-dong,

his radio got disconnected.
Officers in the vicinity,

please check for Mr. Mu's safety.

What does that mean?
You can't reach Mr. Mu?

We've been trying to reach him,
but he's not answering.

Where's he on GPS?

We got a signal
near Gwangchang-dong.

Still waiting on the exact location.

I'll be in Gwangchang-dong
in ten minutes.

Let me know where he is

-as soon as you find out.
-Yes, sir.

We are at Fantasia.
Heading up to the third floor.

-Let us through.

-Hurry up. Run!
-Yes, sir.

I'm now at Fantasia in Yeongin-dong.

I just found Jang Gyu-a's phone,

parts of a human body, and blood.

Requesting for backup.


What happened?

Parts of a human body
and Manager Jang's phone was found

on the third floor.

And the police are here.


I think we're in trouble.

-Let the VIPs go first.
-Yes, sir.

You're going upstairs with me.

-What's going on?
-What is that?

-Keep the place under control.
-Yes, ma'am.

-Calm down.
-What's going on?

-What happened?
-Calm down and go downstairs.

-What are you doing?
-Let's get moving.

-Hang on.
-Be careful.

Go downstairs.
You shouldn't stay here.

Go downstairs.

This is the Violent Crimes Unit 1.
What's the status?

We found a lot of blood,
parts of a human body,

and Manager Jang's phone
on the third floor.

She is currently missing.

When did this happen?

Ms. Kang just told us through the radio.
We're checking the surveillance cameras

-and securing the scene
-Check the cameras first.

-What are you doing? Get out.
-Yes, sir.

What's going on?

I'm the head
of the 112 Emergency Call Center,

Kang Gwon-ju.

No one in Fantasia can get out

until their identities are confirmed.

Okay. We'll cooperate.

We will secure the exit.

And I need the list of people

who visited the third floor
from 9 p.m. until now

and the CCTV recordings.

We will.

Any updates on Mr. Mu?

We found his GPS signal in Gwangchang-dong

and we dispatched Detective Shim.

We still cannot contact him.

Keep trying him on the radio and phone.

-Let me know when you get a hold of him.
-Yes, ma'am.

I will search this area.

So Sulim-dong will now become
the landmark of Sungun.

That's too much.

I just hope more young and fresh talents

will come to Sungun.

Make our city shine.

That's my wish.

With the Chairman,

Director Kwon, and I are on the same team,

it's bound to be a success.

Oh, my.

When he is flattering me,

alcohol seems to taste better.

You should drink, too, Director Kwon.

Yes, sir.


There was an accident on the third floor.

Police are asking for cooperation.
I think you'd better leave right now.

What? What accident?


Start talking!

In a room on the third floor,
blood and Manager Jang's phone was found.

We can't get a hold of her.

What? Gyu-a.

She was with us a moment ago.
What happened?

My goodness.

How could this happen?

I can't believe this happened.

Get up.

Don't step on it.

Ms. Kang, what happened?

Who called the police?

Jang Gyu-a called the police.
She said Nam Sang-tae was here.

We can't control the second-floor guests.

They want to see the manager.

Jung-gi, follow me.

Okay, sir. Let's go.

This way, sir.

-Why can't we leave?
-Let go of me.

-Why can't we go out?
-What are you doing?

-Where's the supervisor?
-Calm down, sir.

-What is this?
-My goodness.

-What's happening?
-What do you think you're doing?

I'm Chief Jang
of Sungun's Violent Crimes Unit.

There has been a murder case
in a room on the third floor.

We'd like to request
everyone's cooperation.

-It's got nothing to do with us.
-What are you saying?

The victim is missing.

The evidence...

points to a murder incident.

You may go home early
if you cooperate with the police.

Confirm their identification.

-Fine, then make it quick.
-Hurry up.

Get it over with.

Search carefully.

I heard someone running away.

Footage of the surveillance cameras.

Clean up quickly.

What is this?

What are you doing?

-Where did all the customers go?

I told you everyone should have
their identities confirmed.

They were VIPs and had urgent business.

They were not part of the incident.

That is nonsense.

A murder has likely been committed here.

If you don't tell me right now...

Chief Jang, some customers left
through the parking lot exit.

They were in a room on the third floor.

One of them could be a suspect.

What? Okay, I'll head that way.

Jung-gi, take over.
I'm going to the parking lot.

Hyeong-jun, Gwang-su. Follow me.

-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.

Move out of the way.

It's just a parking lot.

Step aside.

-I'm sorry, but you can't go through.
-Step aside!

What is this? Step aside.

I'm the chief of Sungun Police Agency.
Do you think this is a joke?

Step aside, or it'll get ugly.

-Stop right there!

-Stop right there!

-What is this? Step aside.
-Who are you?

-Step aside.
-You can't go there.

-Stop there!
-Tell them to come out.

-Come out.
-You can't go in.

-Step aside.
-You can't.

-Step aside.
-Call your boss.

-Where's your boss?
-What is this?

How dare you let the suspects go?

It's time for you to go.

Get your boss out here!

You better step aside.


Why are you trying to tear us apart?


Who do you think you are?

Don't you know how much Hyeon-ho likes me?

Please calm down. You're delusional.

I'm just going to pour it on your face.

Get lost!


your dad must've been very surprised.

Be good to him.

Who is it?




This is Jang Gyu-a.

Nam Sang-tae is here at our bar.

Come quickly.

Mr. Mo. What brings you here?

Mr. Mo.

I'm now at Fantasia,
11 Yeongin-ro, Yeongin-dong.

I just arrived here,
but something is wrong.

I'm supposed to meet
Manager Jang here,

but all the lights are off.