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Let's be a team ...

A team that does not share diamonds.

Goya. There will be no secrets.

If he dares touch me, Ill kill him.

You can't say those silly things.

- Mom, you have to believe me. - No no no no.

My father will find you, go away.

I bought you a dress.

I don't want photos!

Your sister is dead, Diego.

Is there anything sadder than a New Year's Eve in a gypsy caravan?

Spend it with you.

Zulema, making a gift?

What is this a bomb?

The guts of a relative?

Open it pussy.

Do you want us to take a photo?

Yes. To remind you that we were young,

that we were good, that we were free

And that, in part, only in part,

together we feel less alone.

Well, let's take a picture of ourselves.

Me on this side, which is my good profile.

Hit the red button.


Merry Christmas, blonde.

That is a marriage of convenience.

We know that sooner or later ... it will explode.


All relationships end badly.

But we will never forget that these were good times.


Happy New Year.

And now music.


Thank you.

Hey, sorry.

Hello, excuse me, could you give me a cable, please?

and the car has stopped there, about 50 meters away.

And I'm lying down, pussy.

If it is a puncture or it is something of the battery yes.

- But if it's something else ... - What is it.

It's the radiator because smoke has started to come out

and when smoke comes out it's a radiator thing.


Take off, clown.


Let's go!

You're going to shit, motherfucker.

You're going to shit, motherfucker.

Sorry, forgive me, forgive me.

Sorry. Don't kill me, don't kill me, don't kill me, please.

Don't kill me, don't kill me, don't kill me, please.

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Translation & Sync : Anton

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Your friend Flaca was brave.

She knew he was going to torture her, but she didn't plead.

Something tells me that you are not going to be so strong.

And do you think I'm going to beg you?

You remind me of myself as a young man.

Before Kati was born, he was a cock.

Then you are a father and you have to swallow it all.

Be prudent, be patient.

If it wasn't for Kati,

you and your friends would already be dead.

They're lucky.

I am a murderer, but I am also a father.

And that is first.

That is why I am going to negotiate with your friend.

I hope it is punctual, the motherfucker.


My flaca.

Damn, what a fool!

I am untrained.


Finally, I have you facing me.

Let's see, we met two days ago at the wedding.

Do you know what this is?

When I was 12 years old I swallowed ten of these with half a liter of water.

Don't start telling me about the battles of your childhood

that I come by bike through the desert and I am thirsty.

-Straight to the point. -Very good.

Give me my daughter.

And I promise I will let them go.

I do not believe you.

I do not believe you.

You're from the old school.

You have revenge in your blood.

Would you take...

in exchange for your friend?

I have no friends.

Tell her.

She will love to hear you.

Look how it sucks me to say "I told you so"

but I just told you

You should have stayed.

Well, okay, but now we're both screwed.


Well, you a little more.

Zulema, in all this time I have never asked you for absolutely nothing.

Accept Ramallah's offer.


For you?

You are right.

For the two.

Because I need to get my family back.

I'm not your friend.

Not from the pro-life league.

You and your son don't care. Do with her what you want.

Where are you going?
You and your son don't care. Do with her what you want.

Where are you going?

Do not touch me.

Do you know what will happen to your daughter if I don't make it to the hotel alive?

Nobody grabs my balls, asshole.

Talk to your friends and explain that they are going to die slowly.

I offer you the possibility of negotiating.

I expect your call within two hours.

If not we will enter blood and fire.

God will already know up there to distinguish the innocent.

Oh God!

You could have shot into the air

and they would have run away and you know it.

But no.

Boom, boom, boom, you have taken them all.

Hala, there, you have skipped everything ... with a pole.

I am not a murderer.

Oh no? And what do you call this? Having a bad time soon?

What the hell do you want me to do?

I have done what I had to do.

You're good?

Yes, I'm OK.

That's the problem.

That I'm fine.

Well welcome to hell.

You're already on the side ... which is scarier.

This is where all the bad happens.

And everything good.

It is taking a long time.

She is not going to return.

And if they have killed her what?

We have no plan B. What is this? Every man for himself?

Girls, I'm already here.

Ramallah, I think he's mad at me.

What the hell does that mean?

What tranquility.

- The helicopter is on arrival. - If they don't kill us sooner!

Because this is a fucking mousetrap!

You are too pessimistic to be so young.

We have Kati. Don't want to negotiate?

Oh, hell.

I think I have lost shape.

The bicycle has left me KO. Can you notify the guests?

Of what?

That they may die today.

What are you doing with a gun?

I need to end my problems at once.

Is that your magic solution? Kill your father?

Yours was to jump into a pool with a backpack of stones.

If I don't, I don't know how far it can go.

You are not an assassin.

What will you do next?

I do not know what I'm going to do.

I also didn't know what to do until you pulled me out of the water.

You have to face him, Vivi.

But not like that.

To the living room. Already!

It must be very sad.

Be looking for a daughter who runs away from you.

As sad as a friend abandons you?

Bulls like you are not killed by bullets.

It kills them to trust the wrong people.

Although it's better that way.

What life was going to wait for your baby with a mother like you?

Comadre, sister Blanca, Santa Muerte,

help me get my daughter back.


I'm glad you're back.

That you face me like a real man.

I know what you did to Monica.

She was not made to live.

She had no limits, she was a kamikaze.

Now the son wants to kill the father.

Like a Shakespearean tragedy.

Come on! Kill me, asshole!

Come on, asshole, shoot me!

Kill me, I taught you how to shoot!

Do it, I tell you!

You see it?

You are not my son.

I hate you.

Let's pretend that none of this has happened.

¡Go away!

And don't come back anymore.


Come on, come on, come on, come on!

Damn, you look like lame turtles. Go, fuck.

And the dick! Come on shoot!

Damn, you look like the fucking tail of the super. Go, go!

Let's see, children, I'm going to speak very clearly to you, okay?

There's a gang of drug traffickers out there that kill

and they come after us. You will say:

"Why don't we call the police?"

Well, because you cannot because they have placed inhibitors.


You will have checked because the fucking Instagram does not work for you.

But what are you saying?

I say this.

Voucher? So the concept is: if someone decides to play the idiot,

go out to make a piti, do little hands,

scream awhile, we're dead. Do you get it?

So everyone on the ground and calm down.

Go to the ground!


Happy family, you too. Down!

Flipo, you're going to give me a fucking Chinese male.

Where are you going?

- I want to be with Lucas. - But what are you saying?

- You stay here with us. - Mom, you just don't get it.

That I don't even want to get close to him.

- Don't say those things daughter. - Vivi, please.

Do you know what is the worst?

- Having a mother who doesn't see it. - Don't talk to your mother like that.

I have asked you a thousand times for help and you have never protected me.

Vivi you are making a fool of yourself

Come on now tell me I'm crazy

that I'm making everything up. I just don't care, mom.

- I'm not afraid anymore. - okay.

It's in the age.

She'll get over it.

My wife and I know that something is wrong.

But we love each other very much.

We just had a daughter.

A couple who decides to start therapy

they are a brave couple facing their problems.

So it is evident that they love each other. I have no doubt.

But hey, what was it ...

I don't know, did you decide to take this first step?

Lately there is a lot of tension at home.

I think it is for work.

Long hours in the office, too many guards.

Already, and the times.

It doesn't reach the day, right? Life goes by very fast.

And in what more concrete way

Do you think that tension affects you?

In my bad mood.

I lose my nerves very often.

Do you mistreat her?


Have you even reached ...

I don't know, physical abuse?

No. no. That never.

And how is couple communication?

I mean sex.

What does that have to do with anything?

Much more than you can imagine.

Do they make love frequently?

Is it satisfactory, do you enjoy it?

I can understand that talking about this topic can generate some modesty.

But if you don't give me some more specific detail,

he could hardly help them.

Let's see, Julián, some kind of problem in sexual practice?

I don't know, are you having trouble getting excited?


My problem is that the only thing that turns me on is watching.

They killed him, they killed him, they killed him, they killed him.


How are you, Kati?

Enjoying the brides trip?

My father is going to kill you.

Girls like you always trust dad,

whatever happens.

And I understand that it's fucking growing up.

Because growing up is understanding that Santa Claus does not exist.

That underneath the costume there is only one unemployed actor.

I do not understand you.

That Ramala has killed your boyfriend.

My father wouldn't do that to me.

If this is one of your strategies to be on your side, forget it.

Let's see...

Strip. You are not understanding me.

And I have come here to tell you ...

that we are all alone and that now you are too.

You are a motherfucker.

What happens? Are you fond of the bride?

Cepo has told me that they have Maca.

That is why Ramallah has been angry, no?

Because you don't want to do the exchange.

Fat, this matter is too big for you.

You got me screwed up, Zule!

I've always been by your side!

But now you want to kill us all.

Because you are already dead. But I don't plan to die with you.

Has he outdone you?

Today you have exceeded all limits.

Of course, you have no limits.

You are not afraid of anything. Not to death or anything, no?

Because I am immortal.


No matter what you get into,

what has just happened you will not forget.

Don't you get tired of giving lessons?

I pass, you know that.

You always talk about freedom,

to feel free

and then you like to control everything.

Why don't you let yourself go?

For once.

What was happening to me?

She had killed in cold blood and felt nothing.

Had she lost her mind?

It was time to make a decision.

Get away from Zulema.

Or let go and stay in that night forever.

Come in, get comfortable.

Did you come alone today?

I want to save my marriage and ...

I am willing to do whatever. I dont know

It is a very generous act on your part. Something very commendable.

But in order for me to help you, I need you to tell me everything.


Why doesn't sex work between you?

What's up, aren't you excited?

Well, everything was fine before,

what happens is that Julian has not felt like it for a long time.

Are you attracted to men?

No, no, no, no, it's not that.

Well, you know that I was a mother recently.

Maybe I don't know, he doesn't like me the same.

I have tried to do things that I know he likes

but i don't know what happens They don't work, I don't know what to do.

Well, don't take it personally.

It has nothing to do with you.

If you knew the number of couples who have been together for more than 15 years

and they don't have any kind of sexual activity.

They do not recognize it, logically, but they do know.

They know that they have long lost that magic, that desire,

that passion they had.

Well, I want to get all of that back.

I love him, I want to enjoy him

and I want him to enjoy with me.

Are you really sure to do whatever

for Julián?

Yeah right.

Let's see, what I'm going to suggest ...

it is something that implies a true act of love on your part.

Well, very good.

I do not know, whatever.

Very good.

I'm going to take you to a very special place.


I will leave you alone, Julian.

Do not really feel guilty about anything.

There is nothing wrong with seeking pleasure anyway.

Thank you my love.

Any request?

What song do you want to listen to?


Cielito Lindo? The king?

- Las Mañanitas. - Las Mañanitas! Are you turning years?

Dedicated to your fucking mother.

- We hacked. - What?

Let it come, let's go.

It's not fair that you keep us here.

We have not done anything to those drug traffickers.

And you two where did you come from?

Let's see, I do not care what you and your friends have done,

but we are not going to pay for it, do you understand?

And what do you plan to do?

Listen to me all.

We have done nothing.

- They're looking for them. - Vivi!

And I don't know about you, but I don't intend to die in here.

That you return to your site.

If we go out there with our hands up,

they will most likely let us go.

What are you doing, Vivi?

Getting away from a sick person.

Do not touch her!

Is this what you wanted, to provoke me to the end in front of everyone?

Listen to me one thing. You are not going anywhere.

You are going to stay here with me and you are going to do what I say!

I'm not going to do what you tell me ever again.

Does anyone come with me?

I'm going with you.

But are you crazy?

Excuse me.

Leave us alone.

Lord Ramallah, what do we do?

A woman and children have come out but her daughter is not among them.

Let them go.

They can get away!


What the hell are you laughing at?

What are you laughing at?

What the fuck are you laughing at?

Its the first time?

If it is the first time you take anesthesia.

This does not rise to me. It does nothing to me.

- Nada. - Ya.

Has he done nothing to you?

- Nada. - Ya, ya.

You feel nothing?

You don't feel euphoria

empathy, as a kind of ...

Love for the whole world?


They are your favorite emotions.

When this shit passes.

Do you know what I really want?


Touch your face.

Damn, how lazy.

We are not going to fuck.

And you think I want to fuck with you?

That makes no sense.



Well let's go to sleep.

Hey, last night was silly.

Already, it is that sex between women is overrated.

Sure, well it's normal that ...

you were so clumsy. It was your first time.

By the way, I've thought about what our next hit is going to be.

Well then you tell me.

What a shot.

A helicopter that does not arrive,

an army of Mexicans who are going to kill you.
A helicopter that does not arrive,

an army of Mexicans who are going to kill you.

I congratulate you.


Yes sir.

What I don't understand is why are you still alive.

Are you sick.

Assume it.

You're pathetic.

I'm going to kill you.

But you are going to kill Maca, her son, Goya, Triana.

This is your legacy.

Destroy everything.

But you can't destroy me, Zulema.




I think I'm sensitive because I just saw

"How beautiful it is to live" and almost made me want to cry.

So it's your lucky day.

Come without your thug collection.

Pull the fuck.

I don't know whether to give you a shit or thanks


Let's go from here.

I want to know if you killed Diego.

Excuse me.

Everything will be fine.


Kill them all!