Vis a Vis: El Oasis (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Odio el sentimentalismo - full transcript

Who has the diamonds?

She says she has swallowed them.

You don't need a doctor anymore.

You need a priest.

Is it true what they say about you?

- Still. - That you like boys.

-I have to kill Zulema. -She is already dying.

-How much do I have left? -Months.


Welcome to the Oasis!

When you are 15 years old,

You are a nuclear power plant about to explode.

Life comes out of every pore.

When you are 15 years old,

you can't be sad or depressed

nor confess that you are a virgin.

When you are 15 years old,

your life revolves around a WhatsApp with double click without answering.

When you are 15 years old,

you have your whole life ahead of you. Well, or so you think.

Because the highest suicide rate occurs,

precisely at age 15.


Who has never been 15 years old?

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Sync & Translation: Anton

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.Hate Sentimentality

Where the hell are we?

In Sandoval's brain.

This is a prehistoric.

Why did you bring us here, Zule?

-You set us up. -No.

We have come to purgatory,

this is where we all cleanse our sins.

And did you know?

It doesn't matter, Goya.

Zulema and I have clarified our differences.

And we have brought you here to tell you that there will be no secrets.

We are going to be a team, we are going to do it well

and a helicopter is coming soon.

A team that does not distribute diamonds.

-Goya! -Than?

Well to me this ... seems to me the best bachelorette party ever.

-Flaca? -Flaca? Flaca is dead.

They were waiting for her at the hospital door.

And who are you?

I'm her husband.

The Mexicans are going for you.

They may already be there.

I owed you one.

And I'm sure that Flaca also wanted me to warn you.

Good luck.

Who were you talking to?


Very good.

You don't care, right?

How are you dying because they give the world the ass, right?

What the hell are you doing there? Go away

What were you doing hidden?

Why did you go to Sandoval's mother to finish me off?

I don't know, it seemed the most appropriate death.

And shit.


You wanted it to go wrong.

Because you were not capable.

Take care, Zulema.



Let them all go.

What's up, Lucas? Uncle, how are you?

Damn, smile a little.

Haven't you seen how handsome you are today, man?



Oh Lucas! But no, you are so beautiful.

If not, Lucas is more about sucking cocks, you know?

-You're good? -But what happens that you like?

I like?

I like?

I'm not a fagot.

What's wrong?

What's happening to me?

That, at her age, I was the geek.

They screwed my fucking life up.

Mister judge, I became a criminal because in fifth grade of EGB they beat me.

No ... they hit me.

And what did they do to you?

Once a week, they got all the Bollycaos, the Donuts,

The Pink Panthers, all those fucking shits

and they made bets to see how long it would take to eat everything.

They called me La Zampabollos (greedy pig).

Well, cool!

You were the smartest, you ate free at recess.

They put me three times in the hospital.

One of them gave me a heart attack.

This fucking slut almost palmted at 15 years old.

Do you know what I would do if it were me, Lucas?

Kill myself!

We have placed the inhibitors,

they no longer have communication with the outside.

-All right. -They are completely isolated.

I think I know how to get Kati out safely.

You see, my sister is still in there and I think I could

Your sister is dead, Diego.

She doesn't know yet, because ... she breathes, she speaks and her body moves.

But ... your sister is dead.

Where were you during the wedding, Dieguito?

You were not at the banquet, or in the house, or in the kitchen.

Did you really think you could run away with my daughter?

Make a fool of myself in front of my friends?

Even your sister's junkie has more elaborate plans.

Kati ... loves me.

And even a pig like you can't change that.

You are just like your parents.

Dense, passionate.

They faced each other with bare chests, like slum kids.

That's why you killed them, right?

For standing up for yourself?


Give me the salt.

There goes a joke, come on.

A prey who returns to her cell and says:

I come from the trial and I'm really pissed off.

And his companion says to him: But why?

He says: Well, because they have thrown me 35 years and I am only 30!

Hey, it's not that bad.

What's up Maca?


Here you are free to say what you want.

If you don't understand it.

What am I not going to understand?

Well, you haven't been to jail and you don't understand anything.

And that has to do?

Look, the other day,

I saw a documentary of the astronauts who traveled to the moon.

Those uncles were gods.

They stepped on the moon.

They had it all.


They had pasta, they had family

They had the fucking merit medal.

Well, they all ended fatally.

Alcohol, divorces, suicides ...


Because they stepped on the fucking moon.


Because they stepped on the fucking moon.

And from space they could see that the Earth was

an insignificant little dot in the middle of nowhere

and they realized that they ...

they were very insignificant.

They felt that way.

And now...

you can pretend ... nothing has happened,

that everything is the same.


never again ...

It will never be what it was.

And prison makes you feel that.

It makes you feel the most insignificant shit in the world.

And now ... we will never be the same.

Your therapy sucks.

-What will your friends do with me? -Nothing.

I've talked to them and they won't do anything to you.

A helicopter is coming that comes looking for them.

And you and I will walk out of here.

Get out of here.

And go now.

Don't wait for the helicopter. My father will find you.

Yeah, but your father doesn't know that I'm involved in this.

Monica, my father is not stupid.

All your men are looking for me and they are going to find me.

And when that happens ... they will kill you.

Go away ...

Go away, that I could not bear ... go away.


I also.

Go away. Go away!

I'm sorry, Mom.

What are you doing here? Why have you saved me?

I do not know.

But this morning I was so fed up with everything that ... you know what?

That I would have thrown myself there with you.

Well I would have saved you too.

For real?

Yes thanks.

I can go with you?

are you angry with me?

Let's see, you went with the blonde.

But I am used to it.

And now you and I are alone.

Do you know why we are here?

They are thieves.

And murderous.

I would have to kill you.

But with you I will make an exception.

We need a man.

Would you like to join the band?


Yeah right.

You are going to have to handle pistols.

-Yes. -And driving?

Because you're going to have to drive cars at full speed.

-Climbing mountains, swimming oceans. -Yes.

-Come on one thing ... a non-stop. -Yes.


I don't think you can.

I want.

I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want,

I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want,

I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I want,

I want, I want, I want, I want ...

Okay, but you're going to have to pass an entrance test.

Yes? It is that not everyone enters the band.


What proof?

I need you to take your bike and get out of the hotel.

Go down the roads around you

and tell me if you see something strange.

Something weird like wild boars? At night they go out looking for garbage.

Something like that.

Armed men.

They may be watching us.

And if I find armed men, what do I do?

Observe. Count how many there are, what weapons they carry, what they do.

Everything you can remember.

And what do you paint with those idiots?

I dont know. My father says I need to become a man.

You don't realize that I'm a cowardly manual.

Well, I don't think the same.

You have to be very brave.

Why have they taken it with you?

Because they say I'm gay.

And what is wrong with that?

I do not know.

I guess we all have two lives.

I'm Lucas, the cool guy on Instagram

and Lucas, the ladybug in real life.

But what happens, what can not be gay and cool at the same time?

As they see me like this,

they are going to laugh at me.

Well, do you know what I'm saying?

That if they laugh at you, you will laugh twice.

Come on, come on, post a picture in those flowery pants.

That looks great on you.

-Really? -Yes.

Come on! Come on! Go ahead!

Come on I'm going for the mobile.

But are you sure?

Yes, come on!

Let's see, come on.

Ole Ole! Look how handsome!

Another one, come on!

How handsome!


What are you doing?

Do you bother them?

No, nothing. That Lucas fell into the pool

and I had to leave him some clothes.

What have you fallen into the pool?

-But are you okay? -Yes Yes.

Do you want us to call someone?

-Needless. Thank you. -Insurance?

Well, Vivi, I have to go with the others.

-Thanks for everything. -Nothing.

See you tomorrow at the pool. Doing a few lengths.

-Bye! -Goodbye.

Let's go out to dinner tonight.

To a Japanese. Your favorite!

Vivi ...

You fancy?

A Japanese, your favorite food!

No. Vivi, don't wear that.

Today you have to be very pretty. Okay?

I bought you a dress. Do you want to see it?


To see if you like it. I think so.

It's cool.

You like?


Come on, come on. Try it on.


Honey, put your dress on, try it on.


I'll wait for you here, okay? Let's see how it looks on you.


Have you ever driven a bus before?


But there is not much difference between a bus and a motorhome.

Did you and Zulema live in a ...?

Yes. Almost two years.

I thought you hated each other.

It is very difficult to explain.

Very complicated.

And you, what are you going to do?

I want to go to a beach in Cádiz. To compose songs.

I don't even want to record a disc,

or upload them to Spotify or those shits.

I just want to sing them and let people hear me go by. Only that.

But first I want to go to a detox clinic.

Very good.

Sounds really good.

You see it?

You are gorgeous.

Let me take a picture of you.

You know I don't like you taking photos of me.

But woman with how beautiful you are, how can I not take a picture of you?

Come, Viviv, come.

Look at the camera, go on.

Look at the mobile.

I don't want photos.

But I am going to show them to Mom.

Vivi, come on, smile a little daughter with how beautiful you are.

Come on darling!

Don't take pictures of me.

But, darling ...

Come on, but smile.

I don't want photos.

Vivi! But what's wrong with you?

But look at me ...

I don't want photos!

But why?

Because I make you horny.

But what are you saying?

At school we have always been given talks

to be careful with the boys,

with social networks,

with drugs.

But we've never been told about being careful with Dad.

They're supposed to be good

and they don't make you feel dirty.

Why are you doing this to me?




Because at school it was me

The one that harassed people like you and that kid.

Because I was scared watching him suffer.

Why did you do it?

Because it seemed funny to me,

Because I was bored...

I do not know.

I love you, Zampabollos.

Do you know what I would like?


Break everyone's head.

Then do it.



But in a big way.

I need a gun.

Well buy yourself one.

I want to kill my father.

That I want to kill him.

-How old are you? -Fifteen.

Fifteen years. Okay, well.

At 15 you are a minor.

If you kill him, you still drop a few years of reformatory.

Have you ever killed



Well killing is inevitable

but it is not something to be proud of.

And it is also very difficult.

Because now you are ... You have come up.

But then at the moment of doing it

you're going to be paralyzed.

So come on to bed.

Come on!




I don't want to be alone with him.

I do not want.


Please help.

And your mother?

You don't want to see it.


The charger ... is full.

Safety down.

The striker.

You just have to do this.

Now we remove it. Grab it.


Stretch that arm.

Now down. You hold tight.

You aim ...

to the stomach or head

the Pum, Pum, Pum, Pum,

until you dry it.

Do not look into his eyes, otherwise they will not fade from your head.

Make sure your mother sees it.

Then you give it back to me.

It's time for cake.

And what do you plan to do?


What do we do?

We have two options:

May they riddle us,

or go out and talk to him.

I'm not going to talk to that pig.

I will not give you the pleasure of seeing me plead.


Maca ...

In another life we ​​would have been good fucking friends.

We would have done a lot of crazy things.

But I'm going to do it my way.




She doesn't seem to want to go out.

All life has been an escapist.

Since young. She preferred to run away than to face.

Do you know what this is?

I was 12 years old when I brought ten of these with half a liter of water.

They put me on a flight to Madrid.

I was very small.

But i knew that with a fart i could burst inside.

I made the delivery and I earned my first pesos.

I kept one.

So as not to forget the harsh sensation of the ball sliding down my rectum.

Gagging, fear.

You're going to burn her alive, motherfucker.


She is a coward.

You will end up getting off the bus.

Kneeling in front of me and he will ask for forgiveness.

She is your stepdaughter, you have seen her grow.

What kind of monster are you?

The worst.