Vis a Vis: El Oasis (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Como esos matrimonios que antes de separarse tienen un hijo - full transcript

I quit.

You "quit" what?


I'm quitting this life.
I need to change my life.

What are you going to do?

I want a normal life.


-Normal how?

What will you be?

A cashier, for instance? In a supermarket?

With a little tag with your name on it?

-Well, not your name since you're wanted.
-And you?

What do you want to do?
Keep robbing jewelry shops?

Is that what you want?

What will you do? Sand off
your fingerprints or get plastic surgery?

Your face is in
every police station in the country too.

No way.

Bring home toilet paper, OK? We're out.

I already bought some.

A little more.

Hi, how are you?

I'm great.

Your mascara is running.

Your face looks familiar.

Come on.


I'm a wanted woman. That must be it.

I'm more famous than the Twilight Killers.

That'll be it.

So, now what?

Now nothing.

Some other time.

-Don't fall.
-Well, well, well…

Be careful or you could fall.


Look, there's our car.


-How are you?

Having fun? Look at her, David.

-I'm going home, OK? I'm tired.
-No, come on.

No, I don't want to. Leave me alone. I'm…

-Leave me alone.

-But it's just us.

-Let me go, for fuck's sake!

-Babe, seriously…
-Let go!

-Let go of me, man!

Don't-- Hey, don't go.

-Let me go!
-Don't tell me…

-Get the fuck off me!
-Don't tell me I'm bothering you.

Hold on, David. Hold on.

-Listen, we're having fun.

-We're having a good time. Listen.

-Let go of me!
-You fucking bitch!

-Bring her here.

Bring her here.

Let me go!

-Let me go!

Shut your fucking mouth, damn it!
Shut your fucking mouth.

OK, let's do it.

The "backseat slut."

What the fuck?


David, there's some crazy broad
on top of the car.


Can you get down, please? This is my car.

What's that? A toy gun or wha--

Give me your phone.

Come on, curly. Give me your phone.
We're going to play a game.

It's called, "Phone A Friend."

I'll randomly call a number
from your contacts,

and if they say you're a good guy,
I'll let you go.

If they say you're a shithead,
I'll blow your balls off.

Let's see…

-Sorry-- What's your name?


Hey, sorry for calling so late,
but, look, quick question.

I'm here with Carlos and I wanted to ask
you, is he a good guy or a piece of shit?

What's this about? Who are you?

Come on, man, answer.

It's no fucking joke, come on.

Carlos, you're a lovely son of a bitch.

I hope you sleep with that chick.

Well, we won't be sleeping together,
but I'll let you go.

Beat it, asshole.

Where are you going, David?

David the Gnome.

Alright. Come here, freak.
Get off the fucking car. Get off.

Give me your fucking phone.

-You fucking bitch.
-Give me your phone.

OK, let's call someone.

This is all about luck.

Let's see if today is
your lucky day, my man.

Alright, here we go.

How dare you call me?
You should be ashamed of yourself!

You son of a bitch!

After the last time
I can't even move, you asshole.

Not your lucky day.

Not your lucky day.

My mother said to pick

the very best one

and you're not…

You should've fixed this shit by now.

This is awful.

We've been an LLC for two years now.

You want to go?

So go.

One more job.

We'll go out in style.

What's the point?

Do you need more money?

You can never be too rich.

Plus, we like it.

We like it.

One more.

Then we go our separate ways.

What're you thinking?

A wedding?

You got to be kidding me.

Not a wedding. The wedding of the century.

Víctor Ramala's daughter.

The narco?

The Cocaine King?

His only daughter, Katy,
is getting married in Madrid.

And he's going to give her a diamond tiara
worth 20 million,

which she'll wear at the wedding.
Classic narcos.


So, how are we going to do it?

Hidden in the wedding cake?

Mónica Ramala, the narco's stepdaughter,

spent a year in Cruz del Norte. We shared
a cell and toilet for three months.

She's a singer.

And a bit of a junkie.

She's singing at the wedding.
She'll get us into the catering crew.

You ever worked as a waitress?

I haven't served
a fucking drink in my life.

So what?

There will be a pat down, private security
and a safe with a digital lock.


But we can't do this alone.

We need a crew.


Slim, ex-army sergeant.

You know her. She was in
reintegration counseling with you.

Sadly, her commanding officer
had a hard-on for her.

She stuck a screwdriver
in his femoral artery.

She got six years.

She's a light weapons expert.

Triana Azkoitia,

a brat, only 20 years old.

She's never been to prison,
but don't be fooled.

She's awaiting two trials for hacking
closed circuit systems

and state-of-the-art safes.

And you know the last one.

Our very own fatty.

Not the sharpest tool in the shed,
but she's not afraid to kill.

Excuse me, I want to file a complaint.

We're closed.


The popcorn is stale!

Goddamn it. We're fucking closed!


What the hell

are you doing in the heist?


If anything goes wrong, you'll do
five years in a yellow jumpsuit. Got it?

What is it?

My girlfriend, Triana. She's in the crew.

I don't give a shit about diamonds.

I'm in this…

for love.

Since when do you organize jobs?

Nothing could go wrong.

Come on, Slim! Let's go!

So, shall we go over the plan?


Come on, let's do it. One last time.

You need to know the house…

You need to know the place as if
it were your own home, if you have one.

What music are we going to play?


The soundtrack, boss.

All the cool movies and shows
have music. Ocean's Eleven,

-True Romance…
-Something Spanish, come on.

When we fuck, we put on some Katy Perry.

That's great, but we're planning
a robbery here.

We're not in some shitty club.

-Got it?
-A ranchera.

A ranchera, the Mexicans will be
our hosts anyway.

That way, when we're no longer together,

you'll listen to it
and remember me, blondie.

Sure, just like couples that break up.

OK, come on.

When the reception starts,

Goya will be in the kitchen.

Half of security will be having
dinner there.

So if something's up,
Goya will be the first to know.

They'll search us at the entrance,
so we'll have to go in unarmed.

We'll hide the disassembled guns
in the food.

During the appetizers,
Triana will come with me

to the room where the safe
with the diamond tiara is located.

Meanwhile, Zulema and Slim will take care
of the security cameras.

We have 15 minutes
until the new security shift realizes

-something is up.
-Then my Triana

will open the safe.


And we grab the tiara.


We're going to the Oasis Hotel

in the middle of the Almería desert.

That's where we'll split up the diamonds.

And we'll bake in the sun.

The following morning

a helicopter will come
and take us straight to Morocco.

After that,

we go our separate ways.

Why Morocco?
I want to go my own way after the heist.

I'm losing a lot of blood, Maca!

In case someone talks too much.



Quick question:
who's really in charge here?

Zulema or Macarena?

We can sort of tell you hate each other

and that we'll ultimately have to
pick sides.

This kid…

You don't know who to love more, do you?
Mom or Dad.

I'm just saying my parents got divorced
when I was 12,

and, in every breakup, someone always gets
the shit end of the stick.

I just want to know who it'll be.

-Just to know.

-That's enough, sweetie.

-Look, I also just want to know something:

Do you want to bail?

You'd be doing me a huge favor.

And miss the wedding of the year?

No fucking way.


this Mónica chick…

Ramala's daughter.

Can we trust her?

When my parents died,

Ramala took me and my brother Diego in.

He gave us a home.

Outside, there were always rumors about
my stepfather Ramala's business.

We also noticed he had business partners
that would suddenly die.

It was all very strange but tolerable.

Until the day I found out
my parents didn't die in a car accident.

That day I saw it all clearly.

I had been living
in the house of a monster.

I spent 16 years kissing
my parents' killer goodnight.

Now I want him to suffer.

I'm very happy to see you're well.

I love you very much, sister.


There's something I need to tell you.


Could you excuse us?

I've always liked your voice.

You would've made it.

But you never understood
the Ramala family business.

We sell drugs.

We don't do them.

Try to come sober to the wedding.

I hope you don't embarrass me.


Come, I have plans for you.

Holy shit!

-You're a fucking terrible driver.
-Fuck you.

Almost ready.

Please hurry, Maca.

I'm going to get the room key.

Goddamn it!

Don't go jump in the pool now, alright?

You idiot.

I forgot my bikini.

I'll be right back.

Hang in there.

Why are you taking the keys?

Don't you trust me anymore?

Of course, I trust you.

You're my friend.

Thank you.

God fucking damn it…


Anything new?

Yeah, right? Good shot.

Well done. Not bad at all.

No, come on. Show me how.


This is…

the master stroke.

Let me guess.

You're from the bachelorette party.


Your luggage got here this morning.


-Am I the first one?

You know what's good about being first?

-You get to pick the best room.

Oh, right.

Are many people staying at the hotel?

Not many because it's the off season.

We're waiting for a bus

with kids coming from Madrid
to visit Fort Bravo.

Do you know Fort Bravo?


You should go.

It's a lovely place.

It's a bunch of sets that were built
in the sixties,

where Americans and Italians came
to film cowboy movies.

Some legendary films were made there.

If you want, I can get you tickets--

No, I want the key. Thank you.

Macarena, are you the bride?


No, I haven't had much luck in love.

That's strange…

since you're so gorgeous.

Any man would've died to be with you.

Smoking is bad.

If you smoke,

you die.

Do you want to die?

Go away.

Cigarette butts cause fires.

And animals die in fires.

Go away!



It's out.

What's your name?


I carry luggage.


I clean the pool. I really like
cleaning the pool.

My parents had a pool at home.

When I was a kid,

I always had to take the leaves out

of the water.

It was so calming.

I think it's calming too.



Hey, Cepo…

Could you do me a favor?

I need you to  keep a secret.

And I saw that…

there's a first-aid kit at reception.

-Could you bring it to me

without telling anyone?


That's great. Go.

Thank you.

You're such a bitch.

We're the first ones.

Maybe we're the only ones, Maca.


They took them all out.

You don't know Zulema.

OK, hold on tight. Come on.

It's alright.

You, what?


Are you talking to me?

My wife didn't want to stop.

She was afraid.


You women…

You're too affected
by what you see on TV.

Kidnappings, murders…
Hey, there are some psychos out there.

But you women see
danger on every corner.

Even in a hitchhiking woman.
That's some serious paranoia.

You really know your women.

I should. With a wife and daughter,
I must know something, right?

Well I get your wife.

I wouldn't pick up a stranger in
the middle of the Almería desert.

See? You're all the same.

-Think about it. You're Julián, right?

I could be one
of those psychos you see on TV.

Yes, and I could have faked

my car breaking down.

Could you imagine?


I'm armed.

I tell you to stop here.

And I shoot you…

in front of your daughter and wife.

But I'm just a woman…

going to a bachelorette party
at the same hotel you're staying at.

Great song.


Oh, excuse me.

-I was looking for you, sorry.
-Leave us alone.

I just wanted you to be
the first to see me!

-You're gorgeous.
-Do you like it?

And completely crazy.
Know what'll happen if your dad sees us?

Well, I just wanted my stepbrother to see
my wedding dress.



That's all?

Well, no.

What do you think?



Are you sure about all this?


I've never been so sure about anything
in my entire life.

I thought nobody could see the bride
before the wedding.

That it was bad luck.

When your mother and I got married,

we couldn't even afford the ring.

We borrowed one
from our neighbor in Rosario.

We had to give it back.

Nor did we have…

wedding gifts, a reception,

or anything close to…

a diamond tiara.

But we were happy together
until the day she died.

How do you feel, sweetheart?

That's how I feel.

Like a dog.

You say "sit" to a dog.

And it sits.

You tell it to jump.

And it jumps.

You tell it to marry to the man
that you chose, and here we are…

getting married.

Children, Diego.

There's nothing as complicated
or as important.

One day, you'll understand.

Give me your gun.

This must be very hard for you.


You've been in love with
my daughter for 15 years.

Now some other guy gets to fuck her?

You're a murderer, Diego.

Like me.

And my duty as a father is to keep
my daughter away from people like you.

All these years,
I've treated you like a son.

You'll take over the business
when I'm gone.

But if you come near
my daughter again… I'll kill you.

Put the diamonds in the safe.

-I'm the fucking boss!


-Why didn't you teach me this earlier?


What a pain. This is better than sex.

-Yeah, right!
-What if we become gun people?

Yeah, right! I'll order
on Amazon. Come the fuck on!

You liked that, didn't you?

Don't overcook the sausages!
I like mine rare!

Oh, shut up.

-Nice hair.
-Cool, right?

-Isn't my baby hot?
-Come here.

Zulema, make me some tofu skewers, please.

-I love you, Slim!

-I want some too!
-Vegetarians? That's disgusting.

Hey, this house is awesome.

-How did you guys meet?

You all.

In fucking prison.

-No, I'm kidding.

Do you know what they called
Zule in prison?


The elf from fucking hell!

Holy shit, totally!

You must've been an angel, right?

Were you prison buddies?

Something like that.

We tried to kill each other several times
but still haven't succeeded.



Before we go to that wedding tomorrow,

-I want to ask you something.
-Ask Santa.

Give me a beer, babe.

I'm the only one with a kid. If anything
goes wrong during the heist--

No, we can't start off like this.
Bad omen. I'm superstitious,

-and you just can't say that.

Everything will be fine.

Of course, everything'll be fine.

But just in case,

I want my cut to go to my son
and his father, please.

-OK, but it'll go great.

I also want to ask you something.

Why not? Ask away.

Look, I'm doing this whole thing
to get back at Ramala,

the colossal douchebag
that ruined my life.


Katy, the bride, is like a sister to me.

-So I don't want her to get hurt.

-Got it?
-Calm down!

We're not murderers.

Yeah, right!

Come on, a toast!

-To getting rich tomorrow!
-That's right!

To the cash!

To what's about to start.

And about to end.

And to the wedding bash
we're going to tomorrow!

Long live Mexico, motherfuckers!

-Hi. How are you?

We have a room under Julián Quintanilla.

Yes, Quintanilla.

You have a large room and a small bed
for your daughter.

Yes, for her, of course.

-Does the hotel have Wi-Fi?

Here it is. Look, it was right here,
waiting for you. "OASIS2005."


May I?

I like women like you.

With personality, who know what they want.

As soon as you got in
the backseat of the car,

I felt a connection.

"Mental Bluetooth" is what I call it.

Know what I mean?

I know what you mean.

I'm reading your mind.

Are you?

That's great.

What am I thinking right now?

You want to fuck me.


God bless that mental connection.

It never fails.

Julián, you have to leave your ID
at reception.

Your funny husband here says he wants
to fuck me. How about that?

He's such a jokester.

-Sweetheart, not everyone gets you.

Mind your own business,
and stay away from my family.

Well, you have a point there.

Everyone needs a house,

a home where we can live

and feel safe.

An oasis,

where we can watch our kids grow up,

a sanctuary,
where we can find refuge.

But are we

really safe?

Can we build a place

where we can protect ourselves from
everything that can harm us?

Or not even in this sanctuary,

in the middle of the desert, 

will we be able to escape from evil,

lies, betrayal,

and the people that destroyed our lives?

They condemned us to eternal suffering.