Virgin River (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - full transcript

[Jack] Hey, Preach, listen,
I got some business to take care of.

So I need you to call the staff.

Just let 'em know that the kitchen
will be open today. Okay?

I'll probably be in around lunch.
All right. Thanks, man. Bye.





How fast can you get to Doc's?

[door opening]

[Jack] Mel?


-Hey, this is Adrian.

His right arm's pretty busted.

Hey, Adrian. My name is Mel.
I'm gonna take care of you. Okay?

How long was he out there for?

He said a couple of days.

He slept most of the way here.

Where was he?

He said he got turned around
somewhere near Pine Ridge.

I called his family. They're on their way.

Okay. All right.

It's okay.


Well, I can't be sure without an X-ray,
but I think his right arm is broken.

And he's severely dehydrated. Adrian.

I'm gonna go get some supplies
to start an IV. Okay?

So what were you doing near Pine Ridge
so early in the morning?

Driving around.

You were just... 4:00 a.m.
driving around in the dark?


Really, Jack?

I was on my way to see Spencer.


Yesterday he said
he would testify against Calvin.

Now I can't get a hold of him.

You need to call the sheriff.

Calvin poisoned my customers.

Which is why you need to call the sheriff.

When are you gonna stop, Jack?

-Stop what?
-Going to war.

I'll stop when it's over.

I care about you,

and I'm worried
that you're putting yourself in danger.

[Adrian coughing]

Can we talk later at lunch, please?


I'll meet you at the bar at noon.


[theme music playing]

It sounds like you got it handled.

Uh, Mel, let me...
I'll call you from the car. Okay.

Hey, I thought we could
have breakfast together.

Well, I'm sorry.
I'm running short on time this morning.


Charmaine is considering moving to Oregon,

and Jack is buying a house for the twins
because he has absolutely no idea.

We have gone over this,
and Jack made it clear.

You have got to stay out of his business.

How can I stand by
and watch Charmaine blow his life up

knowing I could have
done something about it?

Jack is rearranging everything
so he can be a hands-on father.

Imagine how he's gonna feel

when Charmaine pulls the rug out
from under him.

Yeah, that is quite a pickle, isn't it?


And the worst part is
none of this is my fault.

I was an innocent bystander
minding my own business,

and then Charmaine
drops a stink bomb in my lap.

-It doesn't matter who's at fault here.
-She is.

The issue is that this is information
that Jack needs to know,

but if it comes from you,
he may shoot the messenger.


So what you need to do
is find another messenger.

How is that helpful?

Well, you'll figure it out.
Now I need to leave to catch my flight.

Where you going?

I, uh, I have a medical conference 
in Seattle.

-What? You hate those things.
-Oh, I never said that.

You say it all the time.
And why am I just hearing about this now?

I wasn't aware
I had to run my schedule past you.

What's the conference about?

I'll be back tomorrow.

Where are you staying?

As I said, Seattle!

Hey, I'm short on pies.
So you're just gonna have to make do.

-[Preacher] Yeah, don't worry about it.
-Oh, I'm gonna worry about it.

Lizzie was supposed to fill the order.

I know you're not supposed
to talk badly about kin,

but the girl is more idle
than a Sunday afternoon.

[chuckles] Sounds like
she's a normal teenager.

Technically she's an adult,
but that's kind of you to say.

All right. Thanks.

Don't-- Don't forget to come by the house
after your shift

so we can work out your alibi.

It's too late.

-No, it isn't.
-Yeah, it is.

Sheriff called me.

What did he say?

Well, I, uh, I don't know yet.

-I went to see him, but he was out.

He was out
because someone discovered Wes's car.

But if you haven't spoken to him,
we still have time.

Look, Connie,

I appreciate your concern,

but, um, from here on out,
I am gonna deal with this on my own.

Absolutely not.

I refuse to let you
go through this by yourself.

You need me.

No. No, Lizzie needs you,

and I don't want anyone but me
impacted by the choice that I made.

You're being pigheaded.

No, I'm making a calculated decision.

How do you figure?

What do you think happens to Lizzie
if something happens to you?

[sighs] Well, she'd go back
to her parents.

And you think
that's the best thing for her?

I suppose not.

You know, when I was growing up,
my mom, she wasn't around much.

So my dad made it his business
to make sure

that he was there for every family dinner,

every ball game,
everything that mattered to me.

What that taught me

was having that one person

invest their time and effort into you,

it's all you needed
to believe in yourself.

For Lizzie...

that one person's you.

Thanks for the pies.

[cell phone ringing]

Carlos, my phone's about
to run out of juice. What's up?

[Carlos] All right, um, so I've got
not great news about the house.

Well, what is it?

The seller wants a 15-day escrow.

Well, how... How am I supposed
to make that happen?

Well, if we expedite your inspection
and put a rush on the loan documents,

we can make it happen.

So what do you wanna do?

Well, I guess I'm buying a house.

[Carlos chuckles] Yay.

Oh, and can you e-mail me the paperwork?

I'm not at the bar,
so I can get it back to you tonight.

It's already on its way.
You made the right decision, Jack.

Thanks. Oh, and don't forget

to send me the information
for that renter you mentioned.

I'm gonna need that to cover the mortgage.

Uh, yeah. Sorry. I followed up,
and the guy already found a place.


-All right. Well, then can we...
-[line disconnects]

Carlos? Carl--

[cell phone chiming]

Ricky! You got an ETA on my burger?
I got a guy in Redding who needs a tow.

Let me check.

Ricky, give me a hand unloading the truck.

Hey, Preach.
I need to go home just for like an hour.

-How come?
-A bear knocked over the trash can.

My grandma needs help picking it up
before the raccoons get into it...

-A bear, huh?

Well, how'd she know it was a bear?

I think she saw him... or her.

Yeah, it's hard to tell what's a girl bear
and what's a boy bear,

you know, with all the fur.

But anyways, uh,
I'm pretty sure she saw a bear, so...

You're a terrible liar.

It's Lizzie, okay?
She's freaked out about something.

I'll be fast, okay? I promise.


Thank you. Thank you.

Did Ricky just leave?

-Did he take my burger with him?

It was ordered a half hour ago,
and I still haven't seen it.

Aw. Sorry, Bert, I will take care of it,

and throw a dessert in on the house.

Well, thanks.

Hey, Mel, got catfish on the menu.

-Ooh. That sounds delicious.

Can you tell Jack that I'm here?

I'm a little bit late.

He's not here. He said he needed
to take care of something.

Oh, um, for the bar?

Didn't say. Why, what's up?

Oh, it's just we were supposed
to meet for lunch.

Oh, you try him on his cell?

No, I will do that.

And when he shows up?

Just have him give me a call.

-Yeah, you got it.


Coming up, Bert!

Hey, Jack, it's me. Uh...
I'm at the bar for lunch like we planned.

Uh, give me a call back.

If you're trying to call Doc,
he's in transit.

Um, no. No, it's Jack, actually.

He's not answering his phone,
and Preacher doesn't know where he is.

Sounds like a Charmaine issue to me.

-I don't think so.
-Why not?

They have a lot of stuff to figure out
before the twins get here.

Yeah, that's true.

I mean, like where they're gonna live.

Yeah, I just-- I don't think
that's any of my business.

I'm telling you their situation
is a land mine waiting to explode.

Well, that's a little dramatic.

Good grief.

You're just terrible
at picking up subtext.

So this is the deal.

Charmaine is considering moving to Oregon,

but she isn't going to tell Jack
until after she's made her decision.

He needs to know this ASAP,
but I'm not gonna be the one to tell him.

-So you're gonna have to do it.

You're gonna need to back up.

No, I am not supposed to be involved
in Jack's personal affairs,

so I'm officially
passing the baton to you.

You telling me is you being involved.

Not the way I see it.

Morning, ladies.



Muriel said she finished these pieces
before her trip,

but obviously, that didn't happen.

Where is she?


For the wine cruise.

She was so excited,
she bought a whole new wardrobe.

How many skintight outfits
does a person need?

She said one of the dresses was backless.
Can you imagine?

Thankfully, no.

Where's Doc off to?


At the bakery truck this morning early,
he said he had a flight to catch.

-A medical conference.
-Oh, really?

Oh, where?

He's in Seattle.

Oh, well, that's a coincidence,
Doc and Muriel visiting the same city.

Isn't she on a boat?

Well, actually she said
that she was gonna be spending

two days in the city before the...

It's the truth.

Doesn't mean we need a play-by-play.

This is pretty, huh?


[knocking at door]


I didn't ask for a house call.

No. No, I know. I know.

I'm just-- I'm wondering...
if Jack is here.

That's funny. I thought I was the only one
who chased after him.

-That's not what this is.

Well, you keep telling yourself that.
No, he's not here.

Wait, I... I think something's wrong.


Thank you.

So, what is it?

Well, I can't reach him,
and nobody knows where he is.

Jack going off-grid
isn't exactly a new thing.

It's part of the package.

No, I think this is something else.

Did he tell you
about the food poisoning at the bar?

No. What happened?

Calvin had one of his guys
tamper with the salad,

and a bunch of people got sick.
And Jack said he's going after him.

I'm scared he's gonna get hurt.

Well, did you call Preacher
or the sheriff?

No, I don't want to involve anyone
in case I'm wrong.

Oh, what are you gonna do?

Well, I want to drive up to the pot farm,
but I can't remember how to get there.

[scoffs] You-- 

Okay, it's not exactly safe up there,
especially for somebody like you.

-I'm sorry. What does that mean?
-You live in a bubble.

You're not used to dealing
with people that have an edge.

I spent three years working at an ER
in downtown Los Angeles.


Okay, there's a bar in Garberville.

I know somebody there
that might be able to give you directions.

Okay, great. Could you just, uh,
give me the bar's number?

You can't just call somebody
and ask for the address to a pot farm.

Well, I'm sorry.

Asking directions to a pot farm
is still a little bit new to me.

Yeah, which is exactly why you shouldn't
be going out there in the first place.

Okay. Can I just get the bar's address?


I'm going with you.

No, you're not. You're pregnant.

Exactly. With Jack's babies.


If-- If he's in danger,
this is my business too.

Well, I'm not taking you to Calvin's.

Just take me to the bar.

You're not gonna get anywhere with Bea
by yourself anyways.

-Who's Bea?
-She's the owner.

I used to work there
when I was in high school.

You worked at a bar
when you were in high school?

Yeah. I did.

See what I mean about the bubble?

Let's go find Jack.

[large machinery rumbling, beeping]

-You should take your truck.
-No, I told you already. Sean's got it.

Spencer's crap's not gonna fit in mine.

So we take whatever doesn't fit,
and we burn it.

That's a great idea...

Let's start a bonfire
a mile away from a pot field.



[Jimmy] Oh, man, I gotta take a leak.


Where the hell is Spencer?



What'd you do that for?

-Easiest way to get him in the truck.
-You could have told him to leave.

Don't you think
Calvin's gonna wanna talk to him?


Come on. Help me get him in the truck.

[Lilly] Meant to tell you,
Chloe actually stood up.

And, um, she held on to--

-Is Mel out? Yeah.

-Anyway, she stood--
-Come on.




Hope! Hope.


I'm not comfortable being here.
You're snooping.

The end justifies the means.

You don't believe that Doc and Muriel
are having some sort of fling, do you?

-Of course not. Vernon wouldn't do that.
-Well, then what are we doing here?

I can't be with someone
who's keeping secrets.

The thought of it drives me insane,

and Vernon is definitely doing something
he doesn't want me to know about.

-Okay, that's why you're acting so crazy.
-You know me so well.

-What am I doing here?
-You're my witness. You're--

His voice mail.

What? Okay. What are you gonna do?
What are you...

-Call his voice mail.

That is a total invasion of privacy,
and I'm pretty sure it's illegal.

Are you kidding? Women have been
calling their husbands' voice mail

since the day voice mail was invented.

I never listened
to Buck's private messages.

I'm sorry, we can't all be saints.


You're right. There's nothing to report.

See? Told you there was
nothing to worry about.

Now, let's get out of here, okay?

This feels wrong.

[breathes deeply]

I'd be happy to have our sommelier
help you with your selection, sir.

Well, actually, I was just looking.
My lunch date is bringing a bottle.

Very good, sir.

I am so sorry I'm late.

Don't let the screw cap fool you.
It's very expensive.

[Doc chuckles]

Thank you.

Well, for a moment,
I was afraid you weren't going to come.

Oh, no, not at all.

I couldn't decide what to wear.

I haven't done anything
like this before, you know.

Just glad it all worked out.

Me too.

Shall we toast?

To, uh, what?

How about new beginnings
and the bright and happy future?

I like the sound of that.

[knocking at door]

-[Ricky] Hi.

Sorry for dragging you over here.

No, it's okay.

I'd rather be here than at work.

So, the noise?


I thought I heard
someone outside my window.

Well, it's probably just a squirrel.

Or the wind.

If you wanna stay,
I'll make you my famous grilled cheese.

Nah, I gotta get back
to the bar in an hour.

So? He'll survive without you.

No, Preacher was cool about me leaving.
I'm not just gonna leave him hanging.

Come on.

Stay... just for a little longer.

Why do you want me to stay so bad?

I just thought we could hang out.

Tell me the real reason,

and I'll call Preacher,
and I'll bail on my shift.


I don't like being home alone.

Growing up, my parents
traveled all the time for work.

So we had a live-in nanny.

I'm not used to being by myself.

It's a bummer that your parents
were never around.

Even when home,
they were in their own world.

So it's not like it mattered.

Anyway, will you stay?

Yeah, as long as you want me to.

I gotta say none of this surprises me.

Jack off on some vendetta against Calvin,

not once stopping to think about
if something happened to him

what that might mean
for me and the babies.

Well, I think that Jack feels
like shutting down Calvin

is his way of protecting all of you.

No, you were hurt,
and now Jack wants blood.

-Has nothing to do with me.
-That's not true.

This is about Calvin
poisoning his customers.

I think it's a little bit
more personal than that.

Besides, this is why
I'm weighing all of my options.

Your options?

I need to be in a situation

that provides my family
with the most security.

Well, that's what Jack wants too.

My aunt and uncle invited me and the twins
to go live with them in Portland.

How does Jack feel about that?

He doesn't know.

Charmaine, if you take the babies away,
it's gonna break Jack's heart.

Well, he breaks my heart every day.

That's not the same thing,
and you know it.

And not giving him a say
on where his children live is just cruel.

Hey, you know what? I'm the one
that's vulnerable here, not Jack.

No, if I stay in Clear River
and he decides to leave,

or he decides to stop supporting me,
I'm the one that's screwed.

Well, Jack would never do that
to you or his kids.

Well, I'm not rich like you are,

so I can't afford
to have that kind of faith.

I'm not rich.

[laughs] Right.

You drive a BMW and you married a doctor.

[rock song playing]

-Hey, Sheriff.
-Hey, Preach.

Got fresh apple pie.

[chuckles] My kryptonite.

So, did Howard tell you I stopped by?

Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier.

I had a question about that license plate
you called in a month ago.

Yeah, what about it?

Well, looks like it was involved
in a hit-and-run over in Shelter Cove.

You mind coming in,
giving us a description of the driver?

Yeah. Yeah, no problem.

All right.

So, Howard said you guys
found an abandoned vehicle?

Yep, registered to a fella
named Wes Logan,

some big-shot Florida detective.

It was originally reported
as a missing persons,

but now there's a warrant
out for his arrest.


Bribery, extortion, assault.

His partner flipped on him.


So, what happens now?

Well, we don't have the resources
to mount any sort of manhunt,

so unless he draws attention to himself,
there's not a whole lot we can do.

[Preacher] Huh.

Well, this slice is on the house.


Glad to see you're back in business.

Well, it is good to be back. [laughs]

So, what was the story
behind the whole food poisoning?

Turns out you were right.

It was deliberate.
One of our servers was involved.

Anyways, I don't have all the details.
Jack says he's handling it.

Oh, wow.

If it were me, it'd make me go crazy
not to have control over my kitchen.

-Yeah, well, it's Jack's bar.
-In my world, the chef has the power.

-Well, you know, we're like partners.
-Like and being are two different things.

Anyway, my former mentor

is opening a new restaurant
in San Francisco,

and based on my recommendation,
he's offered to hire you.


You're serious?

Well, who's the chef?

-Paul Papile.

[chuckling] Oh, wow!


You'd have to start by working the line,
but I know you'll move up quickly.

Trust me.
This is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Okay, so what's the catch?

If you want it,
you need to commit within 24 hours.

[Charmaine] This is it.

[car lock beeps]

[metal music playing]

Honey, following your man
into whatever trouble

he's gotten himself into with Calvin
is a terrible idea.

[Charmaine] He's not my man.

We're just really worried about him.

Calvin's guys are armed and dangerous.

You know that, don't you?

I heard your brother's working for him.

Yeah, well, Davy was a good kid till
he got involved with that monster, so...

Help us.

Maybe that'll help your brother.

Maybe someone else's brother too.

We just need directions
to where the camp is.


You know, if Calvin finds out
that you got this from me,

they will kill my brother.

We're not gonna tell anyone. Right, Mel?


-Thank you.

Thank you.

All right. Come on.

[Jimmy] Look who we found
digging around Spencer's trailer.

[Calvin sighs]

Where is he?

Is he dead?


I would never do such a thing.

Isn't that right, Brady?

What'd you do?

What I had to.

[Calvin] I guess I should
offer you my condolences.

You have no idea what you've started.

Now you listen to me, Jack.

Today you walk.

Next time you poke your nose
in my business, show up on my land,

talk to my crew,
that day will be your last.

This ain't over.

Why'd you let him go?

Problem is you don't think ahead, Jimmy.

Me? If I was in charge, I would've put
a bullet right between his eyes.

Listen, Jack's got nothing, all right?
Including a witness.

Killing him would bring all kinds of heat.

I ain't worried about Jack Sheridan.

But we need to talk business...

in private.

I'll be outside, boss.

-Do I really have to answer this?

Okay, then I guess jicama.

Are you serious?
Jicama is your favorite vegetable?

[Ricky] Yeah, it's crunchy,
and it doesn't taste like anything.

I hate mushy food.

Gross. Okay, next question.

If you could only eat one food
for the rest of your life,

what would it be?

How am I supposed to pick one?

Is this, like, including drinks
and snacks, like...

Oh my God, you're not taking an SAT,
just pick a food.

Okay, I... I guess a hamburger.

Smart choice.

That way, you get protein,
carbs, and veggies.

-Thank you.

I'm still not sure
how me answering these questions

is supposed to predict
how many kids I'm gonna have.

I don't know,
but I swear these things are intuitive.

No matter what the quiz is about,
I always get the same Disney princess.

-Oh yeah. Who's that?

Oh, I can really see that.

[Lizzie] It says...
you're gonna have four babies.

No, this thing's broken.

And I'm gonna have three, so that's seven.

-Okay, you're seriously stressing me out.
-I know. It's so cute! [giggles]

Oh, yeah, now it's time for payback.


♪ I'll run 'til these soles come off ♪

There's a condom in the drawer.

-For real?
-Yeah, and I'm on the pill.

♪ Runnin, runnin', runnin', runnin' ♪

♪ That's when I head home
Runnin, runnin', runnin', runnin' ♪

♪ That's when I head home
Runnin, runnin', runnin', runnin' ♪

♪ I'm running ♪

Thanks for, um, helping me
get the directions.

Yeah. Uh, let me know if you find him.

Um, Charmaine.

Are you okay?




I'm just starting to think
that maybe it's better

if me and Jack aren't together.


I used to think
that if we dated long enough,

then maybe, eventually,
he'd fall in love with me, and...

But maybe he wouldn't.

And then I'd be married to a man
that doesn't want me. So...

You deserve to be happy.

I know.

One more thing. Just, um...

Could you just promise me
that you'll talk to Jack about Oregon?

You know, if the situation was reversed,
you would wanna know.


[sighs] I'll talk to him.
Just don't say anything until I do, okay?

-Yeah, I promise.



[cell phone vibrating]

Preach, hey.

That was awesome.

You... liked it, right?


I just thought I'd feel different,
and I feel the same,

but I'm thirsty. [giggles]

Do you want me to get you 
something to drink?

Sure, and, um, get some Cheetos
while you're down there.

Okay. All right. I'll be right back.

Uh, what... What about your aunt?

Oh, she won't be home for hours.
There's a problem with the bakery truck.


Do you want orange juice or milk?

-[Lizzie] Juice.
-There's, uh, lemonade.

Ooh. Lemonade.

Got it. Oh!

-[Connie huffs]

What on Earth
do you think you're doing, mister?

Duh... um...

[indistinct chatter, laughter]


You all right?

[cell phone chimes]

Hey, I appreciate it.

♪ Take me to heart ♪

["Do Right Woman, Do Right Man"
by Aretha Franklin playing]

♪ And I'll always love you ♪

♪ And nobody can make me do wrong ♪

[Hope] What's going on?

Well, hello, darling.

Did you have a good nap?


How much Scotch have you had?

None, but in just a few moments,

we're gonna have a glass
of the finest sparkling wine

that Washington State has to offer.

Well, I have a bone to pick with you.

No. No, but first, there's something...

that I need to say to you.

♪ A woman's only human ♪


You know, I heard somewhere that people

don't truly process something

until they've heard it six or seven times.

So with that in mind,

I am prepared to tell you over

and over and over again

that I've loved you

from the first day that I met you,

and I will be yours until the day I die.

Hope McRae.

Will you be my wife...


♪ And as long as we're together, baby ♪

You need to hear this.

[Muriel on voice mail] 
Hi, it's Muriel. Listen.

Meet me at the Tidewater Hotel, 2:00 p.m.
I will bring the wine.


You listened to my voice mail?


Hope, wait.

[door closes]

♪ A woman's only human ♪




[bat cracking]

What the hell, Jack!

-[ball thuds]

-How about a little warning?
-Are you kidding?

Since you blew me off for lunch today
and haven't been answering your phone,

I have been driving around
looking for you.

The only reason I found you
is because Preacher called me.

Sorry. I, um...

I got caught up in some stuff,
and I forgot we were supposed to meet up.

You forgot?

Spencer's dead.

How do you know that?

I was at the pot camp.

Calvin had Brady...

get rid of him.


this is not your fault.

Spencer agreed to testify against Calvin.

-You didn't force him to do anything.
-He was scared, and I pushed him.

Look, I don't know if you can make
somebody do something they don't wanna do,

but I do know what it's like
to feel responsible for someone's death.

This is not the same thing
as losing a patient.

The night of the accident,
Mark and I were fighting.

He wanted to quit the fertility treatments
we were doing, and I didn't.

I was so angry, I wouldn't let it go.
You know?

I just thought if I keep pushing,
then he'll change his mind.

But maybe if I had stopped talking
then he would have...

wouldn't have taken his eyes off the road.

That guilt,

it's all-encompassing.

Jack, I get it.

But like you told me,

it's not an excuse
to shut everybody else out.

I haven't shut you out.

I'm the one that's been
totally open with you about how I feel.

No, I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about today.

When I couldn't find you,
I thought something happened to you.

It felt like I couldn't breathe.

That's how I felt about you
when you left for L.A.

And the worst part was when you were gone,

I realized I don't want
to live my life without you.


Mel, it's okay.

You don't owe me anything.


Mel, you don't have to do this.

Yes, I do.


Jack, I need... I need you to know how I--

I love you.

I love you.

I love that you can make me laugh

even when I don't want to.

I love that you listen more than you talk.

I love that you were just willing
to be my friend.

I love that you built me a home.

I love waking up next to you.

You know, I feel safe...

even when you're not there.

I'm so sorry that I pushed you away.
I just...

I thought that by protecting my heart,
I couldn't get hurt.

But the thought
of not having you in my life

is so painful...

[breathes shakily]

...I can...

["Take Me Apart" by SYML playing]

♪ Too late
Take me apart to cut me down ♪

♪ Tear me to pieces ♪

♪ Too late to cut me down ♪

♪ I was the foolish man ♪

♪ Living to fight again ♪

♪ But dying to find the end ♪