Virgin River (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Episode #2.3 - full transcript

[birds chirping]

["Hugging You" by Tom Rosenthal playing]

♪ You took all the lonely days
And you made them sing ♪

♪ You turned off the alarms
So they don't ring ♪

♪ I don't know where we are
In the grand scheme of things ♪




♪ Let's get in this car
Let's face the sky and go ♪

♪ I just wanna be
Counting stars with you ♪

I'm so sorry.


For what?

For this.
I shouldn't have let things get this far.


It's okay.

You weren't ready.

I wasn't.

I'll wait.

You know, once the baby's born,

your life...

is gonna change
more than you can ever imagine.

I'm never gonna change
how I feel about you.

You don't know how you're gonna feel

when you and Charmaine become parents.

Raising a baby together

can create a bond
that's completely unexpected. You can't--

No matter what happens,
I'm not gonna stop...

wanting you.

I'm in love with you.

I'm sorry. I'm not ready.

You'll get there.

Can we try to be friends?

-I'll do my best.
-[chuckling] Okay.

Thank you.

Being that I'm just a friend,

I should maybe put my pants on.





[theme music playing]

-[Doc] You finished?
-[Jack] Almost.

What the hell is that?

It's a keyless deadbolt lock.

-Oh, so now a key isn't good enough.

All you have to do is
enter a security code on the keypad

to unlock it, and then once you're inside,

it will automatically lock the door
behind you.

Oh, good grief. This is not the Pentagon.

You're just giving me
one more thing I have to remember now.

Come on.
Pick something easy like your birthday

or the day you got married.

Well, neither of those events were easy.

So, any word from the sheriff?

They put out an APB,

but the description they got
was pretty vague.

Well, I really think
it's one of Calvin's guys.

We don't know that yet,
and we don't want to start a war.

Well, sometimes, to keep the peace,
you gotta go on the offensive.

[Preacher] Here you go.

Egg sandwich, extra cheese.

Hey, Preach.
You didn't have to bring this over.

Hey, don't worry about it.

Well, thank you, very kind of you.

Oh, since you're here,
I found this under the door this morning.

Something wrong?

No, it's the, uh...
keys to the bakery truck.

Paige asked me to watch over it
while she's gone.

Well, do you have any idea
how long she'll be away.


Her dad's sick, right?


Well, when you speak to her,
just let her know we're thinking of her.

-Sure thing.

Oh, and hey, did she ever tell you
why she changed her name?

You know,
I decided it was none of my business.

-Good morning.
-[Hope] Hi.

Wow, these are such beautiful flowers.


What are these?

Uh, honeysuckle and rosemary.

Oh, they smell amazing.

You seem awfully perky.

-What gives?
-Nothing. Nothing.

I'm just, um, here to check on Charmaine.

I wouldn't think that'd be something
you'd be looking forward to.

I care about all my patients.

Nope, something's different about you.

I bet my life on it.

Oh, really? You bet your life on it?

Well, I bet my Eden climbing roses on it.


I'm a nurse.
You know, helping people is my job.

Mm-hmm. For the record,
there's something you're not telling me.

-[Doc] Ladies, morning.


Uh, I was just about to go inside.

Oh, uh, I'll join you in just a minute.


Mmm. [chuckles]

So, what was so urgent
it couldn't wait until tonight?

How was your date with Muriel?

That question is nowhere near urgent.

I never said urgent.
I said I needed to speak to you, and I do.

-So, how was it, the date?
-It was nice.

Good. So, when are you seeing her again?

No, Hope. I am not going
on a second date with Muriel

because you don't want people
to know our business.

One more date won't hurt you,
and it'll buy us a little time.

Just make sure, next time,
you guys go someplace public

like a restaurant or the park.

That way,
it'll be harder for her to seduce you.



[door opens]

Good morning.

[Mel] Hey.

How are you feeling?

Uh, well, I've only vomited once
in the last few hours.

She's still dehydrated.

Yeah, we need to get more fluids into you.

-I can't keep anything down.
-[Doc] I know.

[Charmaine] What is that?

-[Doc] Oh, it's just an IV.
-Whoa. No. No.

No, no. You won't feel a thing.
I promise you.

No, I'm not gonna feel a thing

because you're not coming near me
with that needle.

Um, Charmaine, just try to stay calm.

No, no. If either of you try and stab me
with that thing, I swear, I'm gonna vomit.

Oh, trypanophobia.


Extreme fear of needles.

Yeah. Okay.
Well, that's what I've got, then.

Okay. I will call the hospital,
and I'll just tell 'em we're coming over.

No, no, I'm not going to the hospital.

Look, they can put you under anesthesia.

That way, they can insert the IV,
all while monitoring you and the baby.

Oh, I just want to go home.
I just want to go home.

Charmaine, honey,
it's either the needle or the hospital.


You know, we could try, uh,
some aromatherapy meditation,

maybe some reflexology.

I... I have a client
who swears by meditation.

You need an IV,
not a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

Um, the use of holistic therapy
is pretty common,

and I've used it
on all of my patients back in LA.

Why don't you just let me try it?

Okay. Okay.




If you can't get an IV into her arm
by tonight...

She has to go to the hospital.
I know, just give me the day.

-Yeah, clock's ticking.

I'm gonna go grab my kit from the cabin.

-Okay? I'll be back.


Well, hey, friend.

[laughs] Oh, okay.

You know, if I didn't know any better,
I'd say you were following me.


Hmm. Because, actually,
I think I got here first.


Thank you.

[Jack] Drive safe.



Sorry, I can't stay too long.

Well, who could blame you?

I'm so miserable,
I wouldn't wanna be around me either.

Oh, come on.

Look, you know that's not how I feel.

[Charmaine] Hmm.

-What can I do?

There is one thing
that you could do that would help me.

Yeah. Name it.

Spend the night with me.

Not... not like that. Just...

I'm lonely, and it's worse at night,

not to mention this house
gives me the creeps.

Hope's here.



-You can sleep on the couch.
-I just don't think it's a good idea.

I don't have any family here.

You're the only person I can ask.

Jack, you... you keep saying
that you're here for me,

but this is what I need.

Look, I'll think about it.



My Lord, woman,
you look like you were born tired.

-Tourists giving you a hard time?

I wish. It's my niece, Lizzie.

She arrived yesterday, a day early.

We were up all night
arguing about her curfew

and the length of her dress.

You don't argue
with children, pets, or husbands.

You tell them what to do.

Big talk coming from the woman
who's getting divorced.

How about I take her off your hands
for the afternoon?

-Show her around.
-She won't want to do that.

Hey, remember, don't ask.

You tell her.

All right,
but don't say I didn't warn you.



And I'll try not to say I told you so

when I have her
eating out of the palm of my hand.

[Connie guffaws]

Hope, Lizzie. Lizzie, Hope.

Hope has graciously offered
to give you a tour of the town.

Hard pass. [laughs]

[Connie] Ah, ah, ah.

You're with Hope.

Have a wonderful time.



What are we doing here?

How soon can you get this place
up and running?


-Is this a joke?
-I want you to run this place.

-I don't know anything about logging, man.

Well, you don't have to.

Really, I just want you to be a liaison
between Virgin River and the loggers.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Anyone from town has any questions,
they come to you.

Why would they have any questions?

Well, let's just say our business

might tend to exhibit a few unorthodox...


Like what?

We operate around the clock.

Might seem unusual for a logging company.

-See, I don't get the--
-Discussion's over.


How much you paying me?

A lot more than you were making
bussing tables.

A whole lot more.

Now breathe in.

One, two,

and breathe out.



Now, try to focus
on the scent of the lavender,

and imagine you're someplace peaceful.

So when did you and Jack make up?

Um, I don't know 
what you're talking about.


Because, I mean, yesterday,
he could barely even look at you,

and today, you guys
are out flirting in the driveway.

We weren't flirting.

Oh, come on.

I know it when I see it.

Well, Jack and I are just friends,
nothing more.

Okay, but...

if you and Jack are seeing each other,

I would like to know.

You know Jack cares about your well-being,
and so do I.

Why don't you try to take
a couple sips of water--

I know Jack cares about me.

He does.

Yeah. He...

He's always asking me
what he can do for me.

That's sweet.


He's even gonna start
spending the night here.

Yeah, so I'm not alone.


You know,
I am kind of feeling a little bit better.

Do you...
do you think you can get me some lemonade?

Yeah, I think Hope has some.

Actually, from the bar.

Preacher does this thing

where he combines oranges
and lemons and limes and...

Yeah, sounds good.


Four, please?


Oh, and Mel, Jack's not gonna be there.

He's running errands for me
in Clear River.



Wow, Brady, so this is the new job, huh?

[Calvin chuckling]

Man, when you fall, you fall hard.

[Calvin] What brings you
to our neck of the woods?

Just some guy looking for oxy
attacked our nurse at knifepoint.

You might remember Mel.

She's the one
who saved your life last month.

Sure. I remember her.

She's not bad looking either,
isn't that right, Brady?

Sweet gal like that with a knife to her.
That is a shame.

Opioids truly are a blight on our society.

See, I find it really hard to believe

that there's a random drug addict
roaming around Virgin River.

-What are you trying to say, Jack?
-I'm saying he's one of yours.

I don't believe
in mixing business with pleasure.

All my guys are clean. I promise you that.

If it's all the same to you,
I think I'll take a look around.

Sorry, no tours today, my friend.


[Calvin] Wanna help Jack back
to his vehicle?

Want a hand getting back to your truck?

Just go, Jack.

If I were you,
I'd watch my back around this crew.

Thanks for the concern,
but I can handle myself.

That remains to be seen.

Jack, next time
you feel like dropping by...


Just keep your trash out of Virgin River.

[truck engine starts]

[Calvin] I thought I told you
to get rid of Leo.

I thought I did.

I watched him pack his bag,
said he was heading south.

Perhaps Leo needs a stronger message
and a map.

Got it.

And this is our town theater. It's small.

We mostly use it for council meetings

and occasionally hosting
the Eureka Community Theater Group.

Are you interested in acting?

I don't like people looking at me.

Well, what do you like?

I don't know.

Hanging out with my friends. Shopping.

In Clear River,
which is just one town over,

there are some very fashionable stores
right on Main Street.

What do you mean by fashionable?

There's a bedazzled denim shop
and a dress boutique

that specializes in embroidery.

Wow. Does that include poodle skirts?

[laughs] I didn't say it was Milan.

How about a salad from Jack's Bar,
which is right around the corner?

I do like bars.

Thank you.

[Jack] Oh, let me help.

Oh, no, I got it.


I thought... Charmaine said
that you were in Clear River today.

No, I was up at Calvin's.

I'm still looking for the guy
who attacked you.

You sure that's a good idea?
He's probably long gone by now.

Maybe, maybe not.

In my experience, you don't stand up
to a bully, the bully takes over.

Jack, you can't protect everyone.

I'm a swing-for-the-fences kind of guy.

I know.

Well, I just want to say thanks.
Thanks for helping her out.

-I know she could be difficult, but--

She's got a big heart.

Yeah, it's not a problem.

-Hey, have you met our newest resident?

Actually, I'm just visiting.

Uh, your Connie's niece Liz, right?


Lizzie. Sorry.


[laughs] Wow, she seems sweet.

Connie's had a heck of a time with her,
but she's fine with me.

Maybe that's because
you have something in common.

What's that?

Hard on the outside, soft on the inside.

We're women, not a couple of cannolis.

[chuckles softly]

Hey, Doc, just packing up your order.



How's our patient?

Well, I was just getting her
some lemonade.

Are you moonlighting as a waitress?

No, I am just trying
to help our patient relax.

You've been up there all day.

I would've had her hooked up
to an IV by now.

Well, you and I have different styles.

Yeah, I don't let my patients
run all over me,

and neither did you until now.

That's not what's happening here.

If you can't stand up to her,
then you shouldn't be involved.

You're the one that was pushing me
to do this, remember?

I didn't want to be involved
in Charmaine's case.

You need to learn to compartmentalize.

Separate business and personal.

Well, I'm pretty sure
that this situation is unique.

Every situation is.

You have to learn
how to motivate your patient

to do what is in her own best interests.

In other words,
lead, follow, or get out of the way.


You're absolutely right.

Absolutely right. Thanks, Doc.

There you go.

Thank you, Preacher.

Thanks a lot.

Have a nice day.


Uh, hi, so, um, uh... what can I, uh...

Just so you know, we're... we're all
out of pie... pies. We're out of pies.

Are you having a seizure?

No, I'm okay. Uh, I just...

Okay, then can you grab me a beer?

Yeah, yeah, okay. I'll grab you a beer.

Uh, hey, Preacher. I need a beer.

For who?

What if she gets mad?


-Table four is ready to order.
-Okay, fine.

I heard Paige's father's sick.

Yeah, you know, it's a...
It's a tough situation.

Well, when you speak to her,
please give her my best.

Will do.

Hey, Preach, I can't find the invoice
for the Miller account.

You know where it is?


Invoice for the Miller account.

Yeah... yeah, I paid him.

You okay?

Yeah, you know,
I'm just trying to, uh, figure out

how to keep the bakery truck
going for Paige. [chuckles]

We're barely keeping
our heads above water here.

Why don't you try Connie?

I think her family
used to own a bakery in Eureka.

She may be able to help.

Good to know.




[cups clatter]

Where are the lemonades?

-Oh, they're all over the driveway.
-It's all right.

I lost my craving anyway.

Why don't we try some reflexology?

No, I don't like people touching my feet.

Well, it's not about what you like,
and we're running out of time, so...

Are you always this pushy?

When it comes
to the health of my patients, yeah.

Well... Jack hates pushy women, so...


Why don't we start with some meditation?

Actually, I'm just... 


I'm gonna go take a nap.

-[door opens]

[door closes]


Hey, Doc, it's me.

I'm gonna need you to be on standby
to take Charmaine to the hospital.

[birds squawking]

Would you like to order something else?

Preacher makes the best burger in town.

Isn't this the only restaurant
around here?

Just seeing if you were paying attention.

So you know this place is lame.

For someone your age, maybe.

When you get older,
your priorities change.

What, you don't care about fun?

More like what you consider fun changes.

Like, for me,

I like to garden, watch my shows,
and be left alone.

That's because your life's
pretty much over.

You're just waiting for it to end.

I want to go to LA
and party my ass off while I still can.

First of all... [clears throat] life isn't almost over, and second,

if you wanna survive on your own in LA,

Mel, who you just met, is from there.

She could probably give you some guidance.

So, you think going back to LA
is a good idea?

Why wouldn't I?

Connie says LA's "the devil's workshop,"
whatever that means.

You can get in trouble anywhere.

That's what I think.

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret.


When I was your age,

I got married because I thought
there was nothing else to do.

It was a huge mistake.

All things considered,
there are worse things than being bored.

If Preacher comes by, give him my card.

I'll be right back.


[Muriel] I hope
I'm not interrupting anything.

No. No, not at all.
Please, come in. Come in.

You mentioned last night
that strawberries are your favorite fruit.

Yes, they are.

Oh, my God, strawberry shortcake?

My mother's recipe.

Oh. [sniffs]

Oh, you shouldn't have gone
to all that trouble.

No, no, no, there's no trouble at all.

I love baking,
and especially for my friends.

Well, oh...

-Forget the plate. [laughs]

Mmm. Mmm.

That tastes like summer.

Well, the key is something
pastry chefs call gentle mixing.

It's what makes the shortcake so fluffy.

Well, whatever you did, it's amazing.
Thank you.

By the way, I, uh, I saw in the paper

that a string quartet is playing Vivaldi

in Clear River Thursday night.


I thought you might be interested.

Maybe you wanna take Hope?

Oh, um, Hope, no, she...
She's not a classical music fan.

Oh, I just can't understand
how anyone can not like classical music.

She thinks that it's for people
who are putting on airs.

Well, I guess everyone
is entitled to their own opinion.

I suppose. [chuckles]

Well, I'm going to attend,

and if you're interested,

maybe we could go together?

[Charmaine] Can you come back later?
I'm exhausted.

[Mel] No.

I'm sorry,
but we need to get you hydrated,

and my way clearly is not working.

No, it's not.

No. So our only option is to call Doc

and have him drive you to the hospital.

I already told you,
I'm not going to the hospital.

Well, if you won't work with me,
that's gonna be your only choice.

I can't go to that hospital.

[sighing] Charmaine, I have done 
all I can do.

Okay? This is between you and Doc now.

My mom died slowly and horribly
in that place,

and now the thought of going back there
even to have a baby, I just...

It makes me sick.

Okay, I understand.

Yeah, nobody understands
how hard that was for me.

My mom died of cancer when I was 11.

Oh, God.

It was... it was a really long time ago.

But, I still remember
her last day in the hospital,

and it was one of the worst days
of my life.

I'm... I'm sorry.

I didn't know.

I know. It's okay.

[sighs] You know,
I'm genuinely trying to help you.

I know. I know.


[exhales] What about that foot thing?

-The reflexology?


[both chuckle]

Well, you'd have to cooperate
for it to work?



[Hope clears throat]

I lost something.

-I'd rather not say.

Okay. Good luck, then.

It's Lizzie!

-You lost a human being?

We were at the bar.

I went to the restroom,
and when I came out, she was gone.

Did you try Connie's?
Maybe Lizzie went home.

Connie would have called me to gloat.
She didn't think I could handle her.

Well, call the sheriff.

She's not in danger. She's just insolent.
She couldn't have gone far.

-Come on. You gotta help me find her.
-You just hate being wrong

more than anything in the world,
don't you?

Are you gonna help me or not?



-If you find where the boys are,

it's likely you'll find the girl.

The high school baseball team
practices after school.

Vernon, you're a genius?

Hello, Hope. [chuckles]

-I knew I'd find you here.
-[chuckles nervously]

How's it going with Lizzie?

Uh, just great. We've had a marvelous time
getting to know each other.

-[clears throat]
-Fine. I lost her.

I spent the last 45 minutes
scouring the town.

Hate to say it, but I told you so.

You know there's nothing you enjoy more.

She's been home an hour.

I found your credit card in her purse.

I can't believe she'd do that!

I can. Most days, it'd be easier
living with a honey badger.

What a disaster.

I'm never gonna live this down.


[door slams]

[Mel] You're doing a lot better.
Just try to let go, okay?

Okay. Just breathe in.


[Mel] Breathe out.


This is the last pressure point.


You know,
a lot of people don't realize that...

reflexology releases endorphins,

but it also releases emotions.


[sniffles, exhales]

If the situation was reversed, I...

I wouldn't help you.


I mean, if I were you,
I wouldn't be helping me.

I think you would.

Ugh. Only a perfect person would say that.

Charmaine, I am far from perfect.

I've been so horrible to you.

You know what?

You've been through a lot,

and I'm proud of you

for not giving up.

You're already putting your baby's needs
ahead of your own.

-You're gonna be a great mom.

Keep your eyes closed, okay?

There you go.

Is it in?

-It is.


You're gonna start to feel
much, much better really soon.


Thank you.





-It's all right.


Now, let's get you tucked in, okay?

There you go.

Try to relax, okay?

[cell phone ringing]


Hey, Jack.

Just spoke to my guy
in the drug enforcement unit

over at the Humboldt County
Sheriff's Office.

Good news is
they've got Calvin on their radar.

For his illegal grow?

That, and it looks
like he may be branching out.

Into what?

Not sure yet. They'll get back to me.


So listen, what can I do?

Just ... just keep an eye out.

Hopefully, I'll have more info
when I come up for the reunion.

Copy that.

-All right. I'll see you in a few days.
-All right, brother.



I just came over
to see how things were going.

Well, I. uh, got the IV in,
and now she's asleep.

-Come on.

Look at you, the little miracle worker.

She hates needles.


Well, uh, I have something else
I wanna do for her.

So I'm gonna head over to Grace Valley,
and then I'll be back.

You've been working all day.

You've got to be exhausted.
Why don't I drive you?

And you probably haven't
even had a chance to eat.

We can pick something up on the way.

I think it's better if I go by myself.

It's gonna be dark
by the time you get back.

Oh, Jack.
You don't have to worry about me.

You sure there's nothing I can do
to change your mind?

I'm sure.

-Preach. So how are things at the bar?

Smooth, steady,


You know,
pretty much everything you're not.

Aw. Miss you too, big guy.


-Do not touch me.
-Easy, all right?

-Just trying to put the past behind us.

Right. Isn't that your MO?

Just to, uh, move on,
never take responsibility for anything,

no matter who you hurt?

Well, we can't all be a choirboy, Preach.

You mean a decent human being?

[Brady] I'll save this debate
for the reunion.

What's that?

Yeah, Tom, he, uh...
He was talking about hitting the trails,

kayaking, the whole nine.


Relax, I got better things to do

than sit around with a bunch of guys
swapping war stories.

Like, uh, buying a new car.

Speaking of which,
you look like you can use a new ride.

Maybe you should, uh,
talk to your boss about a raise.


You know, Brady, for a little man,

you sure got a big mouth.


What are you so riled up about?

No, I just, uh... I just ran into Brady.

Oh, he's one bad penny.

[laughs] Yeah, that's 
a nice way of putting it.


So, what do you think?

About the bakery truck.

I don't know.
I got a lot on my plate at the moment.

I know, but you would be doing me
a huge favor

if you could just keep things running
while, you know, Paige is gone.

How long would that be?

That, I'm not sure.


You said it's her father who's sick?


I thought he'd passed away.

No, no, he, um...

he abandoned the family
when she was young,

and, well, he showed up ten years ago.

Oh, well, that's very forgiving of her
to go out and take care of him now.

I mean, that's... that's Paige.

Is that why Wes was here?

You know, I had no idea she was married.

Did you?

Connie, did you, uh...

tell anyone about Wes?

Mmm. Actually, no.

Ever since I agreed to take Lizzie in,
she's been all that I can handle.

Well, I need to ask you another favor.

Never mention Wes again...

to anyone.

[cell phone ringing]


Finally, I get to talk to you
and not your voice mail.

[Mel] I'm sorry.

Things have been kind of crazy
since I got here.

Crazy good or crazy bad?


I, uh, I slept with Jack.

Whoa. Um, that's not what I thought
you were gonna say.

Yeah, I know.
I still can't believe it happened. It's...

How was it?


[small laugh]

Unfortunately, it was... phenomenal.

So, does that mean
you guys are together now?

I don't know.

He wants to be but,

you know, with the baby coming
and everything it's just so...

-Messed up?

You said he's not in love
with Charmaine though, right?

Well, yeah, that's what he says,
but once he becomes a father,

he might feel differently about her.

You know, a baby can drive couples apart,
but it could also...

bring people together.

And you won't know how Jack will react
until the baby comes.

Yeah, exactly, which is why it's,
you know, easier if we just stay friends.

Is that what you really want?

No, but I...

After Mark, I just don't think
I could survive losing Jack.

What if he's your second chance?

Some people never find love,
let alone twice.


Why didn't I just let your call
go to voice mail?

'Cause you love me.

Hey, remember, we're not alone.

Apparently, my guest room
has an open-door policy

-when it comes to visitors.

I'm thinking of charging an entrance fee.


You've been very, very patient
with Charmaine.

You buttering me up for something?

No, no, no, but I would like to know
if you wanted to go to a concert

in Clear River Thursday night.

Who's playing?
And if you say Richard Thompson,

you'll get a triple gold star
and an extra helping of dessert.

No, it is the Clear River String Quartet
performing Vivaldi.

As Lizzie would say, hard pass.

Come on, come on. Are you... You sure?

Couldn't be more positive.

Would you mind if I went without you?

Knock yourself out.

Muriel is going.

That's a perfect second date.

["Your Head and Your Heart"
by The Saint Johns playing]

♪ You say that your mind's made up ♪

Mel went all the way to the hospital

to get this portable ultrasound machine
so we could see the baby.

Isn't that sweet of her?


With everything that she's done for me,
I can see why you admire her so much.

It wasn't a big deal.

Well, it is to us.

-This is gonna be a little cold. Sorry.
-[inhales sharply]

♪ And if our bones can stand to be apart ♪

♪Then I'll leave it to 
Your head and your heart ♪

♪ Then I'll leave it to... ♪

[ultrasound machine
whooshing rhythmically]

What is it?

The baby?


Sorry, I thought you said "babies."

I did.


You're having twins.

[Charmaine laughs]



[theme music playing]