Virgin River (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - If Truth Be Told - full transcript

Preacher happens upon a secret. Mel's memories threaten to overwhelm her. Jack confronts Charmaine about their relationship.

Are you sure I can't convince you to stay?


You were right.
It's time for me to go home.

Oh, I know,
but I never said to cut your trip short.

- I know you didn't.
- Then why are you going?

Hey, can you do me a favor?

Can you get my blow dryer?
I think it's in the bathroom.

Joey. Stop. Tell me what's going on.

- Joey.
- Hey!

I'm not letting you leave

till we clear the air.

You sound just like Dad.

No, I don't.

Yeah, you do.

Whenever we used to fight,

he would say we couldn't do anything else
until we made up.

I don't remember that.


we were kids.

It was a long time ago.



I'm sorry.

I really wanted this visit to be special.

It was special.

No, it wasn't.

I mean, I made it all about me.
That isn't right.

Look, you can't always be the caretaker.

You know?

Sometimes you need help.

I just don't get it.

You know, I feel like...

Bill just woke up one day
and decided after...

fifteen years of marriage
that we don't have anything in common.

How do you feel? Do you feel the same way?

I don't know.


It's like we talk about the kids,
and we talk about broken sprinkler heads,

and we talk about his work...

but we're just not connected
like we used to be, and...

I don't know if we'll ever get that back.

Look, I know Bill loves you.

Sometimes love isn't enough.

What can I do to help you?

Oh... Nothing.

Because I'm the only one who can decide
how hard I wanna fight for my marriage.

Okay, well...

why don't I come to LA?

Then I can help with the kids.

It'll give you and Bill a chance
to figure things out.


That's really sweet of you.

I can't ask you to do that.

I can't.

And also...

I was wrong about you being here.

About this place.

I can see how good it is for you.

That makes me really happy.

Jo, let me help you.

Oh, gosh. That's my car. I gotta go.

Cancel the car.
Let me drive you to the airport.

- No.
- Okay? We can talk.

Oh... No. It's too late.

I can't cancel.


can you please apologize to Jack for me?

I mean, my behavior at the Mingle
was totally out of character.


Just let me know
if you need anything, okay?

- Okay.
- Promise?

Cross my heart.

I love you, kiddo.

I love you too.


I'm back here.


Well, I don't think
this will work on ducks.

You could try hittin' them over the head.

You didn't tell me you were going fishing.

Well, my comings and goings
are of no concern to you.

That's not true.

Do you want some company?

No, I do not.

I was headed over to Paige's.

You wanna come
and get something for the road?

I ate.

Isn't it a little late in the morning
to be going fishing?

Yeah, I would have left a lot earlier,

except I was on the phone
with that divorce attorney

trying to convince him not to charge me
for the meeting that you failed to attend.

You know,
I never said I was going to make it.

Okay. Spit it out.

You are all over the map
with this divorce stuff,

and it's making me just...
dizzy trying to follow you.

- Vernon.
- Don't "Vernon" me.

You're nuttier than a fruitcake.

And you know what? I'm a doctor.

That is an actual diagnosis.

Lock the door on your way out.

You've reached Charmaine.
Leave a message and I'll call you back.

Hey, it's me again.

I'm not sure if you're
gettin' these messages, but...

I want to talk,
so, please, can you call me back?

Hey. I, uh... I gotta run out.

All right.

For the record,

I would've knocked you all the way out.

You're late.

Wasn't sure I still had a job.

You know, I promised you...

a long time ago
that I would always have your back.

This ain't Iraq.

Doesn't matter.

Won't happen again, I swear.

And that's a promise
you actually plan to keep?

Yeah. I'm gonna try.

You know, Brady, you gotta...

you gotta do a little more
than just try.

I mean it this time.

Okay, Jack?

Well, you owe Mel and her sister
an apology.

Yeah, I know.

I'll do right by them.


- Hey.
- Um...

About last night.

- It's fine.
- No, it's not.

I was wasted and I was a total jerk.
And I just...

I want to say I'm real sorry
for how I acted.


Is Joey around?
I'd like to apologize to her too.

She left this morning.

Oh. Okay. Well, um, when you talk to her,
tell her I said sorry?



- Hey.
- Can I get a coffee?

Yeah, of course you can.

So, Joey left, huh?

She had some stuff she had to do at home.

She told me to tell you
she wasn't being herself last night.

Oh, hey. No explanation necessary.

Thank you.

I didn't realize how much I missed her.

I even miss fighting with her.

I don't know. You two seem
to fight pretty well on the phone.

- You know what you need?
- Hm?

- One of these.
- Hm!

I... I picked the raspberries myself.

- Oh, you did?
- Mm-hm.


How are you guys doing?

Blood brothers
sometimes spill a little blood.

- Sure.
- I don't know.

I'm startin' to wonder if
my lookin' out for him is doing any good.

Maybe I'm part of the problem.

Turning your back
on the ones you love is hard.

Yeah, he doesn't have anyone else
to lean on.

Well, he's lucky he has you.

- I gotta go.
- What's goin' on?

- My grandma needs my help.
- What happened?

I... I don't know. She called and said
she wasn't feeling so good,

and she needed me to go to the house.
She... she has diabetes.

I... I called Doc, but he's out of town.

It's okay. I'll go...
I'll go take a look at her.

- Yeah?
- Yeah. I just need your address.

- No, I'll take you.
- No, I can go myself. It's fine.

- But the house is... it's hard to find.
- Ricky, you're too upset to drive.

Why don't I take her?

You just stay here
and man the fort with Brady, yeah?

- Yeah. Okay.
- Yeah.

- Yeah. All right.
- Don't worry.

- I'll take good care of her.
- Okay.

- It's okay.
- Okay, thanks. Thank you.

Please tell me how she is.

- I'll... I'll give you a call.
- Okay.

Take care.

Morning, Paige.

Morning. Usual?

I didn't see Doc come by today.

Uh, impromptu fishing trip.
I don't know why he goes.

He never catches
anything bigger than a goldfish.

He probably enjoys the solitude.

Oh, not that he prefers being alone
to your company.

That's not what I meant.
You know, I don't really know him.

Good Lord, you can a dig a hole faster
than a gopher in springtime.

Morning, ladies.

Did I see Doc heading out of town?


You know, I saw him dancing mighty close
to Muriel St. Claire at the Mingle...

- Which was lovely, by the way.
- Yeah.

- The Mingle was beautiful.
- Thanks.

Joy said she saw them dancing
cheek to cheek.

Dollars to doughnuts,
that woman has her sights set

on becoming the next Mrs. Mullins.

Oh, speaking of doughnuts,
could I have a dozen, please?

Assorted. You pick.

That's an awful lot of doughnuts.

Well, um... we have a full house to feed.

Well, folks who were in town
for the Mingle have already cleared out.

I thought Mel was your only guest
at the moment.

And her sister.

I saw Joey leave this morning.

If you don't need them,

- I can put them back in the case.
- No, no, no.

I mean...
they're already packed up.

You know, I... I think it's getting late.
I'd better be running along.

- Thank you.
- What about your change?

Oh, no, no, no, no.

You keep it.

Jo Ellen turning down change.

That woman is up to something.

- Preacher.
- Hope.

Good work last night. The food was...

perfectly edible.

I'll take that as high praise.

That's your prerogative.

Thank you.

Uh... I will take the assortment
of, uh... the usual stuff.

You know, for the bar.

Okay, but you know, Jack came by and
picked your order up already this morning.


Um... well...

You know, listen, Paige. I, uh...

Truth is, I wanted to talk to you about,
you know, last night.

Did I do or, you know,
say something to make you uncomfortable?

Hey, you know... you know what? Um...

Never mind. You know, forget I asked.



What are the specials at the bar today?


Spicy duck tacos.

With your delicious dry rub?

Can you do me a favor
and save me a couple?


- Yeah, sure thing.
- Thanks.

Hey, what's goin' on with you?

You barely said anything
since we left the bar.

I hate to admit it,
but you might have been right.

Okay. You're gonna have to be
a little more specific.

About Charmaine.

What happened?

I'm sorry. You don't have to tell me.

It's... it's really none of my business.

She said she wants a commitment.

What did you tell her?

I didn't know what to say.

How did she take that?

She won't return my calls.

You know, at some point,

you're gonna have to tell her
how you really feel.

I just don't wanna hurt her.

Did you ever think that you're the one
that doesn't wanna get hurt?

We're here.

Well timed, Mr. Sheridan.

Well timed.

We really need to get in there.

Yeah, copy that. Come on.


Lydie, can you hear me?

- There's no reception here.
- Yeah, I see that.

What are you supposed to do
if there's an emergency?


Lydie, can you hear me?

- Oh, hey, Ricky...
- Ricky...

- Lydie.
- Lydie. Hey.

Hey. Hey, Lydie.

It's Mel. I work with Doc.

I'm a nurse practitioner. Can you hear me?

- Oh...
- Hey, there.

Hey, Lydie. It's okay. I'm here too.

- Jack.
- Yeah.

Jack. What? Oh...

Why am I on the floor? What's goin' on?

You might have just taken a little fall.

- It's okay.
- Oh, tha... thank you.



Can you sit up?

- Uh, yeah, sure.
- Okay.

Okay. There we go.


I need you to drink all of this. Okay?
It's sugar water.

Oh, okay.

It should help stabilize
your blood sugar levels.

Ricky told me that you're a diabetic.

Where's Ricky?

Well, he... he's at the bar.
We told him we'd take care of you.

It's okay.


You didn't have to come all the way
out here, you know.

We wanted to come.
I wanted to make sure you're okay.

I'm fine.
I'm just a little light-headed, is all.


Um, how about we get you to the bed?

Here, let me take that. Wait a second.

- All right.
- Okay.

- Ready?
- Can you stand up?

- Yeah, yes. Yeah.
- One, two... three.

There you go. Easy.

Okay. I'm good.

I'm good. Okay, okay.

- All right. Take a seat.
- Mmph.

- You're okay.
- Okay.

Thank you.

You're welcome.
Tell you what. You know what?

I'm gonna go outside
and take a look at your gate,

and I'll leave you two ladies
to talk, yeah?

Okay. Sure.
I... I guess that would be all right.

You're in good hands.

Lydie, did you test your blood today?

I can't stand it.
It makes me feel like a pin cushion.

- Have you been taking your medications?
- I hate those shots.

Well, I think
your blood sugar level dipped,

which is why you blacked out.

Did Ricky put you up to this?

He's always worrying about me, you know.

Lydie, it's really important for you
to check your blood sugar

and to take your insulin
on a regular basis.

Where's your blood sugar monitor?

- Ah, it's over there by... by the bed.
- Okay.

I didn't mean for Ricky to bother anybody.

It's not a bother.

He just wants to make sure
you're taking care of yourself.

You know, you look a little like
my daughter, Elaine, Ricky's mother.

You know, she wanted to be a nurse.

Then she met Ricky's father, and...

I always knew he was trouble
from the moment I laid eyes on him.

When Ricky was born, he stuck around
for a few months, and then...

up and left.

Elaine was devastated.

They said that it was the drugs
that killed her.

But I know that...

my baby died from a broken heart.

And then...

Ricky came to live with me,
and it's been the two of us ever since.

Well, it sounds like you two are lucky
to have each other.

He's all I have left.

Okay, the gate's all fixed.

Oh, thank you, Jack.

All right,
unfortunately, it's pin cushion time.

- Oh.
- I'm sorry.

Are you ready?

I think so.

Okay, one, two, three.


Uh, you know, my husband, Herb,

he was the exact opposite of Ricky's dad.

He was strong and dependable.

Not a day goes by I don't miss him.

It's been ten years
since he's been gone, and...

and it feels like yesterday.

Did Herb help you manage your diabetes?

Oh, he was insufferable.

He, uh...
kept pestering me to move around.

Stop eating this or that.

Okay, well, Lydie, your blood sugar level
is still really low.

So, I'd like to get you checked out
at the hospital.

Jack can call Ricky,

and I'll call Grace Valley
and let them know that we're coming.

- I don't wanna go to the hospital.
- I know, but you need to be monitored.

Hey, Lydie, you know...

Would it make you feel better
if I had Ricky come meet us there?

Do you think going
to the hospital is necessary?

Well, I think that Herb would want you
to take care of yourself,

and I know that
it will make Ricky feel better too.

He's the only reason I keep going.

I miss my Herb so much.


It's okay.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

It's okay. Thank you. Thank you.

Anybody else?

- Oh, yes, I'd love a top-up.
- Here.

- Thank you, Muriel.
- Oh, you're welcome.

- Uh-oh.
- Well...

lucky for you all,
I'm in the mood for a doughnut.

- Hm...
- Lilly...

you're looking well.

Thank you.
I'm feeling a little better every day.

Glad to hear it.
Baby Chloe needs her mama.

And you know what I need?
Something glazed.


It's been months
since we gals have gotten together.

Oh. Don't just sit there. Deal me in.

- Oh, um...
- Sorry, honey.

Uh, we've already got a full house.

I saw an empty chair.

What are we playing?


I prefer seven-card stud,
but canasta it is.

Hope, the truth is, we...

Well? Spit it out.

We don't wanna play with you.

- You don't want me to play cards with you?
- No.

Well, isn't that something?

You're very... competitive.

- Hm.
- So, you don't care about winning?

Because last time we played,
you cleaned house.

- It's nothing personal.
- No.

We're just looking
to have a friendly game.

I always maintain strict decorum
during leisure activities.

Honey, you're like a tornado
in a glass factory.

And your outbursts are very upsetting.

You've always been too sensitive.

- Do you think I'm too sensitive?
- Fine. I...

I won't yell.

And you promise not to badger me
if I keep winning?

Consider this a badger-free zone.

Come on, ladies. Let's give her a chance.

Finally! You were always my favorite.

Hey, shift's not over for another hour.

I'm gonna bounce.

I'm not feelin' so good.

Did you clean out the grease trap?


That's probably what made me feel sick.
Thing's disgusting.

Yeah, well, you look like
you might be more hung over than sick.

I don't remember asking you.

Why are you really here, Brady?

Work, just like you.

Oh, no.

No, you and I, we are...
we are nothin' alike.

Man, you're never gonna change,
are you?

Still think we're back in Mosul.


I'm tryin', Preach.

- Just give me a break, all right?
- Hey.

You stole money out of the safe.
You steal tips from the wait staff.

I think I've cut you enough breaks.

You know,
you're lucky this is Jack's place.

Anybody else would have kicked your ass
to the curb.

That's what it is, isn't it?

You can't handle
that Jack and I are tight.


You're not a friend.

You're a leech.

And for once, why can't you just
do the right thing, man?

And what's that, Preach?

Leave town.

You know, just get out of here.

- Go.
- I'm gone.

Hey, Preacher.


Little man.

- Hi.
- Hello.

Our car died.


Yeah. Um, I parked it out back
to make a delivery across the street.

When I got back, the car wouldn't start.
I left the door open, drained the battery.

Do you think you could give us a jump?

Oh, you know what? Never mind.

- You're busy.
- No, no, it's okay.

Uh, why don't you two grab a seat?

Hm? Get something warm to drink.

How about some hot cocoa?

- Extra marshmallows?
- As many as you can handle.

- Thank you, Preacher.
- Okay.

Well, they're gonna keep Lydie overnight,

but Ricky's gonna stay with her.

- Good.
- Yeah.

I'll come back and check on them tomorrow.

Okay. Sounds good.

You ready?



What don't you understand?

- I need to be in that room!
- I'm sorry, but you're not allowed.

I'm gonna be doing
his follow-up care, okay?

I'm... I'm sorry.

I know you're just doing your job.

But what would you do if you were me?

That's my husband.


- What?
- Are you ready?


- To go back home.
- I'm sorry. I... I have to sit down.

Let me get you a water.

You feeling any better?

You wanna talk about it?

I can't.

It's okay.

Hey, it's okay.

- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- No, it's okay.

Hey, it's okay.

Ah, okay...


I'm gonna take, uh...

God, I can't give her that.


Canasta. I'm out.

You have got to be kidding me.

- Now, Hope...
- Don't you "now Hope" me.

That's three hands in a row we were up,
and you came back to beat us.

That's just the way the game goes.

If you're cheating!

Don't be ridiculous.

Lilly knew you were collecting kings,
and she served one up on a silver platter.

Coincidence? I think not.

I... I... I was holding onto fours.

Well, I... I demand a rematch.

This is exactly why we didn't invite you.

I guess I'll save you the trouble
of asking me to leave.


enjoy your afternoon.



Lydie said her husband's been dead
for ten years.

She still misses him every day.

Well, there's something beautiful
about that.

Or very, very sad.

Well, maybe a bit of both.

My dad used to say that the...

price of love was loss.

There's probably some truth to that,
but I'd say most people...

would also say that
love is worth the risk, don't you think?

Honestly, I... I don't...
I don't know anymore.

How about a little detour?

Well, as long as it doesn't involve
hiking or baseball.



I had 16 marshmallows.

Wow. That is a new Jack's Bar record, hm?

I, uh... I left the car running.
You'll need to drive it around for,

you know, 20 minutes or so
to charge the battery.

Oh, okay. Thank you. You're a lifesaver.

So, you goin' on a trip?


I mean, I could use a vacation.

- Why do you ask?
- Oh, it's just, I, uh...

you know, saw luggage in the back.

Oh. No, no, I'm just, um...

donating some old clothes,

and it's easier to get it
to the Goodwill in Clear River.

Uh-huh. Mm.


Okay, okay.

- Come on.
- Okay, uh, you guys should get goin'.

Yeah. Uh...

Thank you. I owe you.

Holy cow. What are you, a pinball wizard?

Yeah, well, I, uh...

I used to hang out at this bar
when I was in college,

and they had a machine just like this.

- I wasted a lot of time there.
- Well, I wouldn't say wasted.

If the whole nursing thing
doesn't work out,

you could always play professionally.

No, that's not a thing.

- Oh, it's not a thing?
- It's not a thing.

- Really?
- No.



Let's see. The...

purpose of the PAPA circuit is
to raise awareness of competitive pinball.

- Oh, I'm sorry. Did I just...
- Oh, come on.

- Was that distracting?
- You made me lose my concentration.

- That's not fair.
- Oh, come on. Don't hate the player.

Oh, I think this game is rigged.

Uh... Okay, what?

- What?
- You distracted me.

- You happy now?
- I didn't distract nothing. I... What...

I'm hungry. We should get some food.

- What, are you buying?
- Well, you drove, so, yeah.

Come on.


You didn't have to walk me to my door.

Oh, if you knew how I was raised,
you'd understand.


Well, thanks for the ride.

Oh, any time.

And for cheering me up.

I think we can give pinball
most of the credit for that.


You know, I don't think I'd still
be here if it wasn't for you.

Well, I don't think that's true.

I do.

Good night.


♪ Mm, mm ♪

♪ Mm-mm-mm-mm ♪

You've reached the voice mail
of Dr. Vernon Mullins.

If this is an emergency,
please hang up and dial 911 immediately.

Vernon, it's me.

Just making sure you didn't fall out
of the boat and drown.

♪ The fading light ♪

- ♪ Is all that shines ♪
- Anyway...

- Good night.
- ♪ It'll be dark soon ♪

♪ Been here before ♪

♪ When love is warm ♪

♪ If you win, you lose ♪

♪ I told you ♪

♪ Everything's fine ♪

♪ Mm, mm ♪

♪ Mm-mm-mm-mm ♪

Hey. What are you doing here?

Well, you...
wouldn't return my calls, so...

It's funny.

All I have to do is ignore you
for a little while

and then here you are,
chasing after me for a change.

We need to talk.

I'm listening.

You said last night at the Mingle
that you loved me

and that you needed
to know how I felt about you.


Look, I love...

being with you, uh...

We have a good time.


I don't know what you want me to say. I...

Jack, I want you to say
that you feel the same way about me,

that... that you're committed
in this relationship.

Look, Char, I... I...

care about you, deeply...

but I... I can't do that.

Why not?

I don't know.


You sure Mel doesn't have anything
to do with this?

This is about you and me.


Yeah. I... I don't know if I believe that.

I'm being straight with you.

Well, I don't think
you're being honest with yourself.

I don't know what you want me to do.

I don't know.

I'm not gonna wait around for you
to fall in love with me.

I wouldn't expect you to.

You should go.

I didn't mean to hurt you.

You didn't. You just wasted my time.

I'm sorry.

I hope you find what you're lookin' for.

I will.

♪ Nothin's all right ♪

♪ Nothin's all right ♪

♪ Nothin's all right ♪

♪ I ♪

♪ I'll be all right ♪

♪ I ♪

♪ I'll be all right ♪

♪ Everything's fine ♪

Hey, what took you so long?

Oh, we were on the tarmac for four hours.

The delay was longer than the damn flight.

Ugh. I'm sorry.

- Did Bill pick you up from the airport?
- No.

I didn't want him
to drag the kids out so late.

Is he there now?

He's packing a few things.

I had to get out of there.

Oh, Joey.

It's a long time coming.

Well, that doesn't make it
any easier to accept.

What other choice do I have?

Uh, hold on a sec.

Oh, hi.

I know how you like
my homemade orange pekoe.

I'll get the tray later.

- Okay. Thank you.
- Stay warm.

Oh, that was so sweet. That was Jo Ellen.
She brought me some tea.

Well, go enjoy your tea, okay?
I... I gotta get home.

- I'm exhausted.
- Okay.

- I'll call you in the morning. Okay?
- Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

All right.

I love you.

I love you too, squirt.

♪ Old concrete beneath my back ♪

♪ I lay where I landed ♪

♪ Close my eyes and hold my breath ♪

♪ Worn and empty-handed ♪

♪ When you're down, down, down ♪

♪ When you're down, down, down ♪

- ♪ No lower to go ♪
- ♪ Down ♪

- ♪ No further to fall ♪
- ♪ Down, down ♪

♪ When you're on the floor ♪

♪ And you're already down, down, down ♪

♪ Down ♪

♪ I turn my head to shield my eyes ♪

♪ Unsure of what ♪

- ♪ I had on me ♪
- Come in.

Uh, it's me. I, um...

- just figured you'd be missing these.
- Oh!

Yeah. Thanks.

- ♪ When you're down ♪
- ♪ When you're down ♪

♪ Down ♪

- ♪ When you're down, down ♪
- ♪ Down ♪

- I, um...
- ♪ When you're down ♪

- ♪ When you're down ♪
- ♪ Down ♪

- ♪ When you're down ♪
- I thought it was time.

- ♪ No lower to go ♪
- Look, it's none of my business, but...

♪ No further to fall ♪

...whatever it is, you know,
I'm sure you guys can work that out.

- We can't.
- ♪ And you're already down ♪

I'm sorry.

- ♪ Down, down ♪
- ♪ Down ♪

My husband is dead.

- ♪ Down ♪
- ♪ Down ♪

It was my fault.

- ♪ When you're down ♪
- ♪ Down ♪

- ♪ Down ♪
- ♪ Down ♪

♪ Down ♪

♪ And you're already down ♪

- ♪ When you're down ♪
- ♪ Down ♪

- ♪ When you're down, when you're down ♪
- ♪ Down ♪

♪ Down ♪

- ♪ Down ♪
- ♪ When you're down ♪

- ♪ Down, down ♪
- ♪ When you're down ♪

- ♪ When you're down ♪
- ♪ Down ♪