Vinyl (2016): Season 1, Episode 9 - Rock and Roll Queen - full transcript

After an unsettling visit with Devon, Richie weighs his options as Buck Rogers murder case is heating up. Thrown out of her aunt's house, Jamie crashes with Kip (Nasty Bits).


All night long

Hey, now, now,
now, now

Hey, little baby

You been on my mind

Look in my dreams

Your taste
is all I find

Hey, now, darling

Where you stay out
all night long

I wanna tell you

You know
your daddy's home

All night long


All night long


- GUARD: Finestra.

I was down the shore.
l jumped in the car as soon as I heard.

They called my house instead of the service.

Our girl's Viet Cong.

Can't understand a fucking word she says.

Jesus Christ, you're burning up.

You couldn't get him a doctor?

Give him two aspirin and call me
when he's not a junkie.

All fucking weekend before they call you?
I want to sue.

Yeah, I'm not sure that's the move right now.

A man tried to kill me.

I got to defend myself.

Then you rolled him in a rug
and dumped his body.


Obstruction of justice.

Aiding and abetting. Destruction of evidence.

Mr. Finestra, how you doing?

You look like shit.

WHORISKY: You remember Detective Voehel?

He's with the Organized Crime Task Force.

You spoke to him a while back.

Nate Druker, Assistant US Attorney,
Eastern District.

Harlan Reed, counsel for Mr. Finestra.

I had an uncle named Harlan.

We used to call him Harlan Marlin.

- Anybody ever call you Harlan Marlin?
- No.

So at best, we're looking at,
what, manslaughter?

Or murder three. Still up in the air.

- That's 30 years.
- Which is absurd, firstly.

And why does the
US Attorney's Office give a shit?

Corrado Galasso.

How long you been working for him?

- I don't work for Corrado Galasso.
- Richie...

He loaned me money.

I'm paying him back with a pound of flesh.

You know what?
Arraign my client and let's call it a day, guys.

Come on, this is bullshit.

- Well, your client's going to trial.
- We send you upstate.

Even if all you get is a year,

in that time, business has folded,

your wife's banging the neighbor,
you're fucking broke.

Or, you stay out of jail,

-you help us put an actual criminal in the can.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You want me to rat on Corrado Galasso?

Why don't you just put a bullet
in my head now?

Information, that's all.

You overhear a conversation,

you see something interesting,
you let us know.

- And the matter at hand?
- Buck Rogers?

If and when the case ever gets prosecuted,

we'll remind the court how helpful
your client was with Mr. Galasso.

What do you mean by "if and when?"
We solved a homicide...

It's a high-profile murder case.

We're just gonna sweep it under the carpet?

Look, he'll plead to manslaughter.

Feds have a bigger fish with Galasso.

- I don't know anything about Galasso.
- MAN: This is bullshit.

Maury Gold is your friend.

Galasso infiltrated his company years ago.

Didn't infiltrate my fucking company.

I can hold these guys off for a day maybe,
but that's it.

HARLAN: Yeah, you're all heart.

Talk to your client.

We're fairly confident that he can funnel us

some information
without getting himself killed.

You're free to go.

Harlan Marlin.

What do you think?

(SCOFFS) What do I think?

I think ratting on Corrado Galasso's
a suicide mission.

But the last guy I know
sent to the can for manslaughter

got all his teeth knocked out

so they could fuck him in the mouth
without scraping.

So, honestly, my friend,
I don't know what to think.




Hey! Get the fuck out of there!

That's my shit! Hey!

Put that back, you fucker!

Oh, God damn it.

Fuck. Shit.



Aunt Bellamy! Hey!

What the fuck did you do? Bellamy!

You stop screaming or I will call the police.

Now, she made me do it. I'm sorry.

- My mother?
- If you really wanted this to work out,

you should have listened to her
instead of carrying on with degenerates.

She pay you?

Did she fucking pay you
to put me on the street?

You think I like this?

She's right.

You are a whore.

- No, no. I need to get my...
- You go, out of here!



- Oh, my God.

- Ow.

- What the fuck?


Richie, good morning. Good weekend?

We let 75% of our staff go.

You can't bring new people in
and ask my receptionist to get you coffee.

She does my bills.

You ask a bookkeeper nowadays
to answer the phone,

she'll lop off your schvanz
with a letter opener.

Oh, look who decided to show up, huh?

- He's the welcome wagon now?
- They moved in already.

I need a girl of my own, Richie.

- He's got Dull Gret over here.
- She's a bookkeeper.

Stewie's gonna come back
from fucking Da Nang,

he's not gonna have a place to sit.

And then this one, he wants Heather
working for him exclusively.

Listen to me, okay?
We'll share Cece, all right?

- Yours, with the...
- Yeah.

No, no, no. She's got an attitude, okay?

They want to make a point,
they should do it on their own time.

- Okay?
- All the best in the business in one room.

See, now this is what I'm talking about.

I can't get a cup of coffee around here.
Thank you.

It's Tab. You want it?

She's an executive now.


You Okay?

Jesus, H.C., I thought
you were dead in an alley.

You were supposed to take
the kids to dinner yesterday.

Devon called me last night.
I didn't know what to say.

She had those babies
standing on the corner...

Back, back, back.

He doesn't care for it, either.

If you're really hip
The passing years would show

You in a hip trip

Maybe hipper than hip

What is hip?


Get me out of the center of the frame.

You gotta shake up the composition.

I'm playing with the depth of field.

Stop covering your cock.


Why am I completely sure that
your kids are gonna walk in right now?

Ingrid took them for breakfast
at the Sherry-Netherland

and then shopping at Schwarz.

She's working out
some kind of Auntie Mame thing.

- You gonna sell these?
-(GASPS) No.

Your John Lennon shots will get you
two, three grand a pop.

- Really?

God, I should find the roll I took
of Jimi Hendrix wearing my underwear.

Talk about art.



Yeah, we were all hanging out at the house.

I don't think I ever even developed those.

Hang on, you have an undeveloped roll
of Jimi Hendrix snapshots

that you took in, what, in your living room?

I have boxes of that crap.

I became a professional entertainer
of musicians either nurturing,

or kicking smack habits.

Somehow our pool became
the best place in the country to do either.

And you never developed them?

It was just something to do.

Let's drive out to your house.

We'll develop all of it.

It was private time with friends.


Don't you think you should have
a source of income?

I mean, Ingrid’s gonna get bored
with your kids eventually, and...

Stop it.


You think the box in my attic
is some kind of windfall for you?


Then why are we talking about my finances?

Because I don't want you to
run out of money and then leave.

Lovely Judy

Can you see

Where it is

You're meant to be

Where you lay your head tonight...

Gonna go down south

I'm gonna go down south to Mexico

I'm going down, down, down to Mexico

Where a man can be free

No one's gonna put
a noose around my neck

No one is gonna give me life, no

I'm going down to Mexico
I'm going down

- Wouldn't want to piss her off.

It's worth a look. Marvy.

- She was at Max's?
- Yeah. Veiniacs?

In the studio.
New demo by the end of the month.

- Everybody hit the lunch order?
- Oh!

Indigo. Who's got Indigo?

It was Barry's,
but nobody's gonna cover them now.

They just finished the new album.

- I liked the first one.
- You and nobody else.

I don't think we got enough money
to put the thing on the shelves.

- What's it sound like?
- Like the first one.

It's not bad, it just didn't sell.

- It's dance music.
- Those people don't buy albums.

People who dance?

Yeah, people who dance.

- Dump 'em.
- Start on the paperwork.

- Wood Line?

Don't mean to interrupt.

Just, uh... Just here to listen.

Taught me everything I know.

We're lucky to have him in the building.

Okay, um, Wood Line's on tour?

It's three weeks,
and they're writing songs for the new album.

Did you want to order lunch?

Is this gonna go all day?

No, no, we order sandwiches

and then we eat them at our desks.

We're barbarians?

Nasty Bits?

Lester is finishing the mix from Friday
and we're shooting cover art today.

What happened to Jamie?

She's finally invited to the table,
she doesn't show?

I told her to make sure
the star gets to the studio.

- I understand he likes the needle.
- Who's the photographer?

For the Bits? Shari.

Hal always used Cruz. Gave us a rate, right?

It showed. And speaking of Hal,

I'm gonna make that up to you.

We're bringing Hannibal back here.

All right, yes. That's what I like to hear, yes.

He's already signed to Koronet.

Takes Jackie weeks to put a contract together.

Hannibal only went there 'cause of me.

I know it hurt your feelings.

But you swallow your mammoth fucking ego,
take the guy out to dinner,

he'll be back here in a week.

- Hannibal
- ALL: We want you back

- Yes.
- Hannibal!

Let's let the professionals
do what they do, right? All right.

- ANDREA: What's with her?

Let's let Hannibal go.

- What?
- SCOTT: What are you talking about? Why?

Okay, come on, what else we got?

- Come on.
- I got something.

Compilation album. Huh?

Rondelay Records Greatest Hits of the '50s.

CBS-FM's all oldies,
like they discovered the wheel.

But, you know, kids are going for it.

You know what? That's a good idea.

Released in conjunction with
American Century Records.


Sit with Julie. Put together a playlist.

- Hmm?
- I think the, uh, mandate here

is to get our living acts up on their feet.

It's a cash cow. You need money.
This is where it comes from.

Well, if Rondelay's gonna pay
all the production costs, then maybe.

But American Century, we can't finance that.

We're launching a sublabel.

If our first release is a '50s compilation,

sounds kind of off.

Yes, and I want to get a band together

-for the kid I'm working, Gary.
- Yes.

We're gonna call him Xavier, actually.

So, if there's any spare cash laying around,
it should go to that.

You A&R now, Zak?

I got a lot of interests.

You American Century now?

Sit with him and put a fucking list together.

Move on.

ANDREA: Corso's coming in today,

so we can get him working on Melanie.

Maybe you sit with him.

Tell him about Zak's kid Xavier,
Maury's record.

Give him something to talk about
with that big mouth.

(SCOFFS) Look at that. It's fucking great.

What the fuck?

Who's going after Magic Tramps?

ANDREA: We got a plan? Anybody?

Penny. They're your guys, right?

PENNY: I really think I wanna go with...




This is what you eat for breakfast?

If you ever stayed, you'd know that.

You gonna stay?

Yeah, tonight, if that's okay.


More than tonight.


It's gonna be all right.

You're gonna be okay.

- They're keeping Donny Osmond,

but they're dropping Indigo?

I know, but it's gotta sell.

It's fucking stupid.

Oh, no

Don't run away from your love

Good song, right?

The heart of the groove
From the way that we move

Kill the lights
We can't lose




Want a hit?


Hey, your Bowie knockoff,

he'll play really big on WIXY and FIL.

Okay, but he's not a knockoff.

He's gonna be his own thing.

Yeah? Called what?

Twiggy Heartburst or Wiggy Fartdust?

- That's good. You ought to write that down.

What do you say we, uh, do
some sort of party for the compilation?

Like maybe a sock hop thing, or something?
You know it's all...

Yeah, but if we're gonna do that,

we do it at your offices
before you close up shop.

Talk about nostalgia, place has been

the same for 85 years, right?

You know, we gotta move the desks
and get a girl to come in and clean.

Everybody's wearing
bowling shirts, maybe. Right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah. Rent a space. Mine ain't good.

- You're out already?
- Hanging on to it.

I thought the whole point was to not pay rent.

Use it for storage,
that sort of thing, you know?


- We don't need to get into it.
- I ain't getting into anything.

Whatever Corrado Galasso wants to do
with his business is his business.

Shut the fuck up.

Okay, I'm gonna go.


Xavier with a Z sound.

Don't get fooled by the X.
I know that's confusing.

Hey, you got something for me?

ZAK: Always, come on.

Anything we gotta talk about?

MAURY: Oh, what a fucking moron.

- Sorry about that.



Well, what is it?

Galasso came in with his lugs yesterday.

Using my space to store
God knows what the fuck.

Looks like he's gonna
blow a vessel to the brain.

His daughter, God bless her,
she's driving him nuts.

The one I met at the studio that time?

This other one, you know. She's a half-wit.

You know, he doesn't bring her anywhere.

But, boy, does she know
how to unlock the alley door.

I'm telling you, she sneaks out.

She's blowing every spic
in the neighborhood, right?

First one, he kills. But he can't keep up.
There'd be blood running in the streets.


All the money in the world
can't buy a man peace of mind, you know?

You ever...

I ever what?

Nah, nothing.

We should start meeting
in the conference room.

You know, more businesslike.


Yeah, all right.

(LAUGHING) Try this.

Fuck, yeah, man. Liberace now.


How'd the session go?

The track ain't bad.

Soon as we're solid here,
I'm gonna stop by the studio,

pick up the tape, bring it to Richie.

OTTO: You look like an underage whore, man!

There he is.

You ready for your close-up?

ALEX: Hey, where the fuck have you been?

Two hours late? Are you kidding me?

Leave her alone. Come on.

- OTTO: Jamie, check out Nolan in the boa.
- Hey, guys.

Okay, rock star.
Let Shari tell you what she's thinking.

So, we thought we'd have you
sitting on the couch.

Maybe holding one of the cups, taking a sip,
looking straight to camera,

and then they're just desecrating the place.

Hey, go where she had you.

Yeah, go where she had you.


LESTER: She got a whole costume for you.

And a wig. An old English thing.

How great is that?

Know what? I got an idea.

Maybe I should jump on the coffee table.
You know?

She could catch me midair
right when I'm blowing through it.

- ANDREA: Nice.

- OTTO: You Spider-Man?
- Can we do that?

Yeah, I'd want to set up
a few more cameras, sure.

So, he's Satan's favorite son,
and what, I'm the Queen Mum?

You get to wear the wig, man.
And a constable's suit.

It's marketing.
Says something about who you are.

- Here.
- OTTO: Ooh, watch out.

You're on fucking thin ice, mate.

"You're on fucking fin ice, fate."

We just want a single idea
that defines you visually.

You know, like an English guy
with a bunch of Yankee assholes.

It's the first idea.
It doesn't have to be the last one.

I left my home to come here.

I'm playing with a bunch of punters
I found on the street.

Does that not tell you anything?

Why don't you tell us what it's about?

I'm not looking to be defined by
my relationship to the fucking crown.

It's a picture. You're all about the sound.

Why do you even give a shit?

Oh, you don't give a shit how you look?

You with the comb in your back pocket,

puffing yourself so much
we barely got time to play.

If I told you to cut it off so we had
a unified visual idea, you'd do it?

- You got any scissors?
- SHARI: Sure.

- No fucking way.
- MAN 1: I'm gonna do it right now.

- MAN 2: He'll shit himself.
- No, actually, I can't do it.

- You do it.
- Fuck, I'll do it.

- I will.
- Fuck.

Wait, sit down so she can shoot it.

- SHARI: Yeah, there's your cover.
- Are you serious?

You better wear
that goddamn Tory wig, motherfucker.

- With pleasure.

SHARI: Hey, guys, let's get one of you
on each side of Kip.

You're my hero. You know that, right?

Yeah, I fucking better be.


Come on, everybody
and let's get together tonight

I got some money in my jeans

And I'm really gonna spend it right

Well, I've been doing
my homework all week long

And now my house is empty
and my folks are gone

Hoo, come on everybody


JULIE: Cece said it was all right.

Hey. Sure.

You okay, pal?

Yeah, a long weekend.


- Plus I'm off the flake, so...
- Hey, that's great.

I couldn't get my hands on it
for a couple days,

so, it forced me to get straight.

Might as well ride it, right?

Yeah. Saw an act Friday
wanted to tell you about.

Bruce Springsteen.

Isn't he at Columbia?

Yeah, but his records ain't doing much.

He thinks they may dump him.

We could maybe get in there.

Uh, is that the kind of thing we're looking for?

- What do you mean?
- You know, he's soulful.

He's a throwback in some ways.

He's like an approachable Dylan.

But then I listen to
these other kids you like, the Nasty Bits.

I don’t... I...

- What?
- Maybe I'm old.

I don't know what I'm supposed
to be looking for anymore.

Fuck that shit, okay?

Come on, next time you go out,
I'll go with you.

- We'll find the next Beatles.
- Great.

That'd be great.

He was at Max's, Springsteen.

Yeah, cool.


I saw Devon there.

Hanging out, having a drink.

- You say hi?
- Sure.

- So?
- She looked good.

She always looks good. What did she say?

"Hey, how you doing?" Nothing.


She left.

She goes places.

That's how this goes.

You don't have to tell me, man.

God knows that's how it was with Shirley.


What the fuck you doing, man?

Shirley was like a knife to the nuts,

but, Jesus Christ,
you can't let them walk away.

Okay, thanks for stopping by.

- Don't do this, Rich.
- What do you want me to do, huh?

You want me to black her eye,
drag her home by the fucking hair?

I don't know, man. Maybe.

You know? Maybe.

I did squat.

And look at me.

- Wait, you want Shirley back?
- I don't know!

What the fuck is Maury Gold doing here?

- Julie...
- A compilation?

- Was that for real?
- Yeah, well, my plan's not working, okay?

You want to lay that on me?

I gave us all a chance
to turn this fucking ship around.

You know, try to figure out how to...
How to

make something that spoke to people.

Direct line right to here, man, okay?

You're too old?

What do you think? What am I,
some kind of prophet to you, huh?

Rub on me and then
you hear the word of God?

It costs a lot of money, okay?

- There you go, Julie.
- Got it.

Screaming your heart out into a mic,
it ain't cheap anymore, okay?

And if you don't have 800 grand in the bank,
truth in sound, it ain't available.

So it's over? ls that it? It's over?

No, it ain't over!

We're making a goddamn '50s compilation.




You got a minute?

No, actually.


What is it?


What are you doing here?

Supply run. They're doing great.

She set it up like
the three guys are asleep on the couch

and Kip snuck in to chop off Alex's hair.

Julie says they're your first act.


That doesn't mean you have to fuck them.

Did he tell you that's part of the job?


- We're just have...
- What exactly?

None of your fucking business, actually.

It is my business.

They got a new guitarist,
they're just starting to gel.

The last thing they need is love.

This one, too.

Nobody told you girls not to fuck
the American Century artists?

- Yo, lay off her.
- You lay off her.

All the guys in the world,
she's gotta pick Hannibal?

Suddenly the rest of us can't discuss an act

in a meeting without
the secretary dissolving in tears?

- We'll talk about this later.
- And this one's banging the singer.

Which has nothing to do with anything.

No one wants to make girls A&R reps

because A&R reps
give direction and criticism,

which is almost impossible to do
with a cock in your mouth.

- Andy!

- Drop it.
- She's...

Are you pregnant?

Fucking Hannibal?

Are you kidding me?

Why are the women
such stupid fucking twats?



You want me to hold her hand?

Walk her to the Sanger Center?

I'm sorry.

Fuck yourself in the ass.


You rise upon a black day

Coming from a mile away

Every time I hear you say


That I don't have to be this way

Fuck. Hey.

Lester. Lester.

Fuck. Lester. It's temporary.

It's not what I wanted, okay?

Look, it was either that or I close up shop.

Maury ain't got no money.

Where'd you get the money from?

- Galasso.
- Man, fuck him!

Okay, we keep our heads down
and we move forward.

- Stay the fuck away from me.
- Hey, you're a manager, okay?

A manager. You know how much cash
those guys bring in?

It's a career. Who gives a shit...

I had a career, but now I'm back to
picking up fucking scraps from you.

- Lester, come on.
- You stay away from me. You get behind me.

Richie, Harlan Reed's on the phone for you.

- Just take a message.
- He says he's your lawyer.

Tell him to call back! I... Les...




Hi. You're back.

I missed you.


Did you have fun?

Oh, so many adventures.

Couldn't buy anything.

We learned about window-shopping.

You're $0993'-

She peed in the restaurant.

They were lovely about it.

They brought a big mop and then a cookie,

which I thought was
reinforcing the wrong behavior,

but we ate the cookie anyhow.

This was before the shopping?

You didn't want to bring her back?

It was humid.

She's the only one who wasn't sweating.

How was your morning?


If only fine, it wasn't worth my trouble.

Okay, we should probably go.

- Come on. Come on.
- Stop it.

You escaped prosperity
with your two goslings

and landed in the arms of a handsome rake

in the largest apartment in the building.

- You're living your divorce fantasy.
- Be right there.

I'm living my motherhood fantasy.

- I deserve my fun.
- Do I?

Deserve this?

I don't know.

I don't know what I'm doing.

That much is clear.

It's going to be fine. Sit.

I'll make you some tea.

I'll mother all three of you.




Dev, come to the goddamn door!

She's two doors down.

Long hair? Yeah, she's right there.

Sorry, man.





- Fuck!

- It's a bat.
- What?

- What are you doing?
-lt's a bat.

- Fuck!
- You have a bat?

Are you fucking kidding me? Where?

- There, there. See it?
- Holy shit.

Give me the thing.
Give me the thing, give me the thing.

No, no, grab a pillow, or something.

I'm not gonna fucking throw a pillow at it!
Give me that thing.

Take this. I'll find something.



Ah, motherfucker!

The fuck is it?


Hit it!

- Fuck! You okay, man?

- Fuck.
- Fuck.

Just get the fucking...

- Fuck is it?
- There, there, there!

Fuck! Yeah, motherfucker!

- You get it?
- Yeah, I got the motherfucker.


Jesus, look at that thing.

Holy shit, man. You're bleeding. Fuck.

- Oh, fuck.
- Here.

You look like Janet Leigh in the shower.
Sorry, man.

- Uh, does it need stitches?
- I don't think so.




Did you hit him?

That's your big concern right now?

- There's blood on the floor.
- Hey, what the fuck is this?

Reminds me why I'm here.

- Our kids see this?
- Get your hands off my things.

- Goddamn shithole.
- Let me have it!


You stand those kids up again,
I will make a custody agreement

that guarantees they forget you ever existed.

- Don't even think about it.
- They waited for you.

You will not break their hearts
like you did mine.

How long?

- What?
- The guy.

I'm not talking about this with you.

How long?

You stood in front of me,
coked out of your mind,

and told me you spent
the week with a dead man.

Yeah, and you fucked a live one.

Okay, if that's my punishment, it worked.

- It wasn't for you.
- Right, that was for you.

Don't act like this is what I wanted.

What did you want?


A life.

This. I don't fucking know.

I got clean.

For how long?

A day?

I want you home.

I want our children home.

Ingrid is gonna go to dinner
with you and the kids.

If you ditch her, she'll call the cops.

Catch a boat to England, baby

Maybe to Spain

Wherever I have gone

- JENNA: Daddy!
- Hey.


I've missed you so.

- Dad.
- Say hi to your daddy.

Come here, sweetheart.
Come here. Come here.

Come here.

Send out for whiskey, baby

Send out for gin

I love you.

Me and room service, honey

Me and room service, babe

I love you, baby.

Let's go. Come on, come on.


When I ain't sleeping, honey

When I ain't sleeping, Mama

When I ain't sleeping well

You know you'll find me crying

Was it this one?

Yeah, second side.

JAMIE: ls that better?

I don't know. You tell me.

Yeah, I think so.

Yeah, it's hot.

- Right?
- Scorching.



How do you not know it?
It's sitting right there.

Julie gave me a ton of crap.
I ain't got through it all yet.

It's not crap.

I mean, some of it's crap,
but largely it's great.

Where's my fucking slice?



You hear that?

'Cause everybody thinks
you're a sweet-smelling girl

With intelligence and you know how

I wouldn't want anyone else to know

About the way you really are

You're just a rock and roll queen

You know what I mean

And I'm just a rock and roll star


It's actually pretty great.

- You see?
- Julie's not as dumb as he looks.

He does look dumb, though.

I think he's trying to hide it with that beard.

It's not working, is it?

No, makes it worse, actually.

It's like a really hairy amplifier.

- Right? Right?

Hey, don't treat him like an idiot.

You're gonna want him on your side.

"You're gonna want him on your side?"



'Cause everybody thinks
you're a sweet little girl

With intelligence in your feet

I wouldn't want anyone else to know

About the way you really are

You're just a rock and roll queen

You know what I mean

And I'm just a rock and roll star

KIP: Come here, you.

Fucking queen of the Nasty Bits.

(LAUGHS) Yeah.

I'm gonna quit A&R
and I'm gonna become your mascot.

- Well, God save the queen, huh?
- Mmm-Hmm.

Here's to you.

Careful now.

- Mmm.
- Oh.


You slob.

What am I gonna do with the two of you, huh?

You're just a rock and roll queen

You know what I mean

And I'm just a rock and roll star

You're just a rock and roll queen

You know what I mean

And I'm just a rock and roll star

You're just a rock and roll queen

You know what I mean

And I'm just a rock and roll star

You're just a rock and roll queen

ZAK: Maybe, uh, we get a bigger loan.

Put the new label on the map.

Yeah, two or 300 grand
gets all our acts rolling.

One of them charts right,
we're standing on our feet like men.

Yeah, what's it gonna cost to get
six or eight pieces together for my guy?

Six to eight pieces? I don't know.

Ask Julie.

Julie makes up answers.
They have no meaning.

I'll look at the receipts on Jack and the Ride.

- They ought to be similar.
- ZAK: Yeah, yeah. Let me know.

SKIP: You think Maury's gonna
get our feet dirty?

He's got some shady connections, man.

It's shared overhead. And a loan.

Where the cash comes from,
you know, that ain't our business.

All right. May the road rise up
to meet you motherfuckers.

He knows about Galasso.

He say something to you?

That's him saying something.

I don't give a shit what he knows.

We're not getting in for
another couple hundred grand, Zak.

- This ain't a joke.
- I know.

I know. I'm just... I'm talking, that's all.

- A hundred grand.
- Yeah.

It's a fresh start.


Don't fret.

You Okay?


Saw Devon and the kids today.

Well, fucking great. Good, I'm glad for you.

- See?
- Actually, it wasn't... lt wasn't good.


(SIGHS) Shit, sorry.

Jesus, you're gonna be okay, the both of you.

People go through this shit all the time.

Say horrible things,
then you get shit-faced one night

and you fuck like the young, it's over.

Fresh start.





Ma-mako, ma-masa
Mako makossa

He yo

- Johnny John.
- Jorge, my man.

My man Clark.

Band is Indigo.

This it?

Hey, soul makossa

Track four.

Four. The fourth song.

Hey, soul makossa

Mosoma, mosoma

Hey, soul makossa

Cooma, cooma, cooma, cooma,
cooma, cooma


MAN: Hey, put the funk back!

You set me free

Every time your hand's on me

I wanna be your way to shine

I don't fucking know.

I can't deny the feeling
that you're giving me

You lit the spark that set a fire

Oh, no, don't run away from your love

No, no, don't turn away
from the heart of the groove

From the way that we move

Kill the lights
We can't lose

Oh, Oh, kill the lights

And look right at me

Close your eyes
You can see me by the way that I feel

Kill the lights and touch my body

Close your eyes
You can see me by the way that I feel

Come and spin me around
Let's get lost in the sound

Close your eyes
You can see me by the way that I feel

Touch my body
Kill the lights tonight

So, Jack and the Ride was 50 for the band,

but that was only for six pieces,
so you gotta start thinking smaller, buddy.

- I don't want backup. I want orchestration.

Like it matters. Hello?

WOMAN: Mr. Yankovich, this is Kinderly Hall
from Hilton Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

- How are you today?
- Uh, I'm good.

But it's night here. East Coast.

I'm so sorry. I just wanted to
extend our gratitude to you

for your patronage,
and to tell you that as a premium player,

we'd like to offer you a return visit
with our compliments.

Oh, yeah, what does that mean?

I drink free all night?

Absolutely. But we'd also like to
fly you here in our private airliner

and host you in one of our VIP suites.

May I call you tomorrow to discuss it?

Sure, yeah. Knock yourself out.

Thank you so much, Mr. Yankovich.

Okay, goodnight.

Vegas wants to reward my patronage

after robbing me blind.

Little upside for putting the room on my card.

Fly me out on my own plane.

What? How much you drop?

Oh, I played blackjack drunk,

-which is unwise.

- Eight hundred bucks.
- Whoa!

Don't get on that plane.

Be you and 400 other schmucks
in a flying cattle car.

No, she said private plane, VIP suite.

I'm a premium player.

A premium player's a guy
who drops 50 grand a night.

You didn't have time to be a premium player.

Too busy getting tied to a bed
and robbed by transvestites.

They were real women.

Even worse.

(some PLAYING)

Like a circle in a spiral

Like a wheel within a wheel

Never ending or beginning

On an ever spinning reel

Like a snowball down a mountain

Or a carnival balloon

Like a carousel that's turning

Running rings around the moon

Like a clock whose hands are sweeping

Past the minutes of its face

And the world is like an apple

Whirling silently in space

Like the circles that you find

In the windmills

Of your mind

Like a tunnel that you follow

To a tunnel of its own

Down a hollow to a cavern

Where the sun has never shone

Like a door that keeps revolving

In a half forgotten dream

Or the ripples from a pebble

Someone tosses in a stream

Whoa, whoa! Slow down. What's the matter...

I lost 90,000? Huh?

I did that?

I did?

That was me, huh?

You care about fucking nobody!


I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


In the windmills of your mind


Like a tunnel which you follow

To a tunnel of its own

Down a hollow to a cavern

Where the sun has never shone

Like a door that keeps revolving

In a half forgotten dream

Or the ripples from a pebble

Someone tosses in a stream

Like a clock whose hands are sweeping

Past the minutes of its face

And the world is like an apple

Whirling silently in space

Like the circles that you find

In the windmills of your mind

Are you fucking high?

I'm so fucking clean, it might kill me.

You just woke both the kids up.

You wouldn't pick up.

I didn't want to talk to you.

Estella will only come four hours a day.

The drag queens scare the shit out of her.

So I actually have to go to sleep at 10:00...

I killed someone.

Buck Rogers.

It was an accident.

He attacked me, and I...

But it was my hands.

And then I tried to hide it.

Me and...

I covered it up.

That's why I jumped off the wagon.

I lost my mind. I didn't know what to do.

I didn't know how to tell you
it happened again.

An accident.

I couldn't stand the idea of you thinking
I was some kind of fucking animal.

I just tried to hold on to it.

I didn't want it to touch you.

But it didn't Work.

But I tried.

Can you see what I'm trying to do?



Hey, Joe

Where you going
with that pistol in your hand

This is what he said

I'm going downtown

To shoot my old lady

'Cause I caught her with another man

Going downtown

To shoot my old lady

'Cause I caught her with another man

Hey, Joe

I heard you shot your old lady down


Go around the world with a woman like you

Ain't a fucking thing that we won't do

Sell my soul if you want me to

Tie off with the devil
Have a shot or two

Around the world with a woman like you

Ain't a fucking thing that we won't do

'Cause hey, girl, I want you

Hey, girl, I want you

It's true

Fuck you

Hey, girl, I want you

Dig a ditch for a bitch like you

All the pain that you put me through

When you're hiking that dress
I must confess

Wanna bend you over
make a filthy mess

Round the world with a woman like you

Not a fucking thing that we won't do

'Cause hey, girl, I want you

Hey, girl, I want you

Harlan, it's me.

I want to take the deal.

And that's true

Where did you go

When things went wrong, baby?

Who did you turn to

To find a shoulder to lay your head upon?

Oh, baby, wasn't I there?

Didn't I

Take good care of you?

Oh, no

Can't believe

You're leaving me

Stay with me, baby

Stay with me, baby

Stay with me, baby

I can't go on this way