Vinyl (2016): Season 1, Episode 8 - E.A.B. - full transcript

Richie seeks new funding to keep the business afloat. The Nasty Bits continue to record their new songs but require inspiration. Zak signs a new potential hit whilst Devon meets a music legend.


All night long

Hey, now, now,
now, now

Hey, little baby

You been on my mind

Look in my dreams

Your taste
is all I find

Hey, now, darling

Where you stay out
all night long

I wanna tell you

You know
your daddy's home

All night long


All night long


Here comes the sun
Doo, doo, doo, doo

Here comes the sun and I say

It's all right

Little darling

lt's been a long, cold, lonely winter

Little darling

It feels like years since it's been here

Here comes the sun
Doo, doo, doo, doo

Here comes the sun and I say

It's all right

Little darling

The smiles returning to the faces

Little darling

It seems like years since it's been here

Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun


ZAK: It's the biggest game of the year.

Stands are packed.

Halftime comes,

the marching band is supposed to play
America, the Beautiful.

This fucking nut,

he does a solo of the Tiger Rag.
I mean, on the tuba.


ZAK: Who pulls a stunt like that?

You know, people think it's easy,

but to march and to carry that thing...

No, no, no, the physicality, right?

I mean, you gotta be in shape, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So, after high school, what then?

Uh, CCA.

California College of the Arts.

- Good school.
- Oh, yeah...

- That's a good school.
- Nice campus.

Yeah, you know, it's in Oakland.

Oakland. KEWB, channel 91.

K.O. Beachin. Great DJ.

My son just graduated from there,

so, he's a legacy.

Your son a Grand Funk fan?

Uh, yeah. He likes all the bands.

We'll set him up with some tickets.

And you, your wife.

Sounds great. That sounds great.

- Yeah.


the man'?

Yeah, yeah.

This isn't good.

Well, I mean, now it's filled out properly,

but your account balance

is precipitously low.

Yeah, no, that's why we need
to borrow some money.

Yeah, I understand,
but the loan-to-value ratio,

it skews negatively

and you have, well, no meaningful collateral

and minimal revenue coming in.

Our sales figures are up.

Yeah, we got a hit
climbing the charts right now.

- Hocus Pocus.
- Right, yeah, it's a song by Focus.

- It's all over the radio.
- Focus.

Maybe my son knows it.


ZAK: Allen.

There's nothing you can do?

Old times' sake?

Wish I could help. I really do.

But there's too many


You really had to stamp it?


This is a friend?

Once a putz, always a putz.

I'd like to stick that tuba up his ass.

You lose 90 grand of our money
up some broad's snatch...

- You never fucked up?
- No, not like that!

Really? How about we poll
your three ex-wives?

Basta, both of you. He feels bad enough.

Yeah, and how do you feel?
Do you even give a shit anymore?

- Fuck you.
- Hey! Hey!

It's our sixth fucking bank.

We shouldn't even be in this position.

MAN: What the hell's wrong with you?

-Either of you guys carrying?

- What?
- We're standing on the brink,

you're gonna do coke?

- I need to focus.
- On what, our impending doom?

On straightening shit out.

I built this company using drugs.

When I got sober,
that's when everything got fucked up.

- That's a convenient interpretation.

Drug use, okay.

Drug use, not abuse.

I need it to focus.
Keeps me on top of my game.

And besides, Sigmund Freud,

Thomas Edison, Sherlock Holmes,

they all thrived using cocaine.

Sherlock Holmes is not a real person.

- Give me the fucking coke!
- All right, all right!

Take it. Take it, it's light.

Hey, can I get a ride to 49th?

I need privacy. I've got to call Devon.

How much of this shit are we gonna take?


Fine. What?

A dick. Two dicks. The map of Italy.

And finally, the actual logo for Volkswagen.

This is a boomerang.

I know a dick when I see one, Hal.

Yes, I'm sure you've seen plenty.

- Excuse me?
- I said I'd have them tweaked, okay?

What did Richie think of my launch proposal?

I didn't give it to him.

- What? Why? Are you kidding me?
- Am I smiling?

Look, I am trying to stay professional, here.

Then do professional work.

This is a solid proposal.

It's gonna be a hell of a party.

If you want to change your image,
you don't just get a new shirt, honey.

We must be an assault on the past.

It's like you purposely made a list
of every shitty idea.

Balloons? Snacks?

Cakes in the shape of records?

Guess what, Hal.
Cakes are already in the shape of records.

They do sound, we do picture.

And the picture has got to be like
nothing anyone has ever seen before.

Fashion models, drag queens, midgets.

I know it's hard to understand a hip party

if you've never been invited to one, but Jesus.

I have been doing this job

since you were picking out your prom dress!

Yes, it's the Peter Principle.

You've risen to the level
of your incompetence.

Who the hell do you think you are?

- I'm done talking about this.
- Well, I'm not.

You're a sweet guy, Hal,
which is why you've hung on this long.

But with me here, you're a redundancy.

(LAUGHS) I think you're confused.

I'd only be a true redundancy,
if I used to fuck Richie, too!

Two weeks' severance,
with a recommendation.


- Penny, where's Richie?
- In the studio with the Bits.

You think you can actually fire me?

- Where are we on Veiniacs?
- You can't fire me.

- They're in Boston till the weekend.
- Call their manager.

Tell him all new acts
are playing the launch party.

- No exceptions.
- Richie loves me.

Not as much as me.

Now clean out your desk
before I call security.


- Poor baby Sara
- Hey

- Left underwater
- Hey

What a tragic end for the plowman's daughter

Big time nightmare
Small town sin

I'm the bloody soul who tossed her in

Throw her away-a-a

Throw her away-a

Throw her away-a-a

Toss her in

Throw her away-a-a

Still letting that B natural ring.

I want it messy.

There's a difference between
messy and sloppy.

Do you even understand
what I'm trying to fucking do here?

- What do you think?

It's a sea shanty.

Makes me want to eat a can of spinach.


-lt's not that bad.
- You set the bar high, do you?

Lay it down. One take, move on.

That's all the songs they got.

That's it?

I can't even hum that one
and half the words were "hey."

This is the band gonna
lead us into the future?

You were never on board with these guys.

Keep this shit out of here, okay?

JULIE: Sure, let me break out my pom-poms.

Hey, Richie.

Man, uh, you've had, like,
15 hours on credit, you know?

I got Paul Leka and Harry Chapin waiting.

- Cash in hand.
- Here's most of it.

LESTER: ...see what's chicken scratch
and what's a song.

MAN: That black guy's their manager?

What's the story there?

Ask him. Fuck do I know?

LESTER: It ain't something to get
all worked up about.

- No food in the studio!

They finish here, I'm pulling the plug.

- Crack, snap. It should pop.
- Okay, listen up.

You guys are opening for the New York Dolls
in less than a month.

Do you have any idea
how fucking huge that is?

- They're not ready, Richie.
- Well, then they need to get ready.

You know, The Stooges
wrote Real Cool Time,

Not Right, and Little Doll all in one day.

You need to reach up your asses,

and find another song.

Well, if you're spending
so much time up there,

why don't you just take a peek?

Good one.

Now, write me a lyric half as clever as
that one, with the music to go with it.

When I heard your demo,

it stopped me in my tracks.

It was raw, hard,

it connected me to your world,
your experiences,

fucked up as they are.

Crime, relationships, drugs, sex,

all the madness of this city.

It was like a fucking soundtrack.

Like it or not, you're the face of the new label.

And if you don't deliver,
there won't be a new label.

I don't need a hit, guys.

I need a Nasty Bits song.


So, let me guess, you sang in a choir.

GARY: I didn't sing until Victor
asked me to join Karisma.

That thing's not trained?

Anyone can sing.

Well, well, I work in the record business,
yeah, so, I'm not so sure of that. (CHUCKLES)

Well, everyone should sing.

Again, I work in the business.

When I close my eyes, belt out a song...


I mean, I know it sounds silly,
but there's an energy there.

- A connection with the crowd.
- Yeah.

It's like this flow. Electricity or something.

This psychic high that
courses through my body.

We're like this giant organism.

Me and them, connected through the music.

It's me alone onstage and the audience,

this massive, worshipful entity.

I sing,

and they belong to me.

Where'd you come from?

(CHUCKLES) Where'd you come from?

(CHUCKLES) Massapequa.

Gary, Scott Levitt.

He's the counsel for
American Century Records.

Hey, how you doing?
Absolute pleasure. How are you?

Did you bring the contract?

What? Yes, I do.

Okay, Gary, here's the short of it.

I've been in this business
longer than you've been alive.


What I heard at Karen's Bat Mitzvah,

that's the real thing.

Gary Giombetta, you're gonna
remember that cheese melon thing

as the first meal you ate

as an American Century artist.

My album, would it open like a, you know...

Like a gatefold, sure. Yeah.

But first, we're gonna develop you.

Change your name, maybe. Work on the look.

- I love what you got here.
- Great stuff.

But we're gonna maybe
lean into Ziggy a little.

Great, yeah.

ZAK: Not a knockoff,
but dress for the job you want, right?

I am gonna personally oversee the creation,
distribution and promotion of all your work.

- You wanted one of these?
- ZAK: Yes.

- Oh, this is perfect.
- You want one, too?

Oh, sure, why not? For the file.

GARY: I dreamt of this meeting all night.

When I woke up...

This just flowed out of me.

(SINGING) Is it human?

Caught within the orbit around your moon

WOMAN: Shh, Shh, shh.

(SINGING) Is it you

Am I human?

An ordinary body in a room

All out of tune

Am I coming through, man?

They're boarding heaven's spaceship soon

And I'm hoping that you're human, too


SCOTT: I mean, yes! Right?

- Wow.
- SCOTT: Right?

ZAK: Wow.


HEATHER: American Century.
How may I direct your call?

I'm sorry, Hannibal is no longer
an American Century artist.

Yes, I believe he is married.

I can't help what journalists ask about.

American Century. How may I direct your call?

CECE: You're out of Tanqueray,
so I had it restocked.

And your meeting with Skip is in an hour.

Why isn't there any music playing?

Stylus broke.
But Casper went out to Colony...

Tell them to put the radio on. And find Clark.

- Devon call?
- No, but you do have a visit...

- I left three goddamn messages...
- There he is!

Find Clark.

Oh, the Focus song picked up spins,
so, thank you for that.

That ain't why I'm here.

I know why you're here.

Listen, she needs a little work,
but I'm setting her up with Shadow Morton.

You know, produced The Shangri-Las,
Janis Ian.

- Doing a girl group right now.
- What the fuck are you talking about?

Nora. Your girlfriend.

- Fuck Nora.
- What?

- What do you mean?
- She's ancient history.

I tossed her like a fucking bowling ball.

She had a horrible voice.
What, are you fucking deaf?

Hey, cops came to see me.

Two dicks from the NYPD.

- About Buck Rogers.
- When was this?

They know that the three of us
were at the Oasis.

They talk to you?

What? No.

No, I mean, somebody dropped off
a business card, but that's it.

I got them at bay. I lawyered up.

I advise you to do the same.

But doesn't that make you look guilty?

Me? Us, Richie. Us.

You fucking killed him.

- You smashed his fucking head in.
- What are you talking about?

They know that you were at Buck's house
the night he was fucking murdered.

- Yeah, I have an alibi.
- Good for you.

But if I go down,
I am not gonna drown by myself.

Listen to me, the only reason I was at Buck's

was because you demanded that I be there.

I saved your fucking life,
now they think I did it.

But you did. You killed him.

You don't remember smashing his face in?

- I had to pull you off his back.
- I was defending myself.

- Like a fucking enraged animal.
- Are you out of your mind?

- Oh, you don't fucking knock?
- I did.

I thought you said to come in.

Use your head.

That's all I'm gonna tell you, Richie.

- Give it.
- What do you...

Drop the fucking Eddie Haskell routine
and give it up.


Come on. Fucking more.

I'm replenishing tomorrow.
Seeing our connection.

Jamie introduced me.

By the way,
I'm still keeping my ears open for bands,

going out every night.

I'm leaving.



(SINGING) Wore my grandma's wig one day

I stuffed my sister's bra

I poured a glass of Cabernet

Went walking on my lawn

Walking on my lawn

You actually do that shit?

Fuck no. I don't drink Cabernet.


That's all right, isn't it?

It's Mississippi Queen.

- What?
- JAMIE: By Mountain.

Yeah, it kind of is.

Fuck this. There's no more notes.

- You serious?
- Yeah, I'm fucking serious.

We tried every progression. We're dry, man.

What if we do the sea shanty thing?

- Like, we just...
- LESTER: E, A, B.

- What?
- E, A, B.

- Play it.
- One, four, five?

How about I just play Chopsticks?

- Give me the guitar.
- What?

Give me the fucking guitar!

Everything has a foundation.

Shakespeare sonnet, bookcase,
the Empire fucking State Building.

- E.

- A.

- B.


(SINGING) Maybelline

Why can't you be true?

Oh, Maybelline

Why can't you be true?

You done started back doing
the things you used to do

You start with that framework,
embellish it a little.

(SINGING) Come on, baby

Let's do the twist

Come on, baby

Let's do the twist

Take me by my little hand

And go like this

Maybe you dirty it up.

(SINGING) Tell me what I say

Tell me what I say

Tell me what I say right now

Tell me what I say

Could be pop.

(SINGING) In the summertime
When the weather is hot

I don't know these words
So I'm about to stop

When the weather is fine
Got a woman

Got a woman on your mind


Go around the world with a woman like you

Ain't no thing that we won't do

Sell my soul if you want me to

Down with the devil have a drink or two

Round the world with a woman like you

Ain't no thing that we won't do

Hey, girl
I want you

Or straight up rock and roll.

(SINGING) 737 coming out of the sky

Won't you take me down to Memphis
on a midnight ride

I want to move

Playing in a traveling band, yeah

Flying across the land
Trying to get a hand

Playing in a traveling band

That's a skeleton.

Everyone's got one.

Then you add the flesh, the hair, the eyes.

You do that, then you got a song.

- Gonna get some air.
- Wait, hey, hey.

I knew all those songs except one.

- The second to last. Woman Like You.
- Yeah, what's that?

Just write what you feel, boys.

It ain't magic.


SKIP: So LaMonte will give us a deal,
but it sucks.


SKIP: LaMonte, House of Sounds,

he'll buy some of our old inventory,
but he's lowballing us.

Savoy Brown, uh, Lemon Pipers, Status Quo.

Plus I'm throwing in some sweeteners
to boost the sale.

Grand Funk, Slade, Donny Osmond.

Alone Together is still charting.

It's a sweetener, all right?

We're lucky to unload this shit.

Okay, but that kid's one of the only things
keeping us in cornflakes right now.

Denny's not selling anymore.

We got 10,000 copies of his record
in mothballs, man.

- He's old news.
- What the fuck are you talking about?

I pay you to fudge sales numbers
so that they work in our favor.

Now that we're out of money,
you want to send a top 20 record as a cutout?

All I know, you know,

is somewhere, someone or other
is skimming from something.


The one who smelt it dealt it.


Right, 'cause I'm a fucking idiot
all of a sudden.

Hey, look, man, whatever you're implying...

I don't give a fuck. Truly, I don't.

Okay? Whatever scam you got going

-dumping albums into the ocean...
- The fuck?

...selling them off a truck,

cutting deals with jobbers
to keep your bookies at bay...

- Where the fuck do you get the balls, man?
- My balls?

We're literally on the verge of bankruptcy
and you're accusing me?

- We signed him! Done.
- Whoo!

- Great, let's have a party.
- Kid's incredible.

- What kid?
- Gary.

The kid I told you about from the Bat Mitzvah.

He's a beautiful man. I mean, he's amazing.

The kid. Gary is.

- Does he have a demo?
- No, we're gonna cut him one.

- How we paying for this?
-l'm gonna mortgage the house, that's it.

I'm just gonna cover his advance,
pay for the studio time.

- It's gonna keep us afloat.
- Zak, you can't.

- Fucking house?
- Hey, listen.

I'm trying to make things right here, okay?

The 90 grand, I feel terrible, so...

Listen to me.
You have a family you gotta think about...

No, no, no, Richie.
Remember that night at the Mercer?

You felt something. You had a vision.

Okay, this kid, it's the same thing.

- His voice.
- He's in a wedding band.

Beatles played at a titty bar.

You gotta trust me on this, Richie, huh?

Like I trusted you.

Okay, fine.

Just check with me before you do anything...

- CECE: Richie!

- Where is he?

MAN: Take it easy!

Get the fuck out here, Finestra!

- CECE: Richie?
- Hal, my brother, calm down, man.

Come on, we're all in the same boat here.

The whole company
might be going under, you know.

- The fuck are you doing?
- Keep the fuck away from me!

- Okay, okay, okay.
- He's shit-faced, man.

- Whoa, you're drunk?
- HAL: So what?

All the pills you pop, the fucking downers,
and you're gonna judge?

Listen to me, Hal.
Come on, let's go in the office, okay?

So you can sell me
some more of your bullshit?

You said, Richie, I was okay.

I wouldn't be let go.

What the fuck are you talking about?

- You fired him?
- That cayenne pepper cunt did!


The Bread albums.

On the Waters. That was me.

I'm the one made it a hit!

I'm sure David Gates would beg to differ.

Hey, hey, relax, man!

You have any idea
how hard I pushed that album?

That's why Make It With You was a hit,

but you don't even understand what I do.

Richie, you don't even know
anything about me.

I understand that you're upset, okay,
but this isn't the real Hal.

You're right. It's not.

- You're Jewish?
-lt's a pentagram.

Spirits forgive me for what I'm about to do.

Oh, God, he's a warlock.

It's Satanism. I saw it on David Susskind.

Hass and Zorn. Anger reborn.

I call upon the king of sorrow

to curse your days, your months,

your years, both yesterday and tomorrow.

No one will hear your cries now.

- All right.
- Choke on all your lies now.

Radio reminds me of my home far away

Driving down the road
I get a feeling

That I should have been home yesterday

Where the fuck do you get off firing anybody?

You wanted him fired.

I needed to do that.

It got out of hand.

I tried to give him some simple criticism

-and then he insulted me.
- He insult...

Mussolini with tits.

More like a steward on the Titanic.

(SONG PLAYING) Country road

Country road

Take me home

To the place

Honeymoon's over, sweetheart.



If you jump, I want the 15% back.

You have a one-way ticket, babe

I don't want you to come back here no more

I got a one-way ticket for you, babe...

You were right, what you said.

About me not understanding
what you were doing.

Truth is, I wasn't really listening,

till I stopped thinking about
fucking over Richie.

And when you did listen, what'd you hear?



That song, Woman Like You, whatever.

She was a long time ago.

So, you did write it.

I moved to New York to get away from a girl.


When I first started playing pubs
around London,

she'd be the only one there,
hollering, cheering.

Why'd you leave her?


One-way ticket for you, baby

We got studio until morning.

Why don't you teach us your song?

What Richie said about our music,

how it's a mirror to our lives,
or whatever the fuck it was.

Let me take your song, rearrange it a bit
and make it my own.

Take you where you want to go


CLARK: This is pointless.

He fucking trashed it.


I dig this song.

It's funky.


Look, man,

it's not my fault that
Dwayne and Rico got fired, okay?

- I had seniority.
- Not in the mail room, you didn't.

You know, Julie asked me
who in the mail room we could do without.

He was gonna fire you.

I told him not to.

Yeah, because I know
what the fuck I'm doing.

Which is better for you.

Is it better for the company?

Far as I know,

Rico and Dwayne didn't steal records.

You looking to get shanked?

I'm looking to pay my rent, same as you.

Look, man, I get it, okay?

It's fucking boring doing this shit all day.

That's what reefer is for.


Look, you really want the day to move,
you bust out some of that powder.

Huh, the blow, man. I know you got it.

Put it on the fucking table.

It's not for public consumption.

Yeah? We're in private.

Fuck it. Why not?

- There you go.
- Just a couple.


- That's good.
- Okay.

DJ: (ON RAND) Ugh, sock it to me, mama.

- You got so much with my magic touch.

- How could you lose?
- Holy fuck nuts!


(some PLAYING)

I wanna come back

CLARK: Oh...

- That's Isaac Hayes, right, on the radio?
- Mmm-hmm. Old jam.

Yo, them records I clip,
I give them to a DJ, he's a friend of mine.

He plays them at a club.

I get free drinks, pussy.

- And you dance all night.

(some PLAYING)

ls really satisfying

How could I have missed this music, man?

- Get in here. Get in here, white boy.
- Okay.

- To the left.
- Oh, so...


Hyperbolicsyllabic sesquedalymistic

I can't sleep at night

She's dead!

DEVON: I'm so sorry. It was an accident.

What the hell happened?

- They killed Citrine.
- Who?

- Her cat.
- They didn't kill her, it was...

DELPHINE: They threw her down the stairwell.

Evil little shits.

Hey, don't talk to them that way.

Oh, so, you want to start with me?

What are children doing
in this hotel, anyway?

You're not fit to be a mother.

INGRID: Darlings, come.

Why would they even do that?

The nine lives thing.

They thought it would get up.

DEVON: Estella, Jesus Christ.
Where have you been?

They're in there.

Sweetheart, just pour yourself a Dewar's
and I'll be down in a minute.

DELPHINE: This is not acceptable, Stanley.

Can you please? Two minutes.

Honestly, I hated that fucking cat.

Still, you gotta go.

I left you a check this morning.

This is The Chelsea, sweetheart.

You're in a room I hold for artists.

You gotta pay in part with your work.

I understand. I will.

Can you just give me a few days?

Are you sure you even want to be here?

I mean, your check says Greenwich.

You could be staying at the Plaza.



My one and only prayer

ls that someday you'll care

My hopes, my dreams come true

My one and only you

No one will ever know

How much I love you so

My only prayer will be

Someday you'll care for me

But it's only


Monotones. Book of Love.

Full publishing. Yeah, that's right.

Oh, you didn't know? What, did you
think it was a Hanukkah present?

I want the fucking money tomorrow!

My lawyer? Listen to me,
you Armenian piece of shit,

you don't pay up, you're gonna wish
I only sent a lawyer!

What are you drinking?


Oh, whatever.

Man of discriminating taste.


Everything good?

Oh, yeah. Mets are winning.

Monster Mash is a hit again.

My whole world is upside down.


You're not the only one.

Well, you're single again
for the first time in forever. Enjoy it.

I wish I could.

You know, Devon and the kids...

Sometimes shit happens,
makes you rethink your priorities.


I fucked up, Maury.

I fucked up. I...

ACR's running on fumes.

I need cash to maneuver.

Oh, boy. Ooh.

You're barking up the wrong tree.

I was thinking...


Chapter 11. Fresh start.

Can't do that.

I can't do that.

Zak, Skip, I can't fuck those guys over.

It was my decision not to sell.

It was the right decision, but I...

Zak's gonna fucking mortgage his house.


Have you ever seen
somebody choke to death?

Hmm? I don't mean like on a piece of steak.

I mean like get choked.

It's quiet.


I don't know, noisy at the same time.

I don't know. That make any sense?

The guy's pissing himself,

his face is turning purple,

his eyes are bugging out of his head
like he's trying to scream,

you know, but there's no sound.

Three days ago, four, maybe,

there's this guy.

Name's not important.

Owns a few hundred jukeboxes, all right?

Got cute with Galasso.

Some deal they had.

Well, Galasso invites him down after hours,
straighten things out.

- Maury, how you doing?
- MAURY: Right here.

Like he don't got his own place
to make a mess of.

How about some drinks, huh?

- Good idea.
- Give me a highball.

MAURY: While Tony's pouring this guy
a whiskey,

Galasso comes up from behind him.

He's got a cord from my lamp,

wraps it around the guy's throat.

- What was that? I can't hear you.

Fucking heaves him over his shoulder.

Right? Like Santa Claus.

And he lets him hang there.

Five fucking minutes.

CORRADO: Here we go!


Ooh, yeah, Tommy.

MAURY: Lamp cord cutting through his hand.

See, Tony? You use your legs,
you never throw your back out.

He was sitting right where you are, kid.

And now I don't got my goddamn lamp.

Well, I'm not stupid enough
to fuck over Corrado Galasso, so...

Well, if you are,
you won't stay stupid very long.




I went downtown

I saw Miss Brown

She had brown sugar

All over her booga-wooga

I think I might join the fun

But I had to hit and run

See, I just can't settle down

In a kinky part of town

Ride on

Don't you know I've got to

on, baby

Ride on
See, I just can't settle down

Oh, I'm leaving town

Kinky reggae

- Am I a horrible mother?
- INGRID: Probably.

Please, enough moping.
We've had a whole day of it.

- Allow me an evening.
- Sorry.

If you want everything to be tidy,
you have Greenwich.

Today they learned about gravity.

- Mickey!
- Ingrid.

- You met Bruce?
- Hello.


How's it going? Hello, mate.

How are you doing, brother?
How are you doing?

- Wait.
- No photos. No snaps tonight.

(SINGING) Ride on, come on

- Just one?
- Piss off, man.

Come on, give the man some space.
Come on.

(SINGING) I went down to Piccadilly Circus

Down there I saw Marcus

He had a candy tar

All over his chocolate bar

- CORRADO: So this loan,

who's on your label to back it up?

RICHIE: Grand Funk. Dr. Hook.

- America.
- Slade.

- RICHIE: Slade.
- Who?

- They're British.
- What song do they sing?

- Jesus, a lot of them.
- Yeah.

Sing one.

(CHUCKLES) I'd rather not.

CORRADO: You shy?

You come here looking for a handout,
you won't sing a song?

(SONG PLAYING) Bringing you all the love

Your heart can hold

(SINGING) Come on feel the noise

Girls grab your boys

We get...

Who else you got?

Donny Osmond.

Nasty Bits.

- Jose Feliciano.
- RICHIE: Yep.

Now, him I like.

He's fucking blind.

Plays the guitar, he can't even see.

How much we talking?


Just to get us back on our feet.

Yeah, we got a sound repayment plan.

I bet you do.

100 grand,

five points.

Tony will have the cash
by your joint tomorrow.

A check would be better. The accounting.

- Fuck am I gonna get a check?

- Cash will work.
- Thank you, Mr. Galasso.

Really, thank you very much.

Did you tell him what we talked about?

Not yet.

Rondelay and American Century,

you're gonna share office space.



There's a fucking genius idea.

CORRADO: Plenty extra room, right?

You're laying people off.

Why should he pay rent
when youse can split it?

This way, he'll be there
to look after my investment.

We'll keep the names,
run the companies individually.

All we're sharing is an address.

And you as a friend of the court.



In bocca al lupo.

(SINGING) We know and we understand

Almighty God is a living man

You can fool some people sometimes

But you can't fool
all the people all the time

So now we see the light

We gonna stand up for our right

So you better get up
Stand up

Don't give it up
Stand up for your right

Couldn't help noticing you
from across the room.

John Lennon.

He's having a hard day's night.

(LAUGHS) Right. Apparently.

You made a valiant effort.

He's getting randy, so Yoko set him up
with a little orchid

and told him not to bother coming home
until it was out of his system.

Her name is May Pang.

Hey, can I ask you something?


Is that a Hasselblad?

(SINGING) It's not all that glitters is gold

Half the story has never been told

It's been a long, long time

Since I've got you on my mind


And now you are here

I said it's so clear

Sorry to be a bother. Do you mind just one?

She's impossible. Forgive us.

I wouldn't ask
if you didn't have such a kind face.


Thank you. It's the silver button.

I have it all set up.


Shall we try one now
with your heads in the picture?


So, what, do you work here or something?

Matter of fact, I do.

In charge of keeping the ice cubes cold.




Come sit. Have some champagne.

Oh, thanks, that's sweet,

but my friend and I are only here
for the night.

They say if you come here,
sometimes you can see a celebrity.


(SINGING) Stir it up

Come on
Little darling


Why don't you have Leo drive you home?

I'm gonna walk for a while.


You Okay?


The more the merrier, right?



I'm sorry, Richie. I just...

Hey, stop.


I feel like I did this to us.

Hey, listen to me.

That was me, Zak.

All right?

We wouldn't even be here,
had I let the sale go through, okay?

But what's done is done,
and we move forward.

Right? And we reinvent this fucking business.

Whatever happened,

whatever happens,

you're my partner.


Come on.



Mr. Finestra.

Looks like you could use a ride.

I'm on the way to see my kids.

Oh, yeah? Well, you know,
they're probably asleep by now.

- DEVON: Mmm-hmm.

The Au Go Go.

Hendrix and Cotton.

DEVON: I was there.

- Bullshit!
- Yeah. (LAUGHS)

Also '68,

Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Mmm. Fillmore East. Pride of Man.

- No fucking way!

I could be lying.

But if it happened in New York

between '66 and '69...

You know what?

You are talented.

But I'm assuming you know that already.

I'm gonna have my editor
credit you for the one of John and May.


I don't want my name on that.

Right beneath the silver moon

Don't stop your carburetor

But this one,

this will pay my rent.

If it starts to rain

Keep on dancing in the rain

And if it's all night

It's all right

Dance on

You know it's all right

Gypsy queen

Dance on

You know it's all right

Gypsy queen

Oh, la, la, la, la
la, la, la, la

Dance, dance
Dance the night away

Oh, la, la, la, la
la, la, la, la

Come OH, come OH, come OH

You want some coffee or something?

DETECTIVE 2: We got a soda machine, too,
if it's working.

I'm good. Sure you're okay?

Tareyton .

14 years. Luckies before that.

Those are my brands. Then I quit.

For a month.

You ever hear of SmokEnders?

Oh, God, here we go.

DETECTIVE 1: It's a seven-week program.

They wean you off.

You should look into it.

Why am I here, guys?

Why is he here?

- I thought you knew.
- No.

What do you think?

DETECTIVE 1: You got a lawyer, Mr. Finestra?

Do I need one?

Only if you did something.

Did you do something, Mr. Finestra?

Like kill Buck Rogers, maybe?


No, I fucking told you already
that I was with my father.

He told you, too.

- DETECTIVE 1: The movies, right?
- Enter the Dragon.

I loved it myself. He was on the fence.

- It was okay.
- Back to Buck Rogers.

- I want to call my lawyer.
- So, you did do something.

No, you're putting words in my mouth now.

He wants to talk to his lawyer.


The phones still down?

Phones are still down.

So, might take a while.

The Knapp Commission?

It's cops like you guys, right?


Let me guess, you read The New York Times.

Look, whatever you guys think I did,

I didn't do it.

Well, we think you killed Buck Rogers.

But you're saying that somebody else did.

So, who might that be?

I have no idea.

Who you trying to protect?

Nobody. I just...

I respect that, Richie.

I do.

You're a stand-up guy.

You think Joe Corso
would do the same for you?


You think he'd cover your ass?

I'm just curious.

I don't know, okay?

You know where he is right now? Corso?

I mean, not literally.

Just, for example, while you're sitting in here.

While you're sitting in here,

Joe Corso's out on the town.

It's Friday night.

He's got some whore on his arm,
vodka rocks in his hand.

And he don't give a fuck.

That much I can promise you.

RICHIE: (OVER TAPE) Listen to me,
the only reason I was at Buck's

was because you demanded that I be there.

JOE: (OVER TAPE) I saved your fucking life,
now they think I did it.

RICHIE: (OVER TAPE) But you did.
You killed him.

JOE: (OVER TAPE) You don't remember
smashing his face in?

I had to pull you off his back.

RICHIE: (OVER TAPE) I was defending myself.

Like a fucking enraged animal.

RICHIE: (OVER TAPE) What are you,
out of your mind?

We picked up an interesting conversation
between you and your dad, too.

We bugged your office.

You had a painting crew in there recently?

I want my lawyer.



(SINGING) Go around the world
with a woman like you

Ain't a fucking thing
that we won't do

Sell my soul if you want me to

Tie off with the devil
have a shot or two

Round the world with a woman like you

Ain't a fucking thing that we won't do

'Cause, hey, girl
I want you

Hey, girl
I want you

It's true

Fuck you

Hey, girl
I want you

Dig a ditch for a bitch like you

All the pain that you put me through

When you're hiking that dress
I must confess

Want to bend you over make a filthy mess

Round the world with a woman like you

Not a fucking thing that we won't do

'Cause, hey, girl
I want you

Hey, girl
I want you

Fuck you

It's true

Hey, girl
I want you


Ayo, ayo

Ayo, ayo, ay

Ayo, ayo

Ayo, ayo, ay



Everybody's running

Everybody's working

Everything is money

All your thoughts are nothing

Wild safari



Elephants like buildings

Yeah, city
All them cars are roaring

Wild safari

Elephants like buildings

Yeah, city
All them cars, they're rolling

Wild safari