Vinyl (2016): Season 1, Episode 2 - Yesterday Once More - full transcript

Richie delivers a bombshell that shocks prospective buyers and his partners; Devon ponders her relationship; Zak considers changing his alibi for a recent injury; Richie decides to visit his estranged mentor.


Hey, now, now, now, now

Hey, little baby

You been on my mind

Look in my dreams

Your taste is all I find

Hey, now, darling

Where you stay out all night long

I wanna tell you

You know your daddy's home

All night long


All night long


MAN ON SCREEN: You must attend
the morning ritual in uniform.




Hiyah! Yah!


MAN: Sit down, man.

- Gentlemen...
- RICHIE: Gentlemen. seems that one of you
was not content last night

with the hospitality of the palace

and sought diversion elsewhere.


Fucking-A right I did.

- MAN: Would you shut up?
- You shut up.


...worthy to remain among us.


USHER: Hey, hey. The fuck you doing?

Watching the movie.

This ain't a hotel.
You've been here all goddamn day.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Shh, shh.

USHER: Hey, you're disturbing
the other patrons.

- Teacher.
- Teacher.

I see your talents have gone beyond
the mere physical level.

Your skills are now
at the point of spiritual insight.

You hear that? You fucking hear that?

Listen, pal, sit down and shut your trap
or go back to the fucking shelter.

Hey, I'm no bum, mister.

Oh, yeah? Then who the fuck are you?

ZAK: I think it was '68 or...
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, it was '68.

SCOTT: Was it? Yeah, yeah.

It's me, Daltrey, Keith Moon, and the manager.

Townshend, he's already at the arena
doing the sound check.

And we get in the car, we start heading out

and Moon says,
"Hey, stop, stop. I forgot something."

He runs back in the hotel.

Five seconds later,

a TV set comes crashing down
to the pavement.

- He jumps back in the car.

He says, "Well, Jesus, that was close.
It nearly slipped my mind."


He said...

Only in rock and roll.

Where the hell is this guy, right?

That's our Richie.
Loves to make an entrance, huh?

Oh, uh, you seeing any shows
while you're here, huh? A little Broadway?

- We took the wives to the opera.
- Yeah.

Die Fledermaus at the Met.

Grease is good. You might like that.

You know what?
Pippin, that's another one with, uh...

What the hell is his name?

- Uh, the black guy.
- SKIP: Ben Vereen.

That's not it.

No answer at the apartment
or on the car phone.

The house number has been busy for an hour.


Richie's stuck in traffic.
Oh, that guy. I knew it.

He's gonna be here shortly. Oh, my apologies.

I'm gonna hit the head.
There's more coffee, croissants if you want.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- Soon.

The black guy in Pippin. What's his name?

I'm sorry, I don't know.

Because she's black
she knows who's in Pippin?




- DEVON: Hello?
- Dev, hey. Zak.

- How you doing, hon?
- Did Richie ask you to call?

What? No. No. He's not there?

- No.
- Okay. Okay.

- Uh, everything all right?
- He went on a bender.

- What do you mean? When?
- Last night.

What? Coke, booze, what?

He drank half a quart of whiskey
and trashed the fucking den.

- Did he hit you?
- No, of course not.

Why would you even ask me that?

You seem upset. I don't know, I just thought...

Well, when's the last time that you saw him?

Uh, 9:30, 10:00 last night. He just drove off.

Well, I'm sure he's fine.

Yeah, of course he's fine. He's always fine.
It's everyone around him gets fucked.

Can you make me Lucky Charms?

Oh, no, come on. Let's go out.
How about pancakes, yeah?

- Hello, hello.
- What's going on, my man?

- What's going on here, brother?
- You know.

Chicago's number one again?
Who the hell's buying this shit?


Oh, Jean Genie lives on his back...

HEATHER: Richie, what happened to you?

Morning. Love that blouse.

You okay, boss?

Fit as a fiddle, ready for love.

- CECE: Oh, my God.
- They in there?

- Yeah, but...
- Coffee, please.

Wait, make it a Sanka.

ZAK: John Denver, he's another one.

His real name, uh... Deutschendorf.

SCOTT: Oh, yeah, a lot of Germans.
ZAK: Hey, here he is.

- Finally.
- Fuck happened to you?


- Were you mugged?
- Yes. By God.

But I took his wallet instead. (LAUGHING)

Mr. Finestra, you are bleeding.

We're all bleeding on the inside.

All right, then. Terrific.
We got the contracts right here.

- Did you hear what I just said?
- I did. I did.

You know, that's very thought-provoking.

What do you say we discuss this later?
We'll have a rap session?

You don't get it, man.
That building fell down and I walked away.

- What building?
- The Mercer? It's been all over the news.

- I was there, man.
- This is true?

I'll tell you what. Our guests here,
they've been here for quite a while.

So why don't we just sign the contracts?

It's gonna take you five seconds.

- Then we're gonna get you cleaned up.
-l'm not signing anything.

Legally it's fine, Richie.
Here we go, right here.

You know what? One of these days
I'm gonna grab you by those muttonchops

and I'm gonna turn your head
like a fucking steering wheel.

We're not selling the company.


We have a binding verbal agreement.

- Yes!
- Yes, we do.

And the party of the third part

is ipso facto e pluribus unum.

- This is outrageous!
- Unum, motherfuckers. Unum. That's Latin.

What are you doing? What are you doing?
I just fucking got here.

This is nothing. This is nothing.
This is all personal.

I got some champagne. Have some mimosas.
It's gonna be two minutes.

What are you doing? Zak! Zak!

He's coming. He's coming.

Right here. Right here.

Last night I saw the Dolls. The music, man.
The crowd. It was electric.

Everything's good.

Keep doing shit. It's good, it's good.

- Press release for your approval.
- No,no!


(SINGING) Now, if you love me
let's please don't tease

If I can hold you
then let me squeeze

My heart goes round and round

My love comes a-tumblin' down

You leave me



Relax. Relax.



Okay. Okay, Richie. What the fuck's going on?

I had a vision.

A sign. Call it what you want. An epiphany.

New York Dolls are a band, Richie,
not an epiphany.

It's a band we passed on over a year ago.

I'm not talking about the Dolls, per se.

Rock and roll. That fucking energy, man.

Forget Yes, fucking Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

Rock and roll, man.
Like the first time you heard it.

It's fast, it's dirty,
it smashes you over the head.

You've already been smashed over the head.
That's the problem here.

My skills... My skills, they've transcended
into the spiritual level, man.

You don't understand.

Okay, here's what I do understand, Richie.
I understand you're high.

I am. I was. So what?

So what?
You want to go down that road again?

I saw the future. The future of this company.
I fucking heard it.

We made a deal with these people, Richie.

This is an agreement
negotiated in good faith to sell.

Shut up, Scott. Just stop fucking talking.

Hey, I am a junior partner here.

Guys, we started this company,
the three of us, from nothing.

- Right, and now we're selling it.
- RICHIE: No, we're not.

I made commitments, Richie.

Financial commitments with
serious ramifications for my whole family.

I'm talking about our dreams
and you're worried about your mortgage?

Yes, I am. I am, 'cause Chase Manhattan
doesn't give a fuck about dreams.

- Well, I do, okay?
- Since when?

Since last night?

Huh? Since you hoovered
a gram of coke up your nose?

You're a selfish prick, you know that?

And you're a hack.

Go sell Buicks or aluminum siding.
What's the fucking difference?

Zak, we'll cut costs.
We'll tighten our belts. It'll be okay.

Richie, this deal,
it's not just about you, okay?

You tank this, you fuck all of us.
You understand me?

Please, just sign the thing.

Let us cash out on this albatross and then go.

Go do whatever the fuck you want.

Yap, yap, yap, yap, yap,

That's you, man. You talk, I do.

- Okay, all right, listen to me, fuck head.
- Oh, fuck head?

- Listen to him.
- Listen to him! Listen to him!

You're gonna go sign the contract
and then go home to your wife.

What's my wife got to do with it?

I talked to her before, okay?

She's worried sick about you. Go home.

- You called Devon?
- Okay, get your hand off me.

- Hey, Richie.
- Or what? Or what?

- I said fucking stop it.
- Why, what are you gonna do about it?

(SHOUTING) Motherfucker!


Fucking ass...

- You motherfucker.
- You fucker!


Etty in the room a cry

Mama say she must wipe her eye

Papa say she no fi foolish

Like she never been to school at all...

Sorry, fellas. Deal's off.

This is how you do business in America?

I'm trying to be polite here.

Yet you are rude beyond measure.

Take a hike, you Nazi prick.

You will hear from our attorneys.

Right, yeah. Judgment at Nuremberg.
A&R, conference room, 30 minutes.

It is no wonder

It's a perfect pander...

Do you have any idea how screwed we are?

It's like the lottery in fucking reverse.

One pound ten for the wedding cake...

ZAK: Wait for me.

SKIP: Just follow me.

Fucking cocksucker. Ah!

Ow! Fuck. It's hot in here.


Can I come in?



- Ah!
- Some Mercurochrome for that, maybe, no?

- No? Good.

- Thanks, hon.
- Mmm-hmm.

So... So...

So is there anything that I should know?

About what?

What... What was that?

On, that? (SHOUTS)

Just me exercising my rights
as principal shareholder.

Oh, okay.

So... So... So we're not selling the company?

- Was that not clear?
- No.

Oh, yeah, yeah.
No problems. It was very clear.

So we're doing this again?





Oh, no, no, no.



Hey, what do you think?

- Yeah?
- Or?

Oh, come on. Sabbath.

Sends a stronger message.


Down by the lazy river

Come as you please

Down by the lazy river

KID: white and blue.




Kiss the boot
of shiny, shiny leather

Shiny leather

In the dark

Tongue of thongs

The belt that does await you

Strike, dear mistress

And cure his heart

I am tired

I am weary

I could sleep

For a thousand years

A thousand dreams...

Hear that? That's what I mean by the truth.

Atonal whining?

Obviously they don't compare to your genius,

but, I mean, they're pure, man. Real.

Not the least bit concerned with developing
a mainstream following.

Well, from the sounds of things,
they're well on their way.


What do you think, Erin?

Devon. And I'm a little bit biased.

She and Nico did a play together downtown.

Can you introduce me to Andy?

- Griffith?
- Yeah.

I mean, if Barney Fife isn't available.

You know, this whole show is Andy's idea.

Which explains why
they're the musical equivalent of a soup can.

All right, fine. They're not for everybody.

You just do your thing, baby.

I am tired...

Where'd you say you were from?

I didn't.

Where are you from?

You mean which rock
did he crawl out from under.

Richie's from Brooklyn. Can't you tell?

TREVOR: Brando in On the Waterfront.

That's Hoboken, but sure, why not?

Different colors made of tears


- Excuse me.
- Where you going, pussycat?


Three, four...


Teenage Mary
said to Uncle Dave

I sold my soul
must be saved

Gonna take a walk
down to Union Square

You never know
who you're gonna find there

You gotta
run, run, run, run, run

Take a drag or two...


WOMAN: Hey, man,
what do you think you're doing?


Go ahead, now.

Beardless Harry, what a waste

Couldn't even get
a small-town taste

Rode the trolley down to 47

Figured he was good
to get himself to heaven

'Cause he had to run
run, run, run, run

Take a drag or two...


Run, run, run, run, run
Gypsy Death and you

Tell you what you do


When they played I'd sing along

It made me smile

Those were such happy times

And not so long ago

How I wondered where they'd gone

But they're back again

Just like a long-lost friend

All the songs I love so well

Every sha-Ia-Ia-Ia

Every whoa

Still shines

Every shing-a-ling-a-ling

That they're startin' to sing's

So fine

When they get to the part

Where he's breaking her heart

It can really make me cry

Just like before

It's yesterday once more



Looking back on how it was
in years gone by

And the good times that I had

Makes today seem rather sad

So much has changed...


(GASPS) on, my God.


MAN: ls that her?
RONNIE; I think so.

MAN: See, I told you you'd be fine.

RONNIE: Mom, where did you go?

Hi. Hi.

- MAN: Christ, are these your kids?
- Mommy's here. Hi.

They were sitting all alone.
I was about to call the police.

No, no, no. I just...

The boy had to go to the bathroom.
He nearly wet himself.

Oh, no, Mommy just went to get gas.

- I just went to get gas. Get in the car.
- No, you didn't.

MAN: You know you just can't
leave them here.

I am so sorry for the confusion.

I'm sorry.

Okay. Here you go, hop in.

Come on.

Okay. Okay.


What the fuck is this?

It's the new Tull.

(MOCKING) "The... The new Tull."
You asking him or are you telling him?

- MAN: It's Tull.
- JULIUS: Come on.

Whoa! Whoa!

In case you haven't heard,
the deal with PolyGram is off.

We're not selling the company.

That's a good thing, people.

- Come on.
- Yeah.

But it's not without its downside.

We'll be trimming our roster.

And less artists means less need
to kiss the asses of those artists.

So 40% of our support staff will be let go.

That's right.

What about us?

Who us?


You're all fired, effective immediately.

But the good news is you have two weeks
to earn your jobs back.

Bring me a solo artist
or a band that this label can market.

I want new, fresh, fast, exciting.

MITCH: In two weeks?

I mean, like,
how can you put a time frame on talent?

You're right, Mitch. You can go.


Get out. You're fired.

Richie, I was just...

MAN: Whoa! Whoa!

Go back to Woodstock, you fucking freak,
before I throw you down an elevator shaft!

- Wait, Richie, I can...
- Get the fuck out!


And take that fucking
Jefferson Airplane poster with you.

I just passed up a fortune
because I believe in this company's future

and this prick wants to bitch
about time frames?

The time is now. Today.

- This very fucking minute.
- This fucking second!


It's a privilege to do this job.

To introduce the world to new music.

To shape the culture.

- What?
- These bands, boss, do you want...

- Stop calling me that.
- Excuse me?

Boss, okay?
Knock off the Stepin Fetchit routine.

- Call me Richie.
- Okay.

Say it loud! I'm black and I'm proud!

You want me to actually say that?


In terms of what we're looking for,
can you give us a little more info?

- You want he should do your job for you?
- No...

Hey, hey, it's all about the songs, guys.

Can you hum it?
Will you remember it tomorrow?

Does it make you want to call the radio station

and find out who the band
they just played was?

Think back.
Think back to the first time you heard a song

that made the hairs
on the back of your neck stand up.

Made you want to dance or fuck
or go out and kick somebody's ass.

That's what I want. In two weeks.


Oh, good morning.

You just waltz in here
whenever you feel like it?

I just got off the red-eye from LA.

Fuck you doing there?

You... You sent me
to deliver a check to David Geffen.


I just saw Mitch in the lobby crying.
Anyone want to tell me what's going on?

I see trouble on the way

I see earthquakes and lightning

I see bad times today

Don't go around tonight

It's bound to take your life


There's a bad moon on the rise...

I hear hurricanes a-blowing...


- You're fine.
- Excuse me?

Your job. You're fine. You're not being fired.

Good. I mean, that's great. Thank you.

But that's not what I wanted
to talk to you about.

These people. Fucking Watergate.

They think they can get away with something,

but sooner or later
the chickens come home to roost, right?

That band, I gave you their tape.

The Nasty Bits.

RICHIE: Right.

What did you think?

There's something there.


RICHIE: Mix was for shit.

They got some balls in their sound. MC5ish.

Wow. Far out. So what's the next step?

We'll have someone from
A&R check them out.

I was hoping that could be me.

You're a secretary. And you're a girl.

I found these guys. I brought them to you.

You snatched a tape
before it got to my inbox, sweetie.

Would you have listened to it
if it had gotten there?

Probably not.

So don't I get points for initiative?

Fellatio Alger.

You want me to suck your dick?

Well, I'd be lying if I said
the thought hadn't crossed my mind, but no.

Then how the fuck do I get ahead?

Work with Julie. Get the band ready.

Set up a showcase sometime next week.

- How many songs?
- RICHIE: Talk to Julie.

Thank you, Richie. Thank you.
I promise you won't be sorry.

There is one thing you can do for me.

SCOTT: He's out of control, man.
SKIP: Let's go.

Go. Just move it, schmuck. Just go for a walk.

- Let's go.
-l'll fucking kill him.

- SCOTT: Get the fuck off of me.
- What's up?

Just keep smiling and looking at this album.

There's something I need to tell you.

Okay. What is it?

You ever rat me out again to Richie,
I'll kick you in the fucking cunt.

'Cause it won't be too long...






MAN: ls this the home of Richard A. Finestra?

Who's calling?

Sergeant Willis from the police impound.

- Is Mr. Finestra available?
- He's not here right now.

When was the last time you saw him, ma'am?

I'm sorry, who is this again?

Sergeant Willis of the New York City
Police Department.

- Are you Mrs. Finestra?
- Yes.

- So the car was impounded?
- It was on the street, ma 'am.

Half a block from the site of the collapse
of the Mercer Arts Center.

- I don't understand.
- There was a building collapse, ma 'am.

People are still unaccounted for.

Would your husband have had any reason
to attend a rock concert last night?

We're talking real silverware here.

Nothing plated,
with a separate set for kosher guests.

Sorry I'm late.

- There's Papa. Welcome.
- Hey.

Oh, my God. What happened?

- Nothing. I got rear-ended.
- What, you don't call?

What about my pictures?
They'll be totally ruined.

It's okay, honey. Daddy's fine.

- What?
- Ready for next month?

It's not every day a little girl
becomes a woman.

We were discussing hors d'oeuvre options.

I thought we decided.

We can do a lot better than mini pizzas.

What? We have other stuff, right?
We have the barbecued ribs.

MOIRA: Tell me about the Windsor plan.

Well, that's our premier package.

The Windsor boasts
a dozen appetizer choices

served at various stations.

The Swedish meatballs, teriyaki satay,
spinach quiche, what have you.

- That's at this price.

What's wrong with passed hors d'oeuvres?

As for the entrees, we do a choice
of herb-encrusted salmon, prime rib au jus,

lamb chops or a chicken Francese.

- All for this price.

Please don't miss this train at the station...

PLANNER: In terms of liquor,
it's top-shelf all the way.

Smirnoff, Tanqueray, Chivas, et cetera.

Open bar per person, we're looking at that.

It's 400 people.

You're the one that invited
half the record industry.

I know you're in the business,
but our house band, Karisma,

you're hearing them over the speakers.

- Everybody...
- Join hands

Start a love train...

You won't do better anywhere.

That's what we're looking at.

Less tax and gratuity.

I paid less money for our first house.

Please, Daddy?

Sure. Screw it. What's the difference?


I know you've been hurt

By someone else

I can tell by the way

You carry yourself

But if you let me

Here's what I'll do

I'll take care of you

You won't ever have to worry

You won't ever have to cry

- For I'll be there beside...

Jesus, fuck!

Fuck. You scared the shit out of me.

What? What is it? What's the matter?

- I was afraid you were dead.
- What?

The police called me. They found your car.

- No. No, no, no.
- And the building...

Honey, look, I'm okay. I'm okay, okay?

What, you don't call me? Nothing?

I have to find out from Cece that you're alive?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Shh. It's okay.

-l'm sorry, Dev, baby.

Okay. I just... The whole day I was just...

It's gonna be great, okay?

I just... I'm just going through...

Let me get dry.


For there is no doubt in my mind

I know what I want to do

And just as sure

As one and one is two

Whoa, you know I'll take care of you

I'll take care of you

You want to tell me about this?

- Dev.
- How long has this been going on?

Just last night. I'm gonna stop, okay?

It's just the pressure. I mean, the birthday,
all the bullshit at work, it just...

- God damn it.

They're supposed to call up
if somebody comes.

- MAN: Mr. Finestra?
- Yeah.

Detective Voehel. Manhattan South Homicide.

- You have a second?
- What? No. Yes.

Yeah, of course. Here, come in.

Sorry for the intrusion.
I left my card with your secretary.

Yeah, sorry. I just...

You know, work.

My husband was injured
in the building collapse downtown.

What? Jesus. You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I mean, I'm a little shaken
as you can imagine, but...

Sweetie, I need to talk to Detective...

- Voehel.
- What's this about?

- I just need a few minutes.
-lt's fine.

I want to know what's going on.

(SOFTLY) Richie, you're trembling.



I'm fine.

I understand you were at one time a partner
of Morris Gold's?


Maury Gold.

Rondelay Records?

Yeah, right. Yeah, of course.

We have reason to believe that Mr. Gold
is an associate of Corrado Galasso.

Whom, I'm sure if you read the New York Post,
you've heard of.

Yeah, no, yeah.

He's supposed to be like the Godfather
or something, right?

Jimmy Porter. That name ring a bell?

Low-level bookie, loan shark.
Mr. Gold owed him a great deal of money.

What's that got to do with me?

Mr. Porter was found murdered.
And your name was in his address book.

Whoa, look, I mean, I used to bet football
on the weekends, but...

Tell me anything about his relationship
with Mr. Gold?

Me? No. No. I have no idea.

It's looking, far as we can tell,
that Mr. Galasso settled Mr. Gold's debt

by putting three bullets
into Jimmy Porter's head.

I understand your reluctance,

but if there's anything
you think might be helpful...


You been checked out by a doctor?

- Your head's bleeding.
- Uh...

Yeah. Thank you. I'm gonna do that, yeah.

I'll show myself out.

- You all right?
- I need a drink.

- You need to go to a meeting.
- I need a drink, God damn it!

Baby, please, don't fucking do this.
Okay? Come on.



What's wrong? Will you tell me, please?

I fucked up, Devon.

I'm a bad person.

- No. No. That's crazy.
- I am.

No, no, you're not. Come on.

Come on, baby.
I'm your wife. Come on, talk to me.

I just want to sit!




Under my thumb

The girl who...

- This one is Zoxin.
-lt's a methamphetamine.

I don't like those. They're too speedy.

They'll make your whites whiter
and your colors brighter, darling.

RICHIE: Yeah, cure dandruff, too.

Here, baby, I got you an Obetrol.

We missed you on Fire Island, Ms. Ingrid.

I was in Brussels
curating Ernst's photographs.

He has an exhibit next week at the Bodley.

Machinery, smokestacks,
stark images of industry.

- Fucking depressing.
- INGRID: Now, is that nice?

Do not chastise him. He saw my work.
His response is authentic.

Perhaps it should be etched
in the wall above the images.

- See?
-"Fucking depressing."


Quite a foursome. Andy will be jealous.

He's right. You have a rival.

AN DY: Devon, hi.

- Andy.
- Who's this?

- DEVON: This is Richie.
- Devon's boyfriend.

Oh, your boyfriend. That's so sweet.

Great to meet you, man. Really, it's an honor.

Oh, why?

Your work. You're an incredible artist.
I'm a big fan.

Mmm. I don't do anything anymore.
Ernst is a great artist, though.

Richie finds my work depressing.

Oh, well, Richie's a smarty, huh?

You look so pretty tonight.

Call me pretty again, I'll bite your nose off.

- Does she scare you?
- Terrifies me.

Yeah, well, I wish you'd let me film you.
She never lets me.

Because he just wants me to sit there
and keep my mouth shut.

It's a screen test, dear,
so I can make her a superstar.

Come on, let me watch them all get jealous.


You're doing it for him and not for me.

- Kind of ruins it.


What are you laughing about?

Come on.

Okay. We're gonna film you now.

You have to be quiet.

- Think you can do that?
- I hate you.

I know. I feel it.

Birds are softly singing

They whisper as they fly

Crystal bells are ringing

Listen to the night

Magic in the moonlight

Seems to hypnotize

Heaven all around me

Listen to the night

Listen to the night, yes

Listen to the night

Halo skies above me

Shine their guiding light

Keep the love song playing

Dance until you fly

And since you are seeking

Right before your eyes

Heaven all around me

Listen to the night


He's not misjudged
he's not confused

The bastard's happy
only when he's had his booze

Bite back the tears
that's all he wants from you

Don't let him do
what his dirty mind wants to

Don't go

With the nasty man

Don't go

Your mother's crying in her hands

Don't go

With the nasty man

Don't go

With the nasty man

Don't go...


Stop! Stop it!

Whoa, whoa. Stop.

- What'd you do with the money?
- What money?

The money your mother gave you
for singing lessons.

DUCK: I thought that sounded pretty good.

This is the band Richie wants to see?

Uh-huh. He liked their demo.

Did he hear it before or after
he started using again?

- Very funny.
-lt's not funny. They're horrible.

They can't play.
I couldn't understand a word of their lyrics.

And the singer smells like ammonia.

Richie thinks they have something
and I do, too.

- Oh, you do?
- Mmm-hmm.

Well, after 20 years in this job,
I must be wrong.

All right, fellas. Listen up.

First and foremost, when you're in a band,

it's supposed to sound like
you're all playing the same song

at the same time.

Okay? What I just heard
sounded like five dogs

with their cocks caught in a lawn mower.

Well, I thought it sounded great.

I'm sorry, what was your job again?

- I am just trying...
- There's a bodega on the corner.

Go get me a coffee, black.
Anybody else? No? Good.

And Devil Dogs.




(EXHALING) Where was I?

You were just telling us how much we suck.

Right, but it's my job to help you suck less.

I trust you're familiar with The Kinks.

(SCOFFS) ls this a bloody joke?

That's up to you.
All Day And All Of The Night.

- I want you to learn it.
- For what?

To play it for Richie Finestra.

You'll do that plus two originals.

- Do the bloody Kinks?
- Why that song?

Because the vocals are in a range
he can handle

and it's got a chord structure
a monkey could play.

F-G, G-F

F-B-flat, G

(SIGHS) I mean, The Kinks are all right,
but that's just not who we are.

JULIUS: No shit.

But who you are ain't getting signed.

Fuck. So what do you think?

MAN 1: I don't know, man.

MAN 2: Come on, man, who are you kidding?

- Do it.
- Just do it.

All right, fine.


MOIRA: You all right?

I can't breathe through my nose.

Well, prop up a pillow or something.

This idiot who rear-ended you,
did he have insurance?

Yeah, he did. We exchanged information, so...

Was he a colored?

What? No. Why?

'Cause most of them are uninsured.

He was white. He was... I don't know.

He had a German-sounding name.

And the doctor bill, he'll take care of that?
I mean, it's got to be a pretty penny.

- I went to Merv's, honey.

- He's not gonna charge me.
- Wonderful.

Now I can hear from your sister

all through Rosh Hashanah
what a prince her husband is.

Okay, and then if he would have charged me,
you'd be complaining about that.

Who's complaining?


I mean, you do realize
the rates will go up, right?

With the insurance.

- What?
- The car.

Doesn't matter if he hit you.
They'll raise the rates just the same.

Okay, all right.
I'll call the broker in the morning.

What's he gonna do?
The broker doesn't make the rules.

- Then I won't call him.

- What do you want me to say?
- Who asked you to say anything?



You're peeing again?

- I can't sleep.
- Well, don't make a racket.

David's playing Nathan Detroit
in the camp sing-along tomorrow.

I swear.



Ride, Captain, ride

Upon your mystery ship

Be amazed at the friends

You have here on your trip

Ride, Captain, ride

Upon your mystery ship

On your way to a world

That others might have missed

Ride, Captain, ride

Upon your mystery ship

Be amazed at the friends

You have here on your trip...




Come on, let's go to bed.

Baby, no, I got... l just want to go to sleep.


- Ernst.

INGRID: She can't.
DEVON: Aw! Why?

- The baby.
- You're no fun.

She's right. I'll get you a drink.

- Oh, Dubonnet if we're not out.
- Yeah.


You will move somewhere
with rolling hills and ponds.

What do you need a pond for?

- So the child may fish.

Yeah, listen to me, Ernst.

I didn't fish. My kid's not gonna fish.

- DEVON: I fish.
- You're shitting me.

What do you think one does
growing up in rural Virginia?

I don't know, I just figured you went to,
like, cotillions or something.

You are not going back to Virginia.

- Oh.
- I'll die here without you.

- What?
- I don't know.

It's just now when I walk down the street,

I feel like I'm gonna
get stabbed or something.

- RICHIE: Dev.
- I know it's irrational.

It is not irrational.
The city is a hostile environment.

Pregnancy, it makes you feel vulnerable.

- Before, you were invincible.
- Stop speaking.

If you're worried about it,
we can move to the Upper East Side.

You hate it up there.

Long Island, Westchester.

He's right.
We should get a house with a fucking pond.

- And fish.

INGRID: What about her work?

It's not Mars.
I mean, I can take the train in for auditions.

RICHIE: That's it.

I'm gonna get you the biggest fucking house
with a pond in America.

- Huh?

Look what you've done.

I'm gonna bake bread.
I'm gonna braid my armpit hair.

You're turning me on.
Give me a hit of that armpit.

(LAUGHING) Come on.

- No...


Everything I do

Gonna be funky from now on, yeah

Everything I do

Gonna be funky from now on


Everything I do

Gonna be funky from now on

Everything I do

Gonna be funky from now on...




We gotta talk.


Night comes down
like shades of falling rain

Night comes down
like shades of falling rain

I hear the lonesome way
you call my name

Night comes down
and it makes me feel so bad

I remember the best times
I have had

Quiet like an empty cannon's roar

So quiet like an empty cannon's roar

Quiet now, I'm used to the life before

Night comes down
like shades of falling rain

And I hear it tapping
on my windowpane

And tapping on my pane,
tapping on my door

Tapping on my pane,
tapping on my door

Tapping on my pane,
you can't come in no more

Oh, don't you tap no more