Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 24 - Hometown - full transcript

After negotiating peace, upon his return to Iceland, Thorfinn reunites with his long-lost family after a 16-year separation, and the encounter sparks within him a bigger inspiration to establish a nation in the bountiful lands of ...

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The rumors don't do it justice.

Iceland is a harsh land.

There are no trees at all.

The sun's so low in the sky.

I get it now. A land without farms, huh?

You can't grow anything
when the days are so short.

It's winter, after all.

During the summer, the days are long.

Some people grow wheat
where conditions are better,

but it's not nearly enough to fill the
stomachs of the island-dwellers.

Are all the island-dwellers
shepherds and ranchers, then?

No, there are craftsmen and fishermen, too.

There isn't enough pastureland
for everyone to raise livestock,

so some people live
together and fish instead.

Thorfinn's village is one of those.


What does that mean? Didn't you live here?

But I was just a child.

I left home when I was
around six years old.

Since then, it's been
a good... uh, at least...

Wait, how old am I?

Thorfinn, Einar,
the village is coming into view.


I suddenly feel scared.

How am I supposed to
face my mother and sister?

You'd better prepare for the worst,
my "prodigal son."

You're finally returning home.



Okay, that's it.




The villagers are waiting for you.

Who's he?

No idea.

Did Ylva have a little brother?

What's my name, then?


If you used to live here,
then you should know.

F... Faxi?

He got it wrong.

He's suspicious.

Should we tie him up?

No, wait. I can't help it. It's been years.

Mister Leif...

Fine. I guess we'll let him see Ylva.


Ylva's over there, arguing
with the Norwegian merchant.

I warned you not to be
so greedy here, Berge.

S-Sorry, Ylva. I w-won't do it again.

Huh? What was that? I didn't hear you.

Th-That's enough, Ylva.
He returned our money.

Hey, Ylva.

I finally brought him back.

This is Thorfinn.





I don't know a Thorfinn!

Come on, Ylva.
It's your little brother, Thorfinn.

Little brother?

Come to think of it,
that might've been his name.

My little brother died when he was a kid.

He's actually alive.

I told you I met him in York before.

Then why didn't you bring him back then?

Well, you know, there was a lot going on...

You made that story up to cheer up
my mother and me, didn't you?

Thank you, Mister Leif.

No, actually...

More importantly...


Hey, shorty. You've got some balls
to trick Mister Leif like this.

No, wait!

If you've got something
to say, spit it out.

Man, this has gotten really complicated.

It's surprisingly difficult
to prove who you are.

Let's go to your home, Thorfinn.

Helga will know who you are.


Who's that?

He's taking this hard.

I can't blame them.

I'd nearly forgotten the faces
of my sister and mother, too.

It's no surprise they've forgotten me.

Who cares if they have?

You get to see your mother's face
after wandering for over a decade.

If you don't consider yourself lucky,
the gods will smite you.

I was separated from my parents as a kid.

I don't even know where they are now.

I'm jealous of you.

Or shall I go play the devoted son for you?

No. I'm sorry, Bug-Eyes.

Thank you.

Grandma, who's Thorfinn?




What are you doing?

Stop making things more complicated.

Aw, c'mon. Who cares?

No, Helga. This one is...



You've grown so much.

You look just like him.

You really are your father's son.


I'm sorry for everything.

Welcome home, Thorfinn.

Mother, I heard Thorfinn's back.

Welcome back, Dad.

Welcome back.




Thorfinn, I'm sorry.

Because of us, Mister Thors...

Ari, I was an idiot.

Well, then...

Where are you going, Mister Einar?

I should be leaving for the night.

Mister Leif's crew is staying at
the gothi's house. I'll join them there.

You should stay here.

It's a bit cramped,
but we'll figure it out.


If you're Thorfinn's brother,
that makes you my son.

This is my eldest son.

Nice to meet you.


This is your home. Don't be shy.

Listen to this, Mother. That stingy
merchant raised the price of salt again.

Hey, it's you again!
How dare you come into our home?

Oh, uh... excuse the intrusion?

Ylva, you haven't heard the—.

Is this an inheritance scam, huh?


Go find a rich family to trick.

Ma's so fast.

And strong.

Ylva, wait.


It's really him. Thorfinn's
really come home.

It's really him?

What? I-It can't be.

No way. Mister Leif didn't make it up?

What? Really?

He's the real Thorfinn?

I'm home, Sister.



Where have you been until now?

Hey... Are you okay, Thorfinn?

I'm fine, Einar.

I'm used to getting hit.


That was just one hit...

Ma's so strong.

You're amazing, Ma.

Ma's the strongest.

That night,

Thorfinn told his family about everything
he'd experienced over the past 16 years.

From Thor's death to his
departure from Ketil's farm.

Though he spoke matter-of-factly
and covered only the key points,

his story of hatred and strife,

death and destruction,

despair and regret,

sadness and rebirth

left everyone who heard
it at a loss for words.

The people I killed,

the slaves who died in despair...

They might've had warm
families like this one.

My sins are heavy.

I have to go to Vinland
to create a peaceful land.

Do it.


There are many people who wish
they could flee from this world.

Thors and I fled Jomsborg, the land
of warriors, and came to this island.

For those fleeing from war and slavery,
far beyond the horizon,

you will build a peaceful land where
you'll wait to welcome those people there.

You must live to do that,
Thorfinn, son of Thors.

Thank you, Mother.

So basically, you're going to
establish a country in Vinland?

Sounds like a large-scale endeavor.

He's right.

I can tell you're determined.

But you'll need people,
livestock, materials...

You'll need to buy more boats, too.

It all comes down to money.

It won't be easy pulling together
that much money.

Without my help, that is.

Thank you, Mister Leif.

You're not quitting sailing yet?

I figured you'd say that, Mister Leif.

Will it really be that easy?

They'll be fine.

Don't worry. There are
plenty of ways to do it.

Don't push yourself too hard, Dad.

I'm not pushing myself. You still
don't understand the kind of man I am.

I can't believe you actually went with him.


I'm sorry.

Our father was a truly amazing man.

He was strong and kind.

He was looking far ahead
at something I couldn't see.

Well, he was a strange man.

Whose grave is that?

Someone Father once tried to protect.

Were they important?

He was a slave.

He ran away from his master.

My father saved him when
he lay dying on the ground.

My father apparently
traded eight sheep for him.

Eight sheep?

I guess you get your
good nature from your dad.

Man, it's cold.

It's even colder around here at night.

I'm heading back, Thorfinn.


Where do the people who
want to run away from here go?

You already know the
answer to that, don't you?