Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 23 - Two Paths - full transcript

Thorfinn and Canute attempt to begin to engage in peace discussions for Ketil's farmland.

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Two Paths.

Two Paths.

Can you stop me...

as Askeladd did back then?

Please leave, Thorfinn.

You're a strange man,
but it'd be a shame to kill you.

This is how the world works.

In the end, might makes right.

Damn Vikings.

My foolish son.

You're still not yet a king.

Why did you reveal your
true feelings to such lowly men?

Surely you don't expect that
you will understand each other.

They're a poor flock of sheep.

You are an aloof shepherd.

You raise them, cull them, and skin them.

How could the sheep understand
the work of a shepherd?

There is only control.

It is what's best for the sheep.


If you intended to use your
authority to force your way...

Kill him.

He's dangerous.

A single sheep can lead the entire flock
astray and towards a cliff.

I will...

Kill him.

Do your job as king.

I will...


You'll simply... run?

That's all?

What else can I do?

Do you want us to kill each other here?

The paradise you describe helps
many people while oppressing few.

That's how it works, right?

I don't know if that's a good or bad thing,

and I don't have the right to
criticize your crazy ideas.

So the only option left is to run.

Einar, let's go.

You're an exceptional warrior.


There are other ways.

Did you...

Did you let that happen to your face
merely so you could admonish me?

I wasted my time.

Goodbye, Your Majesty.

There are...

There are many who wish to bargain with me.

Some try to ensnare me, too.


But you're unbelievable!

You absolute fool!

You don't have anything up your sleeve?

Completely unarmed and thoroughly beaten,

you simply came to tell me
not to seize this farm?

Is it really that funny?

It is. I've never participated in such
ridiculous peace talks before.

You'll run, huh?


So the Vikings are capable of
producing someone like you.

You're a beautiful man.

Where will you go to escape war?

Somewhere other than here.

I can't tell you where.

My territory continues to grow.

My power may eventually reach that place.

I'll run as far as I can.

As long as I've got
someplace to run, I won't fight.

I'll create a peaceful place beyond the king's
reach using methods different from yours.

For the people who can't live in
the world you create.

For you and for me.

So you'll fill the hole my work cannot.

Are you capable of that?

My power is so much smaller than yours.

I can't fill a very large hole.

If you keep oppressing people,
eventually no one will be able to save you.

You need to try harder.
Don't make more work for me.

You've become rather eloquent.

Who did you take after?

Interesting. I've never participated in
such challenging peace talks before.

What... is this?

The ships are gone.

Where did you go, King Canute?

You can't be serious!

Our battle hasn't been settled yet!

Floki was dissatisfied.

He said he doesn't understand why
we're withdrawing from the farm.

As you dissatisfied as well, Wulf?


I'm canceling our plans
to seize other farms as well.

I wouldn't want to create
more work for Thorfinn.

Until now, I thought you were
the only one fighting with me.

But today, I gained new allies.

Later, Canute ordered the disbandment
of the Danish army stationed in England

that had been pressuring English finances.

In the end, Canute's Danish forces
dwindled to a mere 16 ships.

However, the English uprising people
feared would occur never happened.

The English nobility realized the
trust Canute had placed in them

when he relinquished his military forces,

and the relationship between conqueror
and conquered began to change.

I feel good.

As long as you're alive, you can...

Why do I have to live?


Are you good now?

Yeah. I still feel a little dizzy,
but I'm fine.

Don't do crazy stuff like that.


Are we going, Thorfinn?

To the land beyond the sea.

You mean Vinland.


When Arnheid drew her last breath,

I couldn't answer her right away.

I couldn't tell her why she had to live.

What am I supposed to say
to a soul that's been through hell

and yearns for the peace of death?

I want a world where I
can tell people to live.

One I can proudly describe to people
whose only salvation is death.

A place more appealing than death.

That's all we ever wanted
in this world we live in.

I won't accept it.

If a place like that doesn't exist...

then I'll make one.


Brother, come with me.

We'll build a peaceful land in Vinland.

One we can proudly tell Arnheid about.

Let's do it, brother.

Beyond the sea, let's create
a country without slavery or war.

For Arnheid.

Are you sure you're okay with this?

It was presumptuous of me to do that.

I've told the master and
everyone on the farm

that the young master
convinced the king to withdraw.

Thank you.

You can count on me to
protect Arnheid's grave.

Truly, thank you.

Oh, it was...

Thorfinn, I want to be like you.

Strong and kind like you. A real man.

Olmar, I heard you made
the decision to stop fighting.

That's amazing.

It took me fifteen years to do that.


I've finally figured out what I should do.

This is a wonderful farm.

I hope you'll rebuild and protect it.

Old Master,

thank you for always helping us.

I told you, it was just a deal we made.

You shouldn't be thanking me.

I wish he would've taken
at least a single silver mark.

Thorfinn, Einar!

My name is Roald, Son of Grim!

Thank you, Roald!

Take care, everyone!

Come here.

Good boy.

Carve it.


Carve it into your flesh.
Carve it into the land.

Carve it into the sea.

Carve it into your spoils.
Carve it into your enemies.

Carve it.

Carve it.

Boss, when are you going to
start working? Come on.

Shut up. I was just taking a little break.

I'll show you what farm
work really looks like.

Oh, yeah? Let's see it, then.

I'll get this done in a snap.

Carve what you feel into me.

In my life, I've always endured.

I thought that pain was
the way of the world.

I never thought I'd meet men like them.

Right, Arnheid?

They're headed toward a world
we never even imagined.

Someplace that's not here.

Carve that encounter into me.