Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 16 - Cause - full transcript

Having realized Gardar is escaped, Einar and Thorfinn make their way to the old master's home to find Arnheid. The two find her and both decide to help her and her husband escape, with the three colluding in a plan to help save Ga...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Be careful.

- He's strong.
- Got it.

Wh… What is going on
so early in the morning?

It doesn't seem like anyone's here.

I can't tell with all this junk.

Throw everything out!

Jeez, what is this all about?

He escaped.

- What?
- Gardar escaped.

Is there any other reason why
they would be ransacking our shed?


Wait, Einar!

Stop for a second. Einar!

If Gardar escaped,

he will definitely
try to find Arnheid again.

What will you do once you're with Arnheid?

Are you going to chase Gardar away?

I don't know.


there must be

something that

I can do to help Arnheid!


That's not him.

It's not Gardar.

It's two slaves.

What were their names…?

Oh, they work for the master…

Thorfinn and Einar?

Yes, that's right.

What are they here for?

What should we do, Boss?
Should we chase them away?

No, don't mind them.

Let them be.




It's about Gardar, right?

You knew?



Let him escape.

I cut

Gardar's rope.


killed the guard.

And I thought we were

both going to die.


After that,

the other guards

rushed out

but Gardar

killed them all.

The guards again…

This is bad… really bad.


The guards are watching us.

Act like you're helping with the dishes

and get closer to Arnheid.

Stay calm

and tell us what the situation is.

During the fight,

Gardar also suffered a bad injury.

Then the two of us ran away in the rain

until we got to the old master's house.


while I was treating his wound,

Gardar lost consciousness.

He was so heavy and I couldn't carry him.


I was somehow able to hide him.

So Gardar is here?


The old master helped us out.

Snake and his men came right after that.

They seem to think

that Gardar escaped

and is hiding somewhere.

They're in the main house

waiting for Gardar to come and see me.

Snake and two other men.


Why did you do something
so dangerous on your own?

You said you'd let the storm pass

for the sake of your child!


A dream…

I couldn't help

but dream, I guess.

About my unborn child,


and our family…

I thought

that maybe things were back to normal.

Back to…

Back to normal.

His eyes

used to be filled with so much confidence.

And now…

We're absolutely pitiful.

We lost Hjalti and yet

the two of us are pitifully

trying to hang on to life.

And despite that

we're still dreaming.

How are Gardar's wounds?

Did he stop bleeding?

The right side of his chest

was bleeding so much.

When I hid him

it was still bleeding.

We don't have much time.


Are you ready to

share the same fate as Gardar?

If you want to
spend your life with Gardar,

you'll have to run away with him.

But you are with child.

No doubt, the journey will be difficult.

But if you still want to do it,

I will help you.

At this point,

that is the only way.

The only way, huh?

I will help too. With two people,

maybe we can think of a plan.



Don't sleep.

The next time you take your eyes
off of Arnheid, I'll break your nose.

Yes, I'm sorry.

Who is it?

Um, I should start preparing lunch soon.

Take the equipment and make it outside.

You're a decoy.
Stay where people can see you.

Yes, I understand.

What a sad situation they are in.

Don't you think so, Snake?


were destined to become slaves
because they were born inferior."

That is what people say.

As if everyone
was meant to play a certain role.

But I don't think so.

Slaves were just unlucky.

It's as simple as that.

If luck wasn't on our side, you and I

may have ended up as slaves ourselves.

So what?

That has nothing to do with this.

Five of our men were killed.

I won't be satisfied
until I kill that bastard.

If I let him get away
with killing my subordinates

I'd have no right
to carry a sword anymore.

Well then, just get rid of your sword.

That sword

is not from around here, that much I know.

I assume you have your reasons
for ending up here.

But unless you get rid of your sword,

you won't be able to
eliminate the root of the problem.

That's enough talking, Gramps.

It's time for old people to take a nap.

I will give you my field.

Cultivate the land

and try growing life.

It's much better
than waving around a sword.

I can't

stand or walk anymore.

I will die soon.

Take this chance
to start living a normal life.

I owe you

for having you
read the Bible to me, after all.

Now is not the time for this nonsense.

As if I'd work on a field…

- Boss!
- Huh?

There's somebody there.

Over there. The third tree from the back.

I think that's him
in the shadow of the tree.

All right.

They're out.

One horse…

two horses, three horses.
Okay, that's all of them.

I'm counting on you, Einar.

Spread out.

Chase him from different
directions and viewpoints.

Old Master!

Sorry, but I'm going to borrow
a horse and wagon.

I promise I will work
and pay you back for it.

Stop worrying about such trivial things.

More importantly,
put me on the wagon as well.

If I'm on it, nobody will question you

while you're on this farm.

No, but…

I can't get you involved in this.

I'm already involved in this.

Stop bickering and help me out already.

Yes. Thank you so much.

That bastard is trying to
escape into the forest.

We can't navigate those woods on horses.

Catch up to him! Don't let him inside.

Damn it! It's so far!

He's still alive.

She did a good job.

But he's as cold as stone.

He lost too much blood.

Please hang in there.

He's fast.

No matter how you look at it,
he's not running like a wounded person.

Spider, Badger!

Keep chasing him.

But don't get too close.

If he's Gardar,

you two won't be able to handle him.

I'll send backup later.

Until then, keep on chasing him. Got it?

I'm counting on you.

What?! Hey, Boss! Where are you…?

The wagon is ready.
Let's rush to the southern border.

Once we're in a different country,

it'll be hard for the guests to chase us.

I'll part ways at some point
as a diversion.

I'll try to lure as many as I can.

Old Master, please accompany us
until the end of the farm.


I didn't hear any horses.

He got off his horse and ran here?

I see…

He's unconscious, huh?

No wonder I couldn't sense his presence.


Just so you know, Thorfinn.

Negotiation is not an option.

Hand over Gardar without a fight.

Or else

I'll cut you down.

There are three pursuers.

But right now, Snake is the only one here.

I don't sense the other two.

If I can somehow stop him,

we can still run away.

Dodge his sword
and land a blow to his chin.

Are you going to fight, Thorfinn?

Oh well, I guess it can't be helped
in this situation.

You're genuinely trying to help someone.

You're using your fists for a just cause.

That being said,

your opponent has his own
just cause as well.

What will you do, Thorfinn?

Will you uphold nonviolence regardless?

Or will you fight for the sake of
helping others?

Which one leads to the path
of a true warrior?

There's no time to think.

Look, right in front of you.

You think you can win against him
with your head in the clouds?

What a strange stance.

It's not a spear or an axe.

A sword?


"Way Home."

Subtitle translation by: Kiko Morita