Vikings (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 8 - Episode #6.8 - full transcript

I wonder if you even know,

why you have been
brought here?

- Yes
- Louder. I can't hear you.

I know why.

I killed Lagertha.


I killed your mother, Bjorn.



I thought she was Ivar.
I thought that she...

I thought that Ivar
was coming to kill me.

I don't care what you thought!

Being drunk is no excuse
for anything!

You murdered my mother!

You murdered the most famous
shield-maiden in the world!


You sad, pathetic,
raddled little man.

You were not fit
to kiss her feet!

And you aren't fit
to be called a son of Ragnar.


And when you killed my mother,
you killed a part of me too.

And you have to understand...

I can never
forgive you.

I know that.

And you're right, Bjorn.

I am a sad wreck of a man.

I've made
a bad job of my life.

And whatever
you want to do with me,

even if you want
to burn me alive,

I'll accept it.

For I've deserved it.

Unlike you and Ubbe,

I've never done anything
to make our father proud of me.

Hvitserk is guilty!

You all heard him confess!

I will decide tomorrow
what punishment he must face.

Take him away.

I am so sorry
that it has come to this.

Don't be sorry.
We are who we are.

Perhaps you can still throw
yourself on Bjorn's mercy.

Ask for forgiveness.


Don't you realize, Ubbe,

I did what we all agreed
should be done?

I killed Lagertha.

I killed the woman
who murdered our mother.

You said the gods
would arrange our revenge.

I remember that.

You yourself
attacked Lagertha,

tried to kill her.

But you could see it wasn't
what the gods had in mind.

Ivar, Ivar, who is supposed
to be so clever,

promised to kill Lagertha.

But he also failed.

So, it was up to me.

Don't you see, Ubbe?

I was an instrument
of the gods.

It was my fate.

It was me.

I want to kill him.

You have every right.
I can't deny it.

But neither does he.

He was not in his right
mind when he killed your mother.

It was not really
Hvitserk who killed her.

Don't talk about
the drug addict.

Talk about my mother's village,
what happened there!

Talk about my son.

Talk about our son!

Your son wanted to play a part
in the defense of his village.

I should have been there.

He wanted to prove
himself as a warrior.

He knew that his mother and his
father would hear of his exploits.

He put himself in danger.

Yes. He had quite
extraordinary courage.

And now the gods punish me.

I have lost three things,

my mother, my son,
and now the crown of Norway.

These are
hard things to bear.

We will burn
Hvitserk tomorrow.

I'm disturbing you?


Come sit, Erik.

I owe you my life.


No, the gods spared you.

Every Viking, from
whichever country we came from,

all heard tell of the saga of
Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons.

All the Great Halls of Scandinavia,
poets sang of Ragnar,

and of you,

Bjorn Ironside.

So, it is strange

to be here now
sitting beside you,

as if you were
like the rest of us.

And, like the rest of us,

mourning your dead.

I am going to

burn my brother tomorrow.

I want him to feel
unimaginable pain.

Because that is what I feel.

And what does
a man do?

He fights.

- And?
- He looks after his family.

You have your
father's eyes.

When your time comes,

you must lead with your head,
not with your heart.

Can you do that?

I don't want you to go.

It's fate.

I've changed my mind.

I'm coming with you.

Look after
your mother.

Come on.

Move on.

Light the fire!

What is he doing?

What have they done?

I saved you.

And do you want to know
why I saved you?

Because I know
you were happy to die.

But I don't want you
to be happy.

No. I don't want you to enter
Odin's Hall.

I want you to suffer
a living death,

expelled from Kattegat
and the haunts of men,

destined to die in a ditch
in some forest somewhere,

utterly forgotten, wretched,
insignificant, unmemorable!

Like a flea
on a sheep's back.

Take him away!

He won't survive
the winter.

People of Kattegat!

I suffered
an immense defeat.

King Harald Finehair
has defeated me

in the election
for the kingship of Norway.

Perhaps I

underestimated my opponent.

Whatever the case,
King Harald Finehair is now King of Norway!

And we are isolated,
vulnerable and alone.

I fear he will launch
an attack very soon,

as we are a prize
worth taking.

Knowing what you know,

do you want me
to step down as your king?

If you do, you can pledge
your allegiance to King Harald

and save Kattegat
from destruction.

I am ashamed!

Here is the son of Ragnar
Lothbrok asking for your support.

You know Bjorn.

You know
what he has achieved.

And now he tells you that perhaps
the gods don't favor him anymore.

But I don't think so.

I think the gods
love Bjorn Ironside.

As I do.

As you do.

You love Bjorn.

And you have every reason
to do so.

You should acclaim him.

What other kind of hero
do you want?

Here is Bjorn Ironside!
He fights for you!

All hail King Bjorn!

All hail King Bjorn!
All hail King Bjorn!

All hail King Bjorn!
All hail King Bjorn!

All hail King Bjorn!

All hail King Bjorn!
All hail King Bjorn!

All hail King Bjorn!

All hail King Bjorn!

All hail King Bjorn!

All hail King Bjorn!

All hail King Bjorn!

All hail King Bjorn!

All hail King Bjorn!

All hail King Bjorn!

All hail King Bjorn!

Where are we going?

We're going
to see Uncle Oleg.

About what?

I don't know.
Oleg is an enigma.

What's an "igma"?


What's an "enigma"?

I've no idea.

Perhaps Uncle Oleg
wants to give me a present.

Perhaps he does.

Perhaps he wants to give me
half of the sky.

He cannot give you something
that is already yours.

Remember that.

Prince Igor.

And Ivar the Boneless.

How very lovely.

Will you have some tea?

- Tea?
- Tea.

What is that?

A plant. From Asia.

Medicine, perhaps.

I thought you might be
interested in the further plans

for the invasion
of your countries.

I mean, of course,
our countries.


Of course.

As you know,
we cannot put our plan

into operation
until next spring.

However, it seems to me
it would be ill-advised

to commit such huge forces
into many unknown

theaters of war.

I know you can advise us on what
we are likely to encounter,

but I feel as if I need
to have a more current

and a much
broader knowledge

of those places
and countries...

...we plan to attack.

Strategy and planning
are everything.

The mind is a far better
warrior than the sword.

My intention is to send
small raiding parties.

To take prisoners

from whom further vital
information can be gleaned.

I agree,
that is very sensible,

and I hope
you might consider

appointing me to lead
one of the raiding parties.

I will definitely consider
your request.

Although Katia and I both
value your intimate company.

You're a very
intriguing man, Ivar.

Some of the things you say
surprise me,

and I never know
what you will say next.

You claim that there is
a connection between us,

which I cannot
fully understand.

What do you say,
Prince Igor?

Would you like to come
with me on a raiding party?

I must consult the king.
He knows everything.


What do you think?

I think you should
make your own decisions!

What are you doing? Huh!

Are you crazy?

I am not crazy!

I am the king here!
I own everything!

This table! This room!
This palace!

I own the whole country!

I own the land
and the sky!

Don't do that anymore!

Don't be stupid.
You are not a king.

You are my ward.

I am responsible for you.

And without me,
you are nothing.

Less than nothing.

Do you understand?

Don't ever try
to make fun of me again,

or I'll cut out your tongue
and feed your liver to my dogs.

He's a good boy.

He just needs
to be controlled.

You had a child once,
didn't you, Ivar?

Forgive me.
I've had enough to eat.

Do not weep, dear Igor.

Sweet child, do not weep.

I am here now.

Are you awake?

Of course.

Who wants to sleep
one's life away?

It is winter.

So we should not set sail,
but we will.

I want to go to Iceland.

It is my destiny,

so nothing should happen
to us on the way.


You are coming with me.

I want you to arrange a meeting
with the wanderer, Othere.

And I want to search
for Floki.

You can search
all you want.

You won't find him.

Does that mean that you
refuse to come with me?

On the contrary.
I want nothing more.

The settlers will wonder
what has happened to me,

for I have been
gone so long.

They will need reassurance.

And Othere?

You will meet him.

How soon can you travel?

In my head, Ubbe,

I am already there.

We should
teach the boys.

- They are old enough now.
- Yes.

She will be

I can't
do this anymore.

I love my wife.
It is not fair to her.

That is not you
talking, Bjorn.

Those are just some words
you have rehearsed.

Look inside yourself.

I have made
so many mistakes.

I don't want to lie
to Gunnhild.

She doesn't deserve it.

Don't you think
Gunnhild knows?

Of course she knows.

How long have we
on this earth,

that we should deny ourselves
what we most want and desire?

You know you
want to be with me.

You know you cannot
escape my desire.

Nor want to.

Bet me a horse.
I will take the horse.

No, no, no, a donkey.

I just needed to know.

I am not jealous.
I was not born that way.

But I see, Bjorn,
that you are in love with Ingrid.

And nothing
will change that either.

We cannot
control our fate.

We must accept it.

So I think you should be
released from servitude, Ingrid,

and that you should
marry Bjorn.

We know many kings who have
married more than one wife.

I think your father even put
that proposal to your mother.

She turned it down.

If you two
are in agreement,

then we will all
live together.

And our son will have
the benefit of two mothers.

I don't know
what to say.

Perhaps saying nothing
is the best way.

But you should know, Bjorn,

your mother was attacked by the
outlaws you released from Kattegat.

You are a great man,

but even great men
make mistakes.

Olaf, my dearest friend.

Where are your
warriors going?

To patrol our borders.

Please sit down.

Get him a chair.

It cannot be a surprise
to you that

I don't altogether trust the
other kings to accept my rule.

Who could ever really trust
Thorkell the Tall? Huh?

He has betrayed everyone in the past,
even his own sons.

Then your election was an empty victory.

On the contrary.

Many of the other kings have
already submitted to my rule.

Of course,
what I need now

is to find an example
of someone who hasn't,

and bring them to heel.

Thorkell, for example.

I rather hope that he tests and
pushes against our boundaries.

In which case,
I can teach him a lesson,

for the common good,
of course.

And Bjorn?

Bjorn is different.

He is a very
special person.

When I finally kill him

is when I am truly
King of all Norway.

And what about me?

I serve
no purpose anymore.

I have no kingdoms
for you to conquer.

Why don't you kill me?

I almost forgot.

Your horse liver.

I like to keep you
around, Olaf.

You're my pet philosopher.

Most of you what you say
is ridiculous.

But someday, you might
say something truly wise

and I wouldn't like
to miss it.

Let's take off
those shackles.

You're not going anywhere.

I wouldn't be so sure.

I might just decide
to kill all of you.

We leave to do your bidding,
King Harald.

May the gods keep you,
and our country, safe.


Safe travels.

Why go now?

It is dangerous.

We can leave
before the ice forms.

As you may.

May our gods
keep you safe.

I love and respect you,
as a warrior and as a brother.

We will meet again, brother.

We will talk about
our lives and how

it has all
come to pass.

Torvi, you are with child.

You should not be undertaking such a journey,
especially in the winter.

Let me kiss
my daughter.

Goodbye, Asa.

You keep your mother
safe, yes?

That's my girl.

Farewell, Bjorn.

Farewell, Gunnhild.

You are
an astonishing woman.

Coming from you, Torvi,
I take that as the greatest compliment.

If you find Floki...

You know
I will send word.

Ubbe will find out the truth, Ketill.
You should know that.

I am not afraid
of the truth.

All who came
before us are dead.

And we are the remainders.

And now we are going
separately on our own paths.

And I am sad.

All I know is that
we will see each other again

in Valhalla,
in Odin's Hall.

And we will be
young again.

We will be
fierce and proud.

We will laugh
and sing.

The gods
will embrace us.

And we will be what
we were always meant to be.

And so this is life,

and so is this death.


Riders approaching!

Hey. Come on! Go on!

Go! Go! Hurry!


What has happened here?


Oh, Ketill!



- Frodi.
- You're hurt!

I was wounded,
but I am well, my son.

It makes me
so happy to see you


You've been gone so long.

We thought
you might have drowned!

I will tell you soon
of my adventures.

In the meantime,
look who I have brought.

Ubbe, the son of Ragnar.

His wife Torvi,
the shield-maiden.

And their daughter, Asa.

Ubbe. Torvi.
Welcome, welcome!

And you are with child.

Come into the temple, please.

Rest after your journey
and then we will feast.

The gods be blessed.

A son of Ragnar Lothbrok
come to our poor settlement.

Whatever next?

Our guests are tired
and very hungry, Ingvild.

Of course.
This way, please.

Welcome, welcome.

Let me help you.

Lord Odin. Why did they
have to come here?

what have you done?

And what does
this signify?

Tell King Harald
what you saw.

What did these raiders
look like?

Strange men
with strange voices.

Wearing furs
and riding horses.

They came
and went like ghosts!

Whatever they are,
they are not ghosts.

They are not ghosts!

What do you say,

old King Olaf?


These are an alien people

who have staked a claim
to our land.

And one day
they will return.

Not as a raiding party,

but as an army.