Vikings (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 7 - Episode #6.7 - full transcript

Previously on Viking...

All hail King Harald...
King of all Norway!

Your son took everything I had.

If I have to die,
it is worth it.

How do you plan to deliver on
your promise to all of them?

Listen, you stupid old man!

It was my fate to become King of Norway.
And here I am.

Harald is going to kill you!

Come with me!
I have a boat waiting.

I am going
back to Kattegat.

I need to see my son.

You're sick, Hvitserk. Sick.

If you go out, what will you do?


Who killed her?

No one knows, Lord Ubbe.

What was she doing here?

On her own with nobody?

Poor Lagertha.

Where's Gunnhild?

My chrildren were
her dreams true?

You don't know.

No, no! I have to go.
I have to find out.

Go and help her.

Where is my brother, hmm?

Where is Hvitserk?

Go and find him.

Yes, my Lord Ubbe.

I need him.

You killed my mother.

But I can still weep for
Lagertha the shield-maiden.

What is it?

We have to get to Kattegat.

I have to get to Kattegat.

We can't find Hvitserk.

He doesn't seem
to be in Kattegat.

Keep looking.

I'll find him.

Torvi told me that you're
in love with Bjorn.

I may be.

I hope that doesn't mean
you wish Queen Gunnhild ill?

Of course not.

I respect her.

I want her to be safe and well.

She is carrying Bjorn's child.

She is carrying the
child of the man I love.

Where's Hvitserk?

I don't know.

I don't know.

I haven't seen him all day.

My dear King Olaf.

I suppose you have come
to pledge your allegiance.

It was not well done.

It was not as you arranged.

Still, I am King now.

King of Norway.

And you owe me allegiance.

I cannot.

What is so difficult for
you, old man?

It was a genuine vote.

I won.

I wanted Bjorn to be the
first King of Norway.

There were many who
thought differently.

They didn't want Bjorn.

It was too obvious for
them to vote for Bjorn.

They wanted someone who
represented ordinary people.

And that's why they
voted for me...

but you still won't accept it.


I won't accept it.

It is a tragedy.

I must do to you what
you did to me, Olaf.

I must throw you into prison until
you see the error of your ways.

Or until you die.
I don't mind either way.

Let me be!

I will walk to eternity
in my own shoes.


So, it was always the truth
that the death of Ragnar

would bring calamities
beyond imagining.

I only see things.

I don't make them.

I fore-suffer them, lying in the
damp earth beneath these walls.

You told Lagertha that she would
be killed by a son of Ragnar.

I say only what I see,

and I know that humankind
cannot bear too much reality.

Was it Ivar?

It was Ivar...

and yet it was not Ivar.

Ivar is guilty and
innocent at the same time.

I need to know.

You will know.

And then you will wish
that you did not know.

Like Hali...

we are all on our
way to Valhalla.



No, Torvi.

Hali is dead.

Farewell, Hali.

Farewell, my son.

The gods decided to take you to
themselves before I was ready.

But at least you will soon
be with Lagertha again,

in the Halls of the Aesir.

Sweet Hali...

you are not gone because you
will always be in our hearts.

And we love you.


You are wounded.

Can there be no
end to this grief?


She reached Kattegat.

But then someone killed her.

Do you know why she wanted
so badly to go to Kattegat?

She wanted to tell you that we fought
and defeated White Hair and his bandits.

She wanted you to know
the courage of your son.

You should be so proud.

Lagertha must have
a great funeral.

She meant so much to so many.

And I will return for it.

No, you are still too weak.

I wish we did not go back
to Kattegat with Lagertha.

Perhaps I could
have saved her life.

I will not be weak now,
when we say goodbye to her.

Don't cry.

We leave for Kattegat tomorrow.


Please live, Hvitserk.


Warm yourself.

Have something strong to drink.

There is nothing to do except
look forward to the spring.

But life goes on.

We must endure the winter.

Still, we must amuse ourselves.

I want to skate on frozen ponds.

I want to cut the
throat of the first pig.

And I want to hang the
mistletoe for the Christ-Mass.

And I want to bathe
naked in a hot spring...

with hot steam rising,
but ice and snow all around.

And my breath will be a geyser,

and my soul will bathe
there and slake its thirst.

And you, dear Ivar,
the future King of all Scandinavia...

what would you like?

I would like to walk.

That would be a miracle.

I've heard that your
God performs miracles.

Jesus Christ...

raised a man from the dead.

He made a lame man walk.

He fed a thousand people with
just a few loaves and fishes.

How do you think it's too much
to ask from him to cure his

We will all pray for that
miracle, Ivar the Boneless.

What about you, Prince Oleg?

What is it that amuses you?

What is it that you really want?

As usual, I want the impossible.

I want to go back
into my mother's womb.

I want to float there...

in that small,
limitless universe...

among the stars.

With no beginning, no end.

Waiting for the
new world to begin.

I know we have all
been here before.

We're constantly reborn.

It's what I believe.

Don't you, Ivar?


That's also what I believe.



Oh, sweetheart.

You are safe.

But Hali is dead.

I know.

But what a brave warrior he was.

I am certain that he is
on his way to Valhalla.

I am so sorry.
I should have let you go.

I loved him. You must know that.

I know.

We all did.

Now he's waiting for Lagertha.

This must be a
magnificent funeral.

Greater than anything else
in the memory of our folk.

Your mistress, the famous
shield-maiden Lagertha, is dead.

But we cannot let her
sail to Valhalla alone.

Someone must serve her in the next
world and accompany her there.

I do not want to sacrifice
a slave who might

be unwilling to perform
these sacred duties.

I believe it must be done
willingly and joyfully,

and that one of you is
fated to be that person.

Who would willingly sacrifice
themselves to go with Lagertha?

I will!

I will.

I will go with her.

I cannot allow it, Torvi.

You are carrying a child.

The child has not agreed to go
to the next world with Lagertha.

It must be one of you,

and the gods have already
made their choice.

Let them show us.

What is your name?


I was named after
Lagertha's daughter,

who died in a plague
when she was young.

My mother said my fate would
always be linked to Lagertha.

Are you happy, Gyda?

How could you ask?

To be chosen by the gods.

Who would not be happy?

Well done!

Come pick your spices from me!

I have a message for
you, Ivar the Boneless.

Prince Dir sends you greetings.

He is safe, well, and restored.

But, for the time
being, still in hiding.

However, he hopes that one
day he will be strong enough

to help you achieve
your ambition...

which is also his ambition.

He sends you this cross...

by which you will know him,
and is a token of his enduring friendship.

Now, I must leave.

Please do not turn
or watch me go.

Please, come and help me.
I need some help holding this.

Who was that?

He didn't tell me his name.

But he told me that
Prince Dir is safe

and that he is prepared to
help us when the time has come.

Then he is an angel
sent from God.

You're right.

An angel sent from the gods.

He hasn't spoken.

He hardly eats.

Sometimes he cries
out in his sleep.

What does he say?

Nothing that
makes any sense.



Talk to me.

Why did you
go into the forest?

Did you want to die, huh?

Why would you want to die?

Lagertha's dead!

Did you know Lagertha was dead?

I... I need to sleep.

Talk to me.

I don't want to talk.
I want to sleep.

Behold, I see my mistress,
seated in paradise.

Paradise is beautiful and green.

And with her are shield-maidens.

She calls me.

Take me to her.

Gyda, beloved of the gods,

you must drink to your mistress,

and in honor of Frey and Freya.

I will gladly drink.
I will drink to my mistress, Lagertha.

And to Frey and Freya,

and to all the gods
gathered here today.

We must prepare you so you are ready
to be received in Valhalla by the gods.


You are Gyda.

You have declared yourself
a willing sacrifice.

You wish to accompany your
mistress to the other world.


Then you know who I am.

I am called the Angel of Death.

Yes. I know.

I can kill you with a knife.

Or a cord around your neck.

Which would you prefer?

A knife.

Thank you.

Are you afraid?


I know that death
is not the end.

So, I'm not afraid.

The Valkyries will
ride alongside

and guide you to Valhalla.

Look at my eyes.



Now are you happy, my love?

Of course. This was my dream,
and you made it come true.

This was the simplest
dream of all.

But the rest will follow.

You understand, don't you?

It's only the beginning.

It's only the beginning!

Farewell, Lagertha, Queen of
Kattegat, Mother of Norway.

May the gods love
and keep you...

and may your reunion with
Ragnar be joyful, noisy

and filled with love.

Farewell, Lagertha...

my shield, my hero.

One day we shall meet again
in the Halls of the Aesir,

and you will teach me once
more how to fight as a woman

and how to prevail.

For women always prevail.

That is what you taught me.
And that is the truth.

I love you.

There is really nothing else to
say, Lagertha.

I know you will look after my
boys, Hali and Guthrum.

There will be so
much for you to do...

but don't forget them.

Hali is always hungry.

I must live in the
world without you.

But wherever I go,
you will go with me...

and give me courage and hope.

Goodbye, Grandmother.

Don't worry. The Valkyries will ride
alongside and guide you to Valhalla.

What is it?

The world has changed.

I think I know.

But I don't want to know.


You don't need to tell me, Ubbe.

I already know.

My mother is dead.

And nothing will ever
be the same again.

I hoped the day
would never come...

when I had to bid you farewell.

You were
always my strength...

my guide.

You taught me to go
on, no matter what.

You taught me not to be afraid.

And now I see that, like me...

the earth itself is
unwilling to let you go.

But the gods call you home.

They eagerly await your
arrival in Valhalla...

as does my father.

I wish I could be there...

at your reunion, secretly,

in Odin's glittering,
gold-shielded hall,

surrounded by all the gods.

You are already a legend.

The greatest
shield-maiden of all time.

A hero to thousands of women.

But, to me,
you will always be my mother...

who bore me...

who raised me...

who protected and fought for me.

And I swear,
I will fight for you now!

I did not protect you in life,
but I can punish your murderer after it.


I have loved you more than
I have loved any other.

Farewell, Lagertha.


I love you.

I will miss you.

I will avenge you.







In my dreams,
we are always together.