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Never before have our rulers
willingly gathered together

to elect
the King of all Norway!

I vote
for Bjorn Ironside.

And I will also vote
for Bjorn Ironside

to be King of all Norway.

I'm not sure we can resist White Hair
and his bandits a second time.

- No.
- [grunts]

[Gunnhild] Perhaps they
are not coming back?

I think they will come.

I want to introduce you
to my intended bride.

Princess Katia.

You are Freydis.
And you and I were once married.

Were we really?
And what happened to us?

My Dear, sweet, princess...

Your fate is to be killed
by me.

I'm here, brother!


["If I Had A Heart" playing]

♪ More, give me more,
give me more ♪

♪ If I had a heart,
I could love yo-u-u-u ♪

♪ If I had a voice,
I would sing ♪

♪ After the night
when I wake up ♪

♪ I'll see what tomorrow
brings ♪


♪ If I had a voice,
I would sing ♪

Season 06 Episode 06

Episode Title : "Death and the Serpent"

- [crowd cheering]
- [drumming]

[crowd cheering]

[cheering continues]

KING 1: I cast my vote

to Bjorn Ironside.

- [crowd cheering]
- [drumming]

My vote goes

to King Harald.

- [crowd cheering]
- [drumming]

- [crowd cheering]
- [drumming]

And mine to Earl Thorkell.

- [crowd cheering]
- [drumming]


[man] Jarl Thorkell!

I cast my vote for
Bjorn Ironside!

- [crowd cheering]
- [drumming]

I cast my vote
for King Harald!

- [crowd cheering]
- [drumming]

And I also for King Harald!

- [crowd cheering]
- [drumming]


[horn blowing]

Now we do
what we planned.

- All right?
- Yes, Lagertha.


I cast my vote for King Harald!

- [crowd cheering]
- [drumming]

- [viking] Come on!
- [woman] Prepare for an attack!

[woman] To your station!

Move! Hurry!
Run! Run!

They're coming!
Take your positions!

- Look after her.
- Of course. Come, Asa.

Come! To your stations!

You were right.

Not a cause for satisfaction.


You and I both know the outcome of
this battle has already been decided.

But not by men.

By the other women
who spin our fates.

But I hope we survive.

I think you are good
for Bjorn.

And you are carrying
my grandchild.

Yes. We will see if the child
ever sees the light of day.

I vote for King Harald

as the new King of Norway!

- [crowd cheering]
- [drumming]

I cast my vote for King Harald!

[crowd cheering]

Come on then!
Attack us!

We are not afraid.

You have made
a big mistake!

I have fought with men whose names you
should never be to allowed to utter!

I have fought with
Ragnar Lothbrok!

I have fought with
Rollo and Floki.

I have lived a real life!

Come and fight me!

I yearn for Valhalla!





It has always been his dream!

It has always been his ambition!

And now...

it has come to pass.

I cast my vote...

for King Harald!

Hail King Harald!

King over all Norway!

- [yelling]
- [crowd cheering]



Come on!

[crowd shouting]


[both grunting]











- [shield-maiden 1] Oil!
- [shield-maiden 2] Oil!

[shield-maiden 3] Pull!
[shield-maiden 4] Pull!









[White Hair] Lagertha!

[both grunt]










Go, go!

[White Hair] What is this?

Are you scared of a
few women and old men?

Why don't you go back
to the forest and live like dogs?

We may be Skogarmaors,
but we can still reach Valhalla!

[breathing heavily]

- [crowd cheering]
- [drumming]

Thank you.

Thank you all!

And so it has been fated.

And who are we
to question the wisdom of the gods?

Harald Finehair,

you have been chosen
to be the first King of all Norway.

from the sacrificial cup.


Let no one here

dispute this result,
but embrace it freely,

in the spirit of all
gathered here today.

Harald Finehair,

I crown you

the first King

of all Norway.

All hail King Harald...

King of all Norway!

[all cheering]

All Father,

[cheering and drumming]


[all cheering]

[Harald] Ironside! Bjorn!


No hard feelings!

- No.- No.- No.- No.- No...
- It was a fair fight!

And, unbelievably,

all of us settled
our differences peacefully.

Who would have thought
that could happen?

- Who would have thought?
- [laughs]

Tonight we will feast together!
All of us!

- [cheering]
- Yeah!

Yeah! Together!

I hope
you will join us.

I will need your advice

and your experience,
and your strength

in the months and
the years to come.

I will be there.

Thank you,
my friend.

Thank you.
Thank you all.

there is a grand f-e-e-e-ast!

[all cheering]

[Harald] Thank you,
my friends!

[breathing heavily]



Queen of Kattegat!

Your son banished me.
Took away everything I had.

My family, my pride,
my identity.

He thought I would just crawl away
to the forest

and die like some animal!

But that is not my way.

I fought for Ivar,

but in other circumstances,
I would have fought for Bjorn.

Or for you!

I am Viking!

[breathing heavily]

Bjorn did this to me!

I can never get rid of it.

But now I can win
back my self-respect.

I can kill you,

the most famous shield-maiden
in all the world!

And I will!

My son didn't brand you
for being loyal to Ivar!

He branded you for being
disloyal to Ragnar,

and everything
Ragnar stood for!

And if I have to die
for what Ragnar and I believed in,

it is worth it.

Then be prepared.



[both grunt]

[both grunts]



I can tell.
You're tiring.

You're weak, aren't you?


[both grunt]

You're weak!

[both grunt]

You're slow.


You're tired!

[both grunting]

[both panting]


What's wrong,
White Hair?

Make yourself feel
better, shield-maiden,

[breathing heavily] but you should
know, I never get tired!

- [Lagertha yells]
- [panting]

[both grunting]

[woman] Lagertha!

[breathing heavily]

Stay back.

[Lagertha groans]

[both grunting]

[both panting]






It's all right.

[Gunnhild] I am a shield-maiden.

I know how to fight.

I have fought for
my life many times.

But I have never seen anything
like what you just did.

If I didn't worship you before,
Lagertha, I worship you now.

May the gods in all their
wisdom keep you alive,

for all of our sakes.


[swords beating on shields]

[all] Lagertha. Lagertha.
Lagertha. Lagertha...



[breathing heavily]

[choral music playing]

Skol! You're a good man!

To Harald! Skol!

Oh, my goodness!

Maybe we will see
each other later!

I don't know!
[laughs] Thank you.

- [woman] Congratulations!
- Thank you. You, too!

Ah, thank you, my friends.
Thank you!

[all laughing]

We trust you, King Harald.
We believe in you.

We believe that everything
will change now.

I gave you my word.

And that's enough for me.

Oh, everything changes.

Who cares about the sons of Ragnar?

They are the old rulers,
they are the old elite.

They think
they have a divine right to rule.

Bjorn thought
he had a divine right to win!

But it's not true!

- The people should rule!
- [cheering]

The people should win!


This is what our new country
is all about!

The people!

[all cheering]

And I am the champion
of the people!

I am the King
of the people!

And you can see by the result!
You believe in me!

- You believe in... me! Skol!
- [cheering]

King Olaf!

King Olaf!

[crowd booing]

[laughs] I hope
you're going to be true to your word?

Your promise done.

whocever won,
You would

renounce your
kingdom in his favor.


So, how did you win?

I still don't understand.

You mean because Bjorn
Ironside was supposed to win?

That's how you planned it?

No wonder people

[people cheering]

No one wants to be
told what to do!


Skol! Skol, friends!


My people,
my warriors.

What did you promise
to all of them,

that made them all
change their minds?

What do you think
I promised them?

I promised each of them
what they wanted to hear.

Whatever that was.

Whatever that was.


And how do you plan

to deliver
on your promise to all of them?


Who cares?

Listen, you stupid old man!

I always said
it was my fate

to become
King of all Norway.

And here I am.

But did you really think
I arranged all this?

Don't you think
it was fate?

Do you not believe that
the gods were behind it?

Oh, but I forgot.

You don't believe
in our gods anymore!

You don't believe
in anything!

You think everything
is just a dream.

[people cheering]

- Let's feast!
- [people cheering]

[Ivar] May I be the first to
congratulate the bride and the groom

on this
momentous day?



And may Odin,
Frey and Freya also bless our marriage.

[Katia] Yes. To Odin.
The Allfather.

And to Frey
and Freya.

[Oleg snaps fingers]

- To Odin. And the gods.
- Skol

Katia told me that
she reminds you of someone.


My wife.

You had a child
with your wife.


How did you know that?

I know a great many
things about you...

Ivar the Boneless.

Am I not a prophet?

Do you mind
if I take off this dress?

It's too hot in here.

Of course, my darling.

I'm sure
Ivar won't mind.

Ivar can help.

Can you... undo it, Ivar?

[both gasping]

I don't want to stay.

You have to stay,
dear Ivar.

You have to watch.
It's good for you.

[Katia gasping]


[Katia gasping]

[indistinct chatter]


I have to thank you,
Kjetill Flatnose.

You have been very
helpful to me.

I'm still not sure why.

You, can...

..arrange to send new settlers
to Iceland.


I want to be King
of Iceland.

And you can make it

So, what will
happen to Bjorn now?

Oh, I have no plans
for Bjorn,

but I'm sure he will accept
the verdict of the people.

He is not here.

Once again,
I am grateful for your advice.



Where is he?

- Bjorn! You have to leave!
- What do you mean?

Harald is going to kill you!

How do you know?

Don't ask questions. You must go!
Now, before it's too late!




Let's go!




- Kjetill!
- I'm sorry, Bjorn!

You see this, Bjorn?

You done this to me.

And now I am going
to do this to you!



Come on! Come with me!
I have a boat waiting.

No, we have to take him.

There's no time!
He's too badly wounded!

- [Bjorn] There's still time!
- [groans]

Get up! Get up, you fat ass.


Move! Move!


Come on, you fat ass.


Move! Row! Move!

- [Viking] Pull! Row! Row!
- [panting]

[Gunnhild] What are you doing?

I am going back to

I need to tell them
what has happened here.

Maybe Bjorn has come back.

I need to tell my son.

I need to see my son.

I'm coming with you.

No. You are wounded.

And you are with child.
With Bjorn's child.


And if you see Bjorn,

tell him I love him,

He cannot escape
my love.

I'll tell him.

Look after Asa.


Rest up.

I owe you my life, stranger.

What is your name?

- Erik.
- Just Erik?


I don't know why you
did what you did.

Is it because
I am a son of Ragnar?


I am too young
to remember Ragnar.

I did what I did
for Bjorn Ironside

Where are you from?

I am an outlaw.

As a youth, I was
intemperate, hot-headed.

I got involved in a feud over
the death of some slaves,

killed two of my
neighbors in a fight.

For that,
I was banished from my homeland.

How do you survive?

Move around a lot.

Live in the shadows
with my friends here.

Offer my services
as a warrior...

help people out.

Settle scores...

for money...

or for food.

I am in your debt.

For what it is worth,
I offer you my protection.

That is very kind of you.

But I noticed that
you lost the election.


So, I hope there is a future
for both of us, Bjorn Ironside.

[Bjorn breathing heavily]

[woman singing in
other language]

- [horse neighing]
- [Lagertha groans]


[singing continues]

[thunder rumbling]

[thunder rumbling]



He's coming! He's coming!

- Who?
- Ivar! Ivar!

He's not coming!

You don't know.
You... You don't hear him.

He's almost here.
He's coming from the sky.

It's not true, Hvitserk! He's not
a god and you know he's not a god!


You have to sleep.

How can I sleep when Ivar
is coming to kill me?

Do you want him to kill me?

No, of course I don't.

Then shut your mouth!

This is between him and me!

His fate and my fate!

[thunder rumbling]

It's here.
[gasping] It's arrived!

You mustn't go out.

You're sick, Hvitserk. Sick.

If you go out, what will you do?


[thunder rumbling]

[woman continues singing]






It is what the Seer foretold...

that one day...

I would be killed
by a son of Ragnar.

[Hvitserk breathing shakily]

I could not escape it.

Nor could you.

Weep not, poor Hvitserk.

Tonight I will sit with my beloved
Ragnar in the halls of the gods.

[thunder rumbling]

I... I've lived a full life.

I am not afraid.

[breathing shakily]

[Hvitserk whimpers]

[woman continues singing]

[singing ends]

[music playing]
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