Vikings (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - The Key - full transcript

Norway's Kings and Jarls arrive at Harald's territory for the election of the King of all Norway, while King Olaf is confident of the result, the election may not run as smoothly as he thinks.

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I had a dream.
I saw women dying.

It might have been
Lagertha's village.

It is time to elect a
king for all Norway!

You, Bjorn Ironside.

Where's Hvitserk?

You have just betrayed
me for the second time.

I have nothing left to say to you

Your fate is
to be killed by me.

The bandits who attacked us
will come back

We must all prepare to fight
and defend what is ours.

You will be the king! That
should be enough for you!

But don't ever betray me!

If you help me, I can give
you everything you want.

I would just like to
overthrow Prince Oleg.

We agree to your plan.

Send word out to all the kings
and Jarls to gather here.

To elect Bjorn Ironside
King of all Norway

Jarl Thorkell!

- King Olaf.
- Greetings!

- Welcome.
- I was surprised

to receive your summons.

Is it really true

that you want us all to vote
for a king of all Norway?

If it wasn't true

I wouldn't have wasted your
time by summoning you here.

You are asking us all to renounce

that which is most dear
and precious to us.

Our power.

Oh, Thorkell,

your power resides
in your prestige.

In the willingness of
your warriors to fight

and die for you.

That will not change.

All I am asking, that there
should be an overlord,

To whom we could all owe our allegiance

A king of all Norway
who will defend us

from all external forces.

That is my dream.

Surely that's not too
much to ask, is it?

Thank the gods!

You're here.

But why?

I had a dream, Lagertha.

And in my dream, your
village was attacked.

So, I wanted to be with you.

You and Torvi's children.

I was afraid that
something had happened.

Hali is dead.

It was my fault.

I did not protect him.

I failed.

He's buried not far
from a village

which he tried to protect.

With all the others who
also died in the raid.

So it's true?

Your dream? Yes. We were
attacked by bandits.

The same bandits that Bjorn
branded and released.

Then, perhaps Bjorn
made a mistake?

He should never
have released them.

Don't talk of mistakes!
We all make mistakes,

Sometimes for bad reasons
and sometimes for good ones

In any case,

it is not important anymore.

What's important is
that I am certain,

since they did not manage
to steal our grain,

that they will
attack again soon.

It is a good thing
that we are here.

We have to make plans.

Even with your shield-maidens,

I'm not sure we can resist
White Hair and his bandits,

not a second time.

Those are not words I ever
expected to hear from Lagertha,

the famous shield-maiden.

Perhaps that Lagertha
is already dead.

I buried her myself.

Then I had to dig her up again.

But she is not the same.

She can never be the same.

Yes, yes! Come on!


Push and push and push! Here!

Come on! Help me out! Come on!

Come on, guys! Come on!
Go on! Help me!

Come on! Come on! Help me!

Yes! Well done! You! You push!
You! You push!

Push! Come on!

Push! Come on, help push!

Hvitserk! What is this?

This is one of the iron gates that
Ivar made to protect the town.

But what do you want it for?

I need it for my own protection!

It's the only way to
keep out the ghosts!

Go on! Push it! Come on!

Come on! Yes! Go on!


Inge has them.

Come, Inge. Come.
Bring some more!

Who did this?



Yeah. Keep going.
Yeah. One more.

Good, huh? It's finished.
Next one.

They won't expect this.


But who knows if it's enough?

Have you heard
anything from Bjorn?

I know he will return


Yes, push against it.
That's it. Good.


Fasten it more! Not
with that... Not with that rope,

with the good rope.

Yes, that's right.

Hard work.

Oh, I'm tired.

Poor Asa.

Smells good.

- I was so thirsty.
- Yes.

Too much.

It will be.
Worth the wait.

Who does
she think she is?

Of course.
It's a long way.

What is it that you see?

I see myself, Lagertha.

That's how I was, all
those years ago.

That's how we all were.

It's like seeing ghosts.

For some reason,
I want to weep.

But for as much joy
to see myself again.

Come. Join our feast.

We will be
shield-maidens together.




Go away! Leave me alone!
Go away!

Look at me, Hvitserk.

Go away! Go away!

Ivar did this to me.

Look at me!

Don't be afraid.

Why have you come back here?

Why do you want to haunt me?

I want revenge.

The only person who can avenge
my death, Hvitserk, is you!

Tell me! Tell me how!

You have to kill Ivar.

Ivar killed me.

He killed my family.

You will do it, won't you?

You will avenge me?

- Yes.
- Promise.

Swear on your sacred arm ring.

I swear.

I swear. I swear.

I... I told you, I swear!

Keep pulling!


Prepare for the approach.
We are almost there!

I, uh... I would like
to propose a toast

to Bjorn Ironside.

This is our first meeting,

but over the years I've heard
all about your exploits

from the wanderers and
poets in my Great Hall.

It's a great honor to meet
you in person at last




You are too kind.

But I too have heard stories
of Thorkell the Tall

and his brothers Herring
and Earl Sigvald.

In a country such as
ours, as small as ours,

fame spreads easily.

So they say, Bjorn Ironside.

So... the plan is for all of us to
appoint you as king?

Elect him as king, elect.

That is our way.

In which case, King Olaf, I insist
that it must be a real election.

And that anyone else
Be he a king or even a simple yarn like me

can also stand, if they wish.

Oh, in principle, yes.

But you know

how we Norwegians are.

You give them a chance
to quarrel and to fight,

and then they will
quarrel and fight.

Still, Jarl Thorkell
has a point.

Yes. And I agree with him.

Personally, I would never want to be
made king in an uncontested election.

I have no desire to
wear a hollow crown.

As you wish, Bjorn Ironside.

As you wish.

Bjorn Ironside.

Jarl Hrolf.


I hope we have the
opportunity to talk.

I hope so too, Bjorn Ironside.

Really, I do.

Ah, King Hakon!

Bjorn Ironside.

You don't know this,

but I fought beside you and your
father at the gates of Paris.


I was a young man then,

and I still had a right hand.

What happened to your hand?

In a sea battle against him...

Thorkell the Tall.

I was boarding his ship.

The deck was slippery.

I put out my hand
to steady myself

and somebody took the
opportunity to remove it.

But now it seems we never
have to fight again.

Not against each other.

Why fight our own countrymen?

It's what we've always done.

That doesn't make it
right or sensible.

The fact is, we need
to unify Norway

to withstand possible attacks
from our larger neighbors,

like Sweden or Denmark.

I agree, it does make
some sort of sense.

And to have a figurehead like
you, Bjorn Ironside, huh?

Son of Ragnar,

who is known and respected
throughout our Viking world.

It makes even more sense, I have to say

You have my vote,

Bjorn Ironside.

Two more ships
have just arrived.

Who knew there were so many
kings and earls in Norway?

It seems that they
grow on trees.

Yes. Let me greet the newcomers.

I can explain our purpose
as well as you do.

Thank you, my friend.

My prince.

I'm sure you can hear me.

But you are probably
counting all the furrows

in the lands and the clouds in
the sky that belong to you.

But I want to talk
of something else.

I want to ask you if you would
like to play a trick on poor Dir.

What kind of
trick, my dear Boneless?

Something that will
amuse you, I hope.

I like to be amused.

Is it a magic trick?

I like magic tricks.

Yes. It's a magic trick.

What do you say?

Would you like to help me do it?

What are we going to
do, my fellow king?


Don't just stand there gawping.

Let's see what she's up to!

Who is she?

Help me.

Go, go!

Guards! Guards!

- Psst! Take him! Take him.
- Dir!

This is not the
last time, Ivar Lothbrok.

We shall meet again soon.

But for now, good night.

Good night.


Did we really do that?


I want to show you this

I know you cannot read them

but let me explain
what they are.

These are legal documents,

giving the Rus
ancient legal title

to our Scandinavian homelands.

So that our invasion
has legitimate cause.

No. They are
forgeries, of course.

But a forged title, my friend,

is better than no title at all.

Oh, our food!

Who are these?

The guards who allowed
my brother to escape.

We tortured them, of course.

What did they say?

They said...

they were deliberately distracted by
a naked woman and left their posts.

They saw nothing else.

And now they never will.

I suppose you know nothing
about Dir's escape, do you?



You understand that with Dir
free, you are in more danger

of being kidnapped than ever,


Now I have a more pleasant duty.

I am to be married again.

I want to introduce you
to my intended bride.

This is Princess Katia.

My dear Katia, may
I present to you

my cousin and ward, Prince Igor.


And this is the Viking
king I told you about.

This is Ivar.

The famous Ivar the Boneless.


King Ivar.

Let's eat.

You look as though you
have seen a ghost.

Believe me, I have.

Leave us.

Please, enjoy your food.

Make sure it's tight.

It has been a while, Lagertha.

Perhaps they are not
coming back after all?

I hope you're right.

But you don't believe it.


I think they will come.

Hmm. I want to consider it.
Yes, we'll talk.

Ah, King Hakon. Speaking of a warrior.

Good to see you here.

Jarl Hrolf.

Good to see you.

The gate!

Move along! Move along!
Move along!

Move along. Move along.

Hurry up. Hurry. Hurry up.
Hurry up!

Go! Go!


I've been waiting for the
opportunity to talk to you privately.

Surely you understand why
I need to talk to you.

Oleg is playing games with me.

And why do you say so,
Ivar the Boneless?

You are Freydis.


I don't understand.

Neither do I.

But it is true. And you and I...

were once married.

Were we really?

And what happened to us?

Give me.

How do you pay?

You have not paid for days.

I do not give for free.

Give me.

Come on.

You must pay.


I'll ask my brother, Ubbe.

You know Ubbe, right?
You trust him?

- Yes.
- Good.

But I don't trust you.

So, I give you nothing.

Ale. And mushrooms.

I'll take that.


Then you get nothing.

Only to suffer.

Come on.

More. More

If you came this way,

taking any route,

starting from anywhere,

at any time or at any season,

it would always be the same.

Is that really you?

Could that be you, O Wise One?

We are
anyway where we are supposed to be.

I'm not supposed to be here.

Not now, not here.

I had things to do.
I had things to do.

Perhaps what you thought you
came here for is only a shell,

a husk of meaning from
which the purpose breaks

only when it is
fulfilled, if at all.

Either you had no purpose

or the purpose is beyond
the end you figured.

I have a purpose.
It's just...

at this time, at this place, I
tend to forget. I tend to forget.

Do not weep,
Hvitserk, son of Ragnar.

There are other places
also at the world's end,

some at the sea jaws,

or over a dark lake,
in a desert or city.

You're driving me mad!

I drive you mad, if it
makes any difference...

because you are not yet
fit for your purpose.

Your life resembles death.

I am dead.

No. Let me repeat, so
you can understand.

Either you had no purpose or the
purpose is beyond the end you figured.

Altered in fulfillment.

Altered in
fulfillment, Hvitserk.

Altered in fulfillment.

in fulfillment?

Altered in fulfillment?

An amazing
sight, King Olaf.

So it should be.

For this is an amazing occasion.

Never before have we voted
for a king of all Norway.

It's been a dream of many.
Now, now brought to fruition.

I hope that things
will proceed smoothly.

Do you know any reason
why it should not?

You are waiting for
someone to return?


Your lover?

Did he go with Bjorn?


I know how you are feeling.

You can't!

You're the wife of Ubbe,
and I am a servant.

Even if Bjorn survives...


You are in love with Bjorn?

Then, believe me, I do know.

I stared out to sea and
waited for Bjorn many times.

And each time he came back,
he was always further away.

It will be different with me.





But may the gods be with you.

Today is an extraordinary

and a unique day

in the history and
saga of our country.

Never before have our rulers

willingly gathered together
to elect one of their numbers

as King of Kings.

King of all Norway!

Many have said that such
a thing is impossible!

That our rulers have
never been able

to see beyond their
own self-interest!

Yet, now, with your own eyes,

you will see the impossible
begin to happen!

When all our votes are
cast into the sea,

we will know the
identity of the man

always fated to be the
king of all Norway!

Each of these runes
represents an earl or a king.

You shall know them
by their color.

For example,

Earl Thorkell is represented
by a blue rune.

King Hakon by a green.

Bjorn Ironside by a red.

King Harald by a yellow.

It falls to me to
cast the first vote.

I vote...

for Bjorn Ironside

as king

of all Norway!

And I...

will also vote for Bjorn Ironside
to be king of all Norway.

Go on.

We were traveling
along the Silk Road.

We'd gone very often talked
to many traders from different countries

when we came to the
kingdom of Rus.

I have heard of it. It was
founded by Rus Vikings.

Yes, some of them could
still speak our language

We were invited into one of their
principal towns, called Novgorod.

Novgorod is a rich place,

for these Rus are very successful
warriors, hunters, and traders.

And they were anxious
to do deals with us,

for they said that we have
many things which they wanted.

But I don't understand.

If you were so successful, then
why did you come back so early?

Surely your mission
is not yet concluded.


But we all felt that someone
should return here at once.

To report your success?

No. To report
something else.

For while we were in Novgorod, we learned
that someone else was staying with the Rus.

Indeed, living at the palace

in another town called Kiev
with their leader, Prince Oleg.



They told us that King
Ivar the Boneless,

son of Ragnar Lothbrok,
was their guest.

You have done well to
bring us this news.

I am not surprised to hear that
my little brother is still alive.

Go, and drink.

Thank you, Ubbe.

What did you see?

You must tell Hvitserk.

For better or worse,
he needs to know.




I'm here, Brother!

Is it true?

Did you jump ship to be near me?

Not because you loved me.

But because you neededto be
close enough to kill me?