Vikings (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - Ghosts, Gods and Running Dogs - full transcript

Lagertha is forced to take action; In Kiev, although Oleg continues to be friendly, Ivar is aware of the threat which Oleg poses to the vulnerable young heir to the throne; Bjorn has answered the call and come to the aid of an old enemy.

Previously on Vikings...

[messenger 1]
King Harald asks you,

as a friend and ally,
to help him.

Harald betrayed me.

I do not believe
that he is trustworthy.

I understand.
But I am not you.

Why did you have
to kill your brother?

[Oleg] Askold was
grooming the child.

He was trying to
steal him away from me.

[Gunnhild] I have seen you
looking at Bjorn.

If you feel
what I think you feel,

then I am sorry for you.

In this world, you have
to be so careful, Ingrid.

I don't want to be careful.

I feared to leave
Kattegat undefended.

Hvitserk can look after it.

Hvitserk is a sick
man, and he's a drunk.

I ought to arrest you
for murder.

You of all people,

should know better than
to try to threaten me.

Hand over the boy.

Unless you give me
and King Ivar

and Prince Igor
free passage,

something truly terrible
will happen to you.

["If I Had A Heart" playing]

[door opens]



Is this the end?

[Canute] No.

King Olaf has invited
you to feast with him.



[King Olaf] Come and sit down.


Would you like
some horse liver?

It's sacred
to the god Freya.

I know.

Thank you.


Thirsty, huh?


They don't serve mead
where I've been staying.

I've been thinking about
contradictory fortunes.

If it's true that
the Norns spin our fate,

then what helps them
to make their decisions?

Are you listening to me?

I took your kingdom from you!

Is it arbitrary?

Or is there something
that is the reason for it all?

Are we, for example,

punished for our hubris?

For taking
the gods for granted?

Do we have the fate
that we deserve?

Perhaps you are right.

That is not an argument!

You are my prisoner,
at my mercy!

Is that something
that you deserve?

In other words,

it is nothing
to do with me?


found me laying badly
wounded on the battlefield.

If you would have
left me there to die,

of course, this
would be different!

What is fated

is acted out by all of us.

It's just that
we can't help it.

We can't help it.

[King Olaf]
I still cannot believe

that the gods

play with us
for their amusement.


One thing I am certain of.

The Christian God will
destroy our gods.

How can you be so sure?

I feel it in my liver.

But not before I have
safely reached Valhalla.


But one thing
I am thinking of,

is whether to have
you killed or not.

Or does it matter?


[singing in Old Norse]


[calls out in Russian]

[horse neighs]

[calls out in Russian]

[horse hooves and bells]

[Ivar] Forgive me for
asking, Prince Oleg.

Was the prophecy true?

Was something terrible really
going to happen to your brother?


Not as far as I know.

I was bluffing.

Bluffing? Huh.

[Ivar] But then how did you know
about Prince Dir's new wife?

That seems astonishing.

Not at all.

It was rather easy.

Anna used to
be one of my mistresses.

One day she
asked my permission

to marry my brother.

Since I was
growing tired of her,

I granted her request.

She was only playing
at being terrified.


[Oleg chuckles]

Why do you follow me?

Everywhere I go,
I feel your eyes upon me.

I think I should be with you.

[Bjorn] Why?

I know I'll bring you luck
and good fortune.

How can you say that?

Because it is true.

Every man
I choose to go with

has luck and good fortune.

You are wasting your time.

I have a wife.

I love her.

What is that to me?

I can help you.

If you were with me, you would
never doubt yourself again.

And you will be the
greatest king to ever live.

You have chosen
the wrong man.

I told you,
I am not free.

I know.

That is your problem.

But you can solve it.

After all,

you're the King.

[woman screaming]

[shaky breathing]

[woman screaming]




[shaky breathing]

[indistinct chattering]

[woman 3] Can you imagine?

[woman 4] Do you think
she will be here?

[woman 3] It's possible.
[woman 5] I hope so.

[woman 3]
One can only hope!

[woman 4]
I've heard she's very tall.

[woman 5] So many stories!

[woman 4] Is that her?
Is that... Is that her?

Are you Lagertha?

[Lagertha] Yes.

Are you all
from this village?

[second woman] Not all of us.

Some of us live
in another village

about 15 rost away.

But we all wanted
to come and see

if the rumors were true.

Where are your menfolk?

Most of us are widows.

We lost our men,

our husbands
and older sons

in storms and battles.

Now we have to raise
our children alone.

Life is hard.

I understand.

But perhaps it would be better
if I share it with you all.

[shaky breathing]




It hurts me.

It hurts all of us
to see you so.

I walk between the places.

I see the place

where my mother
was struck down.

And I see the place
Thora was burned alive.

And everywhere else,

I see Ivar.

He's always with me.

Right now,
he's over there,

looking at me.

Looking at me,


Waiting for me.

He isn't.

‐He isn't, Hvitserk.
‐Of course he is.

You can't see him. Hmm?

I can see him.

[Hvitserk] It's the ghosts.


You're with child?


I've always wanted
a son or a daughter.

I don't mind.

Just someone to love.


[indistinct chattering]

[Oleg in Russian]

Keep the boy in sight.

If anything happens,
it will be your fault.


my Prince.


[Lagertha] Tell me,

you intend to look for some

undiscovered land
in the middle of the ocean.

Are you really going
to take Hali and Asa

with you on such
a hazardous expedition?

I hadn't thought.

I have.

What are you
suggesting, Lagertha?

I'm suggesting you
leave them with me.

I would be happy
to look after them

and I could teach
them many skills

that they would need in life.

And if there was any danger
of you being lonely?

Then, it's true,

they would give me

I don't deny that.

What do you say?

If the children agree,
I think it is a good idea.

And so do I.


And, since you are pregnant
with our first child,

maybe you should
stay home as well?

What did you say?

I just said that since you‐‐

I heard what you said!

And the way you said it.

So dismissively.

Oh, you poor little woman.

So weak, so helpless.

You're with child.
We must look after you.

You know
that's not what I meant.



Let me tell you something,
Ubbe Lothbrok.

I will not be left behind.

I have had enough of compromising
with the men in my life.

Wherever you go,
I will go, too.

Whatever you do,
I will do, too.

Even till the ends
of the earth.

Even to the ends of endurance.

Isn't that
what love means, hmm?

Isn't it?


Going to King Harald's aid?

Are you sure?

Why? Do you think
I'm crazy, too?

‐That I shouldn't do it?

If you trust yourself, then
it is the right thing to do.

Whatever anyone else says.

Hvitserk is in a bad place.

I know.

I persuaded Ubbe and Torvi
to delay their voyage,

so they can look after him.

And look after
Kattegat with you.

What do you want us to do,
for Kattegat?

I want to put Kattegat
on the map.

I want the world to know
we're open for business.

I wouldn't want anything
to stop that.

And what about you?

What about me?

Are you still a Viking?

Do you still secretly
want to be on the move,

always traveling
and never arriving?

No. Of course not.

I've found my fixed point.

Here is my space.


[in Old Norse]

Allfather, Thor, Frey and Freya,

receive our sacrifice,

bless this house
and all who live here.

Allfather, hear our prayer.

[all speaking Old Norse]

Hear our prayer.

Let no sorcerer

cast a spell on this
building and no disir,

or ghostly gandir
or verdir enter its door.

Let the spirits of the dead
never enter its doors.

Allfather, hear our prayer.

[all repeating in Old Norse]

Let no mara bring bad
dreams into this place,

but let the landvoettir
be its guardian spirit.

And let peace
be upon this place.

Come here, Bjorn.

Don't deny the gods.

[Viking 1] Ready the sail!

[Viking 2] Row!

[Viking 3] Row!

[Viking 2] Watch the side!

[Viking 3] Row!

[Viking 1] Throw me
the rope! Again!

[Viking 3] Pull it!

[Viking 2] You're
dragging behind!

[Viking 1] Pull!

Keep up!

[Viking 3] Hey, row!

Hey, row!

[Viking 4] I will!

Your father has asked us to care
for Kattegat in his absence

before we journey west.

So, help Lagertha with the
farm and the animals.

And remember
that we love you,

and we will think about you
every day, wherever we are.

And one day, we will
all be together again.

That's what
I'll pray to the gods for.

That is what
we will all pray for, Asa.

My darlings.

What can I say?

Ubbe has said it all.

You can say that you love us.

I love you both
with all my heart.

You are my gift
from the gods.

That is why I am so happy that
Lagertha will be looking after you,

and teaching you.


We leave them
in your safe hands.

Take care of yourself, Torvi.

And you, Ubbe.

No more farewells.

We will all see each other
again, somehow, someday.

Of that I am sure.

I'm thinking of Kattegat.
What about...

the invasion?

I've started to make plans.
Don't worry.


These things take time.

‐Preparations are everything.

First we'll have to
deal with my brother.


What do you mean?

He had the audacity
to threaten me.

For that,
there is no excuse.

I never thought that
he was so ambitious.

[Ivar chuckles]

You see,
now that he is a...

real threat to the
kingdom, and to me.

He thinks he's a lion...

but he's just a dog!


[both barking]

[indistinct chatter]

[music playing]

That one.



[all laughing]

[echoing laughter]


[all screaming]



[Lagertha] Listen.

Who can hear the sound
of grass growing?

The sound of wool
on a sheep's back, growing?

Who needs less sleep
than a bird?

Who is so eagle‐eyed that,

that by day and by night,

he can see the least movement
a hundred leagues away?


[Lagertha] Yes, Heimdall.

But who could tell
it was Heimdall,

that figure on the seashore?

the guardian of the gods,

had left his horn Gjall
safe in Mirmir's spring.

He left Gulltoppr,
his golden‐maned stallion

behind a stable door,

and he strode alone across the
flaming three‐strand rainbow bridge

from Asgard to Midgard.

It was spring
and time for sowing.

The god walked away
from Bifrost over

soft green ground,

and soon he came
to the edge of the earth.

All day, as the sun
fled west from the wolf,

he picked his way
along the wavy line

where the soil
meets the deep sea.

[White Hair grunts]



[both speaking Russian]


You had no right
to do this, brother.

I had the means and the will.

But for what?

You wanted to
take the boy from me.

And you were going to kill me.


You killed our brother.

I was shaken by
our brother's death.

[dog barks]


[continues in Russian]

I swear to you it will
never happen again.


How can I trust you?

I promised our father

that I would take care of you.

I'll swear
on your wife's grave.

I know another place.

A better place.


‐Oh. Oh. [chuckles]

[door opening]

[both speaking Russian]

What are you
going to do to me?

Treat you as you deserve.
My sweet brother.

I told you.

From now on
you can trust me.

I swear on the Blessed Virgin.

Anything you like.

Swear on Odin's name.


I can't.

Well, then.

Are you really
going to do this?



[door closes]

[shouts in Russian]

[Ubbe] I feel strange,
sitting here on this chair.

It was once occupied by
my father, King Ragnar,

my mother,
Queen Aslaug,


and now, King Bjorn
Ironside, my brother.

I do so only temporarily,
of course.

Since King Bjorn
will soon return,

his mission accomplished.
For who could doubt that?

But, in the meantime,

life goes on.

Important matters cannot be
left undone or unattended.

If you have urgent issues
with one of your neighbors,

your family,

or you seek justice for
a crime committed against you,

you can come to me privately.

And as your Law Giver,

I will do my utmost
to resolve them.

Now, looking beyond Kattegat,

I want to announce that I
have organized trade missions

with King Alfred in England
and Duke Rollo in Frankia.

My brother Hvitserk...

Hvitserk is going to lead a trade
mission along the Silk Road,

trading along its long route,

perhaps even to China.

[all laughing]

Why not, huh?

China seems a long way
away to us now,

but one day perhaps

it will seem a lot closer,

almost like a neighbor.

As will those countries
that King Bjorn visited

along the Mediterranean Sea.

‐We are Viking!
‐[crowd murmurs agreement]

We are travelers.

‐[all] Yes!
‐And we are traders.

‐That is our destiny!
‐[crowd murmurs agreement]

King Bjorn was right.

We must go out into the world,

and the world
must come to us.

‐[calls out agreement]
‐If you believe in our future,

if you believe in the
future of our children,

then I ask you to support
and to join them.

‐[sporadic cheering]

we will make Kattegat

one of the greatest cities
in the world!

[crowd cheering]

Where's Hvitserk?

I'll find him.

[shaky breathing]

[Amma knocking at door]

‐Who is it?
‐[Amma] Hvitserk!

Go away!

‐[Amma] Open the door!
‐Go away!

‐[Amma] Please, Hvitserk!
‐You, go away!

[Amma] Hvitserk!

[Amma knocking at door] Open!

[Amma] Hvitserk?





Thora. Oh, Thora. Oh, no.

I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry. Thora.


‐Oh, Hvitserk.
‐I'm so sorry. [sobbing]

[second woman] Lagertha!


[third woman] Two days ago
we were attacked.


They attacked at night.

They stole our grain stores

and our animals.

They killed our sons.

My baby was crying.

They picked him up

and smashed his brains out.

They raped me.

They raped all of us.

We didn't know who to tell.

Our menfolk are dead.

We thought of you.

We are so afraid they
might come back.

[Lagertha] Oh,
they will come back.

Of that I'm certain.

We must all prepare
for another attack.

[door opens]


‐[door closes]
‐How are we today?

Oh, I had a long sleep,

so I am well rested
and, on the whole,

pretty cheerful.

Thank you for asking.

Are you hungry?

What is that you're making?

It's hard to describe.

But it's my very own recipe.

Ah, then I'm sure
I will enjoy it.

It is served cold?

How else would it be served?

Of course. [chuckles]

Uh... If it wasn't
for you, Canute,

I'd be dead.

I had no orders to kill you.

What can I offer you
to set me free?

I've always
wanted to be a king.

‐A king?
‐Can you imagine?


‐King Canute!

Of course, a king, a king!

I could make you a king.


I swear.

And I swear you're lying.

You do not have power.

You just have words.

So, you're a philosopher also?

No. I am more
the practical kind.

Do you want some more stew?

I think I might just wait
until the point of my death.

‐Well, it won't go cold.

Do you really have to go?

I enjoy your conversation

almost as much
as I enjoy your cooking.

I'm afraid I have more
urgent matters to attend to.

It seems Bjorn Ironside

has arrived on our shore
with a very large fleet.

Possibly he has
come to rescue you.

[indistinct chattering]

Sit down.

King Bjorn.

What is the news?

King Harald is still alive.

But we fear that King Olaf
could execute him at any time.

There seems no reason
or logic to his actions.

Trust me.

When I attack, the element of
surprise will work in our favor.

You will stay with us?

‐Wouldn't it be better if‐‐

It wouldn't be better.

Believe me.

It's a question of trust.

[indistinct chattering]


[repeats Old Norse words]







[in Russian]


[in Old Norse]

Yes, Oleg.

[dog barking]

[indistinct chattering]

[in Russian]



[dog continues barking]

[indistinct chattering]


[cries out]

[imitates barking]


[cries out]

[King Olaf] Come and see.

Oh, come and see.
Come and see.

Oath breakers,

philanderers... and murderers...

wade through the sea.

Nidhogg, too,
will escape the flame.


[Ketill] Where are you going?

Stay with us.

[King Olaf]
And under Yggdrasill

he will suck the blood

from the bodies of the dead.

There is something
in the water.

I can't see any guards.

I can't see anyone.


But they can see us.

Retreat! Retreat!

Under the water! Go under!

See, come and see!

Come and see!

Come and see
the wreck of humanity.

The wreck of humanity!

Broken heads.

Spilled guts!


Scorched flesh!

[King Olaf's warrior
in Old Norse]


[King Olaf] The young
at each other's throats!

[all screaming]

Upon a sea of corpses!

[Bjorn] Retreat! Go under!

Go under!

[men screaming]


[King Olaf's warrior] Loose!

[King Olaf] A feast!
A feast for the gods!

[grunting and screaming]

What do we do now,
Bjorn Ironside?


[King Olaf] Come
and see the wreck...

the wreck of humanity.

The wreck of humanity.

The wreck of humanity.