Vikings (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 19 - Episode #6.19 - full transcript

Previously on Vikings...

Wessex remains the last
great kingdom of England.

Come with me,
and conquer King Alfred!

Hail Ivar! Hail Ivar!

We know these Northmen

have a reputation
as savage warriors.

But they are only human.

Confronted by evil,
we do not surrender to it.

We shall fight.

We shall never surrender,

whatever the cost!

King Alfred!

This is your doing.

You chose your path.

There is something
you can do for me.

I want you to kill Ingrid.

I know how to do
it. I know how to win.

What are you going to do?

I'm going to cripple them.

It's a new world.

They've taken our gifts

and replaced them with new ones.

Nobody is here.

Stay with me.

Keep together.

Put down your weapons.

They're not going to attack us.




We don't want to fight you.

We would rather make peace.


Come and meet our sagamaw,

I think he
wants us to go with him.

- Are you sure? - Yes.

Then let's go.


Here are my family.

My eldest son, Peminuit.

His brother, We'jitu.

And his wife, Nikani.

You are strangers.

We will give you assistance.

We will make sure
that you do not starve.

We will be friends with you,
and respect you.





Steady the horses. Good.

ride up among those hills.

See if there is any sightings

or evidence of the Viking army.

Yes, my Lord Alfred.

Here! Here!

You men!
I want you on the ridge now!

It's a precaution.

Even now, I suspect,

Ivar's army will have
reached the Royal Villa.

To find it deserted.

Abandoned. The King fled.

How greatly he will
enjoy setting it afire.

My sweet Elsewith,

you cannot fault me
more than I fault myself.

It would have
been a braver thing

to remain at the villa.

I could have chosen martyrdom.

We could all have died
with easy consciences.

Forgive me,
I have chosen a harder path.

I have chosen
to try and survive,

and I cannot think
that God will blame me.

And whether He blames me or not,
my mind is set.

We will meet
Ivar's army at a time

and place of our choosing.

In this final battle,
which God knows I dread,

I believe we
shall be victorious.

If I did not believe
it with all my heart,

then we would not be here.


A thousand times, Amen.


Why don't you talk anymore?

What is there to talk about?

I am blind. I cannot see.

I do not know what is
happening around me.

And you never share.

Very well.

If it means anything to you,

amongst other things,

I have dispatched
a trusted fellow

to go to that place in Denmark

where the King has been
converted to Christianity.

I thought it was
the least I could do.

And what is this
"trusted fellow"

supposed to do?

Assassinate the King, of course.

We all have a duty to
preserve the old ways.

You take all the decisions.

Would you have objected to that?

If I had objected,

would it have made
any difference?

Hmm? -

Place it down
here and cover it up.


Go away.

Why are you crying?

How can things
be worse than this?

We don't exist here.

We have lost everything.

I can be free.

Really? How?

I can be free if I do
something for Lord Erik.

What do you have to do?

I can't say.

You better say it,

because I want to be free, too.

It's the only
thing that matters!

I have to kill Queen Ingrid.

Very well.

Then we'll do it together.

How do we kill her?

How do you want to kill her?

I'm asking you.

We can poison her.

What poisons do you know?

I don't know any poisons.


We can stab her.

Do you think?

I think that is the best way.

But Erik must be far away,

and not involved.

I'll get him to sleep with me.

He does it all the time.

He won't be there.

Then it's just you and her.

I like these people.

I don't believe they
mean us any harm.

I agree.

I also think we
will need their help

if we are to survive here.

Then let's return
their hospitality

and invite them to visit us.

Yes, we should do that.

The sagamaw spoke
words in our language.

How is that possible?



Thank you.

Is made of iron. Iron.


Everything is here.

The story of myself.

The story of my race.

Here is where I was burned.

The flames consumed me.

Took away my skin,
then re-made me.

In this image.

In this form.

But my heart is as old

as your hearts, my friends.

My heart is as old as wood.

As old...

as a tall tree...

in the forest.

You can speak our language.

We heard you.

Do you understand?




Who spoke to you?

What man? What spirit?

Who happy?



Crazy man?

Where is crazy man?


Gold. Yes? Gold.




Where is the gold?


What is it about the forests?

People go into the
forest to collect mushrooms

or capture a stray animal,
and they never return.

There are
creatures in the forest.

Strange creatures who
spring up out of the ground

if they hear your footsteps.

The Devil himself
lives in the forest...

and he walks up and down in it.

My Lord.

Please, sit.

You'll need your strength.

Be of good cheer. All of you.

Put your faith in God,
and be not afraid.

Still warm.

Take it.

Hold the line!


Hold the line!

Keep formation!

Steady, I say!

On me, men!

Go on, and hold the line!

On me, men!

You let it fall!

Hold it! Hold it!






- Swords!
- Weapons!

- Guard the Queen.
- Yes, my Lord.

- Protect the Queen.
- Yes, my Lord.

Line one, advance!

I don't understand.
What do you mean

you want to "cripple" them?

If we kill 500 Saxons,

then we just kill 500 Saxons.


If we manage to cripple
and injure 500 Saxons,

but not to kill them,

then it will take
1,000 more Saxons

to come and rescue them.

That is three times
the amount of warriors,

and all at our mercy.

Line Two! Advance!

Line Two! Advance!

Third Line! Advance!

Line Three! Advance!

But how can you be
sure that King Alfred

will try to rescue them?

Because he's a Christian.

He cares about them.

Help them! Help them!

Get them out! Help them!

What shall we do,
my Lord Alfred?

My Lord,
do we go back or forward?

Soldiers! With me!


To battle!

Come out and fight, you coward!


And then,

when Alfred believes that
it cannot get any worse...

I shall make it worse.

I shall take his Queen.


She will be heavily protected.

How do we get past
the Queen's guard?

I mean, it's...

That's simple.

We just walk right up
to them and take her.

Help us! God help us!

God help us!

The Lord is with us, my Lady.


Hold her! Keep her still!

You are crazy.

You truly are crazy.


Here! Wait!

I can't see.

I can't see anything.


Fall back!

Come on!

Let's get out of here!

Which way?

My Lord Alfred,
if I may advise you,

now is the time to retreat.

We have found men
who know this place

and can guide us
safely out of the plain.

We will not retreat.

My Lord, if we stay here,
I fear things may end badly.

Lord, I beg you!

You heard my command!
We shall not retreat.


Because Jesus Christ is with us.

I saw him.

He is on the battlefield,

and we will not leave his side.

Fall back!

You are dying.



There is no such place.

You will die here alone...

and forgotten.

Hello, brother.

I've come to take
you to Valhalla.

The Allfather is waiting.



Come here.

Come here.


Oh! Come back.

Come back to your King!

Why do you want to kill me,

Who told you to kill me?

I know you're still there.

I won't hurt you.
I won't kill you.

I just want you to tell me
who asked you to kill me.

Was it Erik?


That wasn't so hard, was it?

I know you're here.

I can smell you.

I'm here.

I myself am here.


Kill him.


He had it coming.


This is our story.

Crazy man!

Hello, Floki.