Vikings (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 13 - Episode #6.13 - full transcript

Previously on Vikings...

Bjorn's death has left a hole
in all our lives.

Kattegat has no ruler.

We cannot wait for your child
to become ruler of Kattegat.

- I would like to be queen.
- I know.

Is this really what
you want to do, Ketill?

Of course it is.
We did a terrible thing.

I need redemption.

So we commit our bodies
to the deep.

Prince Dir.

You will receive a dagger.

That will be the signal
for you to flee from Kiev.

I entrust you to safely convey
the Prince to Novgorod.

Why did you want to talk to me?

I would like to have
a bodyguard of Vikings.

I would trust you more than
my own guards.

Except, perhaps, for Ivar.

I know that Dir is still alive.

We're waiting for his signal.

I have decided to call
a meeting of the Althing.

And you will support me?

Of course.

What is it you really want?

I think you know.

King Ivar.

What is it you want?

I request an audience
with Prince Oleg.

Unfortunately, the prince
is otherwise engaged.

He is having a meeting
with Prince Igor

and your brother, Hvitserk.

May I not join them?

I have no orders to permit that.


Ivar. What do you want?

How strange.

Everyone has been asking
me today, "What do you want?"


I'll tell you what I want.

I want access to
Prince Igor and Prince Oleg.

But it seems, my brother,

as if you are suddenly
standing in the way.

What do you want to talk
to Igor about, huh?

There are things
he ought to know.
Important things.

Tell me, then.
I'll make sure he knows.

See. You don't trust me, Ivar.

You've never trusted me.

You think I'm a fool.

It's Oleg who thinks
you're a fool.

What does he give you, huh?

He must give you something.

Oleg treats me well.
He values me.

Not like you, Ivar.
You've always treated me
like shit.

You are my brother.

My own flesh and blood.

What in Odin's name does Oleg
mean to you, huh?


I'll tell you
what he means to me.

He is the future ruler
of Constantinople.

The future ruler of the world.

What are you, huh?

Sad, poor Ivar.

You're just a cripple.

I'll kill you.

Fight me, then. Fight me.

Fight me.

I want to tell you
that I am summoning
a meeting of the Althing,

so we can elect a new ruler.

The time of mourning
and grieving is over.

Any person in Kattegat
is naturally free to stand.

I want to tell you now
that I intend to stand.

I do so in honor
of my late husband.

If elected,

I will do my best
to defend Kattegat
against the Rus

or any other aggressor.

I will continue with the work
that Bjorn and I did

to build our defenses

and shape our future.

I am not Bjorn's only widow.

Let Ingrid tell you
her intentions.

I too intend to stand.

You see, I am
carrying Bjorn's child.

For me, I will simply
be nurturing the only
legitimate heir of Kattegat.

The true descendant
of Bjorn Ironside,

Ragnar Lothbrok,
and our god Odin,

the All-father.

I too will fight for Kattegat.


you were a staunch supporter
of my husband.

You saved his life,
and all of us are grateful.

Can I ask you who do you mean
to support in this election?

Frankly and honestly,
I have not yet made up my mind.

I will decide in due course,
having weighed everything up,

knowing the debt I owe to Bjorn
to make the right decision.

Why don't you stand yourself?

I am Skogarmaor.

I have no ambition
or desire to rule.

We've lost sight of land.

This was you,
all those years ago.

Which way did you steer?



God told me to.

Your God told you to?


He spoke to me in the silence.

And I listened.

Why doesn't the water
in the sea just run away?

It's because of the serpent

the enemy of the gods.

Have you heard of the time
the mighty Thor went fishing?


He baited his hook
with the head of an ox,

and cast his line down
into the dark water.

Jormungandr took the bait.

The serpent lashed the sea
into a frenzy

but the thunder god
did not loosen his grip. No.

He dragged the monster up
under the keel

and began to haul it
over the gunwale.

He took out his hammer

and it sung a grisly song

on the hairy head
of that terrible monster.

Jormungandr roared.
Midgard shuddered.

And, at last, with a great
tearing of flesh,

it set itself free.

The serpent sunk once more

to the bottom of the sea.

I wish you hadn't
told me that story.

You see?


The way that Othere
always whispers
into Ubbe's ear.

It makes me think
they are planning something.

Against you?

Why, why not against me?

Of course, against me.

I still wish we hadn't come.

I worry about you, my dear.

About me?

Why do you worry about me?

I didn't mean to say that.

I don't worry about you.
It's Othere I worry about.

You have a woman's intuition.

Othere is dangerous.

Brother, I have to talk to you
about Igor.

It's important.
You have to listen...

Prince Oleg wants to see you.

I said, you have to
listen to me.

He wants to see you. Now.

- Hvitserk.
- I told you.


We have been neglecting you.

My dear Ivar.

After the defeat,
I lost my faith...

I God, in you, in everyone.

I was suspicious.

I saw betrayal everywhere.

I neglected you.

I thought harsh thoughts
about you.

For which, my friend,
I ask your forgiveness.

My darling wife interceded
on your behalf.

She said I was so cruel,

that I had no cause
to be suspicious of you.

Your brother, Hvitserk,
wasn't always so kind.

I believe that he loves
and hates you in equal measure.

He's no real use to me.

If you like,
I will have him killed.


If anyone kills him,
it should be me.

A brother's privilege.

Ghosts of the dead,
return to help me.

Hail to the Aesir and Vanir.

Hail to the goddesses!

Hail to the mighty fecund earth.

Summon us by magic.

Let the dead
and the living praise you

as I praise you!

As I praise you.

Frey and Freya,
summon us by magic!


Tie it down. Get the tent.

Tie it. Quickly.

What's that?

Just a storm.

Come here, sweetheart.
Don't be afraid.

Round the back.

Just a moment.

I don't recognize you.
Who are you?

We're not Rus.

You're looking out for
the Rus, aren't you?

I'm glad you're so alert.

I still don't know who you are.

Of course not.

When you're looking for
something else,

you don't even see
what's happening
right under your nose.

There are no other candidates.

Only you and Ingrid.

Why has no one else
come forward?

Isn't it obvious?

This election is still about
Bjorn and his legacy.

How could it be
about anything else?

Have you made
your mind up, Erik?

Who will you support?

Erik was just explaining
about the voting.

I heard.

Now it is up to the people.


Now it is up to the people.

You know, don't you?

You were watching.


I would prefer it
if it could be our secret.

But if you want
to tell the world...

No, I will not tell the world.

Good. I hope I can rely
on your support.


Price Dir is ready.

Go on. Let him through.

You think Prince Oleg loves you?

He doesn't love you.
He despises you.

Oh, you're just
saying that, Ivar...

Shut up and listen to me.

I met him yesterday.

He asked me if I wanted
to have you killed.

I could have said yes.

Perhaps you should have.

I would have never said yes.

In any case, I need you.

Somehow, we have to spirit
Prince Igor out of here,

and join with Prince Dir's army
in Novgorod.

I cannot do that on my own.


since it's my fate to kill you,

it makes sense for me
to stay with you, I suppose.

Do you have any idea
how we can get Igor
out of Kiev?

Prince Oleg told me with pride

that the patriarch is sending
the first metropolitan bishop
to Kiev

to celebrate Easter.

The Christian faith is new here.

It will create huge excitement
throughout the town,

even the country.

Hundreds of Rus
will arrive to witness this.

Everyone wants to watch
this Bishop Leon

and his acolytes drag the cross
to the cathedral.

When does the Bishop arrive?


And the ceremony
is the day after.

Oh, Aud. Oh, Daughter.

We will be all right.

Thor watches over us.

I see what's happening.

Thor's gone fishing again.

No, Asa. It's just a storm.
It will pass.

Believe me, it will pass.


Hey, help. Pull.


No. No.




Where are you, Asa?

Where's my daughter?

Where's my child?

Where's my child?


Asa... Asa!


Pull it over.

No. No.

I can't see.


Let's go. Get inside.

What is it?

It's nothing. Everything's fine.

Ingrid. What do you see?

He's come back.

Who? Who's back?

Tell me, witch.

- Witch?
- Who is it?

Who is it?

I told you. It's him.

I'm very sorry
to interrupt this election.

I like elections.

I approve of elections.

Oh, by the way, for those
who do not know who I am,

my name is Harald.

But my people call me
King Finehair.

I used to be quite a player
around these parts.

I was a friend of
Bjorn Ironside.

I had a relationship
with his beautiful mother,


I know Ragnar's sons.
No one better.

I actually feel like
this is a homecoming.

But things change.

Of course they do.

And, so, I have a new ally.

His name is Skane.

Not difficult to remember.

And, as you all will discover,

hard to forget.

I have come to rescue you all.

I loved Bjorn.

No one can deny that.

It's written in the sagas.

It's written on the walls.

I came to claim
what is rightly mine.


A pirate and a murderer.

We shall see
what to do with you.


My esteem for you
could not be higher.

You are a beautiful
and extraordinary woman.

Thank you.

But your timing
could have been better.

On the contrary.

My timing was,
as usual, perfect.

You have all gathered here
to elect a new ruler.

Well, you don't have to worry

worry about electing
a King of Kattegat

because I was, and I still am

the elected King of all Norway.

And so I am still your king.

I am still your king.

I am still your king.

And I promise to be
a just and fair-minded ruler.

A strong ruler.

A famous ruler.

For I want my name
to be remembered

for as long as the names
of Ragnar Lothbrok

and Bjorn Ironside
are remembered.

No one has to be afraid.

There will be no killings.

Skane's men,
they mean you no harm.

They just want to belong here.

They want to be
a part of the life

of this great town of yours.

Come. Come here, lad.

We just have to learn
to love each other.

Right, boy?

What do you want?

To us.

Life is strange.

It's very strange.

Many is the time that I thought
my creator would kill me,

but I was always reprieved.

Who knows why?

But perhaps

Odin still has plans for me.

I know what you want.

You want to be just like Bjorn.

You want to have
everything that Bjorn had.

Is there anything wrong
to aspire to be like
one's hero?

I was always fighting
against Bjorn,

but one day I thought,

I really love this man.

I love this man.

And I want to be like him.

I want people to love me

as much as they loved him.

It seems to me that you
just take what you want.

You don't care
if people love you.


I was like that.

I agree.

I was angry and I was jealous.

I'm not jealous anymore.
I'm not angry anymore.

But I am determined

that between the three of us,
we will forge the future
of Kattegat.


Pst. Hvitserk. Wake up.

It's time.

It's time for you to rise,
Prince Igor.

Today is a very special day.


It's Good Friday.

You know perfectly well
that it is special
in another way.

And today you must do
everything we tell you.

Without any question.

If you don't,
we shall all be lost.

You do understand that,
though, don't you?

Today is Good Friday.

A special day.

The day to commemorate
the crucifixion of the Lord.

Who is that?

Let us through.

I don't recognize you.

Open the gate, huh?

Come on.

We've all got somewhere else
we want to be.

My friends.

Brothers in Christ.

Remember this day.

The day of our
dear Lord's crucifixion.


And pray.

Where is Prince Igor?

Go. Hurry.