Vikings (2013–…): Season 6, Episode 11 - King of Kings - full transcript

[Ragnar] Last season
on Vikings...

Our country's in grave danger.

[Erik] The Rus are coming.

Harald is King of all Norway.
You have to reach out to him.

You have no idea
what you are facing.
The end of everything.

People always say
it's the end
of everything.

But they don't usually mean it.

Othere, meet Ubbe,
the son of Ragnar Lothbrok.

I was sailing west.
The sun rose behind me.

And I saw a golden land.

To the Golden Land.

I am with child,

and I am married
to a demigod,
as are you.

-I will make you
Queen of all Norway.
-[Ingrid] We have just met

and already you want me
to betray my husband.

- I want you now.
- [groaning]

We cannot control our fate.
We must accept it.

[crying] My baby.

[Bjorn] The Rus will attack
from the sea.

We will bring these smaller
barges, transfer our warriors
into them and storm the beach.



Stand up and fight!

How are we to repel
such a huge force?

[Bjorn] We will block
the entrance leading
into the fjord

and we will lay a boom across
the mouth of the river.

[all grunting]

[Ivar] That river leads
into the mountains.

It's a formidable obstacle,
but we shall climb it.


[all grunting]


I will defeat you.

There is no way you can win.

Save yourself, skogarmaor.


The gods abandoned you
a long time ago, my brother.


["If I Had A Heart" playing]

[somber instrumental
music playing]

Here's to victory, my friends!

[crowd cheering]

The battle of Norway
is not over yet.

They have only retreated...

and probably back
to their fortress
at Kattegat.

But probably
without their talisman.

Their hero. Their leader.

They say you
killed him yourself.


I cannot be completely sure
that Bjorn was dead.

It's not possible to kill Bjorn.

I saw him, getting carried off

the battlefield
with my own eyes.

But you cannot say
that he was still alive?

[Hvitserk] Uh, no. No, I cannot.

[Ivar] So,

when do we leave for Kattegat?

As soon as we have
repaired our ships.

This business must be finished.

I confess, we lost
more warriors in the battle

than I had expected.

You Vikings fight hard.

[door opens]

[chains clanking]


[Oleg] Who are these prisoners?

This is King Olaf,
once the ruler here.

And this is King Harald.
King of all of Norway!

Is all that true?

[breathing heavily]


Alas to say.

You cast your net...

And when you hauled it in,

you found that
you have caught both

the King and the Joker.

King Olaf's jokes
were never,
never my taste.

Oh! I thought
we got on famously,

Hvitserk, son of Ragnar.

Well, do you remember me?

I too am Ragnar's son.

Oh, I know who you are...

Ivar, the Boneless.


From the sewers of York

to the Silk Roads, your...

your name is legendary.

[Oleg] The question is...

what to do with you both?

In what ways

can you possibly...

be useful to me?

I have no intention
of being useful to you.

I won't bargain for my life.

For a Viking,
that would be demeaning.

To us, death is bliss...

and I rush to bleed.

And what about you?

Oh, I, uh, I'm not in a rush.


[grim music playing]

The Rus will be here soon.

[indistinct chatter]

[Ubbe] Spring is here at last.

We should begin
our preparations
to sail west.

Our preparations
for our journey.

[Othere] Oh, yes.

I'm ready to put my house
in order and submit myself
to the elements again.

And what about you, Ketill?

Will you come with us?

I plan to sail with two ships,
and about 40 people.

That means some of the settlers
will have to come with us.

I have made a recent habit

of confession.

I have told everyone

that will listen

that I want to be

King of Iceland.

I know.

I can see...

that this Icelandic
settlement will grow,

become rich, attract all manner
of new settlers.

To be King of such a place...

it would be
an extraordinary achievement

for a simple fellow like me.

So, you won't come?

You won't sacrifice
your ambitions?

No. I won't sacrifice
my ambitions.

But they can wait.

Then it is decided.

Let the settlers choose
amongst themselves

who will come with us.

And may the gods guide us
to the Golden Land.

[somber music playing]




[door opens]

[Oleg] I have some good news...

and some bad news.

The good news is...

I have decided
to spare your life...

King Harald.


The bad news is
your life is over...

King Olaf.

You are a King
without a kingdom.

What use is that to anyone?

I might have made
a different decision.

But then you don't have...

the power, do you, Ivar?

[door shuts]

You lucky bastard.

[breathing heavily]

[exhales] I know.

[Ingrid sniffling]

[Bjorn wheezing]


Come here.


[Gunnhild] Why are you
being so pathetic?

It's not just Bjorn.

Then what?

King Harald raped me.

[breathes deeply]

[Gunnhild] If I ever
get the chance,

I will cut his throat.

But it is not likely.

You and I will die here,
alongside our husband.

And if you fight well
and bravely enough,

we shall meet again afterwards.


I told Bjorn I would bring him
luck and good fortune.

Instead, I have brought him
pain and ruin.

You are not a god, Ingrid.

Just another human being.

All you could ever give Bjorn

was what you could hold
in the palm of your hand.

You give me such courage.

Thank you.


Go to sleep.

Don't be afraid.

[wheezing continues]

There is someone beside me.

[Oleg] There is no one
beside you.

You are all alone.

No. There is someone beside me.

Although I cannot see him,

I know he is here.

How do you know, you old fool?

Because he speaks to me.

I hear his voice.

And what does he say?

He says, "He who believes in Me,

"though he may die,
he shall live.

"I am the resurrection
and the life.

"I shall walk beside you.

"Always. Always."

Don't listen to him.
Get on with it.

Don't be afraid.

I can't.

Think of me as already dead.

Nothing more can hurt me.

Not the thunder,

nor the deep swell of the waves,

nor yet, the tongues of fire.

[inhales sharply]

I'm sorry.

[King Olaf] Don't be.

My lands are in order.

And I am ripe for heaven.


[breathing deeply]


How did King Harald escape? Hmm?

[dramatic music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

[Ketill] These are the settlers
and their families

who have agreed
to journey with us.

That's good.
That is good.
Thank you.

Thank all of you!

I am certain that you
will not regret this decision.

I am pleased to say my wife,
Ingvild, will come with us.

And my beloved son, Frodi.

Ingvild, Frodi.

I am so happy you have made
a decision to come with us.

You are true Vikings.

You are all true Vikings.

[crowd] Yes!

Come! Eat, drink, celebrate!

We should make
some sacrifice to the gods,

so they may prosper our voyage.

[crowd] Yes!

What do you say, Othere?

You must do
what your gods expect.

My God expects nothing more
than my prayers and my belief
in His presence.

But your God is invisible.

Our gods,
they are all around us.

- They are here right now.
- [goat bleats]

I do not think he is a god.


God is everywhere
and in everything.

Without Him, nothing is.

I believe in the Allfather.

The father of all gods.

And I believe that your god,
he recognizes the Allfather.

I remember all
the ceremonies in Wessex.

And in all those ceremonies

your Christ reaches out
and prays to the Holy Father...


I know that your divine
Father and mine,

they're one and the same.

[door creaking]

[footsteps approaching]

[Gunnhild] King Hakon!

How glad and thankful
we are to see you
at such a time.

Messengers reached me.

I was summoned in the name
of Bjorn Ironside.

And when you are summoned
by a son of Ragnar Lothbrok,
then you come.

I heard news of the Rus attack

and the defeat
of King Harald Finehair.

I hope I am not too late to
help Bjorn defend Kattegat.

We cannot defend Kattegat.

Not unless more
of Norway's rulers
answer his summons!

But even so...

Even so... What is it?


[softly] You must forgive me
for not rising to welcome you,
King Hakon.

I... I didn't know...

I was wounded.

The most important thing
is that, when the Rus attack...

[breathing heavily]

we have ways to repel them.

How large is their army?

[Bjorn] Their army is vast.

[breathing deeply]

And Ivar is with them.

Of course, he is.

We will make plans.

It will not be so simple
and easy to defeat us.

We need you.

We need you to live. To lead us.

Your name alone is worth
100 warriors.

No, 1,000 warriors.

Please, for the love of Odin,

don't leave us.

[dramatic music playing]

[drums beating rhythmically]

- [Rus captain] Stay in line!
- [horse neighing]

Oleg will make me
a King of Norway,

perhaps King of all Scandinavia.

But it will only be in name.

I won't really be King.

Oleg will have all of the power.

Just as he has always had
all of the power over you,

even though you are the heir
to the whole Rus Empire.

That is how it is.

But how can we change it?

Things are as they are.
The world is as it is.


Nothing is ever permanent.

Everything is always changing.


What is real today
might not be real tomorrow.

But sometimes,
we have to help it to shift.

But how? Oleg is so powerful.

[Oleg] We must assess
the battlefield,
it's most important.

We will make common cause
with our friend Dir.

[Rus captain at a distance]
Yes, I will see to it at once.

We will have the forces
sufficient enough

to overthrow Prince Oleg.

[Oleg] I want my soldiers
to have every advantage.

But only if the conditions
are right.

Only if we have people
that we can trust

close to the throne.

- [Igor] But who can we trust?
- [Rus captain] Eyes forward!

Oleg is watching us.

[Rus captain] Stay in line!

Keep forward!

[Bjorn gasps]

[grunts and wheezes]

[breathing heavily]

I think you may be with child.

I have lost two children,

and a third I hardly know.

I fear I will not live
to see our child.

Just as I will never be able

to make amends
for all my mistakes now.

All the wrongs I have done.

All the hurt I have caused.

I wish
with all my heart... [gasps]

I could go back,
and start again.

[Ingrid] You have loved
and been loved.

Accept the judgement
of the gods.


My heart is breaking.

What are you hiding?

[scoffs] Hiding?


Ketill said that Floki left
before you went on your voyage

but that is not true.

Floki gave you his ring.

Perhaps you should ask Ketill
what happened.

I am not asking Ketill.

I think that you will tell me
the truth...

if your God is watching.

[woman 1] Indeed. Oh!

Come. Let's come back later,
shall we?

The other family,
Eyvind's family.

Is it something to do with them?

How can we travel together
if we do not trust each other?

[sighs] Ketill and his son...

[Eyvind] Please!

[Othere] ...killed Eyvind
and his whole family

in cold blood.

[Eyvind] Don't kill anyone!

[Othere] And Ketill
had a beautiful,
wise daughter called Aud

who killed herself...

- No!
- ...because she could not live

knowing what her father
had done.

She loved him
for being a good man.

Now, all she saw was a monster.

Do you think he is a monster?

[somber music playing]

[breathing heavily]


[dog barking]


They are here.

The Rus.

Our scouts have spotted them.
They are coming over-ground.

They will soon
arrive at Kattegat.

You have prepared?

[Erik] I have done everything
I possibly could.

The arrival of King Hakon
and his forces

have helped but we are still
massively outnumbered.

I suppose we can only hope
to delay their final victory.

So, you have just given up?

There is no use in pretending.

The situation is bad.

Made worse
because you will not be there

- to lead any attack...
- Shh.

Have you forgotten the gods?

What is my name or yours,

compared to that
of Odin and Thor?

Do you suppose
they will just sit idly by

as they watch followers
of the false Christ God

slaughter and slay
their children,

and cast their singing bones
to the wind?



You are no true believer!

Why don't you just walk out
of the gate, surrender?

Is that what we have come to?
Is that how our world will end?



Forgive me.

I... I am not worthy
to be mentioned

in the same breath as you.

But I promise I will give you
no more cause

to be ashamed of me.

Forgive me.

This is yours.

My King.

[somber music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

[speaking in native tongue]

[in English] Sword!

[Ivar] This is King Hakon
of Norway.

He has something to tell you.

Go ahead.

They're at the gates.

But neither of us should lie.

You are dying, my love.

Your life slips away.

You can have no part in this.

Death is on its way.

Don't weep.

[Gunnhild weeps]



Who can tell the saga
of Bjorn Ironside?

Perhaps only Odin, his ancestor.

But unworthy as I am,
it falls to me.

Bjorn Ironside is dead.

Are you sure?


I saw the body with my own eyes.

His wives are lamenting over it.

There is great sorrow
in Kattegat.

[Gunnhild] They say the hearts
of women are turned

on a whirling wheel...

but my heart belonged to him.

And when he died,

the High One cried aloud.

I don't understand.

Why have you come here
to tell us?

Great Prince, Invincible Ruler,

I throw myself upon your mercy!

Spare me
and I will serve you gladly

all the days of my life.

[Gunnhild] I knew him as a man.

I knew his weaknesses,
and I knew his strengths.

But if you ask me,

will we ever see
his likes again,

I would say no.

Farewell, Bjorn Ironside.


Look after our guest.


[Oleg] Spread the good news.

Let everyone rejoice.

The great hero is dead.

Kattegat is at our mercy.

[intense music playing]

[speaking in native tongue]

[continues speaking
in native tongue]

[in English] Perhaps we should
have made a sacrifice.

I think a sacrifice
has already been made.

[soldiers murmuring]


[indistinct panicked chatter]

[speaking in native tongue]

[gasps and wheezes]

[Gunnhild] I knew him as a man.

I knew his weakness
and his strength.

But if you ask me, will we ever
see his like again...

I would say no.

[speaking in native tongue]

[dramatic music playing]

[indistinct panicked chatter]

[in English]
I need you to help me
put my armor on one last time.

And fetch my sword.


It's impossible.

I told you, Ivar,
you can't kill him.

He's not a god.

[Hvitserk] Neither are you.


[horn blows]

[Gunnhild] And so it happened,

as my saga will tell...

the Kings and Queens,
the Jarls and Earls of Norway

answered the summons
of Bjorn Ironside,

and came to save their country.

For he was truly
the King of all Norway,

and no one else
could have united

all his people

and brought them
to victory over the Rus.

[all shouting]

[shouts in native tongue]

[Ivar in English] Retreat!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

[groans and grunts]


[both grunting]


Farewell, my brother.

It gladdens me to know
that Odin makes ready

the benches for a feast.

Soon you will be drinking ale
from curved horns.

The Valkyries summon you home.

[Gunnhild] Even in death...

Bjorn Ironside was victorious.

Which is one reason his name
will never be forgotten,

nor will they ever cease
to sing of his exploits.

He was the son of Ragnar,

but in some ways
even greater than Ragnar,

as the Seer foretold.

The man who could not die
is buried here.

But is still alive.

Farewell, Bjorn Ironside.

Farewell, my love.


Until we meet again.

[solemn music playing]