Vikings (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 20 - Ragnarok - full transcript

Previously on "Vikings"

Did you kill our son?

I'm not sure that that poor
crippled bastard was my son!

We will cross those mountains
and attack Kattegat

and rip it from Ivar's grip.

You want the same thing,
but you can't have the crown

until you take it from Ivar.

If it's all right with you, Ubbe,

it's time for me to go home.

I was expecting my brother, Hvitserk,

to return with King Olaf.

- They are not here.
- I still don't know

if I made the right choice.

We could be marching towards
our own death.

Hello, Hvitserk.

Where are you going
with such a large army?

To attack Kattegat with
King Olaf and with you.

My brother!

We will renew and strengthen
the defenses of our great town.

You will never overcome Kattegat!

We will always defeat you!
The gods love us!

We followed your orders

and appointed an earl in every district

under your control.

They collect taxes and fines.

Each one provides 60 soldiers
for your army.


You understand what you have to do.

I do indeed. I'm straight to work.

Good man. Good man.

- So?
- We saw two armies

marching together.
One was led by Bjorn Ironside

and King Harald Finehair.

You recognized them?

And the other army, by a King
or earl we did not recognize.

Together with someone we did recognize.

My brother, Hvitserk.

Yes, my King.

And you are completely sure?

Yes, without any doubt.

That is good, huh?

Don't you think that's good, Freydis?

My fellow gods at last
allowed me to see my fate.

Now all of my brothers are against me.

Now I know I'm the chosen one.

Ivar has clearly made
preparations for a siege.

Perhaps we should negotiate with him.

No. No.

My brother is right.

Never again will we negotiate with Ivar.

It is useless.

What happened to you, Lagertha?

I almost died

but was reborn.

You were between life and death.

What did that teach you?

The only thing that I've learned

is that life

is about suffering.

There's no escape from it.

That's the truth.

What's important

is how we deal with suffering,

how we deal with the truth.

How do I tell my children that
life is all about suffering?

They will find out for themselves.

Soon we shall reach Kattegat.

Where once more, brother
will fight against brother.

And the world will be wrecked.

Midgard will be wrenched by wars

for three winters.

Fathers will slaughter sons.

Brothers will be drenched

in one another's blood.

Mothers will desert their menfolk

and seduce their own sons.


the winter of winters

will grip

and throttle Midgard.


the wolf,

will seize the sun

between his jaws

and swallow her.

He will spatter Asgard with gore.

And then the warriors
and all the gods in Valhalla

will bear arms

and fight against the giants and serpents

unleashed against Midgard.


and the wolf

will be the first to engage

and the battle will be fearsome.

Though in the end,

the wolf

will swallow All-Father.

That will be the death

of Odin.

And then worlds will burn

and the gods will die.

And the sun will be dark

and there will be no stars in the sky.

And the earth will sink into the sea.


It's only a story.

Stories are all we have.

Attack the gates.

I agree.

We will divide our forces
and attack two of the gates

with the greatest violence.

If we divide our forces,

we need to be able to know one another.

For my brother.

For Halfdan.

Ivar, what is it?

I need to know that you've forgiven me.

I'm sorry.

For all that I do.

I'm sorry.

I love you, Freydis.

You know that.

And I love you too.

And I forgive you.

I have to go.

Take care of yourself.

And you.


Man the walls!

Come on!


Archers, ready!

Defend the towers!

Repel them!



Take aim.


They are approaching!









- Ram!
- Shield wall.

Shoot them!

- Ram!
- Welcome home, Bjorn.


Welcome home! Loose!


Come on.


Archers, loose!


Oh, my God! Oh, my God,
why hast Thou forsaken me?

Why art Thou so far from helping me?

For Thou hast led me
into the dust of death.

Forward! Ram!



To the wall! To the wall!

Go! To the wall!


Shoot them!

Oh, You can't help or hear me, can You?

'Cause You're not there.

Oh, You don't exist.


Go! Climb the wall!

Concentrate your shots!

Go! Jump!

My brother! You have come too late.

Much too late!

Hit again, I said! Hit again!


Go to the other gate.

Now! Burn them alive!


Ah! Come and see! Come and see the death

of humanity upon a shore of corpses.

Broken heads, spilled guts,
scorched flesh!

Come and see the young

tearing each other's throats out.

Rivers of poison will
flow through the halls!

Oath breakers, philanderers, murderers

will wade through those rivers!

Come and see! Come and see!


We're beaten. We have to retreat.


What if Bjorn

is winning?

What if he's already inside the gate?

We cannot run away now.



Back! Ram!

Again! Again!

Bring it in!











Shield wall!



Close in.




Push through.

- Shield wall!
- Shield wall!


Go! Go!

Call the retreat. Call the retreat.


Go, call the retreat.

Sound the retreat.

Retreat! Retreat!

Retreat! Retreat!

Odin is with me.

I am Ragnar's son.

Odin is with me and you cannot kill me.

I am Ragnar's son!

Get down you fool!

I wonder

about you, Magnus.

I always have.

At first, I thought you were a Saxon spy!

I was never anyone's spy! I never was!

I was just unlucky.

I didn't know who I was until right now.

You know who I am!

I am Bjorn Ironside,

son of Ragnar.

I grew up with many of you.

You were my neighbors.

My friends.

We played together when we were children.

I am not your enemy!

Ivar is your enemy!

He rules over you
with tyranny and cruelty!

He wants to destroy everything
my father built.

He's lying!

Kill him! H's lying!

You know me.

What are we to do now?


There is no point

to us attacking the gates again.

We will never get in that way.

We have lost a great many brave warriors.

The crows are probably feasting

on their hearts and livers right now.

If it was me,

I would walk away from this battle.

I do not see a way to win.

Ivar is clever.

Everything you all think,

he has already thought.

Bjorn and I are sons of Ragnar Lothbrok.

We don't give in.

That's fine.

But Ivar is a son of Ragnar as well.

So what?

"So what"?

When I tell you to kill Bjorn,
you kill him!

You have to understand one thing.

That Bjorn is not your friend.

He is your enemy!

If he and King Harald
succeed in their ambitions,

then what future do we have?

They have great plans,

yes, but those plans do not involve you.

You, the ordinary folk of Kattegat.

I am the only one who speaks for you.

And I swear, that I will live
and die for any of you.

All that I ask

is for your absolute loyalty.


we shall all perish together.

What are you thinking?

About everything.

About Kattegat.

About Ragnar.

About how I've been a poor father.

I have thoughts too.

I have dreams.

I lost a husband.

And I have never had children.

Do you want children?

It's what my body was made for.

Except to give pleasure to me and to men.

You are an extraordinary woman, Gunnhild.

I am just like any other woman.

I don't want to "have" to do anything.

I don't want to be trapped.

I want to fight.

And I want to ride wild horses.

And I want to be unknowable to you,

even though I want us to be in love.

I'm crazy, right?

I had an idea you might be.

It didn't put you off?

Listen, I want to have sex.

I might die tomorrow.

Or you might die tomorrow.

But, in any case, if possible,

I should like to be with child.

To have life stirring inside of me.


Halt! Who are you?

Freydis, what are you doing here?

I had to come.

I have things to say.

Thora is dead.

Ivar burned her alive,

along with many others.

I am so very sorry.

He killed our baby.

He is a monster. You have to stop him.


There is a secret way into the town.

Ivar created it for his own escape.

That's how I got out.

I will show your scouts where it is

and I will open it
for you in the morning.

Be ready.

Thank you.

I want to see Ivar strung up in a tree.

Do you trust her?

What choice do we have?

They are attacking the walls again.

I'm not sure I need to even
get out of bed.

Enough! Enough!

People of Kattegat!

We have come for Ivar.

We have no intention
of killing our friends.

Stay inside.

Don't fight us.

We are here to set you free.



My love!

Where are you?

I'm here.

Come here.

I need you.

Someone let them in.

What do you mean?

There's no other way they could have

got inside the walls.

Someone betrayed me.

And let them in.

Are you going to deny it?


On the body of our dead son, no.

I let them in.

I love you.

You are the most beautiful thing

that ever happened to me.

And there is a part of me

that will always love you.


when I have time,

I will sit and weep for you...

My lovely Freydis.

I love you, Freydis.

I love you.

Thank you.


Ivar! Where are you?


Here's to the new year

of all our lives,

Bjorn Ironside.

You're alive.

And here's the Sword of Kings.

Hail King Bjorn,

King of Kattegat.

Hail King Bjorn!

Hail King Bjorn!

Why do you want to fight?

What are you fighting for?

What do you see?


Power is always dangerous.

It attracts the worst.

And corrupts the best.

Power is only given to those

who are prepared to lower
themselves to pick it up.

And so it has come to pass.

The future foretold.

The dark raven, the eagle

and the wolf have laid bare
the bones of corpses.

Here is the story of the world.

Make what use of it you can.

What of my rule?

What is to become of me?

No one will ever forget
the name of Bjorn Ironside.

Greater than Ragnar.

But the war is not over.

Is any of this real?