Vikings (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 17 - The Most Terrible Thing - full transcript



...quem hodierna die
rebus humanis eximi,

et ad te accersire iussisti,

blande et misericorditer suscipias,

non ei dominentur umbrae mortis,

nec tegat eum chaos et caligo

tenebrarum sed exutus
omnium criminum labe...


In sinu abrahae patriarchae collocatus,

locum lucis et refrigerii...



-He's come back to us!

Go. Go.

Who are you burying in such fine style?

Your brother.


How did he die?

JUDITH: No one knows.

It was so sudden, Alfred.


One moment, he was well
and then he collapsed and...

It was terrible.

I can't believe this.

Thank God you've recovered.

We were so scared to lose the both of you.



Hail and farewell, my brother.



Hail and farewell.





-HELGI: Father!

Father! Father!

EYVIND: My son!


My son! Oh, my son!



EYVIND: My son!
RAFARTA: My boy!




-RAFARTA: Helgi!

EYVIND: Ketill, my friend.

Come. Come!

You see how I am! Come!
Let me thank you.

RAFARTA: Oh, thank the gods!

EYVIND: You have saved us.

You had no cause to do it,
but you have done it.

Floki was right.

We have all changed!

My friend.


I wish we had something to celebrate with!

FLOKI: Oh, we do.

So let's celebrate.



Thank you.




My people, you are
all welcome to the table.

It is important to us

that everyone here feels involved

in the life of our great town.

Kattegat has grown.

It is now a huge trading station,

the greatest trading station
in Scandinavia.


Kattegat has changed
since my father's time.

In those days, he knew everyone

and he was happy to share his power

with those he knew and trusted, of course.

My father gave me this responsibility.

And our father, Odin,

gave me this responsibility.

I have accepted it,
and I ask you to trust me.

We cannot allow everyone to vote

on everything which affects our kingdom.

We have a duty to protect it!

I have a duty to protect it!


We have to change the rules.

What are you doing?

Packing your things, my dear.

Your husband is dead.

You've no reason to remain here,

unless, of course, you are with child?

Otherwise, you must return
home to your mother.

I really am very sorry.

I don't think you are sorry at all.

I think that you control
everything that happens here.

If only that were true.

You don't seem very sorry
that my husband, and your son,

died so suddenly,

and I don't know what to make of that.

You don't need to make anything of that,

my dear child.

Life is complicated enough.

And you are young enough
to find another husband.

Well, then, I hope his mother
is nothing like you!

My dear, he should be so lucky.

IVAR: People I trust

will vote on land issues,
matrimonial matters,

murder inquiries,

things that you do not
need to worry about.

Because I will take care of you.

I will lead you!

No, what is truly important
is to know who we are!

And who is with us, and who is against us.

And we know who we are, don't we?

ALL: Yes!

IVAR: Yes, we do!

So now it is time to find out
those who threaten us,

who is against us.

Maybe it is your neighbor.

Perhaps it is someone you know.

A family member.

A brother.

A son.

They talk about me.

They whisper that I am the enemy.

But, of course, they are the enemy.

They want to destroy our kingdom.

They want to encourage
our enemies to attack us

and invade us!

Is that what you want?

ALL: No!

Do you want me to protect you?

ALL: Yes!

Do you want me to destroy them?

ALL: Yes!

-IVAR: Yes!

IVAR: Yes!


ALL: [CHANTING] Odin! Ivar!
Odin! Ivar! Odin! Ivar!



Why is Elsewith not here?

And Ethelfled?

I thought we should talk.

You and I.

It's not been easy since you fell sick.

I had to deal with the traitors.

They were still plotting against you.

Perhaps they still are.



I had to deal with your brother.

My brother?

What exactly does that mean?

It means...

His death wasn't natural.

You had better explain.

And quickly!

He had plotted against you before, Alfred.

He told me. He confessed.

And then he said he would
never plot against you again,

but I satisfied myself he was lying.

I knew, as long as he was alive,

he would do anything,

join any plot, any conspiracy

that promised to make him King.


He thought you had usurped him.

And he could never, ever forgive you.


I poisoned him.

I killed one of my sons...

To save the other.

May God forgive me.








Can we talk now?

You have woken from a long sleep

and seem to have forgotten
that you're a king.

You are behaving

as if you were an ordinary person.

You grieve as if you were
an ordinary person!

You show your feelings

as if you were an ordinary person!

But all of that must stop!

A king

cannot be like an ordinary person.

Must not behave or have feelings

like an ordinary person.

A king must be prepared to do
the most terrible things.

Things against all conscience...

If he wants to survive.







You saw them.

FREYDIS: Saw who?


And that girl.

He hates me.

I ought to have him killed.

If I can order the death
of my own brother,

then who else will dare stand against me?

I think that would be a mistake.


Ivar, you are a god.

And a merciful god

will always be more popular
among the common people

than a vengeful god, like Odin.

Wouldn't you rather be loved than feared?

I don't know.

I'm not sure.




Why aren't you getting ready?

We have to leave.

Yes, Floki. We are ready.

Come on, you old witch.

What? Why did you say that?

Because it's true.

You're a witch and a murderess,

and you deserve to die.


-What are you doing?

FLOKI: Stop!

FRODI: Don't you worry, Floki!

We're doing this for love!

For the love of my brother and sister!

-No! No!

Stop this now! [GRUNTS]

GUARD: Don't move, Floki!

Don't touch her!

She never killed anyone!


Ketill, this is madness!

No! I've thought about this
a long time, Floki!

FLOKI: Please!




EYVIND: I should have known!

Always the good man!


I should have known

you were more ambitious than me!

My only ambition is revenge!

-FLOKI: Ketill.

Leave Eyvind and Helgi outside.

Let's deal with them in the morning.







Sorry to startle you.

But I've been thinking about you,

my dear brother.

What have you been thinking?

I have been thinking...

That you can make yourself
more useful to me.

It concerns me that
you have no proper role here.

That you live such an empty and idle life.

After all, you're my brother
and I love you.

So how could I make myself useful?

You could leave Kattegat.

Go on a diplomatic trip

to the Great Hall of King Olaf the Stout,

and cement our alliance, help him prepare

for our springtime attacks
on York and Wessex.

And if I refuse?

I don't want to leave Kattegat.

I'm afraid you cannot refuse.

What is your name?



My brother has been remiss
in not introducing us.

He seems very fond of you.

We love each other.


That is good.

That is good, Hvitserk.

Then it would be a pity
if I had to burn her alive.

You wouldn't do that, brother...

Now, would you?


No. No, I wouldn't.

Not if you agree to leave Kattegat

first thing in the morning.


HELGI: I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I brought them here.

[SOBS] I didn't know.

EYVIND: Don't snivel.

What difference does it make?

We're all just meat.


It all goes to nothing.

I don't understand.

KETILL: Of course you do.

Do you really suppose
I could forgive them?

I thought it was possible.

Otherwise, I wouldn't
have come all the way here.

You had me believing again, Ketill.

We are what we are, Floki.

And the gods have made us so.

You can't kill Helgi.

None of this is his fault.

He loved your daughter
and he's a good man.

Spare him, at least.

Maybe I will, Floki.

If Helgi is still alive in the morning,

we could consider saving him.

I agree. It would make us
all feel better.

BJORN: Shield wall!


♪ Up on the overturned keel

♪ Clamber with hearts of steel

♪ Cold is the ocean's spray

♪ Your death is on its way

♪ And your death is on its way

♪ Your death is on its way





Look at her!






-King Harald.
-Who's next?

Bjorn Ironside.

Come on!

We need to make a plan.

I am growing impatient.

You don't mean to sail

at this time of the year, surely?

That is exactly what I intend to do.

Ivar will not be expecting our arrival.

At this time of the year,
there are many storms at sea.

Are you telling me you have
no fear of these storms?

That you cannot imagine
that our fleet will flounder?

I have no doubt that
we will have safe passage.

How can you be so sure?

My father told me.

Your father?

You mean Ragnar?
Ragnar told you?

Yes. He spoke to me
in a dream.

Don't you ever dream?

WOMAN: Hail Gunnhild!


Your father loved Ivar.

Everyone knows that.
He chose Ivar.

He chose me.

I'm his eldest son.

Kattegat belongs to me.


I had an arrangement with Ivar that,

after his death,
I would be King of Kattegat.

Hmm. Well, then we will make
the same arrangement.


Easy for you to say, Bjorn.

But what can you swear on
to persuade me to believe you?

My sacred arm ring, of course.

And then on the life
of my intended wife, Gunnhild.


She must agree and swear to the gods

that once I die, you will become King.

Whether or not she will want to marry you

will be of no further consequence to me.

I'll be dead.

But for now, King Harald...

You must give the orders

and start preparing your ships.


What an exciting world we live in.

What an exciting world!


You will have your ships, Bjorn Ironside.


♪ Up onto the overturned keel

♪ Clamber with heart of steel

♪ Cold is the ocean's spray

♪ And your death is on its way

♪ And your death
is on its way ♪



Lower your head, old man.

The ax is coming.

Don't be afraid.


I am not afraid.


FRODI: Move! Move!



I want to live.

I have never done anything against Ketill.

I was always more on his side
than Eyvind's.

And surely he knows that?

He does know it.

FRODI: Come outside, Helgi.

♪ Be strong

♪ Though rain beats down

♪ Upon your balding crown

♪ With maidens
you had your way

♪ Each must die some day

♪ And each must die someday



MESSENGER: Out of the way!


[PANTING] My Lord,

the ships of a large Viking army

have been seen in West Wales.

If they continue their course,

they will arrive at our borders

within a matter of days.

Summon a witan.


Who are they?

ALFRED: We think
they are Danes.

They've sailed from their base
in Dublin across to Cornwall

with at least 300 ships.

UBBE: Hmm.

You've talked to the witan.

You've talked to your nobles.
Are they prepared?

How many warriors
can they put on the field?

About 2,000.

The Danes will have
a thousand more warriors.

I will ride myself at the head of the army

to inspire our forces.

I also believe that I have
some good commanders.

The Danes won't be frightened

to see you at the head of the army,

believe me.

And why do you say that?

I have a terrible habit
of telling the truth.

Very well.

Then what do you advise?

I advise you make me
the head of your army.

I think you should listen to me.

Words are fine,
but they don't win battles.

If you make me the head of the army,

I will find a way of dealing
with the Danes.

Otherwise, you have no hope.




Why do you sneak up on me?

Why do you stay in the shadows?

You're a king.

What do you want to say?


I just, um...

Wanted to remind you that
fate has brought us together.


You yourself said as much...

While you were still married.

I said I knew my life was going to change.

And so it has.


I am no longer the person I was.

We are always the same.

We just pretend to change.


I see that Bjorn Ironside has claimed you.

You are mistaken.

No man will ever claim me.

I prefer to think that the gods

have you and me in mind.

I don't know about the gods.

What do you have in mind, then?

Do you still want to be
King of all Norway?

My ambition has never changed.

Well, then...

I should like to be Queen.



What were you doing?

It doesn't matter.

It really doesn't matter.





AUD: What happened?

Floki, tell me what happened.

Take this.


They killed them all.

All of them.

Your father and your brother...

They killed them all.

-They wanted revenge.

And they had planned it a long time.

[SOBS] No.

I couldn't stop them.


I can't believe it.

What about Helgi?

No, please,

surely they couldn't have
killed him. Please.

-All of them.

Helgi too.

I pleaded with them.

I asked your father to spare him, but...


-I'm sorry, Aud.

I'm sorry.

No, please, no, they couldn't have.

Sorry, Aud.

I should never have
brought you all to this place.


You didn't even really
see the gods, did you?


When you come back we should get married.


We will have lots of children.

-You won't be idle anymore.

Oh, I won't be idle even before that,

believe me.

What do you mean?

You scare me.

It means that I have come to a decision.

It has taken a long time,

but I know it's the right choice.

What have you decided?
Tell me, please.

I can't tell you.
It would be too dangerous.


Farewell, my love.

And be careful.


Be careful of my brother.

King Harald is in love with you.

I know.

Did he tell you?


He has told me that
we are fated to be together.


Do you really believe that?

Who knows our fate? Do you?

He still wants to be King of Norway.


And it seems he puts
the highest value on love.

He is a man who always
wants to be in love.

I would like to have his heart
instead of mine.

Why do you say that?

Well, I've had many women.

But I am not sure
I have ever been in love.

And you are not in love with me?

Ah, I don't know.

I think about you all the time.

When I am thinking about something else

and then I think about you again.

And it happens day and night.

Why are you telling me this?

I don't know.
Perhaps I am in love.

What if you don't love me?

What if you love King Harald?

He could make you the Queen of Norway.

I suppose he could try.

[CHUCKLES] I am afraid.


I am afraid to ask you if you love me.

You are one of the most
famous men in the world.

And you're afraid of me?

I am alone.

Alone, naked, and afraid.

You know something?

I respect you even more for saying that.

And I will take your words

and lock them away in my heart forever.

Say it.

Say it.

Say it.

Say it.

[SOFTLY] Say it.

I love you.


[WHISPERS] I love you.





No! [SOBS]