Vikings (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 15 - Hell - full transcript

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Where's he going?


What happened to him?


What happened to the Seer?

The Seer?

They told me he had gone.

There was fresh blood
on the ground.

Well, he must have made
a sacrifice. What do I know?

You're drunk, both of you.

If he's gone,
we need to find him.

And if somebody
has tried to kill him,

we need to know who, and why.

Otherwise, the gods are not...

You cannot speak on behalf
of the gods, Hvitserk.

Only I can.

And I will.

When I choose.


I know.

I know.

What is it?

King Harald and his army
are less than two days away.

Our army is ready
and we will ride out tomorrow.

If, with your help,

and God's grace, we manage
to defeat our enemies,

then I swear to you,
by everything most holy,

that I will freely grant you
the lands of East Anglia

promised to you
by my grandfather.

You would have
the strength to do so?

I would have the strength and
the determination to do so.

What is this?

The Franks call it a catapult.

They used them against us
in Paris.

I think they could be useful.

Cut the rope.


Never hesitate.


My people...

We have suffered
a terrible loss.

All of us.

The Seer has been
taken from us.

Believe me, we are doing
everything that we can

to find out what has
happened to him.

We need him.

No one can remember
Kattegat without the Seer.

He knows everything about us.

All about our past.

And everything about
what the future holds for us.

I will find whoever did this

and make him pay in blood
for what he has done to us.

In the meantime,

do not be afraid that I have
been revealed to be a god.

The gods have always
lived amongst us.

It will not affect your lives.

It will not change anything.

Except that

you are all entitled
to be proud

that you are ruled over
by a god.

And that soon, my wife

will provide us
with a divine child.

Hail Ivar!
Hail Ivar! Hail Ivar!

Hail Ivar! Hail Ivar!

Hail Ivar! Hail Ivar!

Hail Ivar! Hail Ivar!

Hail Ivar! Hail Ivar!
Hail Ivar!

How do I look?

Almost as you should.


My Lord,

my king,

my husband.

We are on the eve of battle.

You should wear your arm-ring,

as well as your cross.

- No.
- Yes!

You need the protection
of their god and of ours.

I do not think our gods
will protect me

if I am wearing this.


Put it on.

For my sake...

...and for yours.

The King
wants to see you.

I must renounce you.

I must renounce our love.

I don't understand.
What has happened?

The Lord came to me
last night.

He showed me a vision.

A vision of hell.

And the damned
that must endure its fires

for all eternity.

And I was afraid.


- Afraid?
- Yes.

- Yes.
- But it was just a dream.


In my vision,
the Lord, our God spoke to me.

He told me
that I must renounce

my sinful ways
once and for all,

or I would never see
His divine face.

I would never hear
His divine voice.

Only the screams

and lamentations
of the damned.

You weren't there.

You didn't see what I saw.

You can't do this.

You can't do this to me.
I thought you loved me.

You know something?

I think you always loved
your Lord, your God,

more than you ever loved me.

I don't think
you ever did love me.

Your soul...

Whatever that is...

Meant more to you
than I ever could.

Are you certain that your plan
is going to work?

You must trust me.

But, the plan...

The plan will work
if you believe in me.

You need to find your courage!

You need to believe in me,

but you need to believe
in yourself,

or you're not fit
to wear that crown.


We risk killing our own men.

Do you want to win?

My sons.

May the Lord, in His mercy,
keep you both safe.

Care for each other.

I have heard it said
in battle,

no one is more important
than your own brother.

But now we must go
and face the day.

Care for each other.

At arms!

Strength to your arm, sire.

Take courage, sire.

My Lord Cyneheard!

Yes, sire?

You will not be leaving
with us today.

Why on earth?

Because you are arrested.

For treason!

Get off me!

Per adua ad astra!


Get off me!


Get off me!

Leave me alone!

I'm innocent!

My Lady.

There's been
a terrible mistake.

No doubt, my Lord Cyneheard.
No doubt.

The King is wrong. I've never
conspired against him.

As God is my witness.

Stop invoking the name
of our Lord.

It does not
make a man innocent.

We have good account
of your treachery.

But it's true,
we lack details.

Who did you conspire with?

Believe me, My Lady,

I am innocent
of these vile accusations.

I know nothing
of any conspiracy!

Perhaps you're right.

Perhaps you're right.

But still...

We must test your innocence.


We will torture you... see if you are
telling the truth.

Gentle lady, no!


And that was
your mistake, My Lord.

Thinking me a gentle lady.

Out there with all the others!

Where? Show me!

Look! It's Ubbe!

Ubbe! It's Ubbe!


Son of Ragnar Lothbrok.

Well met again.



Ubbe, this is Jarl Olavsonn.

He has been at York, and this
is his wife, Gunnhild.

Oh, I remember
fighting at York.

What a time we had.

Oh, by the gods,

the exploits of the Great Army
are still remembered

and celebrated in York.

And everywhere else
round the world, too,

I shouldn't wonder.

That is true.

I have heard all the stories
of you and Ivar

and Bjorn Ironside.

Bring us some drink.

Of course, King Harald.

We're thirsty!
And among friends!

Please, all sit down.

So, Ubbe, tell me,

what are you doing
fighting for the Christians?

You and Ivar drove us
out of Kattegat.

What were we supposed to do?

King Alfred
offered us protection.

And the lands in England
my father fought for.

Huh. I understand.

- Skol.
- Skol.

But I know from experience

that no one ever gives you
anything for nothing.

You are wrong to suppose
that King Alfred

will give you those lands.

He won't. He's a Saxon.

He will offer you
sweet promises.

But in the end,
if you want those lands,

you will have to fight
for them.

That's why Ragnar was wrong.

It's not a matter
of negotiation.

It's always a matter of blood.

You and Bjorn and Lagertha,
you should join with us.

We have a formidable army.

And I'm certain we can
overcome Alfred's forces.

And what would happen then?

You would capture Lagertha,
Bjorn, me?

Hand us over to Ivar?

Of course not. No.

King Harald has already
told me that,

after our successful
raid here,

we shall all return
to Kattegat

and overthrow King Ivar!

King Alfred's army will not
be so easy to overcome

as you suppose.

It may be better
we find a compromise.

Why would you
want a compromise?

Because I am a Christian.

I have been baptized.

I cannot believe that.


A son of Ragnar Lothbrok.

Yes, me, a son
of Ragnar Lothbrok.

I know my father
would have understood.

What kind of compromise?

Tell us the weight you need
in gold and silver

to go and leave Wessex.

Very well.

Come back tomorrow
and I will tell you

and your Christian friends

what you must pay.

Were you part of a conspiracy
to overthrow my son Alfred?


No, My Lady.

Please! Please!

Think again.

Were you part of a conspiracy,
and who else was involved?

I need to know, My Lord.

And I will know.

Yet another son
of Ragnar Lothbrok.


And you want to fight
against your brothers?


You were not sent here
with a message?

No, I didn't want to fight
for the Saxons!

I'm not a Saxon!
I'm not Christian, I'm Viking!

I'd like to kill
all of the Christians.

I didn't want to fight
alongside King Alfred.

So the king is with his army?


At least you have told me
something useful.

There's no news.

No one has come.

Of course not.

They are not going to come.

They were
not really negotiating.

While we have been
waiting here,

they have moved
their entire army

around our flanks,

and are now almost certainly
positioned in the very place

they had already chosen
for the battleground.

We must turn back
and face them.

And you must both forgive me.

Because the sons of Ragnar

have already
made a fool of me.

God works
in mysterious ways.

Each one of you...

Ask yourselves,

do you know His ways?

Can you be so sure

as to know the Divine Mind

that guides all things?

Friends, when I saw that deer,
I knew it not for a deer

but as Christ,

who had taken that shape

to show us
that He was with us.

That He would not abandon us
on this day.

King Harald,
why is the ground burnt?

Why is the ground burnt?

Why is the ground burnt?

For Wessex!


Odin! God of gods!


Let us pray.

Unto Thee, O Lord,
I lift up my soul.

O my God, I trust in Thee.


Let me not
be ashamed,

let not mine enemies
triumph over me.

Lead me in Thy truth,

for Thou art the God
of my salvation.

On Thee do I wait all the day.


To battle!

For Christ, for Wessex,
and for England!


What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with you?
The Gods are watching!

Do you want to go to Valhalla?

You have no courage

and you will find no fame!

Dear Lord...

How the pagans

had the best of it.

The King lives!

Long live the King!

Yet the battle still hung

in the balance.

The great warrior Heahmund...

Staunch defender
of our faith...




We have suffered
a most grievous loss

of this great and noble man.

Bishop Heahmund.

He rests at peace now
with God.

We mourn his passing,
but we know that he has gone

to a far better place.

No one else will ever be fit
to carry his sword...

Which will be buried with him.

God bless and keep him.

And God bless Wessex,
for which he died.

And when King Harald
urged his devils

to run from the field...

I knew then,
with a beautiful certainty,

that the day and the battle
had belonged to us!

But without
our Viking allies...

I swear to you,

there could be
no victory either,

without these Northmen

who have embraced our cause
and our God.

I think I have found her!

This is not her.

My mother always carried

Thor's hammer
around her waist.

I don't think
we are going to find her.

More! More wine!

Brother, you need to relax!

No one saw her die.

No one has seen the body.

She must be alive.


You think she loved him?

Did he love her?

Nobody knows the secrets

of other people's

We only think we do.

I hope he did.




Hail Ivar!

All hail Ivar!

How is Baldur? Hmm?

He is well.

He cannot wait to be born.

I love you.

And I love you.

Apart from my mother,

I have never really known
what it is to be loved,

or truly love.

My father left me outside
to die when I was a baby,

because I was a cripple.

Everyone has always treated me
first as a cripple.

All I ever wanted was for them
to love me.

But I saw it was impossible.

So I was angry with everyone.

I've been in rage all my life.

Until now.

You expect nothing
for yourself

but you revealed everything
to me.

You are all goodness.

All truth.

And you're all the world
to me.

I am glad.

But just imagine.

I was a slave.

But now,

I carry in my body...

The son of a god.

I've been wondering
about something.

- Mmm?
- What do gods do?

Hmm? I have to do something.

I have to do more.

I need to do more.

I'm sure you're right.

But what you have to do

will surely be revealed
to you in time.

The Aesir will send
a messenger.

The Valkyries will descend,
beating their luminous wings.

And you will hear them.

And you will know.

All hail Ivar!

Hail Ivar!


You need to hear me.

Mother, I am so tired.

Can't you imagine?

Better to be tired and alive
than sleeping in the earth.

I don't understand.

What do you mean?

The conspiracy against you.

Those who wish to overthrow
and kill you.

I know their names.


Then we can arrest
and hang them.


Aethelred is their leader.

Ah, Magnus.

Son of Ragnar.

What is to become
of us now, huh?

Keep in time there!
Keep in time!

I have faith
that we shall prevail.

No doubt at all.

Our gods will
ultimately triumph

over the Christian God,

who is a usurper,
who has no meaning.

Who's not real.

And one day, not so far away,
the name Jesus Christ...

Will be utterly forgotten.