Vikings (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 12 - Episode #5.12 - full transcript



I was told he was dead.

Killed at York.

It seems the sons of Ragnar
fought among themselves.

Heahmund was forced to
fight with them.

He has lived among pagans.

Do you suppose he has changed?

Bring him here.

Bring Bishop Heahmund!



My Lady.

Your Grace.

Rise, Bishop Heahmund.

You were taken captive.

Yes, I fought in the great war
between the sons of Ragnar.

The son Ivar, the Boneless
was triumphant.

I know Ivar.

He came here
with Ragnar Lothbrok.

I played games with him
when I was a boy.

And so, you have returned with
the sons who were defeated?




Why have they come here?


I offered them safe passage.

How easy it proves
to fool people, hmm?

Look at us!

I have no fear of death.
I will embrace it.

But it is too early
for my children to die.

We sailed right into a trap.

Bishop Heahmund
has betrayed us.

I can't believe that.

UBBE: How else was he
going to get home, hmm?

He needed a ship.

He needed a crew.

We just gave him both.

Imagine how famous
King Alfred will be

when he shows
the Saxons our heads.

And the best part about it is
we gave it to him on a plate!

I still cannot believe
that he has betrayed us.

And I cannot believe
the famous Lagertha

has proved to be
a fool for love.

Well, you have never been
a fool for love,

have you, Bjorn?

This is where Ragnar
was imprisoned and betrayed.

And now we will all
die here, too.


ALFRED: I propose a toast
to Bishop Heahmund,

scourge of the Vikings,
and man of God.

Bishop Heahmund.


FLOKI: You gods,

why did you decide
to spare me again?

I don't understand.

Is it a joke?

Does it amuse you
to see me suffer?

What good can I do
for these people?

I've tried so hard
to make them see,

but they are blind.

Why don't you answer me?

Why don't you show yourselves
to me as you used to?

Perhaps you never did.

Perhaps you never did.







I'm aware of who you are.

I am not foolish enough
not to recognize

your potential for my kingdom,

if you were willing
to fight with us

against the armies
of your countrymen.

We may.

On the condition
that you allow us to settle

in the part of East Anglia
King Ecbert gave to us.

I have every intention
of honoring

my grandfather's pledges.

But first you must demonstrate
your worth and your loyalty

-to our cause, in battle.

We have a legal
right to that land.

We accept your offer.

ALFRED: I am glad.

It was Bishop Heahmund
who proposed this solution,

which seemed to me wise.

So, as long as we are allies
and friends,

you are free to use
the royal villa as you wish.

My servants
are also your servants.

My kitchens and cellars
are there for your use.

I believe you have two
young children with you.

Let us have a care
for them also.

Thank you, Lord King.


We have fought against you

and now we shall fight
together, with you.

I know my grandfather,
King Ecbert, would approve,

for I know the love
he bore King Ragnar.

Can I trust them?

You can trust Lagertha.

Sire, one small matter.


I would like
my bishopric back.

I wish to be Bishop Heahmund
of Sherborne once more.

My Lord, because we thought
you were dead,

the King felt obliged

to appoint a replacement
as Bishop.

And who did you appoint?

Your noble friend,
Lord Cuthred.


Lord Cuthred is no churchman.

But he is a supporter
of our regime.

entitled to preferment!

And yet I am not dead!

So, you can pronounce
his appointment invalid.

In some ways, I wish I could.

Lord Cuthred has already
shown an appetite

for fighting
for clerical power.

But, unfortunately,
I am not yet strong enough

to remove him,
especially in your favor.


Why "especially"?

Everyone knows by now

that you did not die
fighting the pagans,

rather, you joined them.

I did not have much choice.

The great defender
of Christendom fighting,

not in the name of our Lord,
but in the name of pagan gods.

I am what
I have always been...

Christ's warrior on Earth,

and I fight for Him,

wherever and for whomever
He chooses.

I believe you.

But, alas, there are
many who don't.

And to them you must
prove yourself

before I can make you again
prince of our Holy Church.



IVAR: My people!
My dear people!

I have chosen this woman
to be my new wife.

Her name is Freydis
and soon you will all know her

as your new Queen of Kattegat!


This is all about
the kingship.

He takes a wife,
produces an heir,

and then, in his eyes,
Kattegat is his forever.

A good plan.

Except for one thing.

What thing?

He can't produce children.

He is boneless.






May the gods smile
on your happiness.


I think it's your bedtime,

HVITSERK: You know what?

You insult the gods!


The gods love me!
You know that.


I want you.




You know I can't.

You can do anything.

Trust me.


Ivar, listen to me.

To me you are a god.

Above all men.

-Above all others.

The gods made you.



Love me as I love you.

And I will have your child.


I will have your child.

The gods never had
children with humans.

You are wrong.

Odin conceived
a son with Rind.

That son was Vala,

who killed Hod in the revenge
for the murder of Baldur.

You are a god.

A god.

All you have to do is believe.

By your blood I will bear
you a child,

a son.

And he too will be a god...

like you.

And he,
the embodiment of my love,

will always be by your side

in times of peace, of war

and in time of treachery.


My Lord Heahmund.

Brother in Christ.

Let us embrace and thank God
for your return.

My Lord Cuthred,

how strange it is
to find you set upon such a...


Sacred stage.

I never thought your ambitions

were fixed upon
our Holy Church.

God does indeed work
in a mysterious way,

my dear Heahmund.

But, like Saint Paul
on the road to Damascus,

I too was struck by lightning,

and saw that my past life
was the way to hell,

that I needed redemption
and the Lord's grace,

before it was too late.

I still wonder...

if you would lie down
on a burning griddle,

or castrate yourself,
or pluck out your eyes

if our Lord requested it,

as I would.

I cannot help but think

your ambitions
are more worldly,

and less sacred.

Heahmund, you're not exactly
a saint yourself.

The Lord knows my struggles.

I struggle with the devil
in the desert as our Lord did,

but at least my struggles
are spiritual.

I know you.

You like being
a Prince of the Church

because of these fine robes,

and the trappings
of high office...


And the power.

And if I have that power,

do you suppose I would
willingly renounce it?

This is my place!

I am Sherborne's true bishop,
not you.

You are a hypocrite

and should step aside

before the Lord finds you out!

On the contrary,

I believe, I and others
who share my opinion,

are doing the Lord's work
and protecting the church

against the attacks
of our new King.

You have been away.

The death of King Aethelwulf
was a tragedy for Wessex,

and the ascension of his son
a most dangerous outcome

for all of us who believe
in our holy Catholic church,

and the future of our country.

And so, you and these others

would seek Alfred's overthrow?

Heahmund, I...
I did not say so.


You did not have to.

Our interview is over.

I am sorry your journey here
was fruitless.

I am Bishop of Sherborne,
and will remain so,

by God's good grace!

EYVIND: No crop.

No food.

Nothing to eat.

We won't survive this winter!



What do you want?

Everyone here wants to pretend

that Thorgrim's death
was an accident.

It was no accident!
You killed him!

You killed my brother!

And I want to remind you both
that I know the truth!

We didn't kill him.

Get that into
your stupid head!

Frodi, you are a good boy.

As was your brother,
as was my son Bul.

But if you ever speak
this way to me again,

this community will lose
another good boy.

You do not care
for this community, Eyvind.

Oh, I care.

I care more than you know.

And more than that fool Floki!

They all think
that I was lying,

that I was lying to
entice you all to come here

for my own selfish reasons,

or because I am insane.

And perhaps they are right.

What if I never saw the gods?

[SOBS] What if it was
all in my head?

What if Ubbe was right?

Perhaps I'm just a crazy
old fool after all! [SOBS]

The gods are not here.

They are not here!






-Where have you been?

To Sherborne.

Where I used to be bishop.

To visit my successor.

What is wrong?

They want to kill him.

Who do they want to kill?

They want to kill Alfred.

They want to kill the King.

JUDITH: Princess Elsewith.

My Lady.

Welcome to Wessex.

Your journey must have been
long and hard.

May I introduce you
to my eldest son,

Prince Aethelred?

My Lord.

You must come inside and rest.

And later,
you'll meet the King.

You told us that you would
honor King Ecbert's pledges.

That you would hand over
the lands

that we are entitled to.

If you recall,
I said you would have to

prove your value to us first.

We don't have to
prove anything!

We have the legal right!

Here, signed by King Ecbert,
in our presence!

My grandfather
had no authority

to grant you any land.

He had already relinquished
the throne to my father,

who was crowned here
a few days before you arrived.

So, it was all just a lie?


But now, you are the King.

So, you can sign it over to us

and you can grant us
those lands right now.

In theory, yes, I could.

What does that mean?

There are
important people here

who do not want me to
grant lands to those who,

in the past, have attacked
and raided us.

So, why would we
fight for you,

when everything you say
is just a lie?

I am not lying.

I am being
more honest with you

than you've
any right to expect!

You have thrown yourself
upon my mercy!

So, do not presume
anymore upon my charity.

When I can,
I will grant you that land.

In the meantime, I must go
and meet my future wife.


Fear not, he'll be here


USHER: The King!

JUDITH: There you are.

May I introduce my niece,
Princess Elsewith.


Please, sit.



So, you are Mannel's daughter?


I remember Mannel
before the gates of York.

He was a very brave man.

He saved my life.

I didn't know that.

I just heard
he died in battle.

The Northmen were
pressing us back.

He sacrificed himself for us.

But are these not Northmen?

Here at your court?

The sons
of King Ragnar Lothbrok,

the most famous of all

on our side
and prepared to fight for us.

Who is that?

Bjorn Ironside.

I have heard tales of him.


You ought to know,

the Archbishop of Canterbury
has summoned a Holy Synod.

ALFRED: What for?

To discuss your attacks
on the church.

And your harboring of pagans
at the royal villa.

You must take this seriously,

They are not the only voices
raised against you.




Too slow.


WILFRED: Why do you
watch these pagans?

I am curious to see a woman
fighting equally with a man.


I had heard of these
so-called shield maidens.

I did not believe
they really existed.

It is not proper or decent
for women to fight.

Only these horrid pagans,

worshippers of the devil,
would allow it.

It amazes and disquiets me
that the King of Wessex

allows such people to live
freely at his villa.

Sons of Ragnar, who
most violently put to death

both King Aelle
and King Ecbert.

And now they are treated
like honored guests.

We should rest the horses.


You asked to see me.


Please, sit.


[CLEARS THROAT] Some wine?


I think your brother Bjorn
has set his heart against me.

He feels...


I understand that.

But what can I do?
It was not of my doing.

And for the time being,
it is not easy for me

to grant you
those lands again.

Many are against it.

So, what are we
supposed to do?

A consilium.

You could publicly renounce
your pagan gods

and be baptized
as a Christian.

I can't imagine Bjorn
would ever agree to that.

I am not talking about Bjorn,

but about you.

You do that for me, Ubbe,

and a part of my burden
is lifted.

Ragnar talked to me
when I was a boy.

And he talked about
your people, my people,

sharing the land.

And I think that,
of all his sons,

you are the closest to him.

He told my grandfather

that he no longer believed
in your gods.

That is not true.

My grandfather told me

He wanted to prepare me
for times such as this.

And he loved your father.

I know that.

Your father's death broke him.

Destroyed him.

I will need time to think
about what you have told me.


What's wrong with you?

Wrong, Mother?

Have you nothing to say
to your wife-to-be?

God knows the poor girl
must feel abandoned.

Grievously neglected.

I'm sorry.

Don't apologize to me.

Just speak to her,
apologize to her.

At least pretend
to be interested.

-Mother, you have no idea.

I understand more
than you will ever know.

And I refuse to let you
feel sorry for yourself.

You are a king!

Start behaving like one.

I am with child.


I am with child.

With my...

With your child, Ivar.


I love you.

I love you.







What are you going
to do with her, hmm?


She's insane.

She's going to kill all of us.

Don't worry, Ivar.

She won't kill you.

Why are you still here?



There is no reason for you
to stay here.

Unless you plan to kill me

and make yourself
King of Kattegat.

No, I don't want to do that.

I don't want the...

The mess.

Then why do you stay?

I'm not going to stay.

Believe me.

I have made new plans
on raiding England.

All the others
are raiding there.

I don't want to miss out.

Well, that fits perfectly.

My wife Freydis
is already with child.


That business doesn't
always work out so well.





I saw her.

The queen of Kattegat.

Freydis, I saw her.

They say she is with child.


I cannot have children.

Not with anyone.

Knowing that
has broken my head.

I wanted to be queen
but Ubbe was a coward!

I don't think so.

I told him not to fight
for Lagertha and Bjorn.

He ignored me

and betrayed me
with that bitch, Torvi.

But you are kind.

-You listen.

Ivar is not kind.

He is not kind to you.

In the end, he will kill you.

So the only choice, my love,
is to kill him first.

You are not a coward, are you?


I thought not.

So, if you kill Ivar,

then I will be Queen!

And everything
will be all right.

-Don't let me down!

You have to do it!

And don't think I'm mad!
I'm not mad!

No, no, no.
You're not mad. Here.

You are just...
You're just tired, huh?

You need to rest.

What is wrong with me?

Nothing is wrong with you.

Sleep, sweet Margrethe.

I'll see you soon.

♪ Sleep

♪ Sleep, my son

♪ The seal's asleep in the sea

♪ The swan on the breaker

♪ Seagull on the hill

♪ The cod in the deep water




ALFRED: I'm sorry
I've neglected you.

ELSEWITH: Sire, please.

Don't concern yourself
with me.

It is my fault that I have not
found the time to talk to you,

get to know you better.

We are supposed to be married.

Do you want to marry me?


I hardly know.

ALFRED: Look, I promise
I will get to know you better.

-But for the moment...
-I know.

You have more
important things to do.

I will see you later.


He is not kind!

Leave me alone.

I can have my own thoughts.

If you insist.

You're Bjorn Ironside.

I am.

Go away.

If you want.


What are you doing?

And you saw them kissing?

SPY: Yes, Your Grace.

And then...
Fornicating together?

SPY: Yes, Your Grace.

Making the beast
with two backs.

Poor Heahmund.

He was a man who could
never control his passions.

And now his passions
will destroy him.

But first,
for the love I owe him,

I will write to him.

Better for all of us
he understands

that he can never again
be Prince of the Church.

I shouldn't be here.

Why not?

God will punish me.

My gods won't punish you.


I'm a virgin.


Who are you?


Why don't you go away?





Don't kill me.

I love Ivar!

It's not worth killing me!

I'm harmless!

I'm mad! Mad Margrethe!

To my Lord Heahmund,

Brother in Christ.

I write this day
with a most heavy heart,

having indisputable
proof that,

rather than observe
your vows of celibacy,

you fornicate almost daily.

And not with Christian women,

but, so it appears,
with a pagan woman,

thus, your sins
are multiplied.

And your King and master
must learn the truth.






My Lord Heahmund,
what has brought you here?

You know you must show respect

in this most sacred
of all places.

You have forced me to it,
Lord Cuthred.

You have forced me
by your hypocrisy.

By your danger to my King!

Even so, Heahmund, draw back.

Do not commit a crime
in the eyes of the Lord.

Do not damn yourself.

You are a most
troublesome priest.

A hollow man.

And you have no true faith.


Damn you!

Damn you to hell!





Heahmund, this is how
the world will end!

No, just your world.