Vikings (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 10 - Moments of Vision - full transcript

A sense of doom looms over Kattegat as bloodshed ensues, but as the defeated army flees in the face of the victors, a legendary warrior makes his way home.


If we live, Heahmund,
so be it.

We might find some happiness
in Midgard.

But if we die,

I doubt I shall see you again.

For you will be
in your heaven,

which is not
part of this world, I think.

I have no intention of dying.

Not today.

Not yet.

I'm not ready.

You still think it's up to you
whether you live or die?


I think I might die this day.


Kiss me a last time.

Now I can die.


What are you
thinking of?

I'm thinking I think
many things, Ivar.


I thought that you might
be thinking of Gladsheim.

-Well, Valhalla is vast
and gold bright.

It might have crossed my mind.

Its roof is made
out of shields
and its rafters of spears.

Breast plates litter
the benches.

The War Father

feeds his wolves,

Freki and Geri,
with hunks of meat.

The wine is always enough
for Odin's own needs.

Every morning,

his two ravens,
Huginn and Muninn,

are loosed
and they fly over Midgard

in search for wisdom.

I always fear
that thought may fail
to wing his way home.

But my fear
for memory is greater.

What do you fear most,
dear brother?

The loss of thought

or memory?

My thoughts and memories
seem to be the same.

Every time I think,

I always remember the day
I jumped out of Ubbe's ship.

But you didn't jump.

-The gods pushed you.
-Don't take it away from me.

-I wasn't pushed.

-I decided to do it.

And I think
you still regret it.

I have no regrets.

Except I don't have
any children.

But then again, Ivar,

you and me
are in the same boat, huh?


-I will have children.

And my children
will populate the Earth.

Yeah, sure.



I'm anxious about the battle.
I am sorry.

You're sorry?

I am sorry you jumped ship.

It was a mistake.

I know you have regretted it
ever since.

And isn't that true,
huh, poor Hvitserk?

-Maybe sometimes.
-Maybe sometimes.

I thought that
perhaps you jumped ship

because you loved me.

But of course you didn't.

How could you ever love me?

The war drum sounds.

You don't understand.

I am sorry you jumped ship.

It was a mistake.

I know you've regretted it
ever since.

Isn't that true,
huh, poor Hvitserk?



I heard you singing
with your brother.

This must be hard for you.

Let me tell you something.

I owe my brother so much.

But I owe you far more.

You took me
on a great adventure.

You showed me that life

has more to offer
than fighting for land

or for worthless glory

against your own
Viking brothers.

And if I have to die today,
then so be it.

I'm ready for Valhalla.

At least I know
life has taught me something.

You have taught me...


Thank you.

I didn't want
to kill you, brother.

This is life.

And this is death, brother.

I will see you in Valhalla.

I will see you in Valhalla.

See you in Valhalla.

This one is dead.

Soon they will all be dead.

HARALD: Cut my hair.

-But you always said that...
-I know.

That I would never cut my hair

until the woman of my dreams
married me.

But now,

the woman of my dreams
has married me.

So, please,

my wife,

my beloved, my queen,

cut my hair.

Cut it.

Please tell me your sorrow.

I can't.


I think
I might die this day.


Now I can die.


Whoa, there.



I was afraid.

There's no need
to be afraid.

The gods look after us.

Thor will take care of you.

Thor will take care
of you always.


Astrid, stop!

I don't want to kill you.

-You have to kill me.


Otherwise we will kill you.

You helped me.

You didn't betray me.
I know you love me.

There is no use, Lagertha.

I have to die.

I cannot have this child!


It's done.

You poor child.

May Freya lift you up

and take you gently
to her hall.

It's no more than you deserve,
sweet Astrid.

We always played this
when we were young.

Farewell, brother.

Now go!

And take the rest
of your family with you.

I know.

I know.

Yes. Sorry.

I know your sadness.

I lost my only child,

and then my wife.

And I have ached
with an endless sad longing.

I don't suppose
it lasted that long.

You had a lot to do.

A lot of people to fool!

I didn't want to fool you.

I wanted
to give you the chance

to share a life in this
new and amazing world.

That was my sole desire.

But please listen to me,

even in your anguish.

Don't think of revenging
the death of your son.

It was an accident.

It shouldn't have happened.
We all believe that.

But if you are set on revenge,

then you will set in motion
a cycle of killing

that will never end.

And whatever hopes and dreams

we might harbor and share
of a new beginning,

of a different world...

I beg you, Eyvind.

You have as much invested
in this world as I have.

And your son lies in its soil.

I will make you
law-giver here.

You will have your power
and authority.

But only on one condition,

that we never return

to the cycle
of death and revenge

that has blighted
and disfigured

all our lives before.

What do you say?

I don't want to forget.

I don't want to forget

why I'm really going
into battle this day.



They are dying.

I have seen it.

As I foresaw.

As I fore suffered.

Ragnar's death
would lead to calamities

and horrors beyond measure.

Beyond imagining.

Pity the sons of Ragnar.

Watching these events,

even the gods weep.

I came to ask you...

I know what you came for,
Margrethe, slave woman.

Will my husband, Ubbe,
rule Kattegat?



You don't know everything!


I have Bjorn's two children
in my care.

If I killed them,

Ubbe would be closer
to the crown.

Yes, it's true.

Then why do you say
that Ubbe will not be king?

I said he would not
be king of Kattegat.

Then, what?

I don't want to be dug up
from the wet earth anymore.

Especially by mad people.

You think I'm mad?

I don't think anything.

I know.

And what is the problem
with that?

Perhaps the mad
will inherit the Earth.

Soon you'll get
to live in Valhalla

with your brave
and great father, Jarl Borg.

BJORN: Archers!

Let your arrows
fall on them like rain!

Kill them!





Kjetill Flatnose.

Your son, Thorgrim, is dead.

Ah, Lagertha.

Don't be a coward.

Come and fight me.

Come and fight me.

Oh, I know.

I know only too well
what happens next.

This is not right.

This is not how
I imagined everything.

But no doubt I am a fool.

I was always called a fool.

And now I have proved it.

We have failed the gods.

We have behaved like humans.

They gave us every opportunity
to be better people

and we have all failed.

There's only one way

to stop our settlement
from descending into chaos.

We must offer a sacrifice
which will mean something.

A sacrifice which will
give us a second chance.

I am the builder.

I am responsible
for all of this.

I see now
I must be held to account.


I offer myself
as that sacrifice.


Where are my children?


Where are my children?

I said, leave it.

Gather your things.
We must leave Kattegat.

We don't have long.

Ivar will be here shortly
enjoying his triumph.