Vikings (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - Death All 'Round - full transcript

The Vikings finally reach the river. Aetheulwulf and Alfred reach Rome. Erlendur makes his move against Bjorn. Sigurd makes a shocking discovery in Kattegat. Ecbert is crowned king in Mercia.

- One, two!
- Pull!


One, two.




One, two.


One, two.


One, two.


One, two.


- One, two.
- Pull!


One, two.


- One, two.
- Heave!

One, two.


- One, two.
- Heave!

- One, two.
- Heave!

One, two.


One, two.


- One, two.
- Heave!


- Heave!
- One, two.


- One, two.
- Heave!






Look over there!

Can't find anyone!

Take the pony!


Come on!

There are women here.

Let's go.

Stay here.

My mother told me

Someday I would buy

Galley with good oars

Sail to distant shores

Stand up high in the prow

Noble barque I steer

Steady course for the haven

Hew many foe-men,
hew many foe-men

My mother told me

Someday I would buy

Galley with good oars

Sail to distant shores

Stand up high in the prow

Noble barque I steer

Steady course for the haven

Hew many foe-men,
hew many foe-men

Holy Man!

- I have nothing!
- Please help me!


Anything, please.

Please, anything.

Oh, please!

Good boy.

- Come, come!
- Thank you, no.


Come over here, English!

- I'm a good girl. Clean.
- Alfred! No!

- Please, look! Look!
- No!

- Alfred! Stay with me!
- The finger bone of St. Augustine.

- Believe me.
- Yes.

- Please.
- Please.

- And please, look, sir, sir...
- No, no! Go away!

A splinter from the true cross.

- You buy! It change your life. And cheap!
- Alfred!


God bless you all for undertaking
the arduous journey here

to meet with His Holiness.

Holy Father, let me present to you

Prince Alfred and Prince
Aethelwulf of Wessex,

and our old friend, Father Prudentius.

Let me speak first to both of you.

Holy Father.

Holy Father.

Like a good shepherd caring for his sheep,

we care very much for our flock in England.

Like us, you are assailed by pagan armies

who love only destruction and death.

If Christian people do not
quickly do penance

for their various vices and crimes,

then a great and crushing disaster
will swiftly come upon you.

I fear that is true, your Holiness.

We already see what has happened
in England and now in Frankia.

We hear that Paris was saved

only by granting a huge parcel
of land to a pagan called Rollo.

This is surely an utterly detestable crime.

To give to the people who
brought evil on Christians

power over Christians,

their land, and the very
churches of Christ.

You speak the truth, Father Prudentius.

It is utterly detestable

that the persecutors of the Christian faith

should be set up as lords over Christians.

And that Christian folk have to
serve men who worship demons.

But we look to the future,

to you, Prince Alfred of Wessex.

Step forward, my son.

I have something amazing to show you.

Here in Rome, we have many treasures.

And here is almost the greatest of them.

Do you know what this is?

When our Lord was taken
to the place of crucifixion,

what did the pagans make him carry?

His own cross.

And what did they place upon his head?

A crown of thorns.

This is one of the very thorns
that cut our Savior's head.

- The farmer was a generous man.
- Yes, with all his goods and chattels!

We enjoyed their company.

Did you kill them?

Of course we killed them.

They could have ridden off and
told the Franks all about us.

- You would have done the same.
- I'm not blaming you.




It's Lagertha. You had
better come, both of you.

I lost my child.

I knew that I could never have
the child, no matter what I did.

The Seer told me a long time ago but...

...I was hoping that
I could cheat the fates.

It's all right.

Go away.

Just, just go away!

Leave me alone.

Your Highness.

Your Grace.

How grateful I am that we can now
announce that you are with child.

The alliance between our peoples,

born of baptism and marriage,

is the only way to safeguard our future.

In the meantime,

what efforts has Your Grace made

to ensure that the pagans
have quit our realm?

I have sent boats down river
to ascertain the truth of it.

It may well be that my brother will
choose to sack and plunder Rouen,

rather than return to his
people empty-handed.

But I have already sent word
to the lords of that town

to prepare their defenses
against such an attack.

Above all men, I know how
much I owe both to God,

and to those closest to me,
for our delivery from evil.

Now, I would also like to express the same
to Sire Roland.

Though an underling,

I believe you did far more
than Count Odo to preserve

and defend our city.

Therefore, I proclaim you
in turn, Count Roland,

Defender of Paris.

And may you continue to serve
us faithfully as before.

I am honored and humbled.

And ready to sacrifice myself at any
moment for Your Highness's greater glory.

You may all leave,

content in my good graces.

Except for you, Count Roland.

Stay a moment.

I want to ask your
permission, Count Roland.

My permission?
But for what?

Why should the Emperor
ever have to ask permission?

I want to sleep with your sister.

I desire her to be my mistress.

Have you asked her?

I would like your permission...


You have it.

Of course, Your Highness.

I am sure she will think of herself
as the most fortunate woman in Paris.


There is something else.

Why is my father giving
preference to those people?

I don't know.

I don't think you understand
the way things work here.

You are too simple.


What is simple?

The person who is closest to my father

is the person who has
the most power in Frankia.

And it seems as if he has suddenly
given power to a young soldier.

But I am Duke.
I have been given great lands,

and the responsibility for the
defense of the entire realm.

Even as you say those words,
they start to sound hollow.

Entire realm, great lands.

What does it mean?

Roland has actually been
given command of the city.

He will always be closest to the Emperor.

Do not underestimate your father.

Oh, it would be impossible
to underestimate him.

Just as it would be
impossible to understand him.

It's not right that a man
of such humble origin

should take precedence over you, or me!

It's unfortunate, but this
Roland should be removed

before his appetite for power
becomes too pronounced.

What are you doing?


I'm trying to have sex.

I am with child.


You are carrying my child!
This makes me very happy.

So, it's not possible.

No, it's really quite...

- Simple.
- It's not going to happen.

I told you, this is Frankia,
we do things differently here.

You have to respect me
in my sacred condition.

Many things are better here.

Just a few things which were better before.


- Pull!
- Heave!

- Pull!
- Heave!

- One, two.
- Heave!

- One, two.
- Heave!

- One, two.
- Heave!


Ecbert of Wessex,

you come among us to be crowned
King of Wessex and Mercia,

two proud and ancient kingdoms

which will now be one and
indissoluble under your governance

and by God's undoubted will.


With this Holy Chrism,
we hereby anoint you.

- Amen.
- Amen.

Take this sword,

which is bestowed on you
with the blessing of God,

that by the power of the Holy Spirit

*you may resist and cast out all your enemies
and all the enemies of the Holy Church of God.

With this most ancient and venerable crown,

and in the sight of all here present,
and in the sight of God,

I crown you King of Wessex and Mercia.

Now you are a consul of Rome, like Caesar!

There was another who
walked up here beside you.

I saw him. A young monk
and then I saw him no more.

But it seemed to me
that it was a sign from God

I suppose you should be
congratulated, King Ecbert.

By a clever ruse you have become ruler

of one of the biggest,
richest kingdoms in England.

And all without my help.

Despite the fact that
we are formally allies.

No, fortunately, there
was limited bloodshed.

Which is always to be favored.

After all, we need our armies to fight

not each other, but the Northmen.

You always have a clever answer.

The fact is, you betrayed me!

You told me nothing of your plans.

We were to divide Mercia
equally between us.

But you have taken it all.

And now it occurs to me

your new kingdom directly abuts mine.

So it does.

But surely we are still allies?

I feel I ought to ask you that question.

It may be true that things have changed.

Life is all about change,
is it not, King Aelle?

If we don't change, we fall behind.

What was once true, and real,

is suddenly no longer true, no longer real.

And sometimes, we have to accept that.

You mean our alliance?


We had an alliance as equals.

But, as you can plainly see,
we are no longer equals.

Everything has changed.

For both of us.

You must get used to it.







- Heave!
- Heave!

- Heave!
- Heave!

- Heave!
- Heave!

- Heave!
- Heave!

- Heave!
- Heave!

- Heave!
- Heave!

- Heave!
- Heave!

- Heave!
- Heave!

Come and see.

- See what?
- Just come! It's worth it.

All of you, come!
Follow us.

All of you! Follow us!

Come! Come on!

Follow us.

Ragnar! Ragnar Lothbrok! Hail Ragnar!

- Hail Ragnar Lothbrok!
- Hail Ragnar!

I'm not finished yet.

There's one more thing I have to do.

You are a mystery to me.

When I asked you to come with me, you did.

You didn't ask for anything in return.

What do you want?

What can I give you?

Perhaps you could have asked me
that question a long time ago.

When I first met you,
I saw something in you.

You still have it.

It's a refusal to abide by the rules.

A wildness,

only just contained.

I still love that about you.

- Do you?
- I do.

I chose you as my companion.

I accept that you might not love me.

I know that my being the son of Ragnar
Lothbrok has little meaning to you.

And I like that about you.

Why do you say these beautiful things now?


Gunnar, I have the fish!



Your move.

- I don't want to play.
- Move!

That was stupid of you.

- You lose.
- Don't call me stupid!

Why not?

Because I'm the only reason
you're still alive.

Siggy is dead.


I found her body in the river.

Oh, her!

I thought...

I thought someone was taking care of her.

Obviously not.

Who cares?


- One, two.
- Pull!

This one's ready!

- One, two.
- Pull!

- One, two.
- Pull!


In your name, All-Father,
and in your son, mighty Thor,

this sacrifice is dedicated.

Come on!

I don't want you to kill Bjorn.

If I agree to come back to you,
would you give up on your revenge?

A Viking never gives up on his revenge.

This is who we are.

My father was killed by Ragnar Lothbrok,
and by his son, his ex-wife, his friends.

And I will have my revenge.

That was a long time ago, Erlendur.

It always seems to me like yesterday.

And how perfect to punish
Ragnar by killing his son.



Today is the day!

You have to kill him.

- No.
- Yes. It's decided.

The gods want you to do it, not me.

I've dedicated this
sacrificial offering to them.

Now you must drink.

What if I can't do it?

- What if I won't do it?
- I told you!

I told you, you have no choice.

If you have any feelings for your son
or care whether he lives or dies.

Now, drink.

Here is my crossbow.

No one expects you to be
able to fire it properly.

But if you get close
enough, you can't miss.

Look, here is the bolt.
It goes in here.

All you have to do is pull the trigger.

Go again!

- Pull!
- Yeah.


Erlendur has told me to kill you.

To revenge the death his father.

What are you waiting for?

You're safe now.

The boats are on the...

Are you all right?

I will be fine.

What is it?

The boats are on the water.

We are waiting your command.

It's what Yidu gave you, isn't it?

She told me it was medicine.

But now I feel poisoned without it.

Then take some more.

I only have a little bit left.

I have to save it to fight Rollo.

I need you.

Paris cannot be taken without you.

I don't care about Paris.

I came for Rollo.

I have to kill you.

I must kill you.

I must kill you.

I have to kill you.

I will kill you.