Vikings (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - What Might Have Been - full transcript

Ragnar reveals his plan to raid Paris again, and although the fleet is storm-tossed as it sets out, the challenge lies in Frankia where Rollo awaits. Meanwhile, Ecbert dispatches Aethelwulf and Alfred on a pilgrimage to Rome.

Wait here.

This is Earl Kalf's grave?

May I ask why you killed him?

I made a promise.

I promised I'd kill him
for taking my earldom.

I suppose you would want to leave,
now that Earl Kalf is dead.


I wish to return to Paris,
with you and Ragnar.

Come here, Guthrum.

I will be leaving soon.

Erlendur's coming, too.

I advise you to keep
your friends very close,

for some of them will die only too soon.

And the others...

The others will betray you.

Do you understand?


If you're willing to share
a boat with a lot of women,

then you're welcome
to come with me to Paris.

Firstly, I want to announce that we leave
for Paris in three weeks to the day.

But today is today,

and we are here to perform
an important ceremony,

in which my two boys, Ubbe and Hvitserk,

will receive their sacred arm rings.


Take this offering of earth and salt

to remind you that you belong
both to the earth and to the sea.

These arm rings symbolize
your coming of age.

They also bind you in loyalty
and fealty to me,

your king and your father.

Any oath you swear upon
these rings must be kept,

or else you will sacrifice your
honor and your place in Valhalla.

Do you understand?

- Yes, Father.
- Yes, Father.

- Do you swear so?
- Yes, Father.


Put on your rings, my brothers!

Come here.

I'm taking the boys with me to Paris.

They're too young.

It is my decision, if they come or not,

and they are not too young to watch.

In any case, they're safer with me
than they were the last time with you,

as I remember.

Family, nobles and friends,

I have summoned you together because
I have made an important decision.


There we go.

I have decided to send my grandson,
Prince Alfred, on a pilgrimage to Rome,

so that he might see the holy city
and meet His Holiness, the Pope.

This idea was given to me
by Father Prudentius,

who has himself visited the holy city

and is willing to act
as Prince Alfred's guide.

Now, some of you may ask,

why send Alfred and not his older brother?

And my answer to you is this.

We all know the circumstances
of Alfred's birth.

It was my belief then,
and it is still my belief,

that Alfred has been chosen
by God for great things.

This journey will be a preparation

for whatever great future
our Lord has designed for him.

I wish, Father, that you had first
discussed this matter with me.

The road to Rome is filled with untold
dangers. The boy is still too young.

Yes, I am aware of the dangers,

that is why I also wish you
to accompany your son

so that you may protect and comfort him.

My son,

so devout a man as yourself can hardly
object to undertaking a pilgrimage

to the very center of our faith,

nor yet meeting in person
the descendent of St. Peter.

No. But who will lead
our armies against Mercia

and place its rightful queen at her throne?

Oh, be not afraid of that. I personally
will lead our armies in that venture.

How long would it take to walk to Rome?


Ask him again.

How long will it take?

Your Highness, we will walk for
about, uh, 12 miles a day,

and the whole journey is 1,100 miles.

It will be very tiring.

Only your feet will be tired,
Your Highness,

but at the end of the journey,

your soul will be filled
with joy and happiness.

Let me have the stash of my medicine.

You don't have to dole it out
to me like I'm a child.

Hmm. But you are a child
when it comes to this stuff,

and someone needs to control
what, apparently, you cannot.

Then how will I get it when I'm in Paris?

It's easy. Take me with you.

I want to go.

I don't want to stay here.

You said I can do as I please,

but you keep me here like
one of your rats in a cage.


It's the only way
you can get your medicine.

And you may need me
for other things as well.

What other things?

I speak Frankish.

Can you?

Let me ask you a question.

I want to know the day that I will die.

You will die on the day
that the blind man sees you.

Is that true?

Don't lie to me.

Whether or not you believe is up to you.

But in due course,

we will both know if it is true or not.

Don't waste your time looking back.
You're not going that way.

- Tighten the line!
- Tighten the line!

Hold her steady!

So, Floki,

how are you feeling?

I feel happy.

I feel among friends.

That's because you are
among friends, my dear Floki.

You and us, we're the same.
I feel it in my heart's core.

But, uh, tell us honestly,

wouldn't you rather be
traveling with Ragnar?


I'm here with my new friends who
love the gods as much as I do.

And would never betray them.

That ring again. I don't understand.
Where did you find it?

I took it from a berserker
who was sent to kill me.

Now do you see?

Don't be frightened.

Sigurd, what is it?


Your brothers have gone.
You have no one to play with,

so play with your
brother's daughter, Siggy.

Do you want to go outside?

You're so dirty.

Don't you ever wash?


Keep looking!

We were blown off-course.
We have to head south.

Boys, eyes out for the others!



Fare you well, pilgrims.

May God in his grace
keep you and console you

on your long journey,

and may you enjoy its many fruits.


I will say a prayer for you every day,

but you are very fortunate.

You know, when you are dirty, you
have a bath to wipe off the dirt.

Well, going on a pilgrimage is
like taking a bath for the soul.

It wipes away the dirt from the soul.

Farewell, my boy.

My boy.

I shall miss you.

I love you.

Do as your father says.

And Father Prudentius.
They know best.

And be good.

We must go.

The first step is always the hardest.


Magnus, come here.

Come here.


You are the son of Ragnar Lothbrok.

Now Ragnar Lothbrok is a very famous man.

A man who I admire greatly.

I'd like to get to know you better, Magnus.

Come inside.

I have some very interesting board
games I'd like to show you.

Look there!

Over there.

Two of our ships.

Heave! Heave!




Frankish scouts.

Are you lads happy?

Is that you?

Is that you, Harbard?

Who else could it be?

Why have you come back?

I know how you suffer.

I know all your pain.

The things you cannot tell anyone else.

Come to me and I will put an end
to your suffering and heal you

and make you free.

- Why are we doing this, Father?
- **

So our last boats

know that we're in front of them.

Earl Ingstad, how is my son?
How is Guthrum?

Your son is healthy and well.

I have no doubt that the gods have
great things in store for him.

Thank you. That is good
enough for me to hear.

Why do you ask her?

Because I trust her.

And I'm nothing to you?

Come. We still have
much in common.

Really? Is it so?

We have your son in common.

I don't care about your feelings for Bjorn,

because if I ask you to kill him,

you will have to do it.

Otherwise I will kill the boy.

And believe me, Lagertha
can't protect your son.

You thought you were free, Torvi.
Free to choose Bjorn over me?

But you never were.


Signal fires.

News of our arrival will soon reach Paris.

Come, brother.

I'll take this.

What are you doing?

Taking them for a walk.


- Where are you going?
- With my friends.

What about Ragnar?
He is your friend.

- Not anymore, Helga.
- But he's...

What are you talking about?

He tortured me and shamed me.

How is he my friend?

He spared your life.

Get up, get up!

Help me understand
why you are here fighting

instead of trying to keep your baby safe.

You've never spoken
to me about Kalf's death.

Must've broken your heart.

Of course it didn't.

My heart was broken a long time ago.

I still don't understand why you are willing
to risk your baby's life in battle.

Who are you to talk?

I'm not your wife.


- Come on, come on!
- Move.

Move, move!
Get up!

You'll give Christians a bad name!

They'll say all
Christians are fat and lazy!

Stay still!

Light them up.

What do you think he's saying?

I expect that, uh, they want
you to put the fire out.

- Help them, brother, help them.
- I will try, I will try.

So now we've sent another signal to Paris!

A signal from the gods!

Do you think they can see it?

Do you think they can understand it?

The Northmen have returned,

and it is said they fly the black
raven banner of King Ragnar Lothbrok.

We have planned for this day.

We have. His Grace and I
will now lead our forces

to the two forts we have built downriver.

And from these forts, we will defend
the city, if necessary, to the death.

We are ready for the heathen.

Your Grace,

you are the difference between
failure and triumph.

With your help, we can frustrate
and defeat the enemy.

I beg and beseech you.

I actually would fall on my knees before you.
Me, the Emperor.

The grandson of Charlemagne himself.

I would beg you,

for all we have given you,

not to change sides.

Not to betray us.

In the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ,
for the sake of Paris,

do not return to your brother.

I will not betray you.

I will not betray Paris.

And I will not betray my wife.

I shall take the banner of
Saint Denis down to the forts.

It will inspire our soldiers.

And we shall prevail.

Father, believe me.

Then I am assured

of your fealty and
trustworthiness, Duke Rollo.

I am persuaded.

And so our victory.

Of course he will betray us if he can.

Paris must never be left
to the mercies of a pagan.

I thought he had become a Christian.

Do you really believe that?

Is it really possible?
Personally, I don't think so.

When Ragnar appears,
when his brother appears,

is it not likely that our
Duke Rollo will embrace him?

Don't you think they might have
already planned these things?

I thought you needed him to fight with you.

I was wrong.

He was useful to us early on.

I would've got rid of him subsequently.

You see, these are precisely the
decisions an emperor must make

if he wishes to keep his throne.

Are you ready for me to undress?


No, not tonight.

I will chain you up, just as you are.

If that is your will.

You are treated very badly.

The Emperor fawns upon the Northman.

He should trust you more.

He should trust me above the Northman.

He does not know who to trust.

He's an idiot.

I have lost all faith.

What will you do?

Do I have your permission?

Yes. What will you do?


I will save Paris a second time.

I do not need Rollo.
I will do it myself.

- And then?
- And then...

I will organize a coup against the Emperor.

I will have him killed
and I will replace him.

You will be the Emperor?

Yes, I will be the Emperor.

Long live the Emperor!

I love it.
Long live the Emperor.

Long live the Emperor.

- There's no sign of Rollo's camp.
- No.

Does that surprise you?

Ivar, wake up.

See who's here. It's Harbard.

You remember Harbard, don't you?

Hello, Ivar.

Blessed Ivar.


Is that not Rollo?

You know very well.