Vikings (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - Promised - full transcript

Halfdan the Black arrives in Kattegat. Floki reveals a secret to Finehair. Ragnar and Yidu become closer. Meanwhile Lagertha settles a score.

Previously on Vikings...

- What is your name?
- Yidu.

Who sent you? Who sent you?

My destiny is to be with you.

I am prepared to defend
Paris to the death.

You have betrayed your own kind!

I came to deliver my precious
son into your hands.

Teach him to be a Viking.

I see some gross and indecent familiarity
between you and your father-in-law.

You don't own me, Father,
nor does any man.

My name is Harald, but my
people call me King Finehair.

Why have you come here?

I'm making myself King of all Norway!

In order to become King of all Norway,

you would have to overthrow my husband.

That was impressive.

I modified the Frankish weapon.

It has a much greater range now.

The Franks will not expect to be
attacked by their own weapon.





Bjorn must have murdered our Berserker.

It's a pity.

It doesn't matter.

Really? How can you say so?

Because we have eyes
in Ragnar's household.

Anything we need to
know, we'll find out.

Bjorn's weakness. Ragnar's weakness.

The time to strike.

- Through Torvi?
- Of course, through Torvi.

Otherwise, I'll kill her child.

She knows I'll do it, too!


Lagertha must never know what we did.

Who would tell her? Hmm?

What were you two talking about?

Erlendur was telling me how he has
forgiven Torvi for leaving him.

- Really?
- Hmm.

That young man still
surprises me sometimes.

I, too, have a surprise.

I am with child.

That makes me so very happy.

Me too.

More than I can say.

Although it is still early days.

Marry me, Lagertha.

Marry me. I have always known

that we were fated to be together.


- I'm sorry.
- Don't be sorry.

Don't ever be sorry.

Say that you'll marry me.

Who is he?

You heard.

He's a king.

From Tamdrup, wherever that is.

And you trust him?


I don't trust him either.

Why do you not care for
your daughter Siggy?

I care for her.

She just reminds me of
things I'd rather forget.

What kind of man

takes a mother away from her child?

You tell me.

You tried to take me
away from my mother.

That is not the way it went.

If you remember, your mother left me.

You left me.

It is not easy being a father.

It is even harder being a husband.

Maybe I have failed at both.


I have definitely
failed at being a husband.

How many boats and men do you have?

Twenty boats.

About 600 men.

I told Ragnar mine is a small kingdom

for now.

And when will they arrive?

They must already be on their way.

My brother Halfdan is bringing them.

Is your brother like you?


He's much worse.

He's much worse!

You have such ambitions.

What else is there?

What are we here for except to
achieve fame, just like your father?

Isn't that what you want
too, Bjorn Lothbrok?

Be honest.

You don't know me.

And fame

won't make your small
kingdom any bigger.


How many are there?

Open the gates!


We are met to decide how
to deal with Mercia.

Now, I am almost decided
that the only way now

is a full-scale invasion

of their kingdom.

And, yet, if there were some other way of
restoring Queen Kwenthrith to her throne,

I think we must explore it.

Have you any more idea of the identity
of the nobleman you knew as "W"?

Let me help you please, Sire.

The warring factions of my kingdom

are always known by the first
letter of their leader's name.

"W" stands for Wigstan.

He has royal blood,

as well as being one of the most
powerful warlords in Mercia.

Yet he is obviously not
part of the Ruling Council.

No. Wigstan would find it
unbearable to belong to any group.

His interests are always personal.

Then you don't trust him?

Trust him?

My Lord,

no one should ever trust Wigstan!

So there is no dealing with him?

Absolutely not! The only way forward,

the only choice now,

is for both of you noble kings

to raise your armies

and invade Mercia

and rid my kingdom

of all the factions who want to ruin me!


The only legitimate ruler of that
poor, ravaged, raped and abused land.

I agree with the Queen.

There is no other choice now.


So it seems.

Very well. We shall take your advice.


come to bed.

I said...


Why not?

I don't want to.

Very well.

Then go
sleep with my father,

you whore!

Yes, yes, and why don't you go and
sleep with your mistress, the Queen.

Gives you another reason
to flagellate yourself!

Go on. Hit me.

Hit me if it pleases you, husband.

But it makes no difference,
either to you or me.

You are husband to me

in name only, as I am wife to you.

But you're otherwise
free to do as you will.

We had an argument.


He called me your whore,

which I am

and have freely chosen to be.

Do you want me to leave?

This was my wife's ring.

My wife died in childbirth.

I cannot tell you the pain of it.

And I was resolved

never to marry again.

But I would like you

to wear it

if you will.

The forts have been built according
to your instructions, Your Grace.

Eventually there will be an iron chain

which can be raised between them to
prevent the passage of any boat upriver.

We should still place some boats beyond
this barrier, in case they break through.

Hopefully they will
be unable to do so.

You don't know
my people like I do.

They don't recognize any barriers,
except as obstacles to be overcome.

What has become clear to
both the Emperor and myself

is that, if we were to lose
Paris, we would lose everything.

For then the enemy would command the
Marne, the Seine, and the Yonne rivers,

and the country would lie
open as far as Reims.

We must hold Paris
whatever the cost.

There is no alternative.

No other choice.

When my brother returns,

everything will be decided here.

I cannot wait to take control
of my northern lands

and set up my own court.

You have some business
here first, remember?

Some family business.

I know.

A man can dream, can he not,

of dancing naked on the sand?

In any case, my father needs you.

He needs a strong man to
support him and to guide him.

He has Count Odo.

I don't like Count Odo.

Nor do I trust him.

Of course,

it's possible that he could
die in the fighting.

Slain by some unknown assailant.

And then the Emperor would
just have to rely more on you.

Only a coward

kills a man

by stabbing him in the back.

That is what a Viking would say!

But you are no longer a Viking.

In Frankia, we do certain
things differently.

That is something you'll
have to learn, my love.

Something you'll
certainly have to learn.

You asked for
a private audience.


Your Highness, forgive me,

I am reluctant to discuss matters
which relate directly to my superior.

You mean Count Odo?

Then absolve yourself of any guilt

and just say what you have to say.

Highness, I am troubled

that you always trust his word.


Should... Should I not trust his word?

Because he is not
always worth believing.

Why, pray, is he not worth believing?

Because he is ambitious.

Ambitious beyond ambitious.

So that even an Emperor's crown would
not sit untidily upon his head.

An Emperor's crown?

I cannot believe it!

What... What are you saying?

Do... Do you
have any proof of this?

I have the word of his mistress.

And, as your Highness knows,

a man will always divulge the
truth first to his mistress,

and only afterwards,

if at all,

to his wife.

Very well.

Let me talk to his mistress.

For God's sake!

How should I trust the
evidence of this woman?

Because this woman is my sister.

Is it true?

Yes, Your Highness.


Does Count Odo talk
freely of his ambitions?

Yes, he does.

Very freely.

His ambition

to replace me?

To become


Yes, exactly.

His ambition to become Emperor.


Then I beg you,


stay close,

to Count Odo.

Report to me anything which
might signal his treachery.

Now, go! Leave me!

Is this how you looked?


Though my hair was much shorter.

What is the name of your kingdom?


And who rules it?

The Emperor Dezong,

of the Tang Dynasty.

I want to know about your father.

My father was a... A merchant.

Well respected.

Rich enough to own a boat.

What about the Emperor?

Tell me about him.

The Emperor had many daughters...


...with his wives and concubines.

His concubines were looked after

by the palace eunuchs.


Men who are not men.

Why are they not men?

Their manhood was cut off.

I don't like that.


They didn't like it either.

Are you one of
the Emperor's daughters?

- My father was a merchant.
- I know.

You told me that before.

I don't know you.

And you don't know me.

Yet I want to tell you
my most terrible secret.

- Do you want to hear it?
- Yes.


I can share your burden.


I am small,

but I have broad shoulders

and I am not afraid.

I will tell you when you tell
me the truth about your father.

All right.

Then give me more of that medicine.

So we are agreed,

we'll raise an army and attack Mercia.

There is no alternative, my Lord Aelle.

Not if we wish to see Queen Kwenthrith
placed once more upon the throne.

Travel safely, my Lord.

You are the best of allies.

I'm a simple man at heart,

but full of conviction.

Your convictions,
do you credit.

Farewell, my child.

Take heed of what I've told you.

I will always listen to you, Father.

But also to my own
conscience, and weigh such

things in the balance,
as it pleases you.

It does not always please me.

But enough!

Women are frail.

Farewell, children.

Remember your duties,

say your prayers,

and banish the Devil from your thoughts.

Such good advice, my Lord Aelle.


King Ecbert?

- Yes, Queen Kwenthrith?

I need to know that I can trust you.

That you will do what you promised me.

Why would you doubt me?

You've heard me speak
plainly and in public.

I doubt you for one reason only.

And that is that you and
I are somewhat alike.

Then do not judge yourself too harshly.


you know me for a sinner.

And I think you have already decided
to cast me out into the darkness,

like a fallen angel,

to suffer in purgatory, or the
fires of hell, for all eternity.

Think you, Lord,

that I can look upon such
scenes with equanimity?

That I do not dream,
in the dead of night,

of returning to your light
and the promises of heaven?

Am I not a man like other men?

And yet,

I would sup with the Devil

if he would show me

how to achieve my earthly goals.

Your kingdom, Lord, as you have
said, is not of this world,

but my kingdom is.

Bjorn Ironside,

come and sit with me.

We should talk to one another.

You don't trust me.

I have no reason to trust you.

You have told me of your ambitions.

I will never give you
any cause to kill me.

That is not for you to say.

I may find cause where others may not.

Who knows?

But for now anyway,

we are allies.

And we shall go together to Paris.

And we shall fight together.
Is it not so?

You and Ragnar need my warriors.
You need my ships.

I can't wait for Paris,

Bjorn Ironside.

I cannot wait.

We shall destroy those Christian folk!

They have seen nothing yet.

We are the masters now!

- Is it not so?
- Yes! Yeah!

- Is it not so?
- Yes!

- A boat's come in!
- They're here!

- Bring him in!
- Over here!

- Brother.
- Brother!

This is Kattegat!

This is Kattegat.


King Ragnar,

this is my brother Halfdan.

Meet the notorious King Ragnar.

It's a great honor.

When do we sail for Paris?

You seem eager to fight.

Yes, it's true.

Not just for the sake of fighting,
but for the beauty of it.

And against the Christians, yes.

I hate the Christians.

In the name of Odin, I
would kill them all.

You'll have the opportunity to
kill a great number of them

once we reach Paris.



They'll be wondering where you are.

I doubt it.

What are you thinking about?


You must be excited to be going back.


I feel so old.

When I was young I had
the passion to win,

but now, with age and
all that comes with it,

I have lost the desire.

And the strength.

A few years ago I
established a settlement

in a distant country where I took
many of my people and friends

to make a new life for themselves.

But shortly after my departure,
they were all slaughtered.

Their homes destroyed and burned.

I live with such guilt because of it.

And nobody knows.

My father's the Emperor.

They say he left Kattegat a
boy and came back a man.

Killed a bear with his bare hands.

With his own hands?


Who is that?

It is Floki, the boat builder.

For some reason no one will tell me,

he has fallen out with King Ragnar.

Ask him.

Floki. Boat builder.

Sit down with us.

Yes, Floki. Sit down. Make room.

Both of you join us.

- Fill the horns.
- Sup.

This is my younger brother, Halfdan.

- He's keen to know you.
- All right.

So, you are the genius that built
the boats that changed our world,

and helped made Ragnar so famous!

Why would he fall out
with someone like you?

Because I killed his pet Christian.



To new friendships.





Ivar, do you want to play?

It's mine, give it back!

Now you go!

Here! To me!

Throw it!


Give it here!

- Not to him.
- No, you...


My turn!

To me!

Come on! Here!

Do not be afraid.

It's not your fault.

Everything is all right.

Everything will be all right.

What is that?

Can I see?

Where did you find this?

I took it from someone.

Why are you so interested?

I want to talk to you.

What about?


We have moments when I
feel so close to you,

especially when you're inside me,
but then you don't want to talk,

and I wonder why you really came for me

and took me away from my child.


I talk to you.

By the way,

that was Erlendur's ring.

He got it from his father, King Horik.

You look... Lagertha,
you look so beautiful.

This is always how I
imagined this moment.

Wherever I am,

I don't ever want to forget how
you looked on our wedding day.

Earl Kalf is dead.

Long live Earl Ingstad!

Long live Earl Ingstad!

Long live Earl Ingstad!

Long live Earl Ingstad!

Long live Earl Ingstad!
Long live Earl Ingstad!

Long live Earl Ingstad!
Long live Earl Ingstad!

Long live Earl Ingstad!
Long live Earl Ingstad!

Long live Earl Ingstad!

Long live Earl Ingstad!

Long live Earl Ingstad!

Long live Earl Ingstad!