Vikings (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - Yol - full transcript

Ragnar gets to know the new slave woman while Rollo reveals his ambitions to his wife. Bjorn meets an unexpected warrior on his way home.

Lothbrok: Previously
on vikings...

You haven't told him,
have you?

Our daughter is dead.


Slave trader: They are from paris.
For sale. For a very good price.

Don't touch me!
I want a divorce!

We have to stop him leaving.

(in native tongue)

Ah! I understand. You want
to speak our language.

Queen kwenthrith.
Thank god you are free.

-This is magnus.
-The son of ragnar lothbrok.

And heir to the
throne of mercia.

Bjorn lothbrok
has left kattegat.

Erlendur: It will be a perfect
opportunity to assassinate him.

And I know the perfect
man for the job.

If anyone stops you, you say you
wear the ring of king horik.

Kill bjorn ironside.

-What are you going to do?
-You've suffered enough, helga.

(if I had a heart playing)

I cannot stop
thinking about death.

Death intrigues me.

The death of children.

The death of friends.

But my own death continues
to elude me.

In my world, it is believed that
the day of your death is fated.

Would you like to know the
day of your death?

In my world, you must
have a life worth living

Before you can even
consider death.

In my world, I am constantly
torn between killing myself

Or everyone around me.

I am a slave.

So I have the same feelings.


A king and a slave.

It is both our duties to
serve others,

Whether we like it or not.



What is your name?


(monk speaking
in native tongue)

(bell tolling)

-Ecbert: Amen.


When my friend and ally comes
to call during advent, alas,

We must fast on gruel.


So, queen kwenthrith,

It seems we are also arrived to
celebrate your release from captivity.


But what does it mean
for mercia?

And how do we restore legitimacy to
such a fractured and wounded kingdom?

Well, you have to invade.

Northumbria and wessex together
must defeat the ruling council.

And you will once
more be queen.

Of course.

With you to thank.

And your son magnus

Will be heir to the throne.

The son of ragnar lothbrok.

I once swore an oath,
before god and all his angels,

That one day I would kill
ragnar lothbrok

In revenge for his unprovoked and
merciless attack upon my kingdom.

And would you kill his
bastard son, as well?

(people drumming
and cheering)

Kid: Come on!

Warrior: We bring
you the yule log!

Warrior: May the
gods be praised!

Priest: People! May the yule
log burn throughout yol,

And bring its warmth and light
to us in these darkest of days.

And to king ragnar
and his family,

May they feel the warmth of the
fire, like the love of the people!


(all shout)

Viking: More!


Ivar's awake now.
He is crying for you.

(crowd cheering)

(crowd continues
chattering in distance)

Hey, look out.

-I can't wait to go to paris.
-Hvitserk: Put it higher.

-Ivar! Hey!
-Hvitserk: Ubbe, up.

Look, this is mistletoe.

Do you know what's
special about mistletoe?

It's magical.

-Go on.

Hvitserk: Here's one.

Here, take this.

Good boy, put it in there,
just like your brothers.

-Put it in there.
-I don't want to.

Good boy. No, you
can do it, it's all right.

-Do it! Don't stop.
-Give him to me.

-What are you doing?
-He doesn't want to do it.

Stop treating him like there's
something wrong with him!

Let him join in with the other
boys and be like the other boys.

But he's not
like the other boys!

He's different. You can't
make him what you want.

You can't make him like you.
He's not you!

If you treat him like a cripple,
he will be a cripple.

(scoffs) don't worry about it.

Ivar's my responsibility,
not yours.

I love him just as
much as you do.

You don't act like it.

(ominous music playing)

Seer: Who disturbs
my peace now?

(seer breathing hoarsely)

So, you finally came.

I have waited a long time.

What do you mean,
waited a long time?

Hundreds of years.

While I lay in the wet ground.

Waiting in the space
between life and death.

-You know exactly what I mean.

Don't play games.

I have waited and
I understand.

Show me that you understand.

Show me who you are.

(ominous music continues)



(whispered conversations)

(bells tolling)

Duke rollo,

By the powers vested in me
by his holiness the pope,

I have come to serve upon you
the papers of annulment,

Formally ending your marriage
with the princess gisla.

Since the marriage has
not been consummated,

Under christian law
it does not exist.

Of course I appreciate,
abbot lupus, that this...

Northman understands me not!

What do you know, old man?

I understand.
I have learned your language.

Princess gisla,

I beg you not to do this.

I know my destiny is
to be with you.

And I swear that, like you,

I am prepared to defend
paris to the death.

Leave us.

I have come all the way
from rome. Surely...

Surely you will find refreshments
elsewhere in the palace.

I do thank you for your pains,
such as they are.

Leave us.

(door closing)

So, you have confessed
your love and devotion.

Let me ask you
something, rollo,

Now we can speak
to one another.

And I don't pretend it hasn't touched
me that you have learned our language.

Let me ask you what is
more important to you...

Our marriage, your appointment
by the emperor...

Or your viking soul?

Did I not kill
all my own warriors?

Yes, but I think that is a
very viking thing to do. No?

It wasn't personal.

I don't know if it meant
anything to you.

This means something to me.


Is personal.

Do with it what you will.

(fire crackles)

Aslaug: I saw you
looking at my slave, yidu.

I know you can hear me.

Would you like to
spend some time with her?

If so, I can arrange it.

And I wouldn't mind.

You are free to go with her.

I won't be jealous.

If that is what you want.

(slow violin music)

-(pigs grunting)
-(gasping in frustration)


(groaning in frustration)


(gate creaking)


Tell me how you
became a slave.

I know you weren't
born into it,

Because you are clearly
not very good at it.

I was sailing with
members of my family.

Pirates came aboard,
slaughtered some of us,

And others they kept for sale.

They separated me
from my brothers.

And they...

Raped you?



They did not dare to rape me.

Why did they not dare
to rape you?

They took me on
a long journey,

For days and weeks.

And afterwards they
sold me to the franks.

And now, I am here.

I am here, wherever "here" is.

And it's so long since
I knew where I was,

Or where I belonged.

I suppose it is stupid for a
slave to worry over such things.

A slave does not really exist.


I want to show you something.

(soft string music playing)

(door clattering)

(wind howls)

(door slamming)

(flint striking)

What is this place?


(bird chirping)

Although no one else
has ever been here,

It is the only place
I do not feel alone.

(animals squeaking)

(snake hissing)

If you want, you can come
and go as you please.

(birds chirping)

And how is that possible?

I am king.

Everything is possible.

And what about my
duties as a slave?

They are no longer wanted.

(birds squawking)

You are an awful slave.
I am dismissing your services.

Is it true?

Yes. You are a useless slave.

No! That I can come
and go as I please?

Only if you desire to.

If you want, you can
walk away right now.

(breathing heavily)

(branch snapping)

(branch snapping)

(sword clatters)

(dramatic music playing)





-(sword slices)


Berserker: (laughing)

(trap snapping)

Berserker: (laughing)

(moody, pacing music playing)


(thuds dully)





(knife swishes)


(labored breathing)

(berserker groans)

Who sent you?


(screaming in pain)

Who sent you?

Who sent you?

Who sent you?

(screaming in pain)



-Come in.

-What do you want?
-Floki, just wait!

And listen!

Isn't it enough that the queen
has come to our door?


Floki, I came to deliver my
precious son into your hands.

This is ivar,

Who I love more than
anyone else alive.

And, floki, I know
he is clever.

I want you to teach him
the ways of our gods.

Teach ivar the true path.

Teach him to hate the christian god
as you hate the christian god!

Only you can do it,

Not ragnar.

I will bring him
to you every day.

Teach him to be a viking.

Teach him the deep,
and ancient, ways.

(knife chopping)

(rat squeaking)

(bird chirping)

I have something for you.

It is an ancient
chinese medicine.

I am not sick.

But you are still in pain.

In here.

Do you think I want
to poison you?

(slow string music playing)




(music intensifies)

(ropes creaking)

(music continues)

(breathing heavily)

(wind howls)






We heard you took yourself
away into the wilderness.


-I went to find someone.


What is wrong with you?

Bring the son of
ragnar lothbrok a drink.

We must celebrate
your arrival.

I would not be so
quick to celebrate.

I have come for two reasons.

First, to see my mother.


To take torvi with me
back to kattegat.

You're talking about my wife.

She is your wife, and yet
you treat her like a slave.

Kalf: Torvi is free to
make up her own mind.

What do you want to do?


I want to go with bjorn.



Very well. But you
must leave the child.

Guthrum will stay
with me, huh?

No! No, no!

I cannot leave him!

Then I refuse to release
you from your vows.


I can't. (sobbing)


(sobs) bjorn!

If you want to go with my son,

Then go with my son.

I will look after your child.

We have one life, torvi.

So go and live it.

(loud conversations)

(man exclaiming)

(women laughing)

A toast! A toast!

To northumbria,
mercia, and wessex.

To allies and friends.

Aelle: To allies and friends.

All: Allies and friends!

-And to the three kings!
-(all laughing)

Man: Hear, hear!
Hear, hear!

(choir performing)

(inaudible whispering)


You! Take the young
prince to bed.

Yes, highness.


You take me for a fool?

It is bad enough that,
against all conscience

And against all
that is sacred,

That you have been allowed to
paint the holy scriptures.

But now,

I see some gross and indecent familiarity
between you and your father-in-law.

My god, to think that
you are my child!

For what are you
but a bad wife,

And a bad mother!

The very worst example
of womanhood!

If aethelwulf asked my permission
to beat you into submission,

I would allow it.

My lord, battered or not,
it would make no difference.

You don't own me, father,
nor does any man own me.

Though encumbered everywhere,

I am free.

(sword clatters on floor)

(in native tongue)

-All: Amen.

Where is my daughter? No one
should be late for epiphany!

(chamber music playing)


Yes, father?

Would you join us?

I'm not hungry.

Can I speak to you alone
for a moment, husband?

If you'll excuse me,

Your highness.


(pottery shatters)

(both moaning)

(strenuous moaning)

(chamber group
continues playing)

(repeated thudding)

(moaning continues)

Happy christmas!

All: Happy christmas!

(moody, pacing music)

(choir chanting)

(fire crackling)

Priest: Yol!

Crowd: Yol!

(intense drumming music)

Man: Oars!

Straight ahead!


Mother! Mother!

-What is it?
-A stranger has come.

A stranger?

Where is he?

He is here.

Queen aslaug.

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is harald but, uh,

My people call
me king finehair.

A king?

Then you are most welcome
to our hearth and home.

Come, warm
yourself by the fire.

-My men...
-Will be taken care of.

Are you hungry?
Fetch king harald a drink.

Tell me, king harald,
why have you come here?

The wanderers sing
praises of your husband.

They tell stories of his
journeys far and wide.

His raids upon
England and paris!

He is a famous man.

Why would I not want to
meet him in person?

Sit at his feet

And talk to him?

But where,

May I ask,

Might he be?

You will see him soon enough.

(loud conversations)

That's good.
That's good enough.

Let's play hnefatafl! Huh?

-Harald: Yes?

-I'll get the board!
-Get the board!
We're playing hnefatafl!

-(men cheering)
-come on, let's drink!
Let's drink!

I'll play the king!

-(jeering and exclaiming)
-(harald laughs)

Harald: Where's my king?

You start!

I'm going to ask
you once more,

Why have you really come here?

I made someone a promise.


A girl.

A princess.

I wanted to marry her. But...

She turned me down.

Be smarter.

Why did she turn you down?

I wasn't important enough.

She had other offers.

Why didn't you just take her?

That's a good question,
queen aslaug,

But, uh, I don't know.

I liked her spirit.

I decided I had to
be worthy of her.

Oh! Bad luck.

How could you do that?

By making myself
king of all norway!

Then she would marry me
for sure! (laughing)

(ominous string music playing)

But in order to become
king of all norway,

You would have to
overthrow my husband.

-His king...
-(crowd cheers)

Is dead.

-You lose!

Good game, boys, good game.

Well, look who's back,

And well.

(ominous music continues)

And you are?

(theme music playing)