Vikings (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 3 - Mercy - full transcript

Ragnar tells Floki he has to pay a heavy price for his actions. Rollo finds an ally in Count Odo. Bjorn Ironside finds more than he bargained for in the wilderness.

I love you.

As long as I can remember,

I have desired you,

and although I thought
it was power that I wanted,

it's not true.

All I ever really wanted was you.

And seeing that you are still young enough,

I hope and I dream

that we can have a child together.

Then my happiness would be complete.

I need to piss.

Bjorn Lothbrok has left Kattegat.

He is living alone in
a hut in the interior.

It would be a perfect
opportunity to assassinate him.

I thought we came together to destroy
the family of Ragnar Lothbrok.

I thought that was your
ambition, as it is mine.

For me, I will not rest until
my father's death is avenged.

I agree.
It is the perfect opportunity.

And I also know
the perfect man for the job.

A Berserker.

What are you doing?

I felt bad for a long time

for treating you so badly...

Because of what happened
between you and Bjorn.

I want to say that I have forgiven you.

It doesn't matter to me at all.

And I want to return this to you.

Thank you, Erlendur.

You see, you can be forgiving
if you want to be.


Helga! Helga! Helga!


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, Helga.

I'm sorry.

So am I.

Believe me, so am I.

May the gods go with you, my friend.
And may you enjoy yourself.

Here is some protection.

This was my father's ring.

If anyone stops you, you say you
wear the ring of King Horik,

fashioned for him by the
magic boat builder, Floki.

All men will let you pass,
until you reach your destination.

There will also be gold and silver
waiting for you when you return,

if you have succeeded.

However you do it, kill Bjorn Ironside.


St. Eulalia.

St. Eulalia.

Forgive me, Father.

What about, my daughter?

St. Eulalia.
Why was she sainted?

Eulalia was martyred by the
pagan Roman Emperor Maximian.

She refused to renounce her Christian faith

and was sentenced
to be burned at the stake.

But the flames did not burn her.

She was left alive in the pyre,

- her flesh totally untouched.
- And what did they do to her?

My sweet daughter asked
what happened to Eulalia.

She was beheaded.

Her naked body was thrown into the Forum.

However, God sent a blanket of
snow to protect her modesty.

And she ascended to heaven
in the form of a dove.

My husband is just like that pagan Emperor.

He'd probably like to
destroy me in the same way,

by burning me alive,
or cutting off my head.


- My woman...
- Don't touch me!

Don't ever touch me, you ignorant savage!

I will never be your woman.

I want a divorce.
Arrange it.

Fill the Duke's glass.

Let us be calm.

- What are we to do, Count Odo?
- We have to stop him leaving.

If he leaves now, it will be catastrophic for our
attempts to defend the city against his brother.

Try and tell him.

Your Grace?



Me and you.

Can you understand?

I understand!

You want to learn!
You want to speak our language.

Trust me.

I will find you a teacher.

Soon we will talk.


He will stay.

Thank God.

- Drink.
- More!

You haven't told him, have you?

He needs to know, Helga.

What is he talking about, Helga?

What is it you haven't told me?

Our daughter is dead.

She caught a fever.
There was nothing I could do.



Where are you?


The shields up!

That's it! One!

I shall introduce you to the making of
pigments used to illuminate Holy Scripture.

These pigments, or colors,

come from various sources
of animals, plants,

and natural minerals.

The illuminator must be a skilled chemist

as well as an artist.

These ingredients, carefully mixed,

form the basis of many of the
colors we use in illumination.

Some are poisonous

and some are very rare,

but those found in the earth are common

if you know what to look for.

Today, I would like to show you

how to make the color known as vermillion.

Vermillion is formed from this
mineral, known as cinnabar,

the principal ore of mercury.

To form the dye,

we mix various proportions of cinnabar

and sulfur

into a well-sealed jar.

Then place the jar over heat

until a blue vapor is emitted.

Prudentius, you are a Frank.

Tell me what you know about the recent
attack on Paris by the Northmen.

- You have heard about it, I assume?
- Who has not heard about it?

It is a cause celebre
across the whole of Europe.

- The city was besieged?
- Exactly. She was besieged.

Assailed from every quarter.

God knows how those poor
Christian people suffered.

But they triumphed?

Of course.
God was on their side.

I have already heard
many details of the siege

and the consequences from the Abbot
of the monastery of St. Denis.

It turns out that many of the pagans
who entered the Cathedral of Notre Dame

afterwards were struck down by disease.

Did the Abbot know the identity of
the Northmen who attacked the city?

Their leader was the famous
Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok,

wrath of God,

who even pretended to be dead
to get inside the walls.

But probably now is really
dead for his impiety.

Was there any mention of an
English monk called Athelstan,

who might have been fighting
with Ragnar's band?

A Christian?

If it is true, he should
be caught and crucified.

Glair, for adhesion.

Pretending to be dead.

How like our Ragnar.

You cannot fault his ingenuity, as always.

He has no news of our Athelstan.

He told me many of the attackers fell sick

and died after entering the Cathedral.

Our friend Athelstan lives on,
both in Alfred and in you, Judith.

God's sacred vessel, chosen to
deliver the holy man's child.

What am I really but just a sinful woman?

We are all sinful, Judith.
Ever since we were thrown out of Paradise.

That is all our burden.













Thor came to a deep channel.

The sun dazzled upon the water.

On the far bank, a figure
sprawled in the sun,

his flat-bottomed
boat beside him.

"Hey!" yelled Thor.

"You over there! Are you the
ferryman and whose ferry is that?"

The figure sat up.

He cupped his hands and shouted,

"Hildolf, the slaughtered
wolf, entrusted it to me!

And he has given me my orders!

So, if you want to cross here, tell
me your name!" Demanded the ferryman.

"Mmm, I'll tell you. I am the son
of Odin, the strongest god of all.

So ferryman, you are talking to Thor!"

The god's words made
waves across the water,

they broke at the ferryman's feet.

"Now tell me your name," said Thor.

And the ferryman,

he stood up and he shouted,

"My name is Harbard!

I seldom hide it."

Have you ever met Harbard?

No, not I.

Perhaps your mother has.

We should eat.

In the spring, will you take us to Paris?
Hvitserk and me?

We must celebrate Yol first.
It's the heart of winter.

But will Bjorn be back for Yol?

I do not know if, or when,
your brother will return.

Come and eat.

The fish.

- I do not care anymore.
- Just get it done.

We can't sail with this.

Have we done a head count?

We have.
I counted six.

Did your father not teach you?

We won't get beyond
the horizon with this sail.

There's no rush.
How many times...

Give it to me now.
We have enough!


We have to light a fire.

We can't.
We're still in Mercia

and they'll be looking for us.

Look at my child.

He has had nothing to eat,
and he is freezing to death.

- No, he can't eat that.
- You have to eat it.

You have to live.

- Ready, men?
- Yes, my Lord.

Good, ready the horses.

It's all right.

If I give myself freely to you,

you must acknowledge me freely as an equal.

But I will only be your mistress again

if you swear on the life of Athelstan

that you will heed and respect me.


On the life of him who is dearer
to me than even my own self,

I do so swear.

For the love I bear not only to your son,

but also to you.

Now stay, or go,

as you please.




Oh, how I've waited for you, my friend.

No, no, don't go!

- One!
- One!

Two! Three!






I'm sorry if I disturbed you.

I believe...

I believe Athelstan is dead.

How do you know?

He appeared to me.

Here, in this room.

He blessed me and made
the sign of the cross.

But he was silent,

and his image faded almost as soon
as I saw it. And I knew then,

I knew in my heart that he was dead.

I loved him.

So did I.

They're coming!
There they are! They're back!

I see them!

They're back!

Praise the Lord!

All safe?

Queen Kwenthrith.

Thank God, you are free.

I do thank our Lord, King Ecbert.

But also your son, Aethelwulf.

He saved me and my child
from certain death.

So, this is Magnus.

Yes, this is Magnus.

The son of Ragnar Lothbrok.

Yes, and heir to the throne of Mercia.

Come inside. Eat, sleep, bathe.
Forget your terrors.

You are safe now.

Stand down!

You've been crying.

Can't a woman cry when her husband
returns from a dangerous place?

They are tears of joy,
Aethelwulf, tears of joy.

How is Magnus?

He is sleeping.

He ate well

for the first time in many days.

I did not think he would survive.

He is a Viking.


Did you hear about the
latest exploits of Ragnar?


He and a great army attacked Paris.

Ragnar pretended to be dead,

and was carried into the city,

only to jump out of his coffin

and open the gates for his warriors.

That's so ridiculous it must be true.

And my teacher Prudentius told me that

many of the Northmen fell sick and died

after entering the cathedral.

That God punished them.

I cannot believe Ragnar died.

Ragnar Lothbrok is not dead.

He is no ordinary mortal.

I know it.

I can feel it in my soul.
I just know.

But Athelstan...

The monk?

Athelstan is dead.

Why is that so important to you?

Athelstan is the father of my child...


The father? But...

When Aethelwulf found out,

they cut off my ear as punishment.




Yes, come to me.

And you shall call my name nine times

and nine times shall I come and visit you.

Nine times.

- And shall be so gentle...
- What are you going to do?

And you shall come with me...

You've suffered enough, Helga.

So generous.

And you shall be so generous to let me go.

I shall go and you...