Vikings (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 19 - On the Eve - full transcript

The Viking army causes panic in the English countryside as King Ecbert and Aethelwulf plan the defense of the Kingdom of Wessex.

Yeah, we need those reinforced!
Bring some more!

The stake needs retying!

Every other man
on the outer perimeter!


Come with me!

Yeah, on all sides.
...very strong defenses.

I need some
more wood over here.

Yeah, on all sides.

Come get your goats!

Who is that man?

I don't know.

He sailed in this morning
with some other traders.

They look, but they don't
want to buy anything.

I ask myself, why did they
bother to come all this way

if they're not interested
in buying anything?


What were they doing?

Looking for
weaknesses in our defenses.

Seems like they found one.

Open the gates!

The Bishop was
in battle with King Aelle.

Dear God.

His Grace is certainly
closer to God right now

than to you,
Prince Aethelwulf.

Put him down!

Who did this to you?

Was it the sons
of Ragnar Lothbrok?

Their army. How big is their army?
How many warriors?

How many blades of grass

are there in a field?

What does that mean?
Hundreds? Thousands?

Tell me, come on.

Tell me!

Damn you!

And may you rest in peace.

Give the Bishop a proper and
decent Christian burial.

Even in such times,
we must do what is right.

So, King Aelle is defeated.

Most horribly and barbarously
put to death, Sire.

So it is said.

Well, I'm sorry to hear it.

For all our sakes.

That great army is doubtless
on its way here already.

I charge you, my son,
to go out and face it.

If it really is as great
as the Bishop suggested,

then I'll need some extra time
to raise more men at arms.

I agree. But now time
itself is of the essence.

They cannot bring
such a force, on foot,

or by boat,
to Wessex within a week!

Even so, the element of surprise
is the most valuable asset...

Father! Since you've given me
command, then let me exercise it!

Father, I want to fight with you.
As do I!

And I won't risk
the lives of either of you.

You're the future.

My duty is to protect you.
Go to bed. Sleep peacefully.

Good boy. Good boy.

I hope to God
you're right, my son.

For right now,
all the dreams and plans

I had stand in
the greatest jeopardy.

You're not the only one
who had dreams, Father.

If you forgive me, I have
messengers to dispatch.


If anyone can
save us, it's my son.

I know. He is very brave...

Whatever else he may be.

I urge you again to go
back to him, my love.

He will need the strength
and brilliance of your mind.

You must forgive him
as he must forgive you.

There's no need to remain attached
to a dying animal like me.

What if I don't want to?

Then I shall have to command
you, being your King.

My Lady.

Why can't you sleep?
Are you afraid?

No. I'm not afraid.

Good. You have no
reason to be afraid.

Your father watches over you
the whole time.

But you are my father.

I mean your real father.

You know very well. The
monk they called Athelstan.

Oh, he was a very
holy man, Alfred.

He was a very special man.

He changed all our lives.

You should be very proud
to have a father like him.

I'm also proud to
have a father like you.

This way!

Come. Quickly.

From the fury of the Northmen,
O Lord, deliver us!


May God in His mercy
bless and keep you.

And may He sow confusion
among His enemies,

and bring you
victory in this Holy War.

Thank you, Father.

Farewell for now.
Fear nothing.

We shall all be together soon.
Praise the Lord.

My husband,
you depart with our love,

and carry our hopes.
Fare you well.

Live, live, and live!

I will try. As I'll also try
to be worthy of you, Judith.

To everything,
there is a season,

and a time for every
purpose under the sun.

A time to love,
and a time to hate,

a time of war,
and a time of peace.

Now this is the time of war!

This is the time to hate!

My son,

I do beg your forgiveness.

I have been
a very poor father,

but know that I love
you with all my heart.

Let's go.
Move out!

Let's go!

Forward! Align!

It seems to me that the Saxons are
as timid as frightened women.

Their hearts are faint.

I don't think they
can truly trouble us.

You don't know enough, Ivar.

You haven't seen enough.
These are brave men.

I've fought against them,
you haven't.

I can only see what
my eyes tell me, Bjorn.

And what I see is frightened
people running before us.

I see their spineless God
running away from our gods.

For once, why don't you just
listen to an older, wiser brother?

These people who are running
away, they're not warriors.

They are not
the ones who will stay

and fight to
defend this kingdom.

And protect their honor. For what
is a warrior without his honor?

I don't know.
You tell me, brother.

And, tell me again, how many
battles have you fought?

Same as you, brother.

Except I don't ride around in
a comfortable bloody chariot!

What you have to learn, Ivar,

is that if you break up this
brotherhood, we shall not succeed.

We have many
challenges ahead of us.

So, if you want
to keep arguing

and whining
like a little girl,

then I suggest you leave.
We don't need you.

Oh, but you do need me.

Why do you think Father chose
me to come with him to England?

He had a reason for doing so.

He told me I was the one
who would act for him,

who would make
sure he was revenged.

If that's what you want
to think, then think it.

I understand it
must be hard for you

to accept that the true heir
to the great Ragnar Lothbrok

should turn out to be
a cripple and a reject.

So this is what the grunting of
the little pigs was all about!

No, not there!

Where shall I put them?

Fill your bellies, boys!

He's here!

Lord Aethelwulf!

There he is!

Prince Aethelwulf!

But I need him now! You'll
have to find him for me.

It's all you'll get today.

What's your estimation
of their strength? Honestly?

Who can tell?

Between three
or four thousand.

That's what it
looked like to me.

We've never seen
anything like this before.

Not a raiding party,
but a great heathen army.

Where were they headed?

They killed King Aelle
near York,

and they're moving south into the
Midlands, so far towards Repton.

Is it your belief that they are set
upon attacking my father's kingdom?

That they have gathered
together to attack Wessex?

There is no doubt in my mind.

These are the sons
of Ragnar Lothbrok.

They want revenge
for the death of their father.

They killed Aelle.

But they know your father
was complicit in his death.

So it seems inevitable that they
are marching towards Wessex.


I believe this man.

I always thought they would
seek revenge against my father.

So let's move towards Repton.

I think our
destiny awaits us there.


Floki, get up!


What is it?

She's gone! Tanaruz is gone.

Maybe it's for the better.

What are you talking about?

Something frightened her
and she's run away.

She might be in danger, Floki!

- Floki, we have to find her!
- Where is my darling?

Floki, find her, please.


I'm sorry.

You hate us.

I don't know what to do.

Tanaruz! My baby!

My baby!

You're okay,
aren't you?

Come inside. Come inside.

They're here.

Take your positions!

To the wall! Hold the gate!

You two!

Take the tower!

On the wall!

Over there! Close that breach!

To the Great Hall!


We're in the wrong place!

Torvi! Keep them at bay.




Retreat! Let's go! Retreat!

Back! Back to the boats!



Let him live.

Retreat! Retreat! Leave him! Come, retreat!
Let's get away!

Let's go! Run!


All right. I admit I was
a fool not to kill her.

You were a fool to think that
she would always wait for you.

You were a fool to
think that she loved you.

How could she
marry that nobody?

Maybe she loves him.
And, if she loves him,

then he is somebody.

How are you
suddenly so wise, brother?

It may have escaped your attention,
but I am not married myself.

You know why?

I don't understand women
any more than you do.

Women are fickle. Forget her.


I came to forgive you.

It is not your fault
you could not wait for me.

You probably thought it was an impossible
task you had set me in any case.

I was never
supposed to achieve it.

You never really intended
to marry me, did you?

I'm sorry.

I don't even know your name.

My name is Vik,
King Harald.

I am happy to meet you.

Believe me, I knew nothing of this
arrangement you had with my wife.


But I'm glad that
you have forgiven her.


No! Vik!


I'm so sorry.

They say
you are called Egil!

Egil the Bastard.
That's what they call you.

But you are
neither earl nor king.

How could you could
collect such an army?

Who paid for your army,
Egil the Bastard?

Why should I tell you?

You will kill me, burn me alive,
whether I tell you or not.

That's not true.
Of course it's true!

Don't play games.

As you can see,
I have no time for games.

We found your wife.

Look at her!

We have told her
that if you tell us

who paid for your
fleet and attack,

then we will spare your life.

That you and your wife can
live together again. Happily.

I don't know this woman.

Just tell them.

Just tell them, Egil!

If I do it, it is for you.
Not for me.

I am dead anyway.

Perhaps they will spare you.

I was paid by
King Harald Finehair.

On! On!
Keep up the pace!

Hold the line!


Push on!

Pull up on the rear!

Hold your form!



Whoa, whoa, whoa.


What news?

The Saxons are less
than a day's ride away.

They have a large army.

We'll make camp here.

Tomorrow we shall fight.

In the name of our father,
we shall overcome.

Make camp!

Make camp here!

You can make camp.

I want to take a look
at where we're going to fight.

What are you talking about?

They will expect us
to fight in a certain way.

Why should we do that?

Why don't we plan to fight in a
different way, and surprise them?

Our warriors won't understand
what's happening.

We fight in the shield wall.
That's how we fight.

But we have a bigger army now.

And they have a bigger
army, now, Hvitserk.

We cannot
fight in the same way.

It's too late to change now.

Who are you to say that?
Shut your mouth.

We are brothers.


Why do you want to
change the tactics?

Do you want to win, brother?

Listen, come with me, Bjorn.

Let's investigate
the battlefield.

Perhaps, instead of
a narrow and small place,

we should
stretch the battlefield

across a large area,
many miles.

And use the landscape.
Ditches, hills, woods.

What do you say?

If it works,
it is a good plan.

If it doesn't,
then it is a bad plan.

Tie the horses together!

What are you waiting for?


Can I talk to you?


I made a mistake. I'm so sorry.
I should have waited.

I never loved him.
I loved you.

But people persuaded me. They lied to me.
Can you understand?

Your dream seemed
such a long time away.

But I was wrong, so wrong!
I should have waited!

And now I see why.

You are going to do exactly
what you said you would do.

And I should
have believed you.

And I believe you now.
Forgive me.

Seems like, after all,

I know women a lot better
than you, brother!


Keep up!

Stay straight!

Keep your colors held high!

Stay alert!



Captain! Flank!

You men! Follow me left!

Keep your eyes on them!

Go! Get up! Come!

Right on me!


Turn around!

Around face! Full turn!

After them!

Keep moving!

Stay together!

Turn! Turn around!
Turn back! Turn back!

Turn! Turn around!

Shield wall!

Shield wall! Get together!



Stay together!



Prince Aethelwulf?
Prince Aethelwulf?


Four blasts.

If you say so.




There they are, My Lord!



I'll not be their fool
or their dupe any longer!

You say they left
their ships at Repton?

Yes, My Lord Aethelwulf.

In which direction is Repton?

Then that's
where we're going.

And if we reach Repton first,
and destroy their ships,

then we shall have
the better of this battle!

But we must move fast,
and keep them behind us!


What are they doing?
Where are they going?

To Repton, I imagine.

To the boats?

They are going for our boats?

You crippled bastard!
You were right!

You were right! Oh, you bloody mad genius.
You were right!

Stay down!
Get in lines!

Cover the ridge! On the ridge!


Close up! Close up!

Pull together!

Mind your back!

Shield wall!