Vikings (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 12 - The Vision - full transcript

Ragnar seeks to equip his voyage to Wessex, even while being warned that the gods have deserted him. Bjorn prepares to fulfill his dream of exploring the Mediterranean.

All hides and furs!

All types of fur and hides!
From Hedeby!

Hello, friends!

The great King Ragnar, back from the dead.

What are you doing here?

I'll let you in on a secret.

I'm going to raid England again.

And I'm looking for warriors, like
you and like you, to join me.

Why do you want to raid England again?

I've heard your son Bjorn has other plans.

Yes, he does, but I have my own plans.

To exact revenge on the
destruction of the settlement.

Yes. My brother
and his family went with you.

They were farmers, like me.

We never did find out
what happened to them.

But it seems you knew all along

and didn't tell us.

And, now, you want us to go and revenge,

not for my brother, and his wife,

and their children,

because you didn't care for them, no.

For your own guilt.

And do you know what, Ragnar Lothbrok?

Do you know what?

Thank you for your time.

And if I had the mind to raid,

I would raid with your son,
and not with you!

For I believe the gods have
deserted you, King Ragnar Lothbrok!

You are on your own!

Everyone hates you now!

You will have to travel down here,
along the coast of Frankia.

It will be hard not to be detected.

I am sure Floki's new boats can out sail

anything the Franks put out to sea.

We cannot be at sea forever.

Rollo has a new kingdom on the coast.

I don't see any other way.

Because there isn't one.

I could talk to Rollo.

Talk to him?

After what he did?

I have to be practical.

It is the best way.

It is our way.

I will send messengers to
him and if he kills them,

I will know where he stands.

And he will know where you are.

He would find out anyway.

I wish you were coming with me.

No, you don't.

You said yourself, this is
your destiny, not mine.

Your mistakes are yours

and so are your successes.

So, are you going to England?

That is the plan.

And who will sail with you?

Somehow I will work it out.

There is one thing I need your help with.


I need ships.

I will give you ships.

That was easy.

You've become a man in my absence.

I'm proud of you.

What are you laughing at? Hmm?

She's my special servant now.

And she has a lot of reasons
to be grateful to me.

I'm not sure I believe you, little brother.

And I'm sure you're jealous.

You cannot keep a slave to yourself.
No, not like that.

Mother, tell them to stop tormenting me.

It makes me so happy you are with a woman.

The rest of you should already be married.

Ubbe, you should have children.

I probably already have.

Just because you are the sons of a king
does not mean you can be irresponsible.

It's important to find a
woman and settle down.

I thought I had found a woman.

But now Ivar has taken her away from me.


I don't mean love.

You don't have to love the woman.

As a King's son you can have
as many women as you like,

but you need one to breed with.

So then you don't believe in love?

I didn't say that.

So you loved Ragnar when you married him?

And he loved you?

Of course I loved him!

Some say that you bewitched him.

What is wrong with you?

Nothing's wrong with me.
I just want to know

if she's ever loved anyone except Harbard.

You remember Harbard, don't you?

Of course she has loved someone else.

She has always loved me?

Isn't that right, Mother?

She felt pity for you.

That's all.

We all feel pity for you.

But sometimes we wish that
she'd left you to the wolves.

- Sigurd!
- What?


It is all right.

You're coming over here?

Go on, Boneless!

Go on, little Ivar.

What are you going to do?

Stop! Stop! Stop!

It's good to be in Kattegat.

Yeah, it'll be good.

He's not scared of him.

No. I'm telling you, he was afraid.


And Astrid.

What has brought you to Kattegat?

I have to watch my son
depart for his destiny.

How could I stay away?

Welcome to the feast.

Thank you, Bjorn.

King Harald.

Bjorn Ironside!
It's been a long time.


you have not been idle.

We have all heard of your exploits.

- Yes.
- That you captured Rogaland

and overthrew King Arnarson
and Earl Eyjolf.


And also King Svein.

Then you are nearer
to your ultimate ambition.

Of being King of Norway.

I think it is impossible, Bjorn.

How can I ever overthrow King Ragnar?

As for you, Bjorn, I want
to say we believe in you.

We believe in this journey.

And we believe that the gods are with you.


Come, have a drink.

Come meet my brothers.

Ubbe, Hvitserk, Sigurd and Ivar.

Hvitserk is coming with us.

I remember you, I remember all of you!

But how you've all grown tall.
You're not boys anymore!

I am so much taller when I stand up!

I'm sure you wish you could come with us.

Go to Hel!

I like him.


- Floki!
- Harald.


- Good to see you.
- So good to see you.

Come, come see Helga!


We were wondering if you survived.

Yes, Helga.

All these years...

All these years we've dreamed
of this very moment.

I have a new boat to show you, Harald.


A boat that will take us to new worlds.

We should drink to that.


Queen Aslaug.

Earl Ingstad.

Whatever our differences,

it seems that my son Bjorn

and your son Hvitserk will
go on this journey together.

And so we must wish them
both the luck of the gods.

Perhaps we should make a sacrifice.

We should.
And we can both officiate.

You forget, Lagertha, I am the Queen.

I never forget anything.

...comes along,
and it flows.

A toast!

To all of us! Reunited
and stronger than ever!

- Skol!
- Skol!

- Did he see you?
- No.

- Did he see you leaving?
- No, no. But why?

He's crazy. He wanted to kill me.
I am frightened of him.

Ivar? He's just a cripple.

What do you mean, just a cripple?

He's the strongest, most
violent man I have ever known.

And I want to be protected from him.

Why did he want to kill you?

In case I told you.

Told me what?

Told me what?
You can tell me.

That he cannot satisfy a woman.

You won't say anything, will you, Sigurd?

- I won't tell anyone.
- Do you swear?

I won't tell anyone.

- If he found out...
- I won't tell anyone. All right?

Thank you.

Poor Ivar.


Poor Margrethe.

I suppose you had to console her.

I did what I could.

She's terrified of him.

So am I, Sigurd.

So am I.

I know you can hear me.

I want you to know

that I can never forgive you for
taking away my husband and my world.

And look what you've done with it!

You call yourself Queen.

But you will never be Queen in Kattegat.

What are you digging
your hoard up for? Huh?

Everything you saved
to spend after your death.

I have no choice!

I have to bribe people to sail with me.

You're a loser.

Why don't you come and
help me lift, cripple boy?

Good boy.

Halfdan, King Harald, go with the gods.

We will. And you.

More fresh water.
Bring it.

You, help me here.

- ...bring you blessings.
- Something from the...

I will bring, from the land
of the eternal sun.

Yeah, put it there.
Yes, down there, yeah.


May the gods bless you.

Listen to her.
Be brave and take my ax.

- And look after your shield.
- Don't lose your shield!

- I hear of their red wine.
- I want to taste it.

Careful now!
It's slipping!

Now, now, put it straight back on the boat.

We need a hand.
Bring the other one.

- Inge! Go and help your father!
- I'm coming!

Wish him luck.
Come back for more.

Be strong. Be safe.

I will.

Don't come back unless you have seen
or done something extraordinary.

Otherwise, you will not be in the stories

and what will I be
able to tell our children

about their famous father, Bjorn Ironside?

Tell them that I love them.

Yes, they will.
It's very warm.

It's pulling to the left.

Take it.

You cannot pay enough gold
for this adventure!

May you wet your blade with blood.

May the gods be with you, brother.

Come back!
Tell me your stories.

What a beautiful dragon
you've built for us, Floki.

Now, let's fly her to Rome.

They'll sign up all right, Father.
But they will be the worst.

They'll be shit.

The dregs.

Who is this?

That is King Ecbert.

Can I keep it?

Check the big one at the top.

Well, just know there was one yesterday.

It was empty.

Who exactly is going
to pay for all this, young Ivar?

Go on. Take it.
Ah, that's a good choice,

I got that from Lindisfarne.
Go on, go on.

- Here you go. Here. Hey.
- What are you doing, Father?

What does it look like?

It looks like you're humiliating yourself.

Here you go.

- You give me that.
- No.

I don't care.

What if we care, Father?



- Have you changed your mind?
- Perhaps.

For that I will sail with you.

No, Father!

Take it. Take it.

Thank you.

Take it! Take it!

Take it!

What are you doing?

I am going with Father.

What do you mean?

I am sailing to England.

Tell your father I need to speak to him.

He can't avoid me any longer.

My wife.

And mother of my sons.

We both know that love was not
what brought us together.

But you've endured me.

You've suffered my words,

and my neglect.

Yet you never turned our sons against me.

I am sure that there are
times when you've hated me,

but you never poisoned their minds

or stopped them from loving me.

And for all of that,

with all my heart

I am grateful to you.

Why are you saying this now?

Because it needed to be said.

You told them!

No, I didn't. I swear.

I do not believe you.

It's true! I swear it, Ivar! I swear it!


I believe you.

Just let me lie here beside you,

and touch you.

Ivar! Ivar!


You can't go.

What are you talking about?

There's going to be a storm.

Everything will end in disaster.

You've seen that?

Yes, I've seen it.

You will drown.

I've seen it.

You can't go.

Stop telling me what to do, Mother.

Mother, all my life you
have been suffocating me.

Paying me so much special attention.


Why Ivar?

Because I'm a cripple.

Poor Ivar.

And now poor Ivar has a chance,
finally, to prove himself for the gods.

I will not let you take
that away from me, Mother.

You will die, Ivar.

I don't care if I die.


I love you.

But just one day with my father,

being a man,

that's worth a lifetime of pity.


Hurry up.
We've got a tide to catch.

You all right?

I'm terrified of water.

There are plenty of worse
ways to die than to drown.

Hold the sails!


Let go!