Vikings (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 10 - The Last Ship - full transcript

A ferocious battle between the Vikings and the Franks eventually comes down to Ragnar against Rollo. The outcome will seal the fate of the two brothers.



Pull right!

This is of your doing, Rollo.

Look, upriver!

I can see.

Raise the standards.

Raise your standards!

Raise your standards!

Sound the horns!

Prepare to move alongside and board!

Front line!


May God be with us.

From the fury of the Northmen,
O Lord, deliver us.

We commit ourselves
into the hands of our Lord.

We know that the Lord, our God, will smite
and deliver us from our enemies.

- Glory be to God.
- Glory be to God.

Holy Mother, I beg you,
don't forget my husband.

I carry his child, a Christian child.

Holy Mother, you can forgive all sins.

And so I ask you, in all humility,

to forgive and protect my beloved husband,

who, at this hour, is also trying to protect this
place of worship and all these Christian people.

Bowmen, to your stations!


First rank!


Loose arrows!

Second rank! Loose!

Third rank! Loose!


Fourth rank!



Fourth rank! Loose!



- What are your orders?
- My orders?

Shall we break off the attack?
Regather our forces?

"Break off the attack"?

We have already sustained
considerable losses.

Perhaps, in the circumstance, it would
be better if we took ourselves...

All of my life,

and all of your lives,
have come to this point.

There is nowhere else to be but here.

Nowhere else to live or die, but here.

To be here now is the
only thing that matters.

So gather yourselves,
gather all of your strength

and all of your sweetness
into an iron ball.

For we will attack again and again.

Until we reach and overcome their king,
or we die in the attempt!

- We attack!
- Attack! Attack! Attack!

Blow the horns!

Beat the drums and have courage,

for there will be no turning back!

Only victory or death!

What is he going to do?

He'll do what he always does...



Rollo, we're coming for you!


Let them try.

We are ready.

Row! Faster!


I'll live.


Betrayer of the gods and all
the sacred things in Midgard!

Come here, you snake!

Come my way, and let my ax slake
its thirst on your blood.

Come to Floki.

Come to Floki, you bastard.
I am waiting.

Ragnar, what else can be done?

There is nothing else to be done.

Do the gods favor us?

Of course they favor us.

How could they favor Rollo
after he renounced them?

I just need to hear it
from your father's mouth.

Row! Row! Row!



Even as we sit here, eating and drinking,

Duke Rollo and our forces
are engaged with the enemy.

I know.

And I have made every effort to make sure
that, if the Duke should fail,

Paris will still
be well-defended.

Your Highness should be assured that you are
not completely dependent upon a Northman.

I rather like being dependent
on a Northman.

They tend to tell the truth.

Your grandfather warned against them.

He said they were the greatest
threat against his empire.

My grandfather, wise as
he was, great as he was,

did not understand everything.

Times change.

But the threat of the Northmen remains!

Of course it remains, poor Roland.

And yet, I trust Duke Rollo.

I trust him completely.

I have his heart,

and he has mine.

He has your heart?

He has my heart.

Don't be so stupid!

Ah! There is the truth.

I am stupid, after all.

And not, as I thought, merely weak.

Merely vacillating.

It has, indeed, taken me a long time to
understand who my real friends truly are.


we must have something to finish our meal.

I'm not hungry.

It doesn't matter, Count Roland.

Where you and your bitch are
going, you can eat angel's wings.

Put your backs into it!
Row! Row!

Prepare to breach!


Look at you!
You look like a bitch.

You're not my brother.
You never have been.

One of us will die today.

And it won't be me, brother!


Odin! Where are you?

Bjorn, get her on the boat!

- Come!
- Cut the ropes.

Get her out of here!

Leave me! Leave me!

Row! Row!



Let them go!

Rollo! Rollo!


I present the savior of Paris!

The hero of Frankia!


- Hail, Caesar!
- Hail, Caesar!

Hail, Caesar!




You'd better come.

Who's this?

His name is Thorhall.

He has come with a story.

I'm listening.

I went on a raiding party last year to
England, with Earl Gunnar Asgrimsson.

We fought against the armies of King
Ecbert, and wintered in Wessex.

And made a treaty with Ecbert's ealdormen.

And they told us
that your father, King Ragnar,

had sired a child there
by Queen Kwenthrith of Mercia,

and that this child
still lives at Ecbert's court.

What's the child's name?


He is a young man now, 12 years old.

And you are certain that this
Magnus is really my father's child?

How can I be certain?
I was not there at the conception.

Why would they lie?

There was something else you learned
from Ecbert's ealdormen, was there not?


It was about your father's
farming settlement in Wessex.

We asked if it still existed
and they laughed,

and said it was destroyed almost as
soon as your father sailed away.

But that they allowed some
of the settlers to escape,

so they would take the word
to your father, as a warning.

He never mentioned it.

Ask him now.

We don't know where Ragnar is.

He left soon after his defeat in Paris.

We haven't seen him in years.

Forgive me asking,

but how could such a man just disappear?

Go and eat and drink after
your long journey, Thorhall.

We are grateful for your visit.

I have to tell the boys.
Where are they?

They went up to the cabin to hunt.

Ivar. Wake up.

Bjorn is here.

You think our father never knew?

It's possible.

In those early days, it wasn't
easy to navigate the sea.

He knew.
He had to.

If he did, he should have told the people.

Everyone lost relatives.

Fathers and uncles, sons and daughters.

They would have demanded revenge.

That is why he didn't tell them.

- What do you mean?
- It was a waste of time.

They were dead!

Ragnar wanted to sail to Paris.

He wanted to be famous.
Isn't that more important?

You could say that?

I can say that.

- What does that mean?
- Here's what it means,

at least to me.

Our father abandoned us.

We were just kids and he ran off.

Only the gods know if he's still alive.

And now we hear he kept this
big secret from everyone.

That he was not truthful or honest.

This makes me feel sick.

How could our father not tell
the people what had happened?

Maybe if he'd told them,
they would have killed him.

If it's true...

If it's true that our father lied
to his people, and abandoned them,

then I hope he never comes back.

He betrayed our name.

If he ever came back,

I would kill him.

Me too.

Screw you!

All of you.

He never did anything wrong.

He is our father.

And that is the end of it.

You all sound like a bunch of Christians.

I love our father as much as you do.

Who said I loved him, Ubbe?

I said I admired him.

He's Viking.

And you are soft.

I am not soft!

None of us is soft.

But we want to understand
what our father did,

and what he was.

As his son, his fame does not interest me.

What he used his power for,
now that would interest me.

By now, my brothers, there will
be a lot of anger in Kattegat.

Now they know the truth.

Our father betrayed
a whole generation of people.

- So if he ever came back...
- I don't think he is ever going to come back.

I think what happened in Paris
finally broke him.

You can all say whatever you
want, but he was a human.

People started to talk as if he was a god.

He was not a god, he was a man!

A man with many dreams and many failings.

I've learned that in the years
since he went away.

If I was him, I wouldn't come back.

Despite all his failings,

he's still the greatest man
in the world to me.

Did you know Ragnar lied to us all?

The settlement in Wessex was
destroyed as soon as we left.

I know.

A farmer who escaped the slaughter
told your father and I what had happened.

And Ragnar killed him
so no one else would find out.

You're a good friend to my father.

Hello, Bjorn.


I was just coming to see how
the boats were progressing.

What do you say, Helga?

What shall we tell him?

We think that it won't be long until you have boats
ready and able to take you to the Mediterranean Sea!

If it exists.

Of course it exists.

It's just a map, Bjorn.

Marks on a paper.
A child could have drawn it.

How can we know it's real?

I learned from my father.

The only way to tell
if something is real... to sail there.

I hope you come with me, Floki.

Are you joking?
The lure of an imaginary land.

Traveling somewhere that doesn't exist.

Of course I'm coming.

And I hope you come too, Helga.

Well, if Floki is mad enough to
go, then I guess I will follow.

Let us pass. Move.

Hello, Ivar.

There's no mistaking you.

It appears my return is not welcome.

You've obviously all made
your mind up about me.

I cannot blame you for that.


Well, boys,

who is going to do it, then?

Who's going to kill me?

Well, I don't mind.

Go ahead.


What about you, Hvitserk?

You think you're a man now?

I dare you.

Put me out of my misery.

Do it.

Do it.

Do it, do it. Do it!

Look at these people!

They no longer support me!


Why would they?

I am your leader, and I just left!

What kind of leader does that, huh?

What kind of king abandons his people?

What kind of father abandons his sons?

So, who wants to be king?

You know how this works!

If you want to be king, you must kill me.

Take it.


You? No? What about you?

No? No?


Who wants to be king?