Vikings (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 1 - A Good Treason - full transcript

As Ragnar lies in his sick bed in Kattegat, events unfold beyond his control.

What do you want?

I want to know if a woman will
succeed to the kingdom of Kattegat.

You mean after the death of Ragnar?


It is unwise to imagine the death of kings.

I still ask you.

Yes, I have seen it.

A woman will one day rule in Kattegat.

Will it be me?

You know the truth but you will not say.

I have already said enough.



The gods are here.

They're watching.

Is it fun, Ivar?

Out of the way!

Be careful not to break my bones!

Out of the way!

Do you want to go again?

Faster! Faster!

Now, where are the little boys?

- Bjorn!
- Bjorn! Bjorn!

Come here!

Let me see.

- Ubbe. Hvitserk. Sigurd. Ivar.
- Ivar!

Ah, you are all so big.

Queen Aslaug.

I have carved these runes for you.

They will help to heal you.

I swear it.

Thank you.

Tell me,

why did Porunn leave?

Nobody knows. She just
disappeared one night.

It seems a long time ago now.

She left behind your daughter.

Don't worry, we will take care of her.


And something for you, Ivar.
What is that?

So, Paris was everything
Athelstan said it would be.

Yes, and everything Ragnar dreamed.

And more beside.

Today we grieve for our dead,

but we should all be proud
of what we have achieved!

This is a lock from the gates of Paris!

I hacked it off myself.

Paris has made us all rich!

But to be rich only means one thing!

To satisfy our dreams.

Nothing can stop us!

Now, Ragnar is dangerously ill.

It is true he may die.

But who is your king?


And to whom do we owe our allegiance?


And to whom do we owe our gratitude?


Ragnar himself has
always shown his gratitude

to those who have trusted
and believed in him.

For example, his loyal friend,

the English monk Athelstan...

Who helped him to understand many things.

Ragnar always claimed we went to Paris
because of Athelstan!


I order the arrest of Floki
for the murder of Athelstan.

No, no, Floki, don't!

What I did, I did for the common good,

for the sake of all of us!

I have nothing to answer for.

Don't you remember, Bjorn?

How we talked about that Christian priest,

and how you also feared
his influence on your father?

Why don't you admit it?

Admit it!

Are you going back to Hedeby?

Yes. I leave tomorrow.

There is much to do.
Of course.

But remember we plan to raid Paris again,

after we've replenished our forces.

I can't wait, Bjorn Ironside.

You spoke well today.
I'm proud of you.

Someone had to.

And please, Bjorn, let me know if...

If Ragnar lives or dies.

It's Lagertha!

We are home!

I want to see him!
Where is he?


She's here.

- Einar!
- Earl Kalf.

My friend.

It's for you.

You see?

Erlendur, son of King Horik.

So, what is this?

This is a Frankish weapon.
They call it a crossbow.

I think it will prove to be very useful.


But not as useful as this.

You should bury that. Hoard it.
Save it for when you're dead.

I can't wait that long.

Good folk of Hedeby.

See what we have brought back from Paris.

Not just me, but also Lagertha.

During the fierce fighting that took place

along the walls and the gates of Paris,

about which the poets
will soon have their say,

I saved Lagertha's life.

And she saved mine.

So I propose, even though
we are not married,

Lagertha and I will share the earldom
and rule together as equals.

As your Earl, that is my determination.

Please, stop it! Stop it!

Leave him alone!
Stop! Please, please!

Stop it! Stop throwing!

Leave him alone! Leave him!

Leave him.
Stop it! Please, stop it.

Stop it!

Leave him alone.

Get out of here! Get out of here. Oh!

To shame me like this, Bjorn,

for defending the gods.

Come on, keep them moving.

This way, this way.
Come, come, come, come!

Gentlemen, do I have something
special for you today.

Please, come in.
See this, see this, see this.

Look at this one here. She'll give you a
very special price for this one, my friend.

Huh? Yeah?

Get back. Back, back, back.

The Queen is coming!

Back. The Queen!
The Queen is coming. Back!

Who are these people?

They are from Paris, and they're
for sale, Queen Aslaug,

for a very good price, by the way.


How much you've grown, little man.

- You're awake.
- Nothing gets past you, Ubbe, huh?

- Are you well again?
- I'm alive...



Do you want to be king one day?

- Of course, Father.
- Yes?

- Yes.
- Yes?

Then get me some ale.

I'm going to tell Mother!

Mother! Father is awake.

Well, don't you care?

Of course I do.

Go and tell everyone
that Ragnar the King lives!

Hey, Angrboda.

What have you got there for me?

Would you help me?

Mmm. Thank you.
Oh, that's so good.

Ragnar is awake.

Angrboda, go feed the chickens over there.

He will kill me.

It was a mistake for me to carve the runes.

Why would I try to save him?
What's wrong with me?


My beautiful, faithful wife.
Mother of my child.

Please help me escape.

Please. Help me, Helga! Help me!

- Ubbe.
- What's that?

I don't know.

That looks like a road.

And that a sea.


- Where did you find it?
- In a house in Paris.

Whoever owned it clearly thought

it was more important
than anything else he had.

He fought hard to save it.

What's it to you, Bjorn?

It's my destiny.

- How about over here, Earl Kalf?
- Yes, it's good.

- I will.
- Thank you.

I will tell you a story...

Einar. What can I do for you?

Your arrangement to share the earldom
with Lagertha is unacceptable.

- To whom?
- To me and to my family.

It was my family who made you Earl.

We can just as easily unmake you.

- Why can't you accept Lagertha?
- Because it was not part of the agreement!

You stated your desire to overthrow all
the Lothbrok dynasty and we believed you.

And so did Erlendur, who is with us.

Now it seems without consultation with
anyone, you have changed your mind!

I understand.

I didn't realize that you and your family were
quite so antagonistic to the new arrangement.

We don't care what you do, Kalf.

But we do look forward to
the removal of that woman.

That woman that you are
still in love with, Einar?

But love isn't everything.

Is it, Earl Kalf?


You wonder where...

Give me some more of this!

- Bjorn is teaching me to fight.
- Good.

But remember, your grandfather, my father,

was the greatest warrior of all time.

He slayed the dragon Fafnir
and is spoken of in the sagas.

Surely you will inherit his warlike gifts.

All of you will be great warriors.

Even you, Ivar.




Sit. Come on.

Please. Everyone, continue.

Forget about poor little me.

Everyone's so happy to see you, Ragnar.

Perhaps some more than others, hmm?

Ah, look at my boys, huh?

- What have I missed?
- You tell him.

Bjorn has arrested Floki.


Why? Hmm?

Floki needed to be dealt with.

You were incapacitated. I thought
it was the right thing to do.

Did you also think that
if I wanted him arrested.

I would have done it a long time ago?

But now you have made it public

and left me with no options.

Now I am forced
to deal with my errant friend.

Whose stupid idea was it to
leave Rollo behind in Paris?

- He is my uncle!
- He is my brother.

And I know him better.





















I have summoned you here because it seems
that I have made a mistake,

when I announced that Lagertha
and I would rule together.


Apparently, such an arrangement
is unacceptable to some of you here.

If it is the will of the majority,

then, as is our custom,
I will accede to it.

Lagertha will be banished
to wander where she will.

Get back! Get away!

I ask those of you
who desire her banishment

to cut your mark in the post.

That way we will have
proof of our decision.


I'll make my mark.

You as well. Good.

It's clear.

There, Earl Kalf.

You have your answer.

And here, Einar, is mine.


I should have done this
a long time ago, Einar.

Then I don't want to know.


Bring it over to this place.
That's better.

- Come on! Come here!
- Ha! Ha! Fight me! Ah!

It'll fit. It'll fit.

I have come to tell you I'm going away.

- To your mother's?
- No.

- To find Porunn?
- No.

I want to go out into the wilderness.
Away from everything.

To find out if I can survive.

- Where will you go?
- I already know a place.

A hunter's lodge in the interior.

Then you better leave soon,
before the winter freeze.

But I think you're making
another foolish decision.

Why are you really going?

Because you don't think I can survive.


Are you going to kill me?

You betrayed me.

You betrayed my trust and my love for you.

I didn't betray you.

I tried to save you from a false god.

Stop hiding behind the gods.

You killed Athelstan out of jealousy.
That is the truth.

Just admit it.


The truth is, I did as the gods commanded.

And I would do it again, if they willed it.

Are you going to kill me or not?

- I'm leaving.
- What do you mean?

I don't belong here.
I don't belong in Paris.

I'm a wanderer.
I belong to the wide, wide world.

I don't want you to leave.

I cannot speak to these people.

If you want me to stay, you
will have to cut off my feet.

We may meet again.

After all, everything that goes
around, finally comes around.

But, farewell for now, Your Grace!


Come! Take a seat.

We've had a meeting at the camp.
I thought you should know about it.

What kind of meeting?

Some of the warriors are unhappy
with what is happening.

You're a Christian, a Frankish noble now.

- They don't want to fight for the Franks.
- How many?

- They don't want to fight against King Ragnar.
- I said how many of them?

Maybe half.

They want you to come back to the
camp so they can talk to you.

What about you, Eirik?

Are you also unhappy?


That's why I came straight
here to warn you.

And I am grateful.

Go back to them and tell them
I will come in due course.

I'll put all of their minds at ease.


Thank you.

- Ah, boys, look after Ragnar, yes?
- Yes.

He is not as strong
as he would like to think.

- See you in the spring, Ivar.
- See you then.

Watch for fresh snow drifts.

And for what's pissing in front of you

as well as behind you.

I'll try to remember that.

Prove me wrong.

This one!

We may never see him alive again.
You know that, don't you?

- Have you seen something?
- No, I just meant that...

Then why would you say something like that?

Go check the traps, brother!
Over here!

Did you get the kindling for your father?

Keep the kindling dry!
Stack them up over here.

Eirik! Rider!

Where's my hammer?

It's Rollo!

I told you he'd come.

Open the gates!

Eirik! Eirik!

It's an ambush!



Get the children!





Stay there, coward!

Death is easy for us!
But not for you!


Shield wall!



You have betrayed your own kind!

But we shall be revenged.

Ragnar is coming!


Will revenge us.