Vikings (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - Answers in Blood - full transcript

Lagertha and Ragnar unite once again; Aslaug must face the truth of her prophecies; Athelstan struggles to define his faith; Bjorn must once again make a choice.

Lagertha, you're the last
person I expected to see here.

You and your warriors are as welcome to us

as spring after the hardest
and most bitter winter.

Rollo, my son and I are only too glad

to come to Ragnar's aid.

Freya and all the gods, Bjorn.

You're a big bastard now.

Thank you, Uncle.

Still can't grow a beard, though.

Everything is new, now.

Good to see you, Bjorn.

Yes. Yes.

You stayed true to your path.


** He's all grown up.






I am grateful to see you.

Thank you, Princess Aslaug.

I brought shield-maidens
to help us in our cause.


My sons, Ubbe and Hvitserk.

I am pleased to see you.

I always knew that some day

I would meet some more of Ragnar's sons.

How did you know?

The gods told me.

And you have
a baby? May I?

His name is Sigurd

After your father?

And after his own father.

Enough with the pleasantries.
Let's make a plan.


Even with your additional forces, Lagertha, we
cannot attack Kattegat and hope to succeed.

Jarl Borg is well dug in.

What do you propose?

We want to drive Jarl Borg
out of Kattegat.

He has no idea we have been reinforced.

And what would make him leave Kattegat
where he can winter in safety?

The one thing that would threaten
his whole existence there.

And what would that be?


A few of us will go into the town

and destroy the winter grain stores.

I will do it. I will go.

No. My son and I shall go.

We'll only need a few men.



Thank you.

I cannot see your face.

I am ex-wife of Christ.
A nun.

I cannot show my face to any man.

Well, I am not any man.

I am King Ecbert.
And you will show me your face

or I will be unable to judge whether
or not you're telling me the truth.

Who did this to you?

My husband.


He claimed I had been unfaithful.

And were you?


What do pagans say of such cases?

If she was a free woman,

they would believe her word and
make judgment on her behalf.

But surely her husband
has every right over her?

Surely, she belongs to him
to do with as he sees fit.

Not according to the pagans.

Then pagan laws are superior to ours?

Not in every case, Sire.

Woman, I find it unlawful and disagreeable

that your husband should make
false claims against you.

He has provided no evidence
of your cupidity.

Therefore, I dismiss his demand
to have you branded in public.

Thank you.
Oh, thank you, Lord.

Oh, well, don't thank me.

Thank this pagan.

Olrik, Erik, sneak
through the water to the docks.

Once there, create distractions,

something that will lead the guards away.

My son and I shall do the rest.



Don't fear death.

If it comes, embrace it

as if you're lying down
next to a beautiful woman.

May the fates be kind, Olrik.

Ever since you were eight years old,

all I heard was, "Father, Father,

"I want to come with you, I'm ready.
Father, I want to fight."

Well, here we are.



Hey! Over there!

- Go! Find them!
- Take your weapons! This way!


Where are they?
Can you see them?

Split up.




Bring the dogs!

- I can't see anyone.
- Get more men.



It's me.

Olrik, come quick. Help.


- How bad is it?
- I'm fine, don't worry about me.



Take it.


Watch out.



Come. Come.


What are you thinking of doing?

I'm thinking of hunting down the men

who despoiled and destroyed
our winter supplies.

This is a disgusting place.

I don't want to be left alone here.

I am with Child.

Let's go.


Come on.

Keep the shield wall!


Be ready! Stay on your feet!


Get up.
Get up.


I'm with you, brother.


- Retreat!
- Follow Jarl Borg!




Hold on.

- Go!
- Come on!

- You fought well today, Bjorn.
- Thank you, Uncle.

You have a lot to learn.

Let's go.

Ragnar Lothbrok!
He's back!

- Ragnar!
- He's home!

Come on! Come on!



We are so glad to see you all.

We've been to hell and back.
Now it's time to celebrate.


- How are you?
- I'm all right.




*- We've missed you so much.
- How was it?




My Lord Aethelwulf.

I heard the pagans captured you
when they raided Lindisfarne.

- Is that where you're from, Northumbria?
- Yes.

My father is making plans to
visit the King of Northumbria.

Perhaps we will take you with us.

What for?
Father Cuthbert is dead,

the monks are gone,
the monastery is burned.

What is left for me there?

Perhaps you've lost interest
in your heavenly father.

Is it true you're a pagan now?

We are Christians here.

My father served at the court
of the Emperor Charlemagne,

the most devout of men.

If I were you, I would not
forget to attend high mass.

That is, if you value your soul.



Mary, mother of Jesus.

I just wanted to thank you.


I'm glad.

No woman should be treated like
that, especially not a Christian.


On this day, we offer a sacrifice
to Odin, the mighty one,

to thank him for our
victory over Jarl Borg.

Release him from his bonds.

I know he will want to die well.


In the presence of the gods,
and in their honor,

I offer this sacrifice.



In the presence of the gods,
and in their honor,

I offer this sacrifice.

I love two women.

Both of them have given me children.

And you suppose you must
choose between them?

I don't want to choose.

- I would like to have both of them.
- I see.

You know, of course,
the story of the marriage

between Njord and Skadi?

Skadi was a giantess.
Her father was killed.

She strode to Asgard to get justice

and the gods asked her if she wanted
gold for the death of her father.

"I'll settle for a husband," she
said, "And a bellyful of laughter."

This is going to be a long story.

If you are hundreds of years old,
then it's a very quick story.

The gods conferred and agreed

that Skadi could choose
a husband from among them,

but they made one condition.
That she choose him by his feet.

His feet?

And Skadi lost no time

in choosing the most shapely pair of feet,
believing they would naturally belong to Baldur,

the most handsome of the gods.

But they didn't?

They belonged to the god Njord,

the lord of seafarers and sea harvests.

His skin was old and weathered...

What are you talking about?

I don't want to make a choice
between them.

But if I did,

are you saying that I should decide

based on the appearance of their feet?

Neither their feet nor their faces.

You should examine their hearts,

their livers, and every other organ.

In any case, it makes no difference.

You are only fooling yourself,
Ragnar Lothbrok,

if you think the choice is yours to make.

Accipite et bibite ex eo omes.

Hic est enim calix sanguinis Mei...

Qui pro vobis et effundetur.

Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi.

Sanguinis Christi.

Sanguinis Christi.

Sanguinis Christi.

Sanguinis Christi.

Et pro multis in remissionem peccatorum...

Mysterium fide.

Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi.

Sanguinis Christi.

Corpus Christi.

Sanguinis Christi.


I got you.

You have to be stronger than that.

Hvitserk, when you grow bigger,
I'll teach you to hunt.


It is good to see them playing together.


- For you.
- They are all my children.

What are you boys doing?


I am going to bear you another son.

I know.


But I am fearful of the prophecy.


What are you going to do about Lagertha?

What do you mean what am I going to do?


It is her decision.

I've never had a choice
whether she comes or goes.

I will not tell her to go away
if she does not want to.

- Then, if you like, I shall go away.
- Oh, stop.

No doubt you prefer her
because she is a shield-maiden.

A warrior.

In that way, she's more like you.


I don't want either of you to leave.

I want you both to stay.

I want to believe you love me.

Then believe me.

Cover your eyes. Mummy
and Daddy are kissing.

Aslaug was just saying how glad she is

that you like your brothers.

Of course I like my brothers.
They are my blood-brothers.

I have waited a long time to meet them.

Even though they are both stinky.

Can I come in please?

Thank you.

I came to talk to...

We all know why you're here.

- I was wondering...
- You were wondering what I was going to do.

Regarding my son.

I don't know what to do.

- Bjorn is very happy here.
- Then he should stay.

You both should stay.

Your wife would not be happy.

I imagine not.

I think Ragnar is still
in love with Lagertha.

Are you?

In a way, yes.

What's the point in denying the truth?

And yet, it seems to be another
Rollo who still loves her.

I still feel the pains,

some of the joys of this
Rollo, but he is not me.

I am like a snake which has shed its skin.

The pattern is just the
same but the snake is new.

And this new Rollo does not love Lagertha

or suffer from desires for her.

Does that answer your question?

You're crazy.

Tonight, Helga, we shall conceive a child.

And this child will be a remarkable child

that will perform remarkable deeds.

Of this, Helga, I am certain.

Do you hear that?

The storm is almost over.

Thor has finished his work.

Time for bed.

Please, Lord, hear my prayer.

I am weak.
Make me strong.

Come into me again, Lord.
Ravish me.

Open my eyes, Lord, to the
truth, to your presence.

Why don't you show yourself to me?

Let me be filled again, Lord,
by the Holy Spirit.

You devil.

You devil.

In this case,

I am minded to declare in favor
of the plaintiff, Jorn Aronson.

I know that this man has a bad reputation,

and this is not the first time

that we have had to
pass judgment upon him.


I believe he is a victim
of his reputation.

I think his accusers

just assume that we shall find him
guilty and confiscate his land.


But, on this occasion,

I believe he should keep his land.

And the accusers should give him...

Three sheep.

All in favor say, "Bah."



Quiet! Thorvard.

My Lord Ragnar.

I hope you bring
better news than the last.

My Lord, after you left, the
Saxons treacherously attacked

King Horik's camp at Wessex.

There was a terrible slaughter.
A great many warriors perished.

The King and his son only just
escaped with their lives.

What about Athelstan?
What happened to Athelstan?

My Lord, I don't know of whom you speak.

Why has it taken so long
for me to hear this news?

My Lord, bad news travels
a great deal slower

than good news.




Thank you.

What is wrong?

I have something important to say.

Should it be said in private?

No. I want to say
it before everyone.

Then say what you have to say.

I have come to a decision.

I'm aware that my son, Bjorn, wants
more than anything in the world

to stay here with his father.

And who can blame him?

If you had a father like Ragnar
Lothbrok, would you not want to stay?

I happily give my permission
to my beloved and only son

to remain here with his father
and his half-brothers.

As for me, I must go back to my husband.

I have a duty.
I'm a responsible person.

But I leave my son in your good hands.

Look after him, Ragnar.
He's all I have left.


Thank you.

There are no possible words to
describe what you have done for us.

I will always be in your debt.

The debt is already paid.

The future is open.
Trust in the gods.

Live for each moment.

Don't take any more shit.

Who do you think I am?