Vikings (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Brother's War - full transcript

The battle begins between Ragnar and King Horik's forces against Jarl Borg. Borg is joined by Rollo, and this Viking clash pits brother against brother.


There's no sign of him.

Perhaps they won't come.

Oh, Jarl Borg has many reasons to come,

so he'll come.

We will wait for the treacherous devil,

as well as your brother.

Unless you have
heard from Rollo otherwise.

No, King Horik.

I've had no message from my brother,

but I still believe in my heart
that he will not betray me,

for he has no reason.

Who needs a reason for betrayal?

One must always think the worst, Ragnar,

even of your own kin.

That way, you avoid too much
disappointment in life.

There is the treacherous one.

I was right, Ragnar.

I was right.

Any regrets, Rollo?

No regrets.

Then let us fight.

Let the gods decide the outcome.

Rider approaching!

What is it you want?

I'm here on behalf of Ragnar Lothbrok.

I want to speak to his brother.

Then speak.


you and I fought together many times.

I don't suppose you've forgotten.

I think of you as a brother.

But over there is your real brother,

your own flesh and blood.

Are you sure you want to
raise your ax against him?

Did Ragnar send you?

What answer shall I give him?

Tell him I shall answer him with blood.





Hold the wall!

Your death is on its way!


Is this what you really want, brother?

I cannot fight you.

Without being defeated,

we have grown weary of the
slaughter of our young men.

So, Jarl Borg,

I offer you one third of the
profits from the disputed lands.

Unless you continue
to dispute my claim to it.

I would rather go back fighting,
than receive such scant justice.

- So, you will not accept my fair offer?
- No.

Why do we continue looking inwards?


Why do we fight each other

about this piece or that piece of land?

Why are we not looking outwards.

I have already found a passage west.

We, we have seen rich
and arable land over there.

And there must be more.

We must stop this.

If we raided together,

we would not need to fight
amongst ourselves.

We would not need to kill
any more of our young folk.

But instead,

offer them land,

land that they can farm.


My mind tends the same way as Ragnar's.

It is my intention to join
with him and sail west.

What do you say, Jarl Borg?


I will raid with you,

and so I accept your offer.

Not that you'd care, brother,

but your niece, Gyda, is dead.

Time to go home.

Floki! Floki!

Don't die. Please don't die.

We fought all day.

Jarl Borg would not give in, nor us.

Many died.

One-Eye died.


Rollo killed him.

And Floki may not survive
for he is so badly wounded.

This was not your quarrel.
You should not have become involved.

Look what has happened!

No man can walk through life
without things happening to him, Lagertha.

You chose.

Yes. I chose,
and Rollo chose.

And Rollo's choice led to all of this!

Don't argue, you two.

I am weary and
I'm blood-sickened,

and that is the truth.

Who is Aslaug?


Who is Aslaug?

She's a Gotland princess.
We met her over there.

You just met her?


What has the boy told you?

What did you tell her, boy?

It doesn't matter what Bjorn says.

What do you say?

I say...

We should not wash our dirty
clothes in front of others.

- Did you have sex with her?
- Yes, I had sex with her.

How many times?


I don't love her.

- How can I make you let this go?
- Never see her again.


Never again.

- Why are there such problems between you?
- You know why.

But I don't want there to be problems.

Can't you just say sorry
for what you've done?

It's not so easy with your mother.

And what will happen to Rollo?

I cannot judge my own brother.

We will have an assembly
and the Law Giver will judge.

We will take Rollo up to the Law Rock and
that is where his fate will be decided.

What's that you have?

A gold coin. From England.

You see?

It even has King Aelle's face upon it.

So it's worth a fortune?

- What do you want?
- To talk to him.


Rollo, it's me.

Don't bother.

You cannot warm up a dead man.

He is without honor!







People, as your Law Giver

I have been asked to determine
the fate of this man.

This man chose to fight with our enemies,

chose to fight against his brother.


He killed many of our sons,

brothers, fathers.

What hope is there for him?

He has no defense!

He has no defense!

This man deserves to die.


We all know that.

But, I have decided to spare him.

What? No!

I have taken the advice of the gods.

If they had wanted him dead,
he would have died in battle.

But they spared him.

He came forward

and threw himself upon the
mercy of his brother.

He behaved in an interesting
and unexpected way,

and therefore, I conclude

that the gods have made
their own judgment,

which I cannot overturn.

I therefore order this man be set free.

Kill the traitor!

We should kill him anyway.
You are the earl!

No. We must
obey the law.

Who is the Law Giver?
Just an ordinary man.

Not when he stands on the Sacred Stone.

I wanted to step out of your shadow.

You understand that, don't you?

But when I stepped out of it, there was...
There was no sunlight.

No sunlight at all.

What are you doing?


Everyone hates me here, with good reason.

I have betrayed them.

There is no point in my staying.

But you are going to leave and
not even say goodbye to me?

I thought you would prefer it that way.

Do you really know me so little?

I have nothing to offer you.

It would have been better
for you, for me, for everyone

if I had been executed.

So you take no account of the gods?

- What is it the gods have offered you?
- A lifetime of humiliation.

No. That is not it.

The gods have offered you
a chance to be reborn,

to be redeemed, to gain Valhalla.

That is what they have offered you.

But you, you want to run away.

You want to hide in a hole somewhere.

Where else can I go?

Why do you have to go anywhere?


I have come to say goodbye
to you properly.

I have been thinking about you,
about when you were small.

You were so lively.
You could run as swiftly as the wind.

You were like quicksilver.

But then, before I knew it,

you stopped running here
and there and everywhere

and you became still.

At 12 years old,

you had the stillness
and the calm of a fine woman.

What children you would have produced.

What joy that would have
brought to all of us.

Dear child, Gyda,

you are not gone because
you are always in my heart.

They say that a man
must love his sons more,

but a man can be jealous of his sons,

and his daughter can always
be the light in his life.

I know very well
that you are with the gods,

but I will wait here awhile,

and if you want to come and
talk to me, then come and talk,

and I will gently stroke your long
and beautiful hair once again

with my peasant hands.


- What?
- There's someone coming.

Keep steady!
Take the oars!

Pull in the ropes!

You must believe me, I had no idea.

I did not ask her to come.

Lagertha, Princess Aslaug.

Princess Aslaug, Lagertha.

I know who it is, Ragnar.

Princess, welcome to Kattegat.

Thank you, Lagertha.

This is our son, Bjorn.

I know Bjorn.

Hello, Bjorn.

You must have had a tiring journey.
Come and eat.

Thank you. You're very kind.
I knew you would be.

Bjorn told me that your mother was
the shield-maiden, Brunhilde,

of whom we've all heard?

It's true.

Although she died when I was very young.

And your father?

My father was Sigurd.


Just Sigurd?

No, I mean the Sigurd

who, according to the sagas,
killed the dragon Fafnir.

Then your father is also a hero.

People talk about him, it's true, and
I'm proud that he was my father.

But I never knew him.

What about your parents?

They were just farmers.

Surely nobody is just a farmer.

Believe me, Princess,

that is exactly what some people
are, and are happy to be.

Forgive me.

Do you remember me, Bjorn?

Do you remember we stood
in front of the tree of life?

It wasn't Yggdrasil.
It was just a tree.

You're right.
We both know that.

It creates a bond between us.

I don't think so.

We don't have any bond.

I don't want any bond with you.

Why don't you just tell
her that she has to leave soon?

She can't stay here.

She is carrying my child.

She brings unhappiness and difficulty.

Can't you see that?
Are you blind?

I know it is hard for you to accept,

but unhappiness is more
common than happiness.

Who told you, you should be happy?

You've come to an age where you must grow
up and be responsible about such things.

When I was your age, I had many friends.

All are dead.

Their happiness is neither here nor there.

How much do you know about this woman?

Only what Bjorn told me,
which was not much.

He did not wish to be
disloyal to his father.

I did not know she was
carrying his child, though.

And you believe it?

Ragnar believes it.

What of all her stories
of Brunhilde and Sigurd?

I suppose so. She is
clearly different from us.

What are you going to do?

I don't know.

I must do what is right for my son.


I'm not dead yet, Bjorn.

No thanks to you, Ragnar.

Oh, say what you'd like about me.

I'm just glad that the gods
were stupid enough to save you.

The gods and Helga.

You must regain your strength.

There's much to do. A whole
fleet of boats to be built.

You and I have seen nothing yet.
Our journeys have just begun.

It's true!

I thought I was dead

and while I was dead, I was
dreaming of other places,

the places that you and I
shall sail to, Ragnar.


Come on, boy.

- Floki!
- Hey, Floki!

- Hello, Bjorn.
- Floki!

I hope you will accept what I
have chosen and prepared for you.

I did not expect you to go
to so much trouble.

It is no trouble,
if it is pleasing to you.

To tell you the truth,

I did not imagine you could cook.

I can't. My women cooked,

I just bought the ingredients.

Looking at both of you here, in my home,

I see no reason why you two
should not get on together.

You two are very different,
yet both strong.

I have heard that
similar arrangements exist

all over this country.

What arrangements?

That an earl can live
with more than one woman.

In fact, it is not unusual.

It works to the benefit of everyone,

especially the children.

Of both marriages, of course.

It's true. I know of
many such instances.


Is that what you're suggesting?

If I were,

what would you say?

I'm sorry, but this woman
is carrying my child.

I must take care of her.
You must accept her.

When we lost our unborn son,
it broke my heart.

I had failed and I will not fail again.

I cannot turn this woman away.

I have to take care of my child.

Don't forget the ax.

You are leaving then?

Of course I'm leaving.

Is Bjorn going with you?

That's up to Bjorn.

Bjorn, you have a big choice to make.

I admire your mother.
We all do.

But you have to stay with your father.

If you don't, you will regret
it for the rest of your life.

Remember, your father is Ragnar Lothbrok.


You have to choose.

Say it now.

I choose my father.

Very well.


Mother's left.


You're really going to abandon
me without even saying a word?

You insult and humiliate me.

I have no choice but to
leave you and divorce you.

I don't want you to go.

It's fate.

I've changed my mind.
I'm coming with you.

Look after your mother.

Come on.

Move on.