Vikings (2013–…): Season 0, Episode 0 - The Saga of Floki - full transcript

(hooves clopping)

‐ Vigrid.

(Vigrid and rider
conversing faintly)

What did he give you?

‐ [Vigrid] Could be
useful down the road.

As we journey.

(drum beats)

(water sloshing)
(boat creaking)

‐ Thank you, Ivar.

(water splashes)

‐ I don't need anything
from him or from anybody.

They all betray you in the end.

Everyone except Floki.

(contemplative music)
He's our free spirit.

‐ [Ragnar] So, what
about our boat?

Do you think it could
handle long sea voyages?

‐ (giggles) That's
why I'm building it.

‐ But will it be strong enough?

‐ [Floki] We won't
know that until we try.


‐ [Floki] Oh, it's beautiful.

‐ Why didn't you believe me?

I told you I could do it!
(Ragnar laughs)

‐ [Priestess] Helga, do
you swear to the gods

that you want to marry this man?

‐ I do swear.

‐ [Priestess] Then
you are married.

(Floki giggles)
(onlookers cheer)

‐ We have a child.
(baby coos)

A beautiful girl.

‐ (gasps) A girl.

‐ [Ivar] He threw
us into the world.

We took what we wanted.

(shield bangs on door)

(monks shouting)

(Athelstan grunts)

(Athelstan speaking Old Norse)

‐ You speak our language?

How do you speak our language?

‐ I've traveled.

We are told to travel
to take the word of God.

Please, don't kill me.

‐ [Ragnar] What is your name?

‐ Athelstan.

(drum beats)

‐ [King] How did you find this
place of great riches

when all before you had failed?

‐ My lord, we had
Thor on our side.

‐ But you understand that
all this belongs to me.

By right.

(dramatic music)

‐ [Ivar] I always thought
my father was the hero.

But now that I think about it,

perhaps Floki was
the true Viking.

‐ Ragnar Lothbrok challenges you

to meet him in single combat.

(Haraldson grunting)
(onlookers cheering)

(onlookers gasping)

(suspenseful music)

‐ [Siggy] Hail, Earl Ragnar!

‐ [Man] Hail to the new earl!

‐ [All] Hail, Earl Ragnar!

(exciting music)

‐ [Ivar] Floki drove him on.

(weapons clanging)
(men shouting)

‐ [Ecbert] The only way to bring
an end to these incursions

is to negotiate an agreement
that is good for both sides.

‐ The king will agree to pay
you monies and or treasures

to prevent any further
depredations of his territories.

He is prepared to offer
5,000 acres of good land

for farming in peace.

‐ I accept the offer.
‐ As do I.

(ominous music)

‐ Look at them,
huddled together.

It sickens me.

‐ [Ivar] Only Floki saw
how the new gods mocked us.

Only he was brave enough to act.

‐ Floki, what are you doing?

‐ I have had a sign.

‐ [Helga] A sign for what?

‐ [Floki] A sign that blood must
be spilled, a sacrifice be made.

I have waited a long
time for such a sign.

And now, my purpose is clear.

‐ Floki.

‐ Priest.

‐ Lord, receive my soul.

(Floki shouting)

(ominous music)

‐ [Ivar] He was a real Viking.

(drum beats)

‐ Do you know what I did, Helga?

Do you know what I did?

I killed Athelstan.

(Floki giggles)

(ominous music)
‐ [Ivar] He made my people

the terror of the world.

‐ Everything ready, Floki?

‐ Yes, tomorrow,
we attack Paris.

(bell tolling)
(Floki giggles)

(war horn howls)
(exciting music)

(weapons clanging)
(men shouting)

(flames roaring)

(Ragnar grunts)

(ominous music)

‐ If he dies, he has
only asked one thing.

That he receive a
proper Christian burial.

Otherwise, we will not leave.

‐ I made the boat
that took you to fame.

I made the boat that will
take you to your heaven.

Give my regards to
Athelstan, by the way.

(men ululating)
(suspenseful music)

(priest praying in Greek)

(onlookers gasp)
(wooden lid clatters)

(dramatic music)

(drum beats)

(men shouting)
(dramatic music)

‐ [Bjorn] We leave the camp
tomorrow for home.

But because we intend on raiding
Paris again in the spring,

it is important to maintain
some sort of presence here.

‐ You will winter here with
the rest of the warriors

who decide to stay with you.

(waves sloshing)

Floki, you killed Athelstan.

‐ Ragnar always claimed
we went to Paris

because of Athelstan!
(onlookers murmuring)

Therefore, I order
the arrest of Floki

for the murder of Athelstan.

(dramatic music)

‐ You killed Athelstan
out of jealousy.

That is the truth.

Just admit it.

‐ No.

The truth is I did as
the gods commanded.

And I would do it again
if they willed it.

(dramatic music)

‐ [Ivar] And how did
we repay his genius?

(Floki panting)
(water drops plopping)


(ominous music)

‐ [Ivar] The gods are
unpredictable and cruel.

A sickness overcame
Floki's daughter.

(Helga whimpers)

(water drops plopping)
(Floki panting)

‐ What are you going to do?

‐ You've suffered enough, Helga.

(Floki groaning)

‐ [Ivar] All for some
sniveling Christian.

Well, my mother knew what to do.

She was the daughter of heroes.

She knew only Floki
could show me the path.

‐ Floki, I came to deliver my
precious son into your hands.

This is Ivar, who I love
more than anyone else alive.

And Floki, I know he is clever.

I want you to teach him
the ways of our gods.

Teach Ivar the true path.

Teach him to hate
the Christian god

as you hate the Christian god.

Only you can do it.

Not Ragnar.

I will bring him
to you every day.

Teach him to be a Viking.

(drum beats)

‐ [Seer] I have waited
a long time.

Show me who you are.

(snake tails rattling)

(Floki giggling)

(suspenseful music)

‐ He's trying to
make it up to you.

‐ I don't care what he wants.

(dramatic music)

6A is gonna be pretty cool.

We have Russia, England,
Kattegat, Iceland.

We see a lot of different
cultures, different colors.

Ivar has a very massive
learning experience,

observing what's happening
in this whole new world.

Everything is at stake for Ivar.

He is, first and
foremost, on the run.

Smart as he is,
he always changes

what would be a challenge
to an opportunity.

‐ You can be very useful to me.

You are with the king.

‐ It's gonna absolutely
blow people's minds.

Where is he from anyway, huh?

‐ He's a Sogdian from Samarkand.

‐ Samarkand.

We're a long way from home.

‐ Indeed we are, my friend.

Tell me again about
your father, Ragnar.

‐ Just as Ragnar betrayed Floki,

the gods made his own
brother betray him, too.

‐ [Sinric] You will be very rich

and you will be very important.

‐ What must I do in return?

‐ You will defend Paris
against your brother.

(Norse men and women screaming)

‐ Rollo!

You have betrayed
your kind! (grunts)

Ragnar will avenge us.

‐ We are going to lift
the boats up the cliff.

We are going to carry
them across the mountains

and then simply slide
them back into the river.

You can do that,
can't you, Floki?

‐ I can do it for you.

‐ [Ivar] Only Floki could
sail a fleet through a forest.

But because of my
father and his brother,

it went for nothing.

‐ Come here, you snake.

Come my way and let my ax
slake its thirst on your blood.

(men shouting)
(weapons clanging)

‐ One of us will die today.

‐ And it won't be me.


‐ No, leave me!

Leave me!

(Ragnar groaning)

‐ Enough!

Let them go.


‐ [Ivar] I didn't see
my father for 10 years.


‐ If you want to be king,

you must kill me.

Take it.


You, no?

What about you?

No, no?


Who wants to be king?

(suspenseful music)

‐ [Ivar] So, I left Floki.

I lashed myself to my
father's ill‐starred ship.

(waves crashing)
(Ivar yelling)

(wind blowing)

‐ [Ragnar] Those soldiers
(ominous music)

will have discovered
the wreckage by now.

They'll be looking for us.

(exciting music)

‐ [Ivar] Floki was far
away on happier voyages.

I wished I was with him then.

(villagers screaming)

And what was my family doing

while Floki
terrorized the world?

(arrow whizzes)
Killing each other.

That bitch Lagertha
killed my mother.

He was so far away.

I wanted to ask him what to do.

‐ Allahu Akbar.
‐ I hate that noise.

(blood splattering)

‐ No, stop!



No more killing.

‐ Allahu Akbar.
‐ Not in this place.

I forbid it.


‐ Floki.
(Tanaruz whimpering)

‐ Who's she?

‐ She's an orphan.
‐ So?

What do you want to
do with her, Helga?

‐ I want to take her with us.

Floki, she is coming.
‐ No.

No, she's not.

No, she's staying, Helga.

‐ I am taking her with me!

(ominous music)

‐ [Ivar] But I knew we
must avenge my mother.

(doors slam open)

‐ If you kill her, my brothers,

you'll have to kill me, too.

(Ivar growls)

‐ [Ivar] And soon,
my father, too.

‐ [Odo] Deliver me, O Lord,
from mine enemies!

(hinges squeaking)

(drum beats)

(suspenseful music)

(Ragnar groaning)
(snakes hissing)

‐ [Ivar] Vengeance filled
me like wine fills a horn.

And Floki gave me wings.

(Ivar laughing)
(Floki giggling)

(Ivar shouting)

‐ [Helga] Are you
going with the army?

‐ Of course.

I have to avenge Ragnar.

He loved me.

‐ We are coming with you.

‐ No.

‐ Yes, we are family now.

Whatever happens,
we must be together.

(exciting music)

(soldiers shouting)
‐ God help us.

‐ I don't think he can.

(soldiers shouting)
(footfalls thundering)

‐ [Ivar] Vengeance.

(Aelle whimpering)

(hot blade hisses)

So much blood.

‐ [Helga] Don't be afraid.

(Tanaruz screams)

‐ (sobbing) Helga.

(ominous music)

‐ [Floki] What I am now
is nothing.

And all this nothing,
I give to the gods

to do with as they please.

And I shall be an empty
ship with no rudder

set upon their endless sea.

(ominous music)

‐ And then I killed
my own brother.

(Ivar chuckles)

(dramatic music)

‐ This is the biggest
season of Vikings to date.

You see the brothers
being reunited.

You see death.

You see new life.
(baby crying)

You will see battles
bigger than ever before.

For Ubbe, it's always been
about his brother‐in‐law

and his family

'cause he's thinking
about himself

and what he needs
to do with his life.

I want to go to Iceland.

It is my destiny.

Torvi is Ubbe's rock.

She fully believes
in their destiny

and wants to
achieve it together.

He needs to become
Ubbe Lothbrok.

Not just one of
the sons of Ragnar.

He needs to become
his own thing.

He wants something
bigger, something better,

and this is the start of the
journey to achieving that.

‐ Knife.

Have you ever killed a man?


A man you loved.

I think you understand
more than you say.

It was not my fault.

Sigurd goaded me.

Forced me.

Some might even say
that he deserved it.

(drum beats)

Everyone else can follow me.

‐ I do not want to
follow you, Ivar.

You are crazy.

‐ Ivar, no!

(onlookers gasping)

‐ [Ivar] Anger overcame me.

I am truly sorry.

But I fear I drove
my dear friend away.

And where do you think
you're going to sail it to?

‐ To where the gods decide.

‐ I don't want you to go.

I will be too lonely.

‐ I have to leave, Ivar.

With Helga gone, there's
nothing left for me here.

That's why I will submit
myself to the tides

and the winds and
the will of the gods.

Come with me.

Thank you, Ivar.

(water splashes)

‐ [Ivar] No matter.

I had worlds to conquer, too.

‐ Our father's dream

was that we wouldn't
be just raiders.

That we would behave
in a different way.

‐ You're not listening, Ubbe.

We have to have a stronghold.

If we go north, we are
closer to our own lands

and shipping routes.

We can build an
impregnable fortress.

‐ Where?

(ominous music)
‐ [Ivar] I've heard of a town

called York.

(townsfolk shouting)

(swords clanking)
(man groans)

(Vikings cheering)

‐ Yaaa, ya ya!

(people shouting)

(man groans)
‐ [Ivar] Shh, shh, shh.

(Ivar laughing)

‐ [Ivar] I was becoming a god.

A god.

(men shouting)
(weapons clanging)

‐ Hold the wall!

‐ Spears!


(Heahmund screaming)

‐ Heathen!

‐ Christian.

Only Floki could
have understood me.

(waves splashing)

(Floki panting)

(waterfall roaring)

(shouting in Old Norse)


‐ You cannot continue
to fight in England

without Hvitserk and me.

(Ivar chuckles)

‐ Mm, I think that you will find

that more of our warriors
and shield‐maidens

want to fight with me
than go farm with you two.

(onlookers murmuring)

Look at you!
(suspenseful music)

Trying to sneak away
to avoid your shame.

Surely, you must be embarrassed

that nobody else is with you.


(waves crashing)

(Floki speaking Old Norse)

(villagers chattering)
(animal chittering)

‐ [Woman] Why are
they following him?

‐ [Man] I don't know.

(onlookers gasp)
(villagers chattering)

‐ [Woman] Floki!

(dramatic music)

‐ 6A is gonna be pretty epic.

For Torvi, particularly,

relationships have
come and gone.

We really see the deterioration

in Torvi's emotional well‐being.

There's nothing left for
Torvi in Kattegat anymore

and that's why it would make
sense to travel with Ubbe.

I will not be left behind.

Wherever you go, I will go, too.

The thing I love
about playing Torvi

is I haven't made her
into some superhero.

She's very human.

There's an immense sense
of girl power and strength.

It's gonna be a mixed
bag of emotions.

Some juicy stuff we've
got coming up, for sure.

‐ They say Floki
had seen a new world

where our gods still lived.

(inspiring music)

‐ [Floki] This land has no wars,
no diseases, no suffering.

Blessed by the
gods in every way.

‐ And the climate is
good, the earth rich?

‐ Yes, my friend.

‐ How come we have never
found this place before?

‐ Because the gods were waiting

for the right people to find it.

Can you imagine how
perfect life will be?

‐ I must warn you, my friend.

This is my kingdom.

The last thing I
need is for someone

to take away my best
warriors, my best hopes.

Our best hopes.

‐ I shall go back to my
boatyard and prepare the boats.

You will all meet me
there in nine days' time.

Travel separately.

And don't give any indication
that you're leaving.

‐ Do you really believe you
have found the land of the gods?

‐ Why would I lie to you, Ubbe?

‐ Because you're insane?


‐ I warned you.

I have been betrayed
very often in my life

but I've never got used to it.

But I will allow you to go.

What point is served
by keeping you all here

against your will?

(sheep bleats)

‐ This is a new
place, a new land,

and we must try to
be better people,

different people than we were.

‐ That is all good
and well, Floki.

But who will rule us?

‐ Nobody.

We will rule ourselves.
(Eyvind chuckles)

‐ [Ivar] I wish I
could've been there.

But my family was at war.

‐ Ivar will be like
the wolf Fenrir.

And flames will
dance in his eyes.

And he will try to
tear the sky apart.

(both chuckling)

You wouldn't want to
miss that now, would you?

‐ No, it's true.

(ominous music)

And I wouldn't
want to miss that.

‐ For the sake of our father,

a civil war can
only bring tragedy.

Is that really
what you all want?

‐ You have so much
to lose, Ivar.

If you want war...

then let's have war.
(exciting music)

‐ Attack!

(men shouting)

(weapons clanging)

‐ Retreat!

‐ [Harald] Retreat!

‐ Run!
‐ Fall back!

‐ [Man] Run!

‐ Who is this?

‐ He's a Saxon priest.

(Lagertha grunts)
(Heahmund coughs)

‐ He's alive.

(Ubbe growls)
‐ Don't!

Save him.

If it's possible.

‐ Why?

‐ I don't know why.

(contemplative music)
‐ [Ivar] How different

it must've been in
Floki's beautiful world.

‐ We all have reason
to be satisfied

with what we have
achieved so far.

But what we also need
to build is a temple.

A temple to the gods who
have been so good to us.

‐ There will be no
crops this year.

Many of us will starve to death.

Why should we build a temple
before our own houses?

‐ He's trying to
provoke a reaction.

He wants us all to fall
into violence and chaos

from which he can rise to power.

And we mustn't give
him that satisfaction.

‐ [Ivar] Beautiful.

(blood trickling)

(Thorgrim grunts)

(onlookers murmuring)

‐ [Man] Stop it!

‐ Return the bowl.

This is sacred.

‐ All right.

Have it.

‐ No!

(Floki shouting)

(onlookers gasp)
‐ Floki!

Floki, no!

(Floki breathing heavily)

(ax thuds)

(suspenseful music)

‐ [Man] The temple is on fire!

(fire crackling)
Thor is burning!

(fire roaring)

‐ [Ivar] But I had to
stay and fight.

Fight for what was mine.

Lagertha murdered our mother
and usurped her kingdom.

‐ (sighs) All that is
in the past now, Ivar.

‐ I must avenge my
mother's murder.

And I think you would do
the same if it was you.

‐ For the sake of
our father's legacy

and everything he believed in,

I'm asking you, Ivar, do not
put our people's lives at risk.

‐ If you still
that you could win,

you would not be here, Bjorn.

The fact is you're afraid.

‐ I'm not afraid.

‐ We are to fight.

(dramatic music)

‐ If Ivar wins, Ragnar's
dreams are lost.

(arrows clattering)
(Ivar screaming)

Kill them!

(fighters shouting)


We must leave Kattegat.

Ivar will be here shortly
enjoying his triumph.

(ominous music)

‐ They ran like children.

(dramatic music)

‐ Season 6A is gonna
be pretty amazing

because the audience is
gonna see a new world

and that introduction is
gonna blow people's minds.

‐ This, my friend, is
the end of Paganism.

‐ Harald is in a bit
of a predicament.

Harald's ambition
is very deep in him.

He's a tough guy and
believes in his own gods.

The fans can, of course, expect
the usual blood and gore,

but it's gonna be
visually richer.

The drama is stronger
than ever.

us music)

(liquid trickling)

(exhales loudly)

‐ Quite right.

Never trust a Viking.

(exhales loudly)

I only wish my
kingdom could've been

what Floki's must've been.

Free from dissent.

Free from deception.

(Ivar breathing heavily)

(dramatic music)

‐ [Floki] We must stop
this vicious cycle

of revenge and killing now!

To regain the favor of the gods,

I am willing to sacrifice
my body and my blood.

‐ I won't accept
Floki's sacrifice.

Floki is closer to the
gods than any of us.

Why would they seek
his punishment?

‐ [Ubbe] There must be
something we can do,

somewhere we can go.

‐ Where?

Where, Ubbe?

What can we do, where can we go?

Ivar will surely chase us
to the ends of the earth.

‐ We could go to England.

‐ Hmm, where they will kill us.

‐ Possibly.

Not necessarily.

I will intercede on your
behalf with King Aethelwulf.

He will almost
certainly welcome you.

You are an incredible
woman, Lagertha.

But God must've
meant for us to meet.

(dramatic music)

‐ [Lagertha] Let's do it.

Let's go to England.

(guard grunts)

(thrown ax whirring)

‐ [Ivar] So, I took
my father's kingdom

and the gods smiled.

Or so I thought.

‐ You are a god.

By your blood,
(Ivar hisses)

I will bear you a child.

A son.

And he, too, will be a god.

Like you.

‐ But I would never
(suspenseful music)

have peace.
(water sloshing)

‐ A large Viking army
is sailing into Wessex.

From reports I've heard,
the leader of the army

is King Harald Finehair
who, as you well know,

has visited us before.

I agreed to give you refuge
here so long as, in return,

you agreed to fight
against your countrymen.

And now, the time has come.

If, with your help, we
manage to defeat our enemies,

then I swear to you that
I will freely grant you

the lands of East Anglia
promised you by my grandfather.

(flames roaring)

(horse neighing)

To battle!

For Christ, for Wessex,
and for England!

(all shouting)

(shouting in Old Norse)

(exciting music)

(horse neighing)

(weapons clanging)

(tense music)

(Bjorn grunts)
(men shouting)

(weapon clangs)
(exciting music)

(shouting in Old Norse)

‐ [Ivar] I sometimes wondered
if perhaps there was no war

in Floki's new world.

But then I asked myself, "How
would he get to Valhalla?"

‐ You are a witch
and a murderess

and you deserve to die!

‐ What are you doing?

‐ [Asbjorn] Mother!

‐ No!

‐ Kjetill!

This is madness!

‐ I should have known you
were more ambitious than me!

‐ My only ambition is revenge.

(suspenseful music)

Lower your head, old man.

The ax is coming.

(body thuds)

(ominous music)

‐ I needed Floki.

But he was over the sea.

(dramatic music)

‐ Season 6A is gonna be amazing.

It's gonna change
Vikings, for sure.

‐ In this world, you
have to be so careful.

(woman screams)

‐ Hvitserk starts off quite
angry in the beginning

and then end up turning
that anger towards himself

instead of outwards.

Hvitserk hits rock bottom
a few times (chuckles)

during this whole season.

He's on a path to
discover his real faith,

which is being a Viking.

This is his fate and my fate!

It's incredible.

Everything is so big
and it's so emotional,

it's rough, it's Viking.

That's what it is.

It's Vikings.

‐ How could Floki be happy

when I still had
to suffer so much?

‐ [Aud] Tell me what happened.

‐ They killed them all.

All of them.

Your father and your brother.

They killed them all.

They wanted revenge.
‐ No.

‐ And they had planned
it a long time.

‐ (whimpering) No.

‐ I couldn't stop them.

I should never have brought
you all to this place.

(waterfall roaring)



(sobbing) No!

(water sloshing softly)

‐ I still boiled with revenge.

People of Kattegat!

We have a great sacrifice!

This is Lagertha!

(woman whimpers)
(crowd gasps)

‐ That's not Lagertha!

‐ This is the witch who murdered
my mother in cold blood!

‐ No!
‐ I sacrifice her

in the name of Odin and in
the name my fellow gods!

‐ Please, no!

(flames roaring)

‐ Bjorn Ironside.

How happy I am to see you.

It seems the fate has after all

brought us back together again.

I had an arrangement with Ivar

that, after his death, I
would be King of Kattegat.

‐ Well, then we will make
the same arrangement.

(drum beats)

‐ [Ivar] Floki, where were
you when I needed you?

‐ The man I once was
would have dug this spade

just deep enough into your
skull to make you unconscious.

But you see, I won't
do any of that.

I have changed myself.

And I intend to stay this way.

‐ All these years, I've
questioned the gods.

But now I know the reason.

My fate is to kill Ivar.

(cups clack)

‐ Move!
(dramatic music)

(men yelling)
(hinges squeaking)

‐ [Ivar] Welcome home, Bjorn!

‐ Move!

‐ Welcome home!


(men screaming)

‐ [Freydis] He is a monster.

You have to stop him.
‐ How?

‐ There is a secret
way into the town.

‐ [Ivar] And even my
queen betrayed me.

(Bjorn grunting)

There's no other way
they could have gotten

inside the walls.

Someone betrayed me.

Are you going to deny it?

‐ No.

I let them in.

‐ You are the most beautiful
thing that ever happened to me.

And there's a part of me

that will always love you.

(Freydis yelps)

(doors slam)

‐ [Hvitserk] Ivar!

Ivar, where are you?

(drum beats)

‐ Here is the Sword of Kings.

Hail, King Bjorn.

King of Kattegat.

(people cheering)
‐ Hail, King Bjorn!

(ominous music)

‐ [Ivar] Where were you, Floki?

Where were you?

(speaking Old Norse)



(rocks rumbling)
(rocks clattering)

(Sogdian grunts)

(Sogdian grunting)

On your way, merchant.

I have no gripe with you.

(Sogdian panting)

(ominous music)

Perhaps they're all dead.


My brothers.

Even Floki.

(distant thunder rumbling)
Perhaps it's worse.

Perhaps they're happy.

(dramatic music)

‐ [Michael] So this is
a new world,

new characters, new challenges.

It's hugely emotional.

‐ Our country's in grave danger.

‐ It goes in unexpected

ends up in unexpected places.

‐ It's time for us to look west.


‐ It's shot in totally
different ways.

You could sense
the new excitement.

‐ Light the fire!

‐ [Michael] All that
emotion channeled

into drama in the best season

that we've ever done on Vikings.