Vida (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Episode #3.4 - full transcript

Lyn throws Marcos an epic, Vida-style, double-30 Queerceañera, and Emma goes on a psychedelic journey of self-exploration.

- Could I help you with something?
- Do you know who I am?

You canceled us. So don't act
like this matters to you.

Nico, you don't, not matter to me.

Oh, I'm gonna be 30, and
I'm still so undercooked.

- It's gonna be your birthday.
- Ugh.

We should throw a big
birthday blowout for you.

We can totally do it at the bar.

Come on, babe, this is already
hard enough for me as it is.

Juniper, you broke up with me

two days after I buried my mother.

I'm sorry, baby... I mean, Lyn.

¿Le entiende español?

She was just born here,

so she doesn't speak it that well.

I blame your parents.


We need to do something right now!

- We need to vote.
- Vote? What...

Are we voting on a
particular action here,

or we voting to keep discussing action?

- Oh, my God.


BIFE: ♪ Nunca me faltes, te necesito ♪

♪ Sin vos no vivo yo ♪


BIFE: ♪ Te prometo, mi amor ♪

♪ Yo no soy nadie si no me miras ♪


BIFE: ♪ Te doy mi corazón ♪

♪ Nunca me engañes, porque me muero ♪

♪ Y antes mato a los dos ♪

♪ Cuando era chiquitico
Yo quería a mi mamá ♪

♪ Que mucho la quería,
la quería de verdad ♪




BIFE: ♪ Que algun día la perdí ♪


BIFE: ♪ No lo entiendo ♪

♪ Si era perfecta ♪

- You like that?
- Yeah.

- LYN: How about this?

RUDY: Yeah.


Don't-don't do that.

What are you doing?

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. Did... are my nails too...

Don't... do that.





I'm... confused, though,

because, well...

That's different.

You're not looking right at me.



Don't make this into a thing, Lyn.



♪ Somos uno los dos ♪

♪ Yo te busco, mamacita ♪

♪ Todo el tiempo en el amor ♪

MARI: Señora-señora, did
they show you a warrant?

- Le enseñaron paperwork?
- GRACIELA: No, no.

They just came, and look at that...

they broke his window,
and they yanked him out.

MARI: What are we gonna
do about it, mi gente?

You can't sit this one out.

This is happening on your watch.

They just dragged one of us
out Gestapo-style, illegally.

So they could put him... and-and
this is not fucking politics.

This is facts.

So that they can put him
in a private detention

where he'll make money for
the same fucking assholes

that owned the businesses

that he fucking worked
for in the first place.

No due fucking process
'cause this is America,

where it's okay to cage fucking
brown people like beasts.

Are you okay with that?






Do you have all your donations
for the event tonight?

- I want to support.
- It's not really an event.

It's just a birthday party.

Anything with a theme is an event.

Adult quinceañera is a
clever idea for a birthday.

It's a double queer-ceañera.

- Marcos is turning 30, so double.

[LAUGHS] Queer-ceañera.

You're so witty.

Yeah, Marcos wanted to
do it throwback-style

with a '80s telenovela swing

and the soldier thingies
on the shoulders,

but, you know, queer.

So I'm gonna be his chambelana.

[SCOFFS] Do you know how many times

I've had to be a chambelán?

I still remember how to dance el vals.

I bet.

Do you still need centerpieces?

Yeah, actually.

Centerpieces would be nice.

Well, then take me up on
borrowing them from my mother.

Only if you come with me.

You know I can't today.

But I'm telling you, get
anything you need from her.

She's thrown a million parties

and has an entire room with
things like centerpieces.

[SOFTLY] I'm a little bit scared of her.

You know, but maybe just don't mention
the whole queer-ceañera thing.

- Why, because it's queer?
- What?

No, Lyn, she donates to GLAAD.

It's just the whole...

It's the vibe of the bar that
I think she wouldn't get.

- You know, it's just the kind of programming that...
- Wait.

Are we too janky for your mom?

No, not janky.

'Cause everything we do is on purpose.

It's a curated dive bar, Rudy.

- Everything has been...
- Go borrow the centerpieces, babe.

A little quality time between
my two best girls will be good.



ALMA: We're not saying
that Victor Villanueva

doesn't have a claim to
your mother's estate.

He definitely can make one.

But given the documented
history of abuse,

the police report, the photos,

even this question of citizenship,

which is my expertise,

you and your sister are in a
pretty strong position...

especially right now
when the trend is to be

less forgiving when it comes to crimes

by undocumented people.

This would not look
good for him in court.

[SOFTLY] Thank you.


Oh. Okay.






Mi amorcita, ay.



¿No te han ofrecido nada? Estela!

¿Quieres alguna limonada?
¿Quieres un té?

Oh. Mm... mm... no.

Sorry. Would you like some tea?


No, thank you. I'm good.

Let's have a lemonade. Estela!

Tráenos unas limonadas.

So tell me about this party.

[SIGHS] Well...

We used to throw the
most elaborate affairs

when Rodolfito was a baby.

Teníamos un evento de Día de
Muertos que ni te imaginas.

- Oh, wow.
- Oh.

Oh, I love a good party.

So tell me about yours.

It's really... it's just a
little birthday thing.

Dinner party?

Mm... no.

Uh, it's a little bigger than that,

uh, like, 90, 100 people.

- Thank you. Gracias.
- Oh.

- That's a proper party.
- Yeah.


Trae las cosas que escogí, por favor.

And this is at your bar?

Uh, our lounge, yes... that we own.

- Oh.
- We've actually been getting a lot of buzz lately.

We were featured in Litch Magazine.

I don't know if you...

- ... heard.
- Oh. Hmm.

I'd love to see it sometime.

Oh, I-I, uh... I would love that.

I think it's good for a woman

to entertain herself with
work before marriage.

I really believe that.

- Hmm.

[GASPS] Gracias, Estela.

I took the liberty of putting together

a set of centerpieces...

porque Rudy me dijo que eso
era lo que necesitabas.

- ¿Verdad?
- Oh, sí.

But I also want to lend you

this exquisite piece.

This punch bowl is an heirloom.

It's been in our family
from Porfirio Díaz times.

Wow. It's-it's so gorgeous.

I-I couldn't, though.



It-it-it's just that this-this party

isn't very... punch bowl-y.


But okay.

- Hmm.
- Oh.

Do you know who Porfirio Díaz was?

Of course.

Just a...


Mexican hero.


If dictators are your idea of heroes.

Oh! No, no.

Some unsolicited advice...

admit when you don't know something.

Empty vessels make the most noise.



Where's Lyn?

Good question.

Marcos is queen bee in charge, though.

You'll see.

You need something?


I should help. What can I, uh... ?


Well, we have an entanglement situation.



Sorry. It's... it was a rough night.

[GROANS] My back's blown out.

Where are you sleeping these days?

Back at Matty's.

You mean back at Zoe's.

No, just back at Matty's.

Even after she physically
assaulted you, you're back there.

- NICO: No one got assaulted.
- Why do women do that?

I don't fucking get it!

I'm sorry, but you kind of gave up

your right to get like this with me.

I'm just noticing
inconsistencies in character.

You claim to be this
well-adjusted person.

When I have claimed to be well-adjusted?


You know what? You're right.

I have no right to get like this.

I'm out of line.


MARCOS: [SIGHS] Dónde chingados is Lyn?

This has crossed from Latino
time to rude-ass-bitch time.

I'll text her.

MARCOS: [SIGHS] She's not answering.

Well, then with your
permission, Miss Emma,

I'm making an executive decision.

For anyone who isn't on my guest list,

20 bucks gets you in.

I'll put a queer right
there with a cashbox.

Uh, I'll keep texting her.

MARCOS: A ver, niñas, ayúdame.

MAN: Why does he have to be so bossy?

MAN: Ay, cálmate.

I just, like, literally
can't do anything right.

Nothing is good enough for that woman.

Mastica, mi'ja. Don't forget to chew.


How did I forget that
bologna's kind of great?


[WHISPERS] I'm sorry, Miss Piggy.

How do I get her to like me?

How do you know she doesn't?

Papi, women, we know these things.

And that woman hates me.

And now I can't do anything
right with Rudy either.

Are you two fighting?

Sort of.

I don't know.

This morning I...

offended him by mistake.

Nothing I do is good enough.

Mi'ja, in God's eyes, you
already are good enough.

You're perfect... justo como tú eres.

Don't worry, things are gonna work out.

They never have before.

You don't know this because
you don't know me yet,

but I don't exactly have
the best track record

when it comes to relationships.

I do know you, mi'ja.

And shoot, join the club.

Do you think your papi
has a spotless record?


Mi'ja, bad decisions run in the family.

Oh, no!


¿Qué creas?

"She is clothed in strength and dignity,

and she laughs without
fear of the future".

Proverbs 31:25.

Don't let your past
define you, mujercita.

You're being tested,

but that's the beauty
of a life in Christ.

Once you accept Him as
your Lord and Savior,

then you make the decision,

the very purposeful
decision to be made new

and wash it all away...

to walk the righteous
path, to pass that test.

And guess what happens then.


Then you have nothing to fear.


"Clothed in strength and dignity,

she laughs without fear of the future".

Steady in your path, Lyn, fearless, huh?

MAN: ... everywhere. You
specifically said not to.

WOMAN: I know she didn't
show it to that puta,

but we sent out that mandate
and she still did it.

YOLI: Look, in a way, it's not bad
to start putting that out there.

That kind of awareness...

I mean, we're all in agreement
that it's a fucked-up situation.



- That video...
- Shaun King reposted it.

I know.

But also, we held a vote, Mari.


You're gonna talk to
me about a pinche vote

when we're under attack as a people?

This is a collective. You can't
go toda rogue like that.

I didn't go rogue. I posted
as La Pinche Chinche.

No, you posted that shit
from all Vigilante accounts.

You were repping us.

And it worked.

Did you see how many hits we got

and-and hella follows?

This is why we got to act now.

We all agreed on a different strategy.

Fucking strategy. It's puro pinche talk.

That's all we do around here, talk shit

and stand in front of a fucking
bar that's never even really...

Never even what?

Yoli, you've been my
friend for how long now?

But even more than that,

we've been homies in the struggle.

But something, it's...

it's just not the same with us...

with what we're doing.

There's real shit out
there, and it's like...

our glasses got all fuzzy,

and we can't even see
what's right in front of us.

And I can't pretend not to see anymore.


I think I'm done.


You're not done, Mari.

No, I am.


And I hope that you and me...

I mean, like, I don't want this...

Mari, cállate. You knew you
were going to get called out.

- Don't get toda...
- Yoli.

Mira, I get that you've been
going through a lot lately

with your apá passing, and I'm sorry...

No, Yoli.

This isn't about my apá.

I'm done.




Have a good one.


[GRUNTS SOFTLY] Okay... oh.



Not today, Satanás.

- Hey, let me help you.
- No. Mm-mm.

Juniper, what the hell
happened to your face?

It's tribal. It's supposed
to mean "growth".

But it turns out it
doesn't mean anything.

Why would you tattoo your fucking face?

I know. It's getting removed.

I... look, Lyn...

there's so much that I want to tell you.

Like what?

Well, like, when we broke up,

I went through this whole
existential thing.

Oh, I saw your existential thing...

blonde and 5'11".

Wha-what are you even
doing here, Juniper?

Well, it's like I said
in all my texts, babe.

I need you back.

I made so many mistakes,

and the biggest one was how we left it.

Yeah, you broke up with me,

like, a day after my
mom died, you asshole.

[WHINES] I-I know.

I... hey, I know.

I know, and that was one
of my biggest mistakes.

Look, I was in Joshua Tree,

tripping on frog venom...

and I realized that you're the one..

Juniper, you know what?

I have no time for Coachella
bros with a savior complex.

Thank you, next.

Do not follow me.

Oh, and I wouldn't walk around here

with that thing on your face.

I won't be responsible
for you getting jumped

because you're an-an
appropriating gringo.

Good-bye, Juniper.

MARCOS: I don't know. I think that
it's just gonna be so much fun.

Yeah, you should wear that.

CURLY: No, I can't.

- MARCOS: Why?
- CURLY: I was trying to eat my food.


- MARCOS: Ay, por fin llegas.
- CURLY: Hey.

MARCOS: Where were you?

Curly brought your outfit.
You want to see it?

Uh, I do.

Hey, Marcos, when you said you wanted

to wrap the place in tulle, I didn't...

Oh, isn't it dreamy?

And wait, we're not even done.

Oh. What else are you
gonna throw on this?

Curly, show her.

These are the centerpieces.

- Do you love it?
- You love it, right?


She loves it.

[SOFTLY] I-I just got centerpieces.

Um, okay.


Has Emma seen any of this?

Uh, sort of.

She was looking for you earlier.

Okay, I better go explain.

Oh, I'll see you inside so we
can set up the hookah lounge.

The what?

The hookah lounge. We talked about it.



Hey, so what are your thoughts

about what's going on out there?

Like, edge of tacky but
cute or full-on trashy?

I just wanted Marcos to have
the birthday of his dreams,

but maybe I should have
supervised more closely.

Oh, everything is donated.

So we must have spent,
like, a total of 50 bucks.

No harm done there.

By the way, do you know
who "Profiterole" Díaz is?

I know who Porfirio Díaz is,

who ruled Mexico for 30 years.

That dude.

Well, this was basically
his personal punch bowl,

or at least that's what Rudy's
mom wants me to believe.

Why would she even lend it to me?

- Just to fuck with me.
- I don't know.

I guess I'll put it in the "make
your own recuerdos" table

and out of harm's way.

Lyn, I was hoping we could talk.

I know, I know, indoor hookah... gross.

I'm going to tell Marcos
that we can't do it

because the bar's actually
gonna be open to the public.

But I think what he really wants
is just pillows everywhere.

So I'm gonna do a hookah-less
hookah lounge on the stage.

I saw a lawyer today about, uh, Victor.

God, you are so paranoid.

It's just a precaution,

a backup plan in case he
comes after the building

now that the deed is in our name.

He's not.

He's not going to come after anything.

You don't know him. He wouldn't.

No, I don't, but I'm gonna be
one step ahead in case he would.

Look, let's not... [SIGHS]

The lawyer showed me something.

Uh, she found a police report

with photos of Vidalia
when he would, um...


- No. Emma.
- They're horrible.

The fact that he's even capable
of something like this...

I'm sorry. I'm-I'm-I'm sorry...

but I don't want to see them.



I love you...

and I love that we actually
have a relationship,

like, so much.

Lyn, he hit her... bad.

And I'm not denying that.

Neither would he.

Papi's actually been very
honest with me about his past.

I don't doubt what's in those pictures.

But that was him then.

He's a different man now.

He's been delivered.

Oh, you talk Christian now?

Emma, I'm so sorry that
you had to see her like that.

I am.

I bet those pictures are
horrible, just like you say.

But I don't need to see them.

I'm starting from scratch with him,

and I need you to let me.


This whole thing is a
second chance for me

to set my life right.

"Clothed in dignity",

I'm steady in my path.


I just want to be able
to get to know him

without having those images in my head.

I promise you, I won't push him on you.

I won't bring him here.


let me be steady in my path.

Please, Emma.

All right, Lyn. You be steady.

Thank you.

[SOFTLY] Thank you.

MARCO: ... anything else to it,

I don't know why we
didn't do this yesterday.

Mama, you got to try this on already.

CURLY: Y si no te queda,

I have a friend who can do
alterations real quick.

Chambelana fierceness, girl.


what does this have to
do with chambelanes?

It has the cositas on the
shoulder like chambelanes...

- Mm-hmm.
- Pero, you know, sexy.

I'm actually trying to move away

from this level of sexy.

CURLY: Ay, pero why?








SINGER: ♪ Siéntelo,
grítalo, lúchalo, gózalo ♪



♪ Si te pasas la vida bailando ♪

You're my quince court,
you can't not slay.

How are we not slaying for you?

Ay, there's glitter everywhere.

- Nico, vente. Vente.
- Oh, okay. Okay.


Chambelana, come on.

NICO: I like that way better.

A ver, manitas, manitas.




I want this to be an
experience of connectivity,

my found family...

Oh, shit, Marcos, I forgot to tell you,

we have a hard out at 11:00...

- NICO: Mm-hmm.
- Because of noise ordinances.

Everyone is gonna have to come
inside with the paying patrons.

Don't worry, las jotas will comply.


But first, I want to say thank you, Lyn,

for this beautiful party.

Oh, baby, I love you. You're so welcome.

I think people are waiting
for something to start.

Prayer huddle.

No. No, E-Emma, join us, please.


I have to thank you, too, for
allowing this quince to happen.

It's a rite of passage

that little Marquitos
would only dream of.


But tonight lo reclamo...

In communion. [LAUGHS]

- Oh, wow.
- Where the fuck did that come from?


En nombre de Oshun, de la Guadalupana,

de Santa Selena, and
Jenny from the Block.

- Amen.

I'm on hostess duty tonight.

- So...
- Aw. [GROANS]



Emma, what are you doing?

No-no bar staff on drugs.

- I had no intention, by the way.
- MARCOS: Mmm.

Tonight I'm going to
"go steady in my path"

and fearlessly partake
in not giving a shit.

- Damn, girl, get loose.

- That-that was a lot.
- MARCOS: Mm-hmm.

- It's okay, I'm good.
- LYN: All right.

Well, I hope you're ready

for some serious dehydration

and an existential crisis.







CHAYANNE: ♪ Tiempo de vals
es el tiempo hacia atrás ♪

♪ Y de hacer lo de siempre,
es volver a empezar ♪

♪ Cuando el mundo se para
y te observa girar ♪

♪ Es tiempo para amar ♪

♪ Tiempo de vals, tiempo para sentir ♪

♪ Y decir sin hablar
y escuchar sin oír ♪

♪ El silencio que rompe
en el aire un violín ♪

♪ Es tiempo de vivir ♪

♪ Bésame en tiempo de vals ♪

♪ Un, dos, tres, un, dos, tres ♪

♪ Sin parar de bailar ♪

♪ Haz que este tiempo de vals ♪

♪ Un, dos, tres, un, dos, tres ♪

♪ No termine jamás ♪

ELLIS D: ♪ Work this pussy ♪


♪ Work this pussy, work this pussy ♪

♪ Work this pussy, work this pussy ♪

♪ Work this pussy, work this pussy ♪

♪ Work this pussy ♪

♪ Work this pussy, work this pussy ♪

♪ Work this pussy, work this pussy ♪

♪ Work this pussy, work this pussy ♪

♪ Work this pussy, work this pussy ♪

♪ Work this pussy, work this pussy ♪

♪ Work this pussy, work this pussy ♪

♪ Work this pussy, work this pussy ♪

♪ Work this pussy... ♪



♪ Work this pussy, work this pussy ♪

♪ Work this pussy, work this pussy ♪

♪ Work this pussy,
work this, work this ♪

♪ Work this, work this,
work this, work this ♪

♪ Work this, work this,
work this, work this ♪




♪ Ella no quiere hablar conmigo ♪

♪ Dice que al final yo
siempre la hago sufrir ♪

♪ No quiere saber si respiro ♪

♪ Le pide a sus amigas
que no le hablen de mí ♪

♪ Ella no quiere hablar conmigo ♪

♪ Me bloqueó en sus redes,
me dejó de seguir ♪

♪ No quiere saber nada conmigo ♪

♪ Me cerró la puerta y
ya jamás la va a abrir ♪


♪ Dile que la quiero ♪


♪ Dile que la quiero ♪


I say this with love,

but you, like everybody here,

are very, very high, and
that's very, very annoying.


- Okay.
- MARCOS: Announcement.



am decolonizing my name.

- I am decolonizing my gender.

- On this night...

- I become the spectrum...

The prince of flowers, song, and dance.

On this night...

you may call me Xochipilli.


CURLY: Fuck patriarchal colonialism!

- Yes!
- MAN: Thank you.


It's 10:45,

and this party's already turning.

We keep going the way of "ratchetness".

KUMBIA QUEERS: ♪ Le pide a sus
amigas que no le hablen de mi ♪

I think I'm pregnant.

KUMBIA QUEERS: ♪ Me bloqueó en
sus redes, me dejó de seguir ♪


KUMBIA QUEERS: ♪ Me cerró la
puerta y ya jamás la va a abrir ♪


Emma, like, for real, for real
or, like, mushrooms for real?

Because I'm pretty sure
Nico can't get you pregnant.

Like, for real, for real.


KUMBIA QUEERS: ♪ Que yo no supe que
hacer, que no quise lastimarla ♪

Xochipilli for real.



KUMBIA QUEERS: ♪ Y que la siento
todavía yo muy cerca de mi alma ♪

Is that even real after tonight, though?


It's as real as this table...


As real... oh... as these poppers.

- These guys.
- Oh, my...

- Well, as real...
- Em!

as this punch bowl.

Okay, Emma.

It's time for you to drink some
water and go to bed, okay?

I mean, what's happening inside me

is just a collection of cells,

cells that can easily be not real.


Like this hideous bowl

holding all of these things is

- so very real.
- Emma. Oh, my God.


in one second...

this hideous bowl

is no longer real.


- EMMA: Hmm.

"Profiterole" Díaz.


- You did this on purpose.
- Oh, my God.

You know what, Emma?

If you're so mad about papi,

I wish you'd just have it out with me

instead of throwing this
passive-aggressive tantrum.

Do you have any idea
what's gonna happen to me

when monster-in-law finds what
I did to her stupid punch bowl?

- I'm so sorry. I'll put it together.
- LYN: No, Emma. Emma.

Get the fuck away, Emma!


If you want to make yourself useful,

go tell everyone to get the fuck inside

while I deal with this.

[WHIMPERS] You're really angry.

Yes, I am.


Now go.


Uh, everyone, could we...


everyone, could we... go
inside the bar please?





Oh, don't be like that.

Juniper, you don't want to
fuck with me right now.

I kind of do.

Are you... ?


You're high as fuck, aren't you?

Somebody had some really nice...

I don't know what it
was, but I smoked it.


It's an unexpected group
of folks you gathered here.

Really nice, though.

I had this great conversation with
someone about courtesy bottoms...

You know what? I can't even look at
you with that thing on your face.

I told you, it's-it's getting removed.

You know what's dope about being here?

Is the whole time we were dating,

I never once got to meet
any of your friends.

It's so nice to see your vibe,
like, the "real you" vibe.

This isn't the "real me" vibe.

This is just what my friend
wanted for his party.

Right, you threw him
this badass parking-lot party.

You know what, Juniper?
I will not be judged by you.

You have misspelled hieroglyphics
all over your face.

Okay, look, all I'm
saying is it's awesome

to see you in your element,

you know, with colorful people,

having an uninhibited,
loosey-goosey good time.


This is not...

I'm not...



or... loose.


I'm not.



Are you processing?

We always liked to make love
when you were processing.



[SIGHS] I miss you, babe.


Can we just do, like,
a rewind and go back

to where we left off, like,
everything like it was?

We can do your goddess lotion thing,

the jewelry store.

I'll give you the credit cards back.

I just want to make
whatever you want happen.

When you broke up with me...

I was like...



what am I gonna do?"


But then I snapped the fuck out of it...

and I got right with myself...

and with my family.


I found a boyfriend

who makes want to be an actual adult.


And I got serious about this place,

about our bar.

Yeah, I know, babe.

I-I love seeing your whole thing.

Oh, no, no. Shh, shh, shh.

Juniper... I'm building something here,

something important...


And-and you showing up here like this...


You know what it was?


It was a test...


A test that I just passed.

And you want to know why?


Because I am clothed

in strength and dignity, motherfucker.

And I'm steady as fuck.


I'm gonna go get a broom,

and you should be gone
by the time I come back.


SINGER: ♪... loca
bailando en la fiesta ♪

♪ Bailando sola, tomando más cerveza ♪

♪ Estoy viendo por todo mi lado ♪

♪ Siempre aquí... pero perfecta ♪

♪ ... rodándome hasta el cielo ♪

♪ Enemigo me parece muy feo ♪


♪ Yo no sé cómo llegué aquí ♪

♪ Pero escúchenme cuando digo
que en mi vida soy feliz ♪

♪ No tengo dinero, pero soy rico ♪

♪ En mi vida ♪

♪ Inteligente, muy bonita, con... ♪

♪ Femenina, pero juega con lo... ♪

♪ Lo que piense' no me importa
porque tú no vales mierda ♪

♪ Dale aquí que no soy tu mascota ♪

♪ Soy mujer y no soy una tonta ♪

♪ Que tú te separes...
que no me importa ♪

♪ Vivir lo nuestro porque
la vida es corta ♪

♪ Sal de aquí, que no soy tu mascota ♪

♪ Soy mujer y no soy una... ♪




Labia Major.



That's Kermit's Collar.

Yeah, look, right there.

I don't know if NASA
recognizes that one.


We used to make our
own constellations...

me and Lyn.

We'd just come up here and just... zoop!

Zoop, zoop, zoop.

She was so good at it.


She's so mad at me.

We shouldn't.



Maybe let's...

Maybe let's chill.



I want you in my mouth.




You're gonna hate yourself
tomorrow for this.


And I'm gonna hate that I didn't...

That I let it happen.




you're not yourself
right now, baby girl.




Oh, fuck.










SINGER: ♪ Walk for me, walk for
me, Walk for me, walk for me ♪

- ♪ Walk for me, walk for me ♪

- ♪ Walk for me, walk for me ♪
- SINGER: ♪ Sir, sir ♪

- ♪ Walk for me, walk for me ♪
- SINGER: ♪ Sir, sir ♪

SINGER: ♪ Walk for me,
walk for me, walk for me ♪

♪ Walk for me, I'll see
you after the function ♪





SINGER: ♪ Walk for me, walk for
me, walk for me, walk for me ♪

♪ Walk for me, walk for me ♪


♪ Walk for me, walk for me ♪

♪ Walk for me, walk for
me, walk for me... ♪




SINGER: ♪ One day I'm gonna be ♪

♪ As tall as a big magnolia tree ♪


♪ Tell my mother to not come after me ♪

♪ Tell my mother to not ♪

♪ Come after me ♪


♪ The fear will fly from my feet ♪

♪ The day I turn 23 ♪

♪ Tell my mother to not come after me ♪

♪ Tell my mother to not ♪

♪ Come after me ♪

- ♪ Her little bird ♪
- SINGERS: ♪ Little bird ♪


♪ Little bird ♪

SINGER: ♪ Little bird ♪

SINGERS: ♪ Little bird ♪

- SINGER: ♪ Little bird ♪
- SINGERS: ♪ Little bird ♪

SINGER: ♪ Little bird ♪

♪ One day I'm gonna shake ♪

♪ The hand of the real world ♪

♪ Out on the street ♪

♪ After mother had
said "so long" to me ♪

♪ My baby, she's gonna weep ♪

♪ If something should
ever happen to me ♪

♪ But I got to jump now
before it's too late ♪

♪ And if I land in a casket ♪

♪ At least they could
say, "Her little bird" ♪


♪ "Her little bird ♪

♪ Grew big wings" ♪


♪ Her little bird ♪

♪ Dangerous things ♪

♪ One day I'm gonna be ♪

♪ As tall as a big magnolia tree ♪

♪ Tell my mother to not come after me ♪

♪ Tell my mother to not come after me ♪