Vida (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - full transcript

I am going to make Vida into the spot
of what's happening

in Latinx culture.

Maybe the vigilantes
will get off your back

if you support some local groups
or some orgs.

Don't forget to take apá
to his blood transfusion appointment.

Yeah, I'll take him.

Mon Chou Chou.

Excuse me, barback.

It's not as suspect as it looks.

I trust you.

I didn't put together
that we'd lose this mural.

Emma told me
that I ain't got no right to be there.

Just know I seen him with my own eyes.

I, like, halfway believe you.

- Good.
- What?

'Cause I'm not lying.

What are we doing tomorrow?


I, myself, have no plans.


Well, do you want to ride with me

up to Big Bear?

My lungs need to breathe

something other than this shit L.A. air.

We can go camping.

We can go hiking.

Like, outdoors?

I'd rather have lunch with a MAGA.

Okay, Miss Big City Girl From Chicago.

Listen, I lived in south Texas
with my grandmother

on what was basically a ranch.

I'm no stranger to bugs and critters.

Okay. Well, great.

Then it should be fun.

We can make s'mores.

Become one with Mother Nature.

How's that sound?

You're very convincing.

Oh, God, yes.

Oh, God.


I think we should go
and try and meet this guy.

You know, just to make sure
he's not our actual father.

- Seriously, Lyn?
- Yes, seriously!

Emma, aren't you curious
to see if he's really papi?

I'm so curious.
I can't think about anything else.

Do you think we can pick this up
another time,

when I'm not otherwise occupied?

And if it is him, do you think he knows
mami told us he was dead?



You know what's so enraging
is that Eddy thought up

this whole little scenario as a "fuck you"

because she thought at least one of us
would fall for it.

I don't understand how you can be
so sure that Eddy's lying.

Frankly, Eddy is just not that creative.

Now, mami, she was the queen of lies,
and you know it.

Lyn, none of this is real.

Let's not put any more energy
into it, okay?

But what if it is?

You saw INS drag papi out of here.

Yeah, but no one saw him die

trying to cross back.

Vida and everyone else in our lives,

they'd all have to be in on it, then.

Don't open up this can of worms.

It'll only end in disappointment.


Lyn, Ilana wants a dedicated table
to put their info on tonight.

Can you set it up by the gate?

Who's Ilana?

East L.A. Neighborhood Advocates.

They're the nonprofit

that I settled on to benefit
from tonight's food stand thing.

God, I really hope this helps
to shut them up.


I'm really getting tired of them yelling
"Coconut Barbie" at me.

Like, change it up already.

- Yes, I'll set up one by the front.
- Thank you.

Oh, and I am calling tonight

"Stands and Delivered."

Get it?


Like the movie.

Edward James Olmos and everyone's favorite

non-Mexican Mexican, Lou Diamond Philips.

Stand and Deliver. That's clever.

Yeah, I know.


Sorry about that whole thing.

She's so obsessed with this.

Do you really think Eddy would lie
just to hurt the two of you?

I do.


I really didn't figure her the type.

Eddy's not malicious, but I think
she's in a dark place right now

and mad at me for...

Well, I did sort of drive her away
with the whole mural thing.


I just don't want Lyn
to get hurt, you know?

I think Eddy might just be confused.


What's confusing is how a person manages
to put their entire life

into one surplus duffel bag.

So rugged.

That bag's been with me to 17 countries
and one tour of Iraq.

Nomads don't need much.

I hate that she did this to you.

Yeah, well, sometimes you have to pay
the price to get your shit back.

- But fucking domestic abuse?
- All right, SVU.

It's not domestic abuse. Zoe threw keys.

Fucking psycho.

Well, at least I got my bike back.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey, this Luis dude keeps calling
asking about his truck.

Cómo chinga ese cabrón.

He's been blowing up my phone, too.

What's with you?

I haven't slept all night.

The baby gave us a big scare.

We had to rush her to the ER.

What? What happened?

She was...

She was breathing all funny
and had a fever,

so Karla freaked out and just...

I'm not gonna lie. I did, too.

Well, what was it? Is she okay?

Yeah, no, she's fine now,
but we were in the hospital all night.

They're still there.

Well, then what are you doing here?

Pues, I came to finish this cabrón's truck
so he can leave me alone.

That way, he can pay me already.

I don't need Karla stressing
about money, too, you know?

Yeah. Damn, poor Elenita.

Oh, I know. My baby girl.

They were poking her
and just prodding her and just...

Oh, man.

All right, I'm gonna get started
on this real quick

so I can go back to pick them up.

Oh, hey, how did
apá's appointment go yesterday?

Oh, shit.


Mari, it slipped my mind
with la baby y todo eso.

I promise, I'll set another appointment
sometime this week, all right?

You can't just reschedule
his appointments.

This is for his toxin levels.
They build up in his blood.

It's not just a checkup, Johnny.

He needs to have his transfusion
when he's scheduled to have it.

I'm sorry, all right? I...

I can take him tomorrow for sure.
I just...

Apá will be fine for one day.

I don't know
if he should wait another day.

Well, then you take him.
Shit, I don't know.

You know that I can't show up there.

Then he's gonna have to wait
till tomorrow. I'm sorry.

Apá, soy yo.

Johnny se le olvidó el appointment.

So I'm here porque we have to try to see
if we could get you in.

Apá, you don't have to talk to me,
but I have to take you to the doctor.

I'm coming in, okay?







No, no, no.

Apá! Apá!


Oh, my God.

No. No.

Lucha libre is iconic,
but "the dominants,"

'cause I'm refusing to say "white"
these days,

they've taken it away from us, too.

The caucasity!

We got to reclaim that shit.

- So what do you think?
- Mami, you need help?

About what? Thank you, Curly, yeah.

About a lucha libre night
but, like, cheeky.

Como que más homoerotic.

Lo podemos hacer,
like, lucha libre burlesque.

You can have signature drinks
like Mil Máscaras mule

or El Santo sidecar.

A blue drink that's just El Blue Demon.

Okay, but, like, where would we do
the actual lucha libre part, though?

Like, on the stage.

We can make it into a ring.

We can make it
into sexy lucha libre mud wrestling.

What? No.

Nothing tacky.

Not that your masks are tacky.

I didn't mean that, Curly. It's just...

Oh, I know.

I have this whole idea about what I want
for Vida, and it's not that.

For the non-music stuff, I want people
to get an experience they can't get

anywhere else in L.A.
but, like, not ratch.

Oh, that sounds like prissy Miss Emma
talking right there.

Actually, I think
she would be fine with it

if I suggested we should do it.

She's actually been fine
with everything I've said lately,

which is weird.

Well, not everything.


These tables are all wrong.

Let's put them longways.

Comadrita, what's wrong?

These freaking tables are all wrong!

No, a la verga con las tables.
Something's happening with you.

Ay, perra, so pushy!

Is Emma giving you a hard time?

Because she should be out here
helping you out right now.


It's this whole thing with Eddy's letter.

About your newfound dad?

About my possibly very unlikely
newfound dad, yes.

We're just not seeing eye to eye on it.

Emma's convinced it's all lies and...

says I should leave it alone.

I've heard of crazier things.

Ay, girl, these "menses"
teniendo familia por todos lados.

You owe it to yourself
to at least look into it.

And you'll let me know, or I just come by?

Yeah, the body will be released
in a few days, but you should call first.

- Sorry for your loss.
- All right, thank you.

They just took him.

In a few days...

I'm gonna need to go sign some papers
at the morgue so they can release him.

We're gonna have to decide
if we're gonna bury him

or cremate him or, you know?

If you had just taken apá
to his transfusion, Johnny...

If you had just done that one thing.

I have to call the family.

And you know
what's gonna happen, right, Mari?

All of them are gonna show up
with their platters,

trying to feed us and be all...

They're gonna ask their questions.

They're gonna want to know
the funeral arrangements.

- You know he didn't make no arrangements.
- Yeah, I know.

So we're gonna have to figure it out.

Hey, Mari.

You know,
maybe you shouldn't do the whole,

you know, blue lipstick thing.

You know how tía Magda gets, toda judgy.


Your Subaru...

Got it.

Thanks for letting us kidnap your car.

- Hi.
- Hey.

What's going on?

You turning the bar into a restaurant now?

Oh, no. That's just for tonight.

Trying to raise money
to get some bullies off our back.

By the way, we're being protested.

Yeah, I heard something about that.


You sure you don't want to come in?

We got Flamin' Hot corn dogs.

Emma made it bien clear
what she thinks about me.

She called me a freeloader,
said that I'm a mentirosa,

that I was only just trying to hurt you.

You know I don't think that, Eddy.

Your amá died married to that guy.

That's why she couldn't legally marry me.

I don't know what to think.

Yeah. Here's what you asked me for.

It's everything Rocky's cousin
dug up on your apá.

She's not just a metiche.

She's a lawyer.

If this is true
and mami kept papi from us...


Looks like you got company.

Anyways, I'm gonna go pay
my respects to Johnny and Mari.

What? Why pay your respects?

Mr. Sanchez passed away today.

What? What? How?

I don't know all the details.
I just found out.

I'm going over there con unas enchiladas.

Sorry, Lyn.

Yeah, it shouldn't fall down again.

You get the first one.

Oh, wow. Thank you.

- Enjoy.
- Yeah.

Be right back.

How's she doing?

Oh, she's solid.

She used to sling drinks at Good Luck Bar
before it closed.

We'll try her out, see what you think.

What the hell is that?

It's a unicorn concha ice cream sandwich.

What does it look like?

Never took you for the type
to eat a concha in public.

Well, only one time,
in college at a party.


I have to go man your bar.

You go do that.

- Hey.
- Mr. Sanchez died.

Johnny and Mari's dad.

- That's terrible.
- Yeah.

I should go pay my respects.

But I should bring flowers, right?

Maybe send flowers.


That's, like, so cold and impersonal.

Oh, I also gave Eddy back her Subaru.


Emma, it was about time.

It's her car. We can't just keep it.

Oh, and also, I talked to her about papi

or that man named Victor.

Lyn, I...

Look, Emma.

Here's a marriage certificate...

program from his church.

I hate how you manufacture drama.

Look around.

You're making things happen.

Don't get distracted by bullshit.

I'm not.

It also might not be bullshit, but okay.

Amor, hola.

Ay, con ese lipstick
tan escándaloso, Marisol.

Qué falta de respeto.

Ay, mi'ja, que Dios te bendiga.

Look, can you make
a little bit more mix, please?

I can stay right here if you want.

Sounds like we got
our own chorus out there.

Well, thank God the DJ
is gonna drown them out.

It's still a very good turnout, though.

Oh, you're blowing up, man.

- Yeah.
- Mon Chou Chou.

- Oh, no.
- Fuck me.

This bitch is not coming up here
to disturb the peace.

No, you're not coming into my bar
to do your Zoe drama.

I didn't come here
to cause you any trouble, Emma.

Zoe, I'm gonna walk you to your car.

You unbelievable asshole.

You just get tired of your little projects
and move on to the next, right?

But you're still gonna keep using me?

What fucking projects?

We've been...

Shit, you have been done with me
for months.

Why are you refrying this dead thing?

I'm serious.
Take your dyke drama somewhere else.

Oh, this is a dead thing, Nico?

Don't start with that.

Emma, it was brought to my attention

when I had my little chat here
with Nicole...

You mean when you attacked her.

What? I didn't attack her.

Listen, a lot happened that night,

but one of the things
I realized is that Nico

- hasn't been completely honest with you.
- Zoe, come on.

Which is so seriously unlike her.

Usually when she's had
her little dalliances,

she's been completely honest with them,

but she failed to tell you
that we're still married.

For fuck's sake, Zoe.

You just had to, didn't you?

Emma, this is just something
she likes to hold over my head.

It's not real.

We're technically married, yes,

but it was for the insurance.

It's nothing more.

It didn't start out as nothing, Nico.

Zoe, come on! This isn't gonna work.

Whatever you're trying
to make happen, it's not.


But she needed to know.

If I ever see you near my bar again,
I'll call the cops.

I mean it.

Make sure she leaves.

Zoe, come on.

Johnny's dad died.

I know.

Pobre hombre, died alone.

That's so terrible.

Now they're orphans,
just like Emma and me.

Que en paz descanse.


Are we orphans?

You know everything,

and not because you say you talk to ghosts

but because you're always in the chisme.

Is that man my papi?

Is he really alive?

Emma, you have to hear this.

Doña Lupe, please tell Emma
what you just told me.

Lyn, please, just...

Emma, you're going to listen.

Ándele, doña Lupe. Say it.

Your papá is alive. Es verdad.

And, yes, he's a pastor
y vive en Lincoln Heights.

See, Emma?

Proof that mami fucking lied.

All this time, she fucking lied to us.

What else is new?

Our entire lives have been a lie.

How can you be so "whatever" about this?

What do you want me to do?

To get upset
because people have betrayed me,

have betrayed us our entire lives?

If you're saying this man was living

just a few miles away from us
and never looked for us...

why would I want to know this person?

Because he's the only family we have.

We are the only family we have.

And I'm not gonna let some deadbeat

that didn't want shit to do with us
back in our lives

in any way, shape, or form,
and neither are you, Lyn.

- No, how can you...
- Just listen!

Look, just... Enough.

Mi'ja, there's a reason
your mami did what she did.

We could be getting a second chance
at having a father.

This doesn't just happen.


I know you don't like to have
these little talks while you're working,

so I won't do that to you, but...

It will all make sense
when I explain it to you, Emma.

I mean, I was always gonna tell you.
I just haven't had a chance yet.

But this wasn't me going
behind your back in any way.

No, but it's still a lie.

Wait, hold up. I...

I didn't tell you right away
because I never think about it, Emma.

Zoe and I have been done.

When she left me, went off with some girl
to make her documentary,

and she convinced me
to stay on the insurance.

And I accepted
because I'm a fucking freelancer,

and I take meds that I can't afford
on what I make.

Emma, I have no idea
why she came back to start all of this.

God, it's easy to get caught
in that magic you create, Nico...

that bullshit you've perfected.

Whoa, none of this was a lie, Emma.

I mean, except this technicality.

It was a nice few days...

fun little moment of weakness for me...

but it won't happen again.

- Cuídate, mi'jo.
- Ahí le aviso. Gracias.

And remember to get el padre Jose,

because the misa has to be in Spanish.

Sí, tía.

Ay, este es el plato que compramos

cuando vino el Papa Juan Pablo.

He was the last good pope.

The casket les va a salir carito, ¿eh?

You might have to get on a payment plan.

Is this the one that Mama Chana crocheted?

Ay, pero está toda frayed.

You let it get all frayed.

I'm going to have to fix it.

Bueno, ya me voy.


- Tía.
- Huh?


Do you think you and tío Raúl would be
able to help us out with the casket?

Well, the funeral expenses in general.

We could use some help.

I'm sure
that you can figure it out, mi'jo.

Bueno, ya los dejo, ¿eh?

Ay, este me encanta...

Yo, did tía Magda just jack us?

You know how she is.

Why did you ask her for money?

I don't want to ask anyone for anything.

You know how much they said
the casket's gonna cost?

Do you? 8K.

8K. Where the hell am I gonna
get that kind of money?

And that's just for the casket.
That's not the funeral.

Ay, apá.

Apá is never going to get to meet her.

He's never going to get
to meet my baby girl.