Vida (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Episode #2.9 - full transcript

[STARZ] Emma accompanies Cruz to an event where Emma meets a charming stranger. Emma gives Mari an opportunity while Lyn meets local councilman Rudy at the gym before hosting the bar's ...

Good morning, Mari.

You're the one that
doesn't have the right here.

You were not legally
married to my mother,

and that will you two
made is totally invalid.

This will always be my favorite face.

Hey, follow me to my office right now.

You fucking serious?

Let me get this.

- Oh, the blueberries.
- Yep, let me get that.

Are you gonna pour that in there...

if you don't mind?

- Let me do it.
- What?

It's more of a fold.

- Oh.
- Yeah.



- Mmm.
- Looks good.

Mm, mm, mm-hmm.

Mon Chou Chou!


What are you doing?

You know what I would
kill for right now?


A wet burrito from El Tepeyac.


So what, you're just done with,
uh... with the vegan thing, huh?

Of course not.

Yeah, what was that,
just a... just a phase?

Shut up! It's all a process, okay?

I wish I could take you to El Tepeyac.

But it's too right there...

you know, in the eye of the hurricane.

I thought it didn't matter anymore

because she doesn't want
anything to do with you.

It doesn't,

but just out of respect...

you know, for everyone...

Until next month when
the baby comes, and...

Well, yeah, you know, even after that.

I just want to be respectful.

I don't know what that means.

It just means we can't have El Tepeyac.

We can go find something else.



Let's do that, then.

I really don't want to go home yet.

Things are so awkward with Emma...

and your sister always there.

Yeah, how did that even happen?

I still don't even know.

But you should see them,

Mari and Emma, they're like...

Two little soul sisters.

It's so fucking bizarre.

At least Mari's somewhere safe.

I was so worried about
where she was gonna end up.

Yeah, poor Mari.

Sorry, but your dad is such a Mexican.

Why did I show him?

If I was Mari, I wouldn't
forgive me either.

For real.

I don't think I've ever felt worse

about anything in my life.


You were just being a big brother.

Listen, being a brother, a sister,

it's all garbage.

We're stuck with these people

just because we share DNA?

What does that even mean?

Emma's never going to like me...

and not just because of this
thing with the credit cards.


Just thinks I'm stupid.

No, hey. No, she doesn't think that.

Yeah, she does.

Mami thought that.

Emma thinks that.


there's, like, nothing
I can do about it.

- Hey...
- No, it's...

There's, like, no showing her I'm not.

You know?

You're not stupid.

And I love that you know that.

You're probably the only
other person on the planet

that knows that.

Another round, huh?

I need you up inside me right now.

- Oh.
- Fuck. Fuck.

Zoe, I was very clear with you.

Why are you pretending
to be so mad right now?

I'm not pretending to be anything.

This is... this is fucking weird.

- Why is it so weird?
- You know why it's weird.

Oh, someone looked cute
last night, didn't they?

Come, help me finish
this bottle of Beaujolais.

Mon Chou Chou is being
boring and abstaining.

Matty never said I could
just help myself, Zoe.

I try not to touch his
things if I can help it.

Come on, Matty adores me.

He's obsessed with me.
He won't give a fuck.

Don't let me drink alone.

I was thinking I should
probably get going.

Absolutely out of the question.

We're having a threesome breakfast.

It's chilled.

I know, Americans...
they love their reds

at 13 degrees... oh...


55 degrees Fahrenheit.

My brain is so metric right now.

You spend one month in Europe

and you start to sound like Madonna?

I was shooting a proof
of concept in France,

and let me tell you something...

Americans, they just don't get it.

They're just horrible at living life.

Are you a filmmaker?

Well, I do a lot of things,
but, yes, I document.

So the cantaloupe survived.


And we have some cold toast.

I guess I can make some more.

Ugh, there's nothing
worse than cold toast.

Let's go to Gjusta.

We were thinking about
going down to Venice

and bundling up in our
beanies and blankets.

There's really nothing that I love more

than a cold beach picnic.

- We were not.
- Ugh!

I have to work.

You two should go.

Well, I can't leave you
a man down at the bar.

It's Sunday, I can handle
our three chimuelos.

Oh, you guys bartend together.

I see what this is.


Hey, at least let me call you a Lyft.

That won't be necessary.

This was delicious, though
if you like Beaujolais,

there are other Gamay blends to try.

Wow. Well, now that I know what you do,

I'll let you be the sommelier next time.

Well, I do a lot of things,

but I'd be more than happy
to pick a bottle for you.

We can talk when I get to the bar, okay?

Talk about what?

Eddy, I'm going to work.

Okay, amigx. Ahí te watcho.

Make sure si sales that

you lock the top and bottom locks.

Okay, pero, I ain't going nowhere.

It's been three days, Ed.

I go to work, I come home...

Y estás todavía on the same spot.

And don't get me wrong,
I love having you here.

This is not me trying
to kick you out, pero...

What do you want me to do, Rocky?

You weren't there. You
don't know how ugly it got.

Honestly, me vale la pinche Emma esa.

That's easy for you to say.

She told me, in front of everybody,

that I ain't got no right to be there.

She said those words?



And do you want to be there?

Come on, Rocky.

What? If you do, qué chingados

are you doing to get back on that track?

What do mean, like, about the will?

About the will, about whatever.

Rocky, it may just seem that
I want the bar and the building

because I need a job
and a place to live,

and, yeah, sure, I do need that.

Pero also, I made a
promise to Vida, carnala.

It was the last conversation we had.

I gave her my word.

Then why aren't you contesting this?

Why not get a lawyer and fight?

¿Pero cómo, Rocky?

I don't got no money for a lawyer.

I think you should
talk to my cousin, Alma.

She's an immigration lawyer.

Not exactly the same area,

but I bet she can at least
point you in a direction.

She owes me for
babysitting all the time,

so I bet I could get her to drop by.

Free of charge.

Do you have another shirt I can borrow?


Eh, no.

Báñate primero, fuchi, okay?

Then you can borrow my shirt.

Hey, uh, your drain was really slow

'cause of all that hair, but I fixed it.

You just need one of those
little stopper thingies

to catch the pelo.

They sell it at the dollar store.

Thank you for doing that, Mari.

Yeah, it's cool.

How was your, uh, thing last night?

It was amazing...

and then it was the utter worst.

Ah, the bill shuffle.

I'm very familiar with that shuffle.

You know what? I'm not.

I'd crafted my life in a way

that everything was accounted for

and everything was in order.

If I couldn't afford
it, I wouldn't buy it.

I learned that as soon as I
left my grandmother's house.

Never owe anyone.

Yeah, I fucking hate owing people.

But now I'm sitting here

drowning in other people's debt...

my mother's, her wife's, my sister's.

Have you seen the mural?

They barely put it up,
and it's already tagged.

Well, not even tagged,

someone just, like,
splattered paint on it.

Yeah, sorry, but I could've
told you that was gonna happen.

Right, because you
know about these things.

I should have known, too.

I'm gonna have to call the handyman

and see if he can fix it,

which will just be more bills
to add to this collection.

Look, I'm not gonna lie to
you. They might tag it again.

Whitetinos living their best life,

looking down on the rest of us

is not what people
around here want to see.

What do you people around here want,

that I not use my rightful piece of land

to make money because it
might be upsetting to them?


They just don't want to be erased.

Uh, you know what?

After work I'll stop by the dollar store

and get you one of those
little stopper thingies.

Those burritos are nothing
like the Manuel burrito

from El Tepeyac.

Nah, but they hit the spot, though.

Mm. No, I'm just kidding.

You know what would
be amazing right now?


Like, to walk off this
burrito baby in my stomach?

A walk on the beach.

Do you want to drive up to Malibu?

Shit, Malibu?


If we leave right now,
we can skip the traffic.

And we could re-create
that time when we took

that beach field trip
with Ms. Larsen's class...

And we baptized you.

When I almost drowned?

Why didn't you tell anyone
that you couldn't swim?

I still don't.

Tell me one barrio kid
who knows how to swim.

Um, I can.

Summer swim classes, Roosevelt pool.

Yeah, well, that's more a kind of thing

a mom registers you for.

You know my apá was
todo hands of with us.

He never signed us up for shit.

- I have an idea.
- Hmm?

If you could pick anything
that you could do today,

what would it be?

We could got take selfies at LACMA

or go shopping on
Melrose... no, Abbot Kinney.

I want us to make today
officially Johnny Sanchez Day.

You make the rules. We'll
do whatever you want.

I can't think of anything.

What? Come on.

I don't know.

Okay, so, for example, if
it were Lyn Hernandez Day,

I would want us to
go open-house hopping,

dreaming about my real-estate empire.

Or at least, like, what I would...

do, how I would decorate each
house if they were mine.

That's what you'd do on Lyn Day?

That's one of the
things I would do, yeah.

What would make you happy?


All right.

Okay. Huh, uh...

I guess... I guess I'd want to
go to the Long Beach Swap Meet

because I need to pick up some
new floor mats for my Charger.

I've been meaning to do that.

Um, then we'll go to
the monthly car show

outside the swap meet

because I always wanted to do that.

And after, we'd go eat

at the San Pedro Fish Market for lunch.

I'd get a whole platter
to myself like a king

because it's my day.

And then, uh...

Just for you, we can
drive back up the PCH

and stop by the beach.

I'll even let you baptize me.

Let me just...


Yeah, you okay?

Uh... you're going to
the hospital right now?

Wh... who's taking you?

Yeah, okay.

I'll be... I'll be right there.

The baby...

It's coming.

I know you must have been so worried

that I never made it home.

You'll be glad to know I'm fine.

You're a grown woman, Lyn.

Did y'all book San Cha? Did she agree?

We didn't get a chance to talk to her.


Wasn't that the entire point...

- Well, are you going to?
- I don't know, Lyn.

Have you seen the side of the building?

I have the basics to worry about

before taking on anything
else extracurricular.

I wish you'd find a new hobby.


Ahí voy, ahí voy. Chingao.

Oh, my God, girl. I lost you last night.

Oh, so you noticed.

Well, y-yeah.

Girl, I was in a state.

I-I'm grateful I made it home myself.

What happened to you?

Emma and Nico didn't
even talk to San Cha.

They didn't even fucking bother.


San Cha was good, I mean,
from what I can remember,

but I think Nico was wrong about her.

I don't think her audience
will follow her here.

Yeah, I agree. They're
more nightcrawlers.

Yeah, and we need an act with more buzz.

Like, yes, Eastside buzz,
but also wide-appeal buzz.

You know?


Curly has buzz?

No, Curly knows everyone.

He can get you someone.

Great, then let's ask Curly.

Yeah, I'm not waiting for fucking Emma.

She doesn't get to dole out
the permissions, not anymore.

Send me Curly's info.

Can you fix it?

Check it out. I want
to show you something.

These ad people know
this shit's gonna happen,

so they use anti-graffiti paint.

It chips right off, you see?

So it won't be too difficult for you?

You can just get a power
washer at Home Depot,

be a lot cheaper than me.

Are you really this
poor of a businessman?

I'm just being honest.
You can do it yourself.


Still, do you have time to
take on this particular job?

I mean, yeah, sure.

You want me to charge you
my formal quote or what?

That would be great.

I'm just making sure you
can get it done today.

I'm here, aren't I?

I didn't know if you were
outsourcing this job, too, or...

Outsourcing? To my own crew?

Are you trying to voice
a grievance or something?

Has the work been bad?

No, your men are very efficient.

I just haven't seen you
in person in a while.

I just figured since
you and me go that whole

agua y aceite thing,

the less one-on-one
time the better.


I was hoping we could talk.

I have some business to
settle with Mr. Nava right now.

I can take a five if you need to...

No, I want us to get started.

Would you please?

I really want to explain
about this morning.

There's nothing to explain.

Come on, Emma.

She's my ex.

Things are done with us,

but sometimes shit is... it's messy.

And... and she likes it messy, but I...

This is as far as I
want to talk about this.

It doesn't matter, not to me.

Ay, no, Roxanna.

I'm gonna eat with the kids. Thank you.

Pero más aguüita sí te acepto.


what I'm seeing here,
from the documents you sent

and from what I was able to find,

is that you were not,
in fact, legally married.

Even though you had a
ceremony, it wasn't a civil one.


But they were together
for lots of years.

Doesn't that count as common-law?

Unfortunately, the state of California

doesn't recognize common-law marriages.

And what about that will?

It's an unsigned, self-generated will,

so it's hazy.

You could try to take that to court.

People take all sorts
of things to court.

You think I should do that, then?

It's gonna be tricky 'cause you're gonna

have to explain
Vidalia's marital status.

Pos no quewe weren't legally married?

Yes, but when I pulled Vidalia's files

from the county register,
it showed that she was.

She still had a husband.

Yeah, she was married
before we got married.

No, what I mean is she
never un-married her husband,

uh, Victor Villanueva.

They were never divorced.

Okay, pero why does that matter?

Vida was a widow.

Uh, Eddy, uh, from what I dug up,

the husband is still alive.

She died still being
married to that man.

- You sure, Almita?
- Mm-hmm.

Ed, you okay?

I don't get it.

Vidalia always talked about
the husband being gone gone.

I mean, not like we
talked about him much,

pero, that's all she
ever told me about him.


Do the girls know he's not dead?

Should I really invest
in a power washer?

I'm pretty sure the mural
will probably get tagged again.

No, wait.

We're not doing that this time.

Last time I walked
out of here todo menso

because I didn't know what
the hell had just happened.

Baco, it's not that difficult

to understand what just happened.

Oh, well, at least I
got a "Baco" this time.

That's progress.


You haven't even said my name.

Mr. Nava's not my fucking
name. That's my father's name.

Well, excuse me for being respectful.

You ain't respectful to me.

You use me like a human dildo,
and then when you're done with me,

I'm just supposed to bow and say,

"Sí, patroncita", and get lost?

Oh, don't act like anyone forced you.

See, that's something a
shitty person would say.

You're a shitty person,
Emma, plain and simple.

People aren't things you
can just use and toss.

Yeah, get yourself a power washer

and someone who will do
the washing porque yo...

♪ Mezclaos, somos mezclaos ♪

- ♪ La misma historia
- Jarina...

♪ Venimos de todos lados ♪

♪ Con baile, ritmo y mucho color ♪

♪ Entonces baila conmigo ♪

♪ Que esta mezcla rompa el
hielo y rompa el brillo ♪

♪ Mezclados de todos lados ♪

♪ Cambiando, somos piel y corazón ♪

♪ Sí, somos la sangre
que corre en las venas ♪

♪ Sí, es el sentir de mi raíz, so ♪

♪ Yo soy un colombiano,
yo soy americano ♪

♪ Yo soy un ciudadano del mundo ♪

♪ Yo soy un mexicano,
yo soy dominicano ♪

Everyone... it's gonna be packed,

and everybody's gonna
be holding the drinks.

Then we're gonna call Jarina.

Oh, my God, that-that's my sister, Emma.

Hey, Emma! Emma, you
have to meet Jarina.

She has agreed to be in
residency here at Vida,

and we're toasting to that
with this delicious drink

that Nico just made for us.

Here, um, Nico, will you make...

♪ De la misma raza, el mismo color ♪

♪ Somos los originales
súper internacionales ♪

All right.

Well, let's clink-clink
to Miss Jarina...


With her Vida residency.


She gave me two monitors...

We could publicize it, like...

All you had to do was say hello.

That's it.

But, no, you have to be you
all the time and be so fucking...


A shit person?

You've never supported the Music Series,

not because it's not a good idea,

but because it was my idea.

You haven't said a word

about the fact that the
Maria del Pilar night

was the fullest the bar has been.

But then you don't say
a word about anything.

You didn't about taking
down mami's mural, but...

How can you even do that, by the way?

And you didn't say shit
about kicking Eddy out.

I did not kick out Eddy.

You practically did,
without talking to me first.

So guess what. I'm not
gonna talk to you either.

I'm just gonna do things.

You should.

Well, I am.

I don't know how to fix it.

I thought I did...

But when I try, I just make it worse.


Fix what?

All of it.

I couldn't do it.


I'm gonna fix the Music Series.

I'm gonna go back down there,

and I'm gonna close
this deal with Jarina.

You do that, Lyn.

Oh my God, guys. You
know what time it is.

Nico, come!

- Take a shot with us, come on.
- Venga, venga, venga.

- Yay!
- Vamos, eso.

A ver, todos.

Arriba, abajo,

al centro, pa' dentro.